When God Pauses In the Middle of Your Breakthrough

When God Pauses In the Middle of Your Breakthrough | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHey beloveds, do you need a breakthrough? Has God started to bring the breakthrough you need–but you haven’t seen the whole breakthrough you need yet? If so, I want to encourage you today not to stop believing when God pauses in the middle of your breakthrough. There IS a plan and a purpose for the pause; read on for more!

Beloved, you need to know this: there is a pattern to breakthrough.

There’s not a hard, cold formula to breakthrough (“three fast songs, three slow songs, two hours of speaking in tongues, and a two-day fast on bread and water”). But there ARE keys to breakthrough and indicators of breakthrough. That’s why we talked recently about 12 signs your breakthrough is imminent.

There is also a pattern to breakthrough–things God tends to do at the beginning, middle, and end of your miracle. The Lord talked to me about His breakthrough pattern quite a bit over the weekend, so I wanted to talk with you about it today.

Here are 3 components of God’s breakthrough pattern:

1. Your breakthrough will often start after an extreme test.

God often allows you to be tested right before your breakthrough begins. Things will be cooking along, and you’re standing in faith, praying, believing God for a miracle.

Then, suddenly, all hell seems to be loosed against you. You suddenly have to battle emotions, jealousy, discouragement, fatigue, hopelessness, and more–things that you don’t usually battle.

If that happens to you, know that these things are a test. The enemy is trying to derail you so you’ll fall into sin and miss your breakthrough. BUT, God allows you to be tempted because He knows you are able to win–and He wants you to SLAY THAT GIANT.

God knows you are strong in His strength, even when you don’t feel like it.

He knows you are able to stand in Christ, even if you don’t think you can.

He knows you are able to obey Him and stay in faith, stay resting, stay believing, and keep exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit–IF you choose to.

So He lets you be tested, but He is there to help you.

The things He commands you are not too hard, and He always provides a way of escape from any temptation the devil may throw at you. And if you choose to stand strong in Him and hidden in the secret place of the Most High, confessing His Word and believing Him, you will pass the test and be catapulted to your next level.

2. Your breakthrough will often begin after the darkest night.

Usually, when things feel so dark around you that you’re tempted to give up hope, that’s when your breakthrough is imminent. Again, hang in there and stay firm in Christ. Keep obeying Him, even if you don’t see light ahead of you. Weeping endures for the night, but JOY comes in the morning.

3. God often pauses in the middle of your breakthrough.


When He does this, He’s testing you. Boy oh boy, is He testing you! BUT …

He’s not testing you to see if now is the time for breakthrough. Your breakthrough has already begun by the time you get to this point. It’s obvious that He’s giving you breakthrough.

BUT, Papa God will often pause in the middle of your breakthrough to see how much breakthrough is enough for you, and also to see if you are going to let Him be Lord even of this breakthrough.

He’s testing you to see if you’ll be satisfied by small, or if you’ll keep believing for BIG.

If you have asked Him for specific opportunities, He might send you a smaller one first–then pause to see if that’s going to satisfy you. (Hint: He wants you to NOT be satisfied until you see the FULLNESS of what you prayed for, not just the mercy drops that are His signs of land to you.)

If you’ve asked Him for a specific amount of money, He might send the first 30%, 40%, or 50%–and then pause. He pauses to see if you’ll compromise what you need.

It’s like He steps back and looks at you with a quizzical expression on His face.

Then He asks you, “Is this what you asked Me for?”

When that happens, the enemy will tempt you to say “Yes, Lord, that’s enough.” But you know what? Father God does NOT want you to say it’s enough. Instead, HE wants you to say:

“Lord, it’s a start. Thank You for that 30%. Thank You for that 50%. But Lord, it’s not what I asked for, and I’m putting You to the test here. So keep it up, and bring me the rest of my breakthrough–and I’m going to sit right here and act like You are doing just that, because You ARE.”

When God pauses in the middle of your breakthrough, He wants you to contend.

