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Free Mentoring / Discipleship and Training Grid | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comAwhile back, I wrote a discipleship and training grid (like a visual checklist) for a class of ministers I was teaching. But recently, the Lord laid it on my heart that this grid is something everybody can use, so I’m attaching it to this email for free.

The purpose of this discipleship and training grid is to give you an organized MAP or path to follow in order to accelerate your spiritual growth.

This grid contains 60 topics or areas in which every believer in Christ should pursue training. All of these 60 topics fall after the first topic–Step #1–which is rock-solid knowledge of God’s Word. But, each of these topics is a specialized area pertaining to the Word, so you can learn about each topic WHILE you are studying the Word. (Because of course, we NEVER stop studying the Word our whole lives long.)

If you want to grow beyond where you are now in a systematic, purposeful way, pick one step on the grid and learn about that topic–whether only from the Bible or from the Bible + classes + books, etc. Ask Holy Spirit which topic to pursue first, and how to pursue it. He’s the ultimate Mentor and He will show you how to learn about any given topic.

When you’ve gotten training and experience with the first step you choose on the grid–such that you are confident, accurate, reputable, and reliable in that area–then color in that part of the grid and pick another area to get started on.

Click below to download this free PDF Discipleship and Training Grid:

Discipleship and Training Grid – From His Presence

None of us will ever learn everything there is to know about any of these areas until Jesus gets back. But until then, we should be aggressively pursuing Him–and this grid will provide you with a purposeful, organized path to do that.

Breakthrough blessings to you in Christ Jesus,

Jamie Rohrbaugh

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