Prophetic Word: A Boatload of Blessings Is Coming to You

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, have you had two of the worst days of your life this week–yesterday and the day before? Or maybe just two of the worst days mentally and emotionally that you’ve had in a long time?

On Wednesday of this week (July 28, 2021), the enemy unleashed a widespread attack against the Body of Christ. The attack came in the form of every foul, soulish thought and temptation a person can imagine: temptations into self-pity, thoughts of abandonment, rejection, a spirit of death and suicide; an attempt to rob people of the will and desire to live; along with a heart-wrenching, gut-shattering loneliness.

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    These were temptations and thoughts being thrown at God’s people in an attempt to get you to pick these thoughts up and agree with them.

    You never HAVE to agree with the devil, and I recommend that you NEVER agree with him! Doing so is SIN! But the enemy was offering these temptations to God’s people on a platter with the hope that they would pick up these thoughts and go downhill very quickly.

    But God unleashed a prophetic word that day for you also. And GREATER IS HE who is in us than he who is in the world.

    On Wednesday, July 28, the Lord spoke this to me:

    “A boatload of blessings is coming to you, and it’s flying through the air.”

    This made me laugh in a good way, because at the moment He spoke this to me, I had forgotten about the word the Lord gave me for the last 6 months of 2021–that your harvest would drop from the air.

    Then, yesterday, July 29, the Lord spoke this to me: “Healing rain.” (As in, the Michael W. Smith song below.)

    Beloved, it is THE season of new things.

    We are only weeks away from Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of the new year on the Hebraic calendar–which is God’s calendar. Not too long after that comes the Feast of Tabernacles, when we celebrate how God led His people through the wilderness and how He dwelt with us in a tabernacle, and His people dwelt with Him in tents too.

    It is the season of new things. God is working new beginnings left and right.

    He is removing people’s hands from the baskets and freeing their shoulders from the burden. That means He is removing YOUR hands from the baskets and freeing YOUR shoulders from the burden.

    That could look like any number of things, like:

    • Your leaving an old job you hate to move into the Promised Land of a new job you love, walking in your calling.
    • Your leaving an unholy bondage to the fear of man and moving into a new life of rest and peace.
    • Your being set free from the expectations that other people place on you.

    This list could go on and on.

    Beloved, GOD is doing a new thing; now it springs forth.

    God is not a man, that He should lie; nor the son of man, that He should repent. Has He not spoken, and will He not do it? Has He not promised, and will He not make it good? Of course, according to Numbers 23:19:

    “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19).

    Beloved, God is who He said He is. He is faithful and will always be faithful to you. He is still the God who numbers all the hairs on your head and catches your tears in His bottle.

    But beloved, in order to stand in Him, you’ve got to put on your armor:

    • The helmet of salvation;
    • The breastplate of righteousness;
    • The belt of truth;
    • The shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of peace;
    • Holding up the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit;
    • Praying ALWAYS in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:10-20).

    My friend, the enemy unleashed a wicked and violent attack (as all his attacks are, for only wickedness is in him) two days ago because he is trying to counteract what GOD is releasing on the earth. If you agree with the enemy, then he can thwart the blessings of God on your life.

    Don’t let him.

    Beloved, STAND FIRM in the Lord and in the power of HIS might.

    Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgment you shall condemn and show to be in the wrong. GOD is not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent. His Word is true. He is faithful and just. 

    And this God, our God, YOUR FATHER and my Father, is releasing a boatload of blessings coming to you.

    And that boatload of blessings is flying through the air.

    I don’t even know completely what it means for the boatload of blessings to be flying through the air. I only know that God said it, and He is sending it. I also know that He is still leading me to ask Him in prayer to send His archangel Michael to help with the warfare to push through His answers to my prayers in the heavenlies. I highly encourage you to pray the same.

    By the way: Don’t pray TO the archangel Michael; we are to pray to God and only to God. But ask God to send His general, the archangel Michael, to win against any warfare and enemy attack that may be holding back the blessings God is sending, according to Daniel chapter 10.