“Contend,” not “content.”

Yes, in all things you should be content. I get that, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about how God delivers breakthrough. How He delivers miracles. And how He delivers miracles and breakthrough doesn’t always look like you think it will look.

Big breakthroughs don’t always look like a HUGE miracle slapping you in the face while you sleep.

Sometimes you get a little miracle …

… then a pause, while God sees if you really believe Him for more …

… then a bigger miracle, while God sees if you’re going to push Him …

… then another pause, while God tests you to see if you really believe Him for more …

… then a bigger miracle still … and a bigger miracle … and a bigger miracle …

… Because if you pass the test, it’s obvious that you DO believe God for everything you originally asked Him for. And when that becomes obvious, He’ll keep dumping it on.

Make sense?

It’s a pattern. It’s God’s way. It’s the same way Jesus told the woman who begged Him to heal her daughter that healing was the children’s bread. But all the while, He wanted to heal her. He just waited a minute–and needled her a bit–to see how serious her faith was.

Beloved, Papa God wants to know how serious your faith is.

He also wants to know if He will still be Lord over your breakthrough if He gives it to you. For that reason, He will often test you in the middle of your breakthrough to see if you’ll still let Him reign over it. And when God pauses in the middle of your breakthrough, it’s a test.

The test is real, too. For example:

He may give you half of that money you need, but then ask you to bless someone else with part of it. The test then becomes, will you believe Him to replace the part you give away–AND give you the rest of what you need? Or, secretly, do you believe that He may not give you everything you need after all–so you had better hang on to what you have?

God tests me like this all the time.

I’ll be transparent with you: the tests so far have always been challenging. Not one time have I thought, “Oh hey, God’s testing me. But this is NO problem.”

It would be awesome if I had thought like that. It would be awesome not to struggle. But, in reality, each time the test has been a true test. I’ve had to smell what God was doing, hear His instructions, and then get out my faith-hammer and actively smash those lies and temptations of the enemy that say to “hold onto that money (or whatever) because God might not come through.”

But every time I have made the choice to believe God and obey–and to hang on for full breakthrough, not just for mercy drops–He has come through.

With full breakthrough.

Actually, with overflowing breakthrough.

Exceeding abundant breakthrough above all I could dare to ask, hope, or think.

Every time.

Why? Because He’s a good, good Father, and He is an ABUNDANT Papa who is eager to pour out on His beloved children.

That means He’s eager to pour out on you.

Are you contending for breakthrough? Don’t stop.

Are you contending for more breakthrough? Don’t stop.

Are you being tested to see if you really believe God for what you originally asked for–or if you will be satisfied with His mercy drops, even though those drops alone don’t really meet your need? Don’t settle.

Are you being tested to see if Jesus will really be your Lord in all areas, even after you get your miracle? Don’t give in to pride. Stay humble; stay submitted to His Lordship.

It’s always worth it.

Contend. Believe. Stand on God’s promises, which are clearly written in His Word.

His answer will be worth the fight.

Does this word resonate with what’s happening in your life? Does it help you see the things you’re going through more clearly? If so, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I was in the kitchen washing dishes right before I read this and I said lord I’m believing you for the provision to relocate by the end of the year! Where you guide you provide. And when you give it to me give me instructions, on how to share it. And I will use what you tell me to relocate with. Then my thoughts were, God will make sure I’m straight wherever I go. Pow!! I happen to grab my phone and saw this email/ conformation!! Thanks!!??

    1. Prophetess

      This word bless my soul today. Thank you,


      1. Hi Jamie,
        Thank you for this article. I have gotten small miracles this week.
        Reading this hit the light bulb of my miracle. I will be reading this article and your prior article again.
        My father God is an awesome.

        1. Irene Sentanda says:

          Dear Jamie.
          Thanks alot for this email. There are things I have been asking GOD. And I will surely testify to you. At the right time Thanks for all the encouragement. GOD bless you abundantly. I know many people are being encouraged by your letters. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021.
          Always in Christ. Irene.

