Prophetic Word: Faith and REWARD

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, do you desperately yearn for the Father’s blessings promised to you in His Word? If so, the word the Lord spoke to me today about faith and reward is for YOU.

I heard the Father say:

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    “I am working on your behalf, even when you don’t think I am.

    In many ways, you have given up on Me. You have decided that maybe it was not My will for this or that to happen that you prayed for. But what you don’t understand, My child, is that I love surprises–and that the test of your faith always work to your benefit.

    I love to surprise you by answering your prayers in better ways than you expected.

    Don’t you do that for your children, too? You do, for you are made in My image. Just as you love to surprise your children and do better things for them than they asked for, so I also love to surprise you.

    But My surprises don’t always look like you expected them to look. And I need you to give Me room to answer your requests in ways that eye has not seen, nor ear heard, that have not entered into the heart of man. I want to give you the things I have prepared for those who love Me.

    I need you to ask Me to do things for you that you cannot imagine.

    You do not know the fullness of what I want to give you; you see through a glass, darkly. But I know! I know the fullness of the things I have prepared for you, and they are large and grand. Some of them you will not even see until you get to My Heaven, but you are sending your works on ahead so they will reward you greatly when you get here.

    But there is a reward for you on Earth too. You have a reward and rewards stored up for you in My storehouse, and I am currently doling them out to you as fast as I can based on your level of faith.

    Do you not remember that I personally told you that FAITH and REWARD are linked?

    As I told you in Hebrews 11:6:

    “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6).

    O My beloved, faith and reward are inextricably linked. “According to your faith be it unto you” was a common theme of My Son’s ministry on earth, and it still is.

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    You have to believe Me for reward. You have to petition Me–nay, “beg” Me fervently and vehemently with all your heart for the reward I want to offer you! It is not that I need you to beg; I need you only to ask in faith. But the level of praying vehemently that I want you to pursue is indeed a casting of your entire neediness upon Me with such fervor that you would call it begging–although I call it FAITH.

    Respond to Me rightly by believing Me that I want to reward you, and that I am actively at work on your behalf.

    Cry out to Me! Link your heart with Mine and believe Me for what I desire to do for you. The things which I have prepared for you are better than you could even dream. Partner with Me in faith and believe Me to release them on the earth.




    Dear Heavenly Father, I love You so much. My heart cries, ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!’ I am blessed, for I trust in You! O Heavenly Father, I do pour out my heart to You right now. I receive and TAKE this word for myself and unto myself, and right now I cry vehemently unto You: Reward me, Father!

    For I have labored and I have sown, and I will continue to labor and sow unto You. More than that, however, I have hungered and thirsted for righteousness–and Your Son promised that I would be filled!

    O my Father in Heaven, please catch me up in Your arms and reward me!

    Comfort me according to Your Word, and let it be unto Me according to Your Word of reward! I do come to You, Father. I DO believe that You exist, and that You are the REWARDER of them that diligently seek You. I have diligently sought You, Father; forsake me not utterly; REWARD ME TODAY ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD!

    Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Beloved, if the Lord is speaking to you through this word about faith and reward, please leave a comment below.


    1. Madalina Radu says:


      1. Love this word so encouraging and very timely. Thank you Father God!!!

        1. Jaimeelynn Richter says:

          Hi Jamie,
          Please pray for me as I need God to make an impossible situation possible.. I luv your word and prayers..

      2. Antoinette says:

        Thank you for the word and your obedience. God is faithful and we believe in His promises. We are trusting the Lord for our offer on a house to be accepted. All in God’s good timing.

    2. Anonymous says:


      1. This word was for me and I received it into my heart. I. Believe GOD!Blessings to you! Seeking God with my whole heart in FAITH knowing HE will DO it 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤

    3. linda harrison says:

      Thank you Lord, I receive it, thanks for all the blessings, thanks Jamie, God is so good

      1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

        Wow!!!!!Amen amd Amen!!!
        Received the Rhema Word of Faith…yes!!I will cry out to you.Thank you for my surprises as you will answer me.with my prayers.Love you Abba.

    4. I have been praying and fasting for the last years as much as i have done in my whole life and this message i can feel the burning in my heart…. I think this message is for me, thank you so much!

      I can’t wait to finally have the desires of my heart if not, then better according to God.
      I am excited to finally have proof no man can deny that God do reward those who seek him with all their heart.

    5. johnscott says:

      Jamie, I will never not be surprised by Father. I just love how He talks to me in our own special code. I’m sure He does it for all His kids in away that is perfect for each of us. Something He does for me is, when He speaks to me through one of my brothers or sisters He causes the words to come off the page, so as I’m reading they speak directly to my heart. There is no denying when something I read is for me. Than He will also cause the writer to use exact words and phrases that I just recently used. When He does this its confirmation for me. Amazing…. I couldn’t organize these things, it shows me how every one of our steps is established by Him. To have me at the right place at the right time to open an app to read what He wrote for me, or to pick up a book that was published in 1925, He knew I would be alive at this time at this place to hear from Him, or flip on a tv just in time to hear Him speaking directly to me through a prerecorded program, and I havnt even got to the numbers or symbolism and synchronicitys. I love our dad so much, thanks for allowing me to share.
      Father thank you for blessing everyone who reads these words……

    6. Angelin Selvin says:

      For me , amen Lord. Thank u

    7. Praise Emmanuel says:

      Thank you for this word, or resonates deeply with me at the moment.

    8. latika oquinn says:

      boy, oh boy! what a timely promise

    9. Amen Thank you, this speaks to me

    10. Thank you. I’m going through a lot at the moment and reading this has made me more aware of all that our Heavenly Father is doing, can do and will do in our lives. We just have to have faith and ask..

    11. Nell J Davenport says:

      Yes this message was for me thank you lord jesus amen 🙏🙏

    12. Wonderful word, I needed to hear.

    13. Thank You 😊😊🙌💞💕 Father In Jesus Name Amen 🙏💕😇🤍.

    14. Amen thank you Father all glory to you 🙌🏾🙏🏾


    16. Suzan Nare says:

      Thank you Jesus Christ I pray that ny faith will not fail Amen

    17. April McCullough says:

      This is great encouragement! God is a rewarded of those who diligently seek Him! He is searching the earth looking for somebody who will just receive from Him! I’m so grateful for this word today! God bless you Jamie!

    18. Amen and Amen Thank you Jamie Hallelujah

    19. Thank you Pastoe Jamie. I receive this word unto me and my house today. God bless you and your family and your ministry.

    20. Thank Father God for this Word. Thank you Jaime for always having a blessed Word/message from heaven that’s always right on time.

    21. Gail Segars Rainey says:

      Dear Woman of God, What a profound beautiful promise to start Monday morning, March 21, 2022! I receive!!! Yes, I want to support you in your work. When the Lord answers my fervant petition, I will be able to partner with you on a regular basis. In the meantime, I am blessed by many ministries that I desire to sow into on a regular basis. And I want that pendant that you advertised on Gumroad. I shall earmark money for that, as I believe in publishing my heart roaring like the Daughter of the Most High King, the Lion of Judah!!!!

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