    Beloved, you’ve got to stand firm in the Lord and in the power of His might.

    I’m sorry if you’re hurting, but I urge and exhort you in the name of Jesus to flee from and reject self-pity. Give thanks instead. Literally thank God for the opportunity to suffer; thank Him for allowing you to get to know Jesus in a better and closer way by sharing some of the sufferings of Jesus.

    Thank God for everything, even the hard stuff, like this:

    • “Father, thank You that my friends abandoned me. Thank You for allowing me to share in these sufferings of Jesus, for all of Jesus’ friends also forsook Him, and fled.”
    • “Father, thank You for these difficulties in my job/work/marriage/family, for You are helping me grow closer to You as I walk through this.”
    • “Father, thank You for these troubles. Even though I know they aren’t from You and You didn’t send them, You will work them out for my good.”
    • “Father, thank You for using these trials to test me in the furnace of affliction. May I come forth shining like gold. Thank You, Heavenly Father.”

    Beloved, I’m just being real here. There has to come a time when we each react to the worst pain by counting it all joy.

    And that time is now. I’m not preaching out of inexperience; I know. I’ve had two of the hardest days, mentally and emotionally, that I’ve experienced in years. I’ve been fighting the good fight of faith, sometimes feeling like I was winning it and sometimes (just being honest) feeling like I was losing it in that moment.

    Throughout this attack, I’ve been holding up my shield of faith and speaking the Word and praying in the Spirit as the most unholy, vilest, meanest attacks of the enemy have come the last two days and I have struggled. It has been hard.

    But then I talked with my friend and co-minister, Minister Mamie Blowe, and without telling her what I was going through.

    I asked her if she wanted to come to the Hub and pray with me. She immediately said YES and said, “Girl, I’ve been warring. You just don’t know.” To which I laughed and said, “I have too. I bet we’re going through the same thing.” And then, we decided to stab the devil in the eye by prophesying and praying over you in this short YouTube video below.

    (Please excuse the awful sound; I used a computer I don’t normally use and failed to do sound check first; forgive me – but it’s still perfectly understandable and you can hear it. It’s short but worth listening to.)

    Long story short, beloved: The enemy unleased a vile attack to get you off-rail from receiving God’s boatload of blessings. Don’t let him succeed.

    A boatload of blessings is coming to you. This is GOD’S season of new beginnings.


    • Stand firm in the salvation of the Lord today.
    • Eschew self-pity, loneliness, thoughts of rejection, abandonment, sadness, discouragement, hopelessness, disillusionment, and every other foul thing.
    • Get out your weapons of praise and get your praise on.
    • Pray in the Spirit; pray ALWAYS in the Spirit.
    • Stand and fight by holding up your shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Speak the Word over yourself out loud, and read God’s Word like your life depends on it! (It does!)
    • THANK GOD for everything, even the hard things.
    • Count it all joy and thank God even for the worst pain and emotional agony, even when doing so sounds ridiculous to you.

    If you stay firm in God, you and God will win–and you will receive His healing rain and His boatload of blessings that is flying through the air to you RIGHT NOW.

    Beloved, is this word for you today? Leave a comment below if so.


    1. +Powerful word! Looking for a church-home and I stand alone.

    2. Thank you Jamie. Exactly my word. Wednesday and yesterday Thursday was really a terrible day for me especially mentally. Thank you God for this word. God bless you Jamie. You are such a blessing to our current generation.

      1. This Word is on time. These past 2 days have been mentally and emotionally draining, for me and 1 of my sons. This Word helped me put things in Godly perspective!! Thank you Jaime for letting Holy Spirit use you. To God be the Glory!!

    3. Thank you. I needed this.

      1. Jaime,

        You were spot on the enemy’s attack on Wednesday. I experienced a sense of failure, defeat and hopelessness on the morning I woke up.
        However I straight away prayed to the Father to fill me up with his agape love which he did after a while. As his warm liquid love filled up my heart I was so strengthened inside of me that all the negative soulish feelings of defeat, worthlessness and hopelessness left me completely. Hallelujah.
        The love of God casts of all fears.