    2. Raylene Pauw says:

      Good day Prophetess
      This word really spoke to me and exactly what I’m going through, it really touched my soul and yes I will stay in faith and push for my everything I’ve been asking Pappa.
      God bless you Women of God

    3. Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for your posts and blogs. I am always enlightened and blessed by the wisdom that God has placed inside you!
      I have a question regarding breakthroughs…”is it possible that God can release a breakthrough but we not receive it either because the enemy has stolen or prevented it from reaching us?” I somehow never receive my breakthroughs, to a point that I may sense or discern its imminence, but it just disappears even the atmosphere seems to change, like a cloud has settled all around me…It’s been years, I’m not lying and I’m not kidding…Does this kind of thing happen is it normal?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      1. Hi there. Yes, the enemy can devour things. But not if you tithe. That’s one of the reasons tithing is so important–because it’s the only promise in the Bible where God says He will rebuke the devourer for our sakes.
        We can also miss out on blessings by our own disobedience or lack of sold-out obedience. All God’s promises are conditional, so when we receive a promise or prophetic word, we have to go meet the conditions in order to see the promise or prophecy manifest in our lives.
        I hope this helps.

    4. The was a right in time word for me. I literally have been not getting my full breakthrough and I’ve been tested and literally this word has given life back to me. Everything you said I am now going through.

    5. Oh yes testing now ‘b needed that !!

  2. Saint John says:

    With this post I’ve pretty much concluded that you’re one of the prophetic voices God wants to use in my life. I’m right in the middle of it and was so frustrated with God wondering what was going on.

    I keep trusting Him that I can bless you back soonest despite the present limitations of my location in West Africa.

    Thank you for helping me not abort my breakthrough!

  3. Thanks Jamie for sharing this! I needed this encouragement to help me keep trusting God for a financial breakthrough

    1. Hi dear, well I have been waiting on the Lord, and I don’t know. Sometimes it feels as if the breakthrough is coming, I get news of progress, then all of a sudden there is silence, again I get news of progress but silence again. I tell you, it really affects my heart and I’m so scared when I hear news of progress because I do not want false hopes. I do not know what to think. I wonder what is happening. Please let me know what you think. God bless you.

  4. Brenda L Payton says:

    Oh yes I needed this right now!! This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it really means a lot to me!!!
    God Bless you richly Jamie
    Love & prayers

  5. This really resonated with me. I have been under attack and started dealing with older things but in a detached sort of way and when I got with God, He gave me a bit more…then hesitated. I didn’t understand, and this really helped clarify what is going on. Thank you Jamie?

  6. Francie Robertson says:

    Jamie that word of encouragement is just BANG-ON girl !!! So much so I’m going to copy/paste to My Documents (personal use of course) as something to work with for the days ahead (to CONTEND with). I’m currently caring for a sister-in-the Lord with cancer. Yesterday could well have been that PAUSE you just mentioned. It was just the most TESTING time for us – in the extreme. WOOHOO!!! Now I’m TOTALLY encouraged to STEP UP yet again PRAISE JESUS!!!
    Thank you again dear sister. I hope you are much rested now.
    Blessings from New Zealand
    Francie Robertson

  7. Yes Amen ?? Amen ?? what a timely word ??????Jamie this totally resonates with me ???I’ve been waiting to hear this and God provided ??????

  8. Wow Jamie this really maked sense i’ve been wondering whats going on but thank Papa God gor thid revelation amen amen

  9. Amen hallelujah ??????Jamie this totally resonates with me ???I’ve been wondering about this for soooo long!! God You are faithful ????Thank You for giving this word to Jamie and giving me my confirmation ????????♥️??

  10. Amen! I know now this is exactly what is happening to me. I’m believing God for big things, I’m no quitter, but being still is hard but I will get through this. His word is speaking Loud and clear through you. I’m so close I feel it. The heat has been turned up every which way. I pray for all of you who are going through the same thing that you will get through this!!! Thank you God Amen????❤️

    1. Yes, this resonates with me! I especially appreciate your encouragement to CONTEND.

  11. Hey Jammie. Thank you so much I have been going under a lot in regards to my law school but I’m glad for this message it rekindled my hope which I had lost. May God continue to bless you

  12. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Jamie, you are a true prophet of God and I thank God for your life . I have been trusting and believing God for this huge breakthrough but Papa God has been giving me these less than quarters mercy drops .I received them ,thanked Him and paying tithes out of them . Lastly I would remind Papa of my request . On the 02nd/11 /2018 was my birthday , I was still on my knees , reminding Papa of my actual breakthrough . After a while I looked at some messages in my mailbox instead of receiving a happy birthday wish message I received an attack of my life from someone so close to me. I read that message so many times because I wasn’t so sure that that person could really say whatever she said to me especially on that day . I never answered this message or told anybody about it . During my prayer time , I read this message to Papa God loudly and asked Him , what is this now ,how do I handle this ?

    Thank you sister Jamie , this prophecy is an answer to my test and the peace that I found in between other messages and this particular one shows that Papa is there with me. May the light in your prophecy portal upon your life continue to shine in Jerusalem name .

  13. God bless you for this wonderful revelation from God’s throne of mercy. I am really encouraged.

  14. Gina Trahan says:

    Jamie. ……this is exactly what is going on in my life…I’m waiting on 2 breakthroughs in 2 different areas…1 is a financial breakthrough due to a very bad slip and fall that happened in November the 13th 2016….on the back walkway of the apartment building in which I live! A suit has been filed and I would very much like this to settle out of court….I am believing God for 300.000$$ not half of the amount but ALL OF IT!
    The other is a breakthrough in the area of my romantic life. More than 1 miracle is needed for this breakthrough! !!!
    Thank you for this informative word in season. God bless you and your family and thank you for all that you do for God’s kingdom an all of us His children and those who will come to know Jesus!
    Your beloved sister in Christ,

  15. Thank you Jamie, this is so great, this is so powerful. I really had no idea this is how it works. With God, it should be NEVER the less, BUT ALWAYS THE MORE. Amen. Blessings dear Woman of God.
    Always in my prayers.

  16. Thank you Father God for confirmation through your Beloved prophet Jamie! Shalom Peace, Blessings, and God’s protection over Jamie’s family and ministry as well as From His Presence community…. keep pressing towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ… in Jesus Name Amen

    April H

  17. Amanda Hoyle says:

    today I heard, TRUST the PROCESS of fruit development and he reminded me of a word I read about not confusing discipline with pruning… I know a time for both but pruning is more fun 🙂 (I love to observe the pruning process when cleaning out the closet. it’ll be stuffed full with nothing to wear when I “prune” suddenly the same closet with less stuff I have clothing) anyway love you all and this community blessings

    1. Hajara Yakubu Dabo says:

      I’m blessed
      Beloved Jamie, God’s grace and strength be multiplied in you in Jesus unfailing name. Stay forever blessed

  18. I happened to stumble across your blog whilst searching for ways online to get my prayers answered. I could not help reading and praying the prayers you posted. It has truly been a blessing and much encouragement as I pray for my breakthrough for a job, sitting down with a degree for three years, and dealing with all the effects of not being financially independent. Continue to touch the lives of Gods children, knowing that by doing so you are reaping souls for the kingdom of Heaven. God bless you, your family and your ministry as I also ask for your prayers. Blessings

  19. Susan ogola says:

    Spot on dear Jamie and I thank God for your obedience in paying attention to his infallible word