    4. Jamie, this word was definitely for me. I thank you for this word! Pain, thoughts of stopping my work and just lay in bed. But God helped me to finish, even through the pains. God is good!! Alleluiah!! Alleluiah!!

    5. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Thank you so very much for this word. Tuesday and Wednesday were bad. I cried even as I prayed. By yesterday I said I would not cry any more but let the Lord fight for me. I would just stand like Paul says in Ephesians 6. Thank you for praying and singing over us through that video clip.
      God richly bless you, Minister Mamie and Michael as well as your families.

      Thank you for releasing this word.


    6. Yes, this was for me! Yesterday when I woke up, satan tried, but God…. It came out of nowhere, so I knew it was the enemy. After a few minutes, I woke up from my stupor and cast down those fiery darts. This is an on time word Jamie and is a reminder to us, as Believers, to ALWAYS be vigilant! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    7. Francie Robertson says:

      Thank you so much Jamie, Mamie and brother for going to the HUB. I was there too loving every minute.. It’s midnight here in New Zealand right now and I suppose as sleep is far from me it must be a burning of the midnight oil time. OH PRAISE GOD!!! That just popped out!!! WOW!!!
      Abba, Lord!
      As we continue holding on to what we have, steadfast, immovable, unshakeable to the end…
      we wont miss it,
      …And His reward is with Him as a BOAT LOAD OF BLESSINGS!!!

    8. Amen and Amen Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank you Sister Jamie for your obedience to Abba Father God and sharing this on-time, right-now Word! Love you to Life! In Jesus Name

    9. Patronellah says:

      Thank you so much for the Word.

    10. Jamie, I did not recognize what was going on. For me, it was so subtle, I didn’t even associate it with the enemy. But apathy, disappointment, fear, and foul thoughts were there. Thank you for sharing this ❣️ Because of you, I was able to see and stand and fight. Thank you ❣️ Bless you, bless you, bless you❣️

    11. Michael’s not alone!.. while praying I saw a phalanx of angels in tight formation moving forward slowly. (It seems there in heavy engagement with the enemy.)
      The battle is the Lord’s. Pray for victory and “..may His enemies be scattered! ” Amen

    12. linda harrison says:

      I receive all of the blessings God has for me & my family, thank you Lord, thanks Jamie, God is so good, I give Him all the Praise & Honor & Glory, Praise the Lord!!!!

    13. Thank you, Jamie for this prophetic word! It is exactly what I needed and so specific to what I and others around me have been going thru! The story of the boat brought tears to my eyes, as I have been going thru a trying time for the past 2 years and I know that it is about to end suddenly! My boatload of blessings is almost here! Thank you, Father!! Thank you, Jesus!! Thank you, Holy Spirit!!

    14. I know in my heart this word is for me ❤️ Glory to God!! Thank you Jamie! Praying God’s favor and blessings over you! Amen!

    15. Cari Cruz Rodriguez says:

      I’ve been struggling the last few days I reached out to a friend because I was feeling lonely,abandoned,etc etc. I woke up refreshed this morning and there was your email. You prayed that prayer over ALL of us and God knew I was under attack and you blessed me with your prayer.

      THANK YOU!!!!

    16. Thank you, Jamie for this prayer what I so desperately needed.

    17. Akua Etornam says:

      Thank you Jamie. Yes, the attacks were much but the Lord is on my side protecting and watching over me. He has cleared them all. His angels are with me and the power of His Holy Spirit is working mightily in me. Praise the Lord!!!
      Thank you.

    18. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Amen This is mine…I received it-Healing Rain,Boat of blessings fto Abba Father..Amenand AMEN.Facing it right NOW.