  20. Kahn S Johnson says:

    Yes, Jamie,

    This does resonate with me. I am standing on a certain amount. I was making $90,000.00 a year and now I am unemployed for 6 months. So it is tempting to take the first job that hires you. In fact, I did,, I took a job that was not paying to get the experience. However, I really needed the money for gas. So, I stopped going and I am believing God for what He promised. I am on the waiting list for jobs that will pay me $90K/year or above; however, I have applied for jobs that pay half that amount, just to get some income in. This is really a test. Right now, my mother has been my financial support (through God of course) and I have had to get on unemployment. This really burdens me since I have worked hard to achieve a Doctorate and now, it is taking the time that it taking to get a job!! I just really want to hear Him more clearly,, or just be able to hear Him and not anyone else’s voice, so that I can be lead to which job to go to. The Lord has used me so miraculously before by my hearing Him; however, now, it seems that I struggle to hear or see what He is doing. I am not fornicating. I am helping others who can’t help me. I am believing that He still loves me and that He is working things out for my good, yet, I feel that I struggle to hear Him. I find this strange in that I could hear Him so clearly before. I’m not perfect, but I am doing the things to ensure His blessings. I just feel like I am in a huge waiting period and sometimes, I do feel like giving up. I do feel like He should just take me home with Him and I have prayed that. Guess that was not His will, because I am still here. He has blessed me to pass various tests to be placed on waiting lists for jobs…..but when they will call for an appointment, I DON’T KNOW!!!

    All I can say is that I’m still here and that I am still standing and that I am still believing.

    Sincerely waiting and believing,

  21. JAMIE, God bless you greatly. I am so blessed and encouraged

  22. Katby Witaschek says:

    Pray things are going well for u pray for u breakthrough k

  23. This is so clear to me now why everytime I get a breakthrough someone around me always has a need normally I help but I usually think the devil is up-to something.but I love the “contend ” I need to start contending. Thank you Jamie

  24. Thank you for this. I needed help understanding. I love you Jamie. Be blessed in the Lord.
    God bless.

  25. lashaunda says:

    Thank you Jamie and thank you Jesus for great men’s and women’s that will labor with your people bless your family and ministry…

  26. Mary Gloria Reyes says:

    So went you loose a daughter,she leaves behind four children,is that the beginning of a test. went you keep praying reading the word,praying in toughs,beliveing he is with me then nothing happen. I would have had a break through but my brother,sister sold our mothers house and did not share equally my sister Irene Reyes Keeped the most of the money.I just pray that the Lord Bless her for what she has done.

  27. Sonja Campbell says:

    Yep, just that.

  28. Yes! I just know it I’m in my break through and this spoke to me loud and clear. I’m pressing forward and expecting much Extraordinary bigger things, receive something but I know I expect more and bigger because he can’t give it to me because God is good all the time and he is bigger than any of my problems, thank you Jesus I love you and I’m expecting extraordinary❤️❤️🙏🏻

  29. Hey Jamie thank you so much for the encouragement words as the day goes by Iess dead weight on my body I know my breakthrough is around the corner I feel it in my soul I thank God no matter how my situation get difficult I’m gonna keep pressing on and keep having faith to God

  30. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank you Jamie for your on time word of encouragement! It was such a blessing and refreshing to hear this! I’ve been tested and didnt understand. So thank you! May Father Bless you Indeed. Glory be to You Father! Hallelujah Amen!!

  31. Good day from South Africa
    I have been unusually up early this morning. And in my spirit I felt dispear about something I have been trusting God for for the past 18 months. Over this period of time I’ve seen glimpses of hope in the matter. I feel like I’ve been in a rollercoaster spiritual battle concerning it. So waking up this morning I felt I needed to go into worship and prayer to release this feeling of dispear. And right after an intense session I get a pop up in my mail with this message. There are so many words of affirmation in this post. I thank God for using you as a vessel. Stay blessed.


  33. Dear Sister Jamie,

    Tonight my two-year old saw me worshipping in the kitchen and held her arms out to me. I stopped down, she hugged me, rubbed my back, and said “It’s okay, Mommy, don’t cry! Don’t cry, Mommy!” The thing is – I wasn’t crying (this time). She went on to repeat that in the same order about 15-20 more times over the course of 15-20 minutes. I sensed the Spirit whispering to me through her that my breakthrough WILL COME!! So many prayers I’m believing God for…then your message! I agree with the sister above who shared that you are a prophetess that God is using in her life in this season…your obedience and anointing have blessed me this year!

    Thank you for sharing your gift with me / the Kingdom! You couldn’t possibly know how your words have dragged me off the edge at times and back into God’s presence! I thank Him for you!

    Amber B.

  34. Linda Stanford says:

    Yes this word speaks to me. I believe I’m in the middle of my breakthrough and it is so hard to not give up and except but I’m not giving up on this miracle for my family. We serve an awesome God and he is going to deliver. I believe it, I claim it and I Thank Him for it in His Holy and Precious name! Thank you Jamie for your word and your ministry it has truly been a blessing in the time of need. May God continue to Bless you and your family and fill the need of Me and My Family.

  35. Ugar Ambunde Ugar says:

    Thank you so much. From the time I saw this mail I knew it was for me. It’s so on point.

    God bless you

    1. Monica - Seychelles says:

      Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for those powerful encouraging words today, it has really touch my soul.
      I have never asked My Daddy God for anything, I simply tell him in prayer that He is my Perfect Provider, He knows all my pain and sorrows, all my difficulties and trials and wholeheartedly I can say that My God will never leave, nor forsake or fail me. I will trust in him with all my soul.

      I love you My Abba Father and thank you for your dearly beloved Son, My Good Lord Jesus Christ.

      Hallelujah Amen..

  36. Jean Potgieter says:

    I just read an post from Judie Jacobs and it confirms everything that I believe God for in the new year and right after I read your post and it confirms everything that has happened and is happening in my life right now. I have asked the Lord for a sign and I believe it is here. Thank You Daddy in heaven, I receive Your Word. I take it and I run with it. Glory to God.
    Jamie, I pray for you and your family in this day. I pray that you will feel the love of Papa God, that you will feel His loving arms around you and your family, that every need will be met and that you will be comforted in His presence. Love, peace and joy in Jesus Name. Amen.

  37. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    JESUS CHRIST please lead me and strengthen me in my weaknesses and lead to my victories ,In the name of Jesus. Amen

  38. Francis Taye Johnson says:

    I was going through a serious challenges no job, no helper, no connection, no money, and no one to look to but the only person I have in my mind is God. I went through 3days fasting after done with the fasting I was expecting result from God but nothing has happened I felt like, did God really notice my prayer? It seem like my hope is gone and God doesn’t notice me any more. How long can someone expected an answer to is prayer? How does God answered prayers? Is it all prayer answered by God?

  39. Thank you for this timely word Jamie. I believe you Lord Jesus for the breakthrough that is coming. It doesn’t seem possible but I know with you even the impossible is possible. Thank you for your grace and mercy during this time of waiting. I’ll continue to trust you in this storm. I believe your peace will sustain me through these darkest nights. Please let your light shine forth in me that I can do your will and be a vessel to be used for your glory and not continue to give up like I have in the past thus dragging others down with me. I choose to trust you Jesus even in the pause. Thank you for using Jamie this morning. Amen

  40. This is very timely for me also, things out of my control have been happening in my extended family and though I feel compelled to help and be a support, I have been getting de-railed from
    my plans this week. yes, Christ Jesus please strengthen us in our weaknesses and lead us to victories in Christ Jesus name Amen