    19. Mehrunissa says:

      Thank you Janie! 💜

      1. I love how God communicates through the spiritual realm. I receive the victory in this word, in Jesus’ name!

    20. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

      Thanks Sis Jamie. This word is for me. In the last 2 days I had the worst fight with my husband that caused loneliness and a sense of abandonment. It was a violent and wicked attack from the enemy. We’re both now both back on fire for God and putting on the full amour of God — as soon as we landed on your prophetic word. Thank You Jamie. God Bless You!

    21. Brenda L Payton says:

      I did have the two days of heaviness. God reminded me of the song I Raise You UP & I played it & felt whatever was lifted. I praise God & I sang the song.

    22. Oh dear sister Jamie, Wed the 28th starting at 3:30 AM the entire day was one of horrible news, immense betrayal, loss of hope, abandonment, grief and then I literally spent over six hours fighting for my life from 9 pm through 3 AM on the 29th, then the 29th my husband had horrific trials with his company. It has been a very difficult two years but especially hard past 3 months for me physically then the past week but especially the past two days I cannot recall ever feeling lower in my life. Your word is spot on and as always we are praising the Lord for you and your faithfulness!!AMEN & AMEN to every word you spoke! BLESS YOU SISTER!,
      Much love in Christ, Eva & Paul

      1. Eva, I’m so sorry! I am praying for you and for Brother Paul and your business and family right now.
        Love in Jesus,
        Jamie Rohrbaugh

    23. John Shomade says:

      Thank God for your life and obedience in sharing the Word of God faithfully with us.
      It’s a Word in time and Season. My God, what you described is exactly what I’ve been going through in the last few days. It’s an attack on my thoughts and feeling of resentment towards my older son who is not appreciative of our great sacrifice yo make his life easy. He’s acting so selfish that I recount in my mind many times of how I’m going to send him packing and tell him about himself. It’s such a tormenting thoughts, and that’s in addition to many other thoughts .
      And these is in the reaction of hell after God had used me mightily in ministering to others.
      Bless you.

    24. Michael Laney says:

      Good Morning,
      From The Rising of The Sun to the going down of the same, the name of The Lord is to be praised!
      Ok,here we go. I opened up your email yesterday, I opened it up to unsubscribe. Like many people, I get way too many emails and don’t have time to read them. Something cought my heart as i was reading through. It was almost like Father gave you a snapshot of several events and struggles. I read the part that said that God was about to drop a boatload of BLESSINGS and its falling out of the Air. Within 2 hours of reading the post. My Daughter and grandsons Landed on the Airstrip right besides my home. Jus 3 days earlier, she took off from Northern Canada! The love and Provisions of Abba are indescribable! We Have A MIGHTY FATHER!

    25. Kahn Johnson says:

      Thank you Jamie!! You’re right on point!!! Yes, there has been tough, tough days and sometimes weeks that I had to bear through and just believe God in spite of what I saw or was going / am going through.

      A boat load of blessings is coming my way through the air. I receive that prophesy and I wait in expectation of that manifestation.

      Bless you Jamie,

      Kahn Johnson

    26. Tiffany L Thomas-Jones says:

      Thank You Jamie for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. This right here is a life WORD, saving grace. Boatload of blessings. No weapons formed Agus shall prosper. This truly is a lifeline for me and my Spirit man is awakened. Thank you again for giving us what the Lord is saying to His people. Put on the full armor of the Lord

    27. Wow….this is so spot on I have been severely depressed this week especially almost where I can’t even function. I didn’t understand why it was so much worse. I mean I’m dealing with a Divorce but this attack him me like never before. This word is right on time.
      Thank you Jamie

    28. Cathy Anderson says:

      This was a word for me straight from the Father. I have just had some of the worst days of my life in a long time. My husband called the suicide hotline because I was threatening to take my life. I have never done that before ever. I felt a terrible abandonment and hopelessness like never before. I am still here and praising God that He is still Lord and that no matter how bad it gets He is still with me and has not abandoned me nor left me alone. God Bless.