  41. Yes! This message today was needed as I am praying and waiting for God breakthrough! Thank you and Amen!

  42. Hi Jamie! This is indeed an encouraging post, because I’ve been believing for breakthrough in 2 areas of my life, like some of your previous commenters. By the grace of God, my father was saved from a near-fatal accident in 2012 that was not his fault. God has greatly healed him from his numerous injuries, but he is not fully healed… I know God will fully heal him and am believing for that. Also, God has been growing the prophetic gift in me since 2016, and He has prophetically promised my first love will be whom I marry in the future via visions and prophetic words over the years. I am also waiting and believing for breakthrough here, as God was the one who put this in my heart and it’s not something I expected or wanted originally. However, it looks the exact opposite to what God has promised right now, as this man is struggling with his faith; he is currently dating a non-Christian and God has signalled to me that He is growing him spiritually through this season. As Jesus has the last say in all situations, and He has showed me that this is a pause to this specific breakthrough, this post was encouraging to read and timely for me, I believe! I’m not going to give up now, when God is not only turning this situation around, but challenging me to believe Him in the midst of this impossible situation. Thank you for the encouragement, Jamie. Much love and blessings!

  43. This so speaks to my spirit and my heart, what I’ve been contending and odd to think about it as I read through since my thoughts have been: how bad I want this? I’m walking by faith and again this comes in perfect timing like everything else I’ve been reading in your blog lately. Meant for me to read this right now! Amen and praise God! thank you Jamie for this encouraging word 🙂

  44. I am encouraged and blessed
    Thanks Jamie

  45. John Shomade says:

    It’s really a Word in time and season, very relevant for where I am now. Thank you for the encouragement. I receive the FULL promises and not settle for 50%. Blessing.

  46. This just spoke to me. My breakthrough started earlier this year then it just paused. I have gone through temptation in the midst of this. Right now I am just being still. I know at the end I will know that He is God.

  47. Alicia Graham says:

    This is so good thank you for this. I know breakthrough is mine and even when He pauses He will still reign over it!

    Youre so right it’s time to have my faith-hammer ready to smash the deceptions of the enemy.


  48. God bless you Jamie. Yes lately I have experiencing some of these feelings. There is something I’m believing God for and was beginning to feel jealous and doubtful. This word is such an encouragement.

  49. Nadia Slater says:

    Good morning Jamie, thank you for that word, I have been asking God for help in an unjust situation, and I have not seen any thing happening with it.I have noticed smaller things, and I am still trusting God 🙏 for that huge one, I know the God 🙏 that I serve, I know that He can reverse that unjust situation.I am standing on His word, because He is going to restore into me all of that money 💰 plus all the interest as well, thank you Jamie for this word.Ithank God 🙏 for you and I pray that God almighty Will bless you tremendously in Jesus Christ name I pray,Amen.❤️🙏

  50. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

    Hello Jemie, all what i read above here about the test before the breakthrough is my prophecy, I’m presently under a serious test, i fell into the hands of the scamers last year and i ended up in huge debts which destroyed my financial life, i tried to make money through trading i lost money through scamers again, I’m presently dealing with another scam trade whereby i lost thousands of money, I’m without cent with a lot of debts that can lead me to prison but i still believe in my God, my father, Jehovah Elshaddai, may God Almighty bless you with the anointing which is in you to be able to prophecy, i will not stop praising God for everything, thank you Jesus

  51. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    Yes Jamie, this word resonates in my life, I have been praying to God for years and I feel I am in the season of my breakthroughs, I have received several signs and I am still believing God for the manifestation of these breakthroughs, but recently I felt overwhelmed because the breakthroughs have not manifested fully, but today, God just uplifted my spirit and I feel so grateful, I feel a need to praise God for all he has done and is doing and for what i am believing him for. I receive my testimonies in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus and Thank you Jamie for being available to God as a vessel of honor to his glory.

  52. Jamie, with the encouragement and teachings of you ministry I have grown in maturity and faith in the promises and provisions of the Lord. Papa has healed me of cancer this year by taking a tumor from my body, and is restoring my marriage, which is another miracle. Your blog today is in line with what I have been talking to Papa about and has “turned the light on” for me as I am contending for new body parts to replace the ones the enemy has stolen and an ever increasing super abundant more than I can think or ask relationship with my husband and Jesus and the skillful One, Holy Spirit. Blessings to you and your family! I pray for you daily!
    Lisa P

  53. Sonja R Campbell says:

    The road goes on and on. I feel weary and I dont feel like eating. This is the opposite of me. I would like prayer for the queasiness to leave and the aversion to food to cease. In Jesus name

  54. Benita Grace says:

    Thank you for this article , This really helped me .

  55. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    Oh wow, this is so for me!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus. I am holding onto my faith. I am contending and believing that the Lord will do exceedingly abundantly above all I asked or thinking! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you so much Jamie.

    Stay blessed

  56. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Mighty Woman of God,I l love you so much Jamie.Thank you for hearing God’s voice and doing what he says.You never hold back what He gave and you think about us to share what’s given to you.I LOVE you Jamie. I am so blessed to come across you,even though i didn’t give you anything or meet you but i really believe that God heard my prayer praying about you, your ministry and your family.
    I received this message from Dad ,it is mine and i am going through it right now.I’ve learned alot from this.I am ready to go today and proclaiming that my God will supply and be in during my breakthrough.I believe and will always trust our Dad.Love you Dad,love you Jamie.Thank You.

  57. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

    Thanks Jamie, this teaching about “When God Pauses in the Middle of My Break Through” Has really Blessed Me. I will always Contend, Believe God, and Stand on His promises which are clearly written in His Word. Amen!

  58. Wow what timing for me to be reading this. I love reading your posts of how God moves in our lives, and the prayers you have written out. They truly truly have blessed me and worked for me. Please keep doing what you do. I give God all the praise right now, because He is so good and loving.
    Thank you, thank you, God bless you my sister in Christ. 🙂 🙂

  59. Shawnise williams says:


  60. Crystal hill says:

    God I think you and I receive this message and you talking to me have your way with me Lord I ask you to release all my hidden blessings the devil will not win this battle in my big breakthrough is on the way in Jesus name and I’m not talking about 30% or 50% I’m talking about a overflow like the river in Jesus name when god bless me I can help people that really need a meal Need clothes on there body a healing wit god and not the enemy that’s pretending to need help I know the difference he will not play up under me to bring me back down to use me out my money that God blessed me with I really receive this message tonight I’ve been trying to understand this I get it now Your own family will play up under u Try to use you and make you lose your blessing with negative energy but the devil I will not let you win this battle I’m going to win and I claim it tonight in Jesus name amen

  61. Jamie, this is spot on for me! It answered my question to God about certain things in my life.

    Very often you have been the voice of God for me and I thank you for being His faithful, obedient servant!

    God bless you more, exceedingly and abundantly according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus!

    Hallelujah! Praise God! Shalom, my sister in Christ!

  62. Thanks for sharing. I will not waver but will trust the Lord for what l have asked for in prayer. God bless you Jamie.

  63. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    I received this great message.Amen.

  64. Awesome post. I need the “ABC” explanation of things that I’m not quite tuned to understand yet. Based on my personal situation and the last few years I can’t help to wonder if his pauses are a year+ long or if this is it. I wonder if I missed all the little pauses and my current situation IS my “breakthrough” and HIS will is being done, regardless if I like it or not. I’ve seen his (obvious) hand on other areas of my life, but not these. The more I pull twrds Him, the farther he feels, the more silence he has been. Whatever level is passed ‘weary’, you know, when you’re so weary you’re on auto-pilot, emotionless, that my location.

    1. Thank God and Jamie for this prophetic message. I am currently in the waiting for my breakthrough but I believe and have faith that God will deliver me through this breakthrough its all for his glory. Thank you Father for what your doing in my life 🙌🏾🙌🏾😭🙏🏾

  65. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    A great lesson to be learned

  66. Dear Jamie, I’ve really only recently discovered you but once again this prophetic word came at exactly the right time. Everything you describe has been happening. This is beyond helpful, it is a Great Grace moment. I had no idea (and I’ve been around a good while) that God worked this way. I really don’t have the right words to say all that this has done. Thank you dear heart, with all of mine.

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