    29. Andrea Rose says:

      Thank you for this! This has been true in my life these past few days and I’m thankful that others have been fighting with me. I receive the boatload of blessings and the healing rain, in the mighty name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

    30. Susan Vidas says:

      Wow, this is what I wanted to hear because I was praying and asking God to give strength not to give. I was very low trying to pray and I couldn’t feel any breakthrough but now .am full of energy again. may God bless you always Jamie you have no idea what this word did to my heart.

    31. Maika Kamikamica says:

      Receive this boatload of blessings in Jesus name.

    32. Dear Jamie,

      God bless you, it is exactly what happened to me, even reached out to a brother, strangely he said Exactly the same.
      God bless you🙏🏼

    33. I’ve been feeling down a lot lately especially this week, there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed, felt like I had no reason to live.
      Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word.
      GOD bless, favour you.💖🙏

    34. OH MY!!!! I came under such attack last night… I cried and cried non stop I could not seem to stop..kept thinking and saying I have got to get all this hurt and pain out.. I ended up falling asleep on the closet and got in bed but the torment was still there so right now I am back in the closet seeking.. Then I found your email that I had not read yet!!! Thank you so so much for sharing!! I have not been in this condition since years and years ago. Thank you so much for sharing the life giving Word!! Come Lord Jesus…I am trusting in You!

    35. Lisa Vaughn says:

      Yes Sister in Christ Jaime,
      I did not understand what was happening at first until I watched your video and received your email about these vicious attacks from the enemy. I experienced mine on Thursday from the bus company that I currently work for. Although I signed up for Direct Deposit, the company told me that I have to wait 90 days before they activate it which is highly unusual. On Thursday when I received my paycheck, I could not cash it anywhere. I did not even have enough gas in my car to return home so I had to take the company’s vehicle home. The next day, the company wrote me a manual check. I found out about a glitch in their payroll processing system. The last few days have been hell and I was wondering what was happening until you brought the above to my attention. I will stay in prayer!

    36. Crystal hill says:

      I receive this msg thank u Jamie Soooo much god love u 😍 I’m waiting on my boat load of blessings

    37. Arissa Nolastname says:

      Yes, it has been since last week Saturday, a curve ball sent my way to throw me off balance & open me up for the repeated & daily harassments even from those who were supposed to be producing fruit for the Kingdom of God, but have none when I’m hungry/thirsty/ or need a refreshing/strengthening or encouragement. They are so full of themselves, only indulge in the life of ease and luxury/comfort, and their only Christian involvement is sitting behind a desk and getting people to read books when they need hands on prayer/deliverance.
      They do not stand in the gap, nor war in the Spirit on behalf of the battle worn. It’s time they were removed from positions of power where the truly righteous in Christ should be seated.
      All week as it is every week, the demonic harrassments came to occupy my mind, emotions, psyche & body functions draining me of all my strength and energy & then the unreasonable expectation curse/spell was released such that my employer of 2 hours daily required me to work/move faster. When your body is overheated, and you have no energy/strength and being yoked, pulled in the solar plexus region for the soul energy and on the back and no one to pray with you right there and then, how can you work faster?
      I’ve had such evil get thrown my way repeatedly, and at other times it’s with regard to moving, or moving my belongings, being threatened to have them thrown out, rather than offering a helping hand/solution to the problem. They are filthy rich, and have money to lavish on frivolities, and know that I had not much to work with, no car, no home etc. & they expected me to move out of a situation initially and then I got really sick, and it was a week before Christmas of 2015 when I finally had to move out, and it was one day after that people prayed me into a somewhat decent situation to avoid the situation I ended up in anyway. I should have left and not turned back, but they had a noose around my neck and reeled me back in the 2nd time round. I sensed what would happen if I stayed here in this office back then, and sure enough, it has manifested in many ways. But God showed me why He allowed it, and I can only hope and ask people to pray that the worst of it will backfire. What they are plotting behind my back after using me to return to their own heads, & my faith, my reputation, my name, the Name of the Lord will remain intact and blessed.

    38. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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