How To Pray Against the Jezebel Spirit and WIN

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How To Pray Against the Jezebel Spirit and WIN | By Jamie Rohrbaugh |

So you read how to recognize the difference between the Jezebel spirit and the true prophetic. Did you recognize anything? Are you dealing with a Jezebel spirit in your home, church, or organization?

If so, don’t panic. Jesus is SO, SO, SO much greater than any evil spirit. Jehovah God, Yahweh, the Creator of the universe, still sits on the throne. He and He alone is the governmental center of the earth, and He is still in charge.

It’s very important to understand this. The devil is not the equal or opposite of God. The enemy is is a fallen angel who was completely defeated by Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary. God is still God. He is the only God. All the victory and all the authority belong to God.

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    God Almighty is well able to drive every evil spirit out of your life, your family, and your church. How?

    He will do it in answer to your prayers. Rest assured, beloved, of this truth:

    There is no force of darkness strong enough to withstand the power of sustained intercession.

    God hears and answers your prayers. If you will begin to pray in accordance with His will, He will muzzle that thing and cast it out.

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    So here’s how to pray against the Jezebel spirit and WIN:

    The first and MOST IMPORTANT thing to know is that the Jezebel spirit is a false spirit of prophecy. This is KEY. Why?

    Because when we intercede, we come in the opposite spirit.

    “Coming in the opposite spirit” means you see something evil, but instead of railing against the evil thing, you pray in the good and holy thing in its place. For example:

    You see? There is an unholy substitute for every holy thing, but we don’t focus on the unholy thing because we can’t afford for it to fill our horizon. What you focus on, you empower … and we never want to empower the work of the enemy in our lives.

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    So when we pray, meditate, and speak, we want our thoughts, prayers, and words to be filled with the good and holy thing that GOD wants to do.

    That’s why the apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:8:


    Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”

    So when we want to pray against the Jezebel spirit and win, we come in the opposite spirit.

    I want to make it clear that “opposite” does NOT mean “equally strong.”

    The good and holy thing from God is ALWAYS stronger. The enemy’s attempts to pervert a good and holy thing can never, never, never overrule or outweigh the power of Who God is or of what God created. The good and holy thing is stronger, every time.

    So what is the opposite of the false spirit of prophecy? The true Spirit of prophecy.

    And what is the true spirit of prophecy? The testimony of Jesus is the true spirit of prophecy.

    The Bible is very clear on this:


    And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10, emphasis mine).

    The Lord showed me this with an absolute lightning bolt of revelation awhile back, when I was asking Him how on earth to pray against a Jezebelic situation. I studied and studied, and all of a sudden, He showed me this:

    Release the testimony of Jesus, which is the true spirit of prophecy, into the situation. When you do, Jesus will muzzle the Jezebel spirit and drive it out.

    So that’s what I and others did. We prayed and released the testimony of Jesus. And Jesus came through and absolutely drove that thing out.

    What does it mean to release the testimony of Jesus? It means:

    • Pray for Jesus to be glorified in the situation.
    • Worship Jesus in spite of and over that situation.
    • Worship Jesus and praise Him for being the Overcomer, the Victor, Mighty Warrior, and Lord of hosts who WINS EVERY TIME.
    • Literally sing the Name of Jesus in your worship. Over and over if you have to. Sing the Name of Jesus until you sense breakthrough in the spirit realm.
    • Magnify and exalt Jesus in every way in your worship.
    • Thank Jesus for being in charge and for fighting the battle for you–even before you see the victory manifest.
    • Pray for the humility of Jesus to be released in every person involved in the situation (Philippians 2:5-11).
    • Pray that every person involved would follow the example of Jesus and submit to God and godly authority.
    • Plead the blood of Jesus over every aspect of your home, family, church, and over the specific situation.

    To release the testimony of Jesus, you just focus on Jesus. I mean REALLY focus on Jesus. Do it aggressively. Lift Him up. Exalt Him. Pray for everything in the situation to look JUST LIKE JESUS.

    Develop a magnificent obsession with the Son of God, and focus EXCLUSIVELY on Him. As you do, you will be releasing the true spirit of prophecy over the situation that concerns you … and He will muzzle the Jezebel spirit, keep it silent and bind its influence, and drive it out.

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    Every knee must bow to Jesus Christ, and every tongue must confess that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    Every time.

    By the way… Isn’t that awesome? I’m in awe of Jesus. How simple is the Gospel! Jesus Christ is our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification, and our redemption. He’s the One who saves us and the One who wins our battles.

    JESUS is the Center of everything. He is ALL we need … and no one can even argue when you lift Him up! No one can compete with Him. No one can suppress Him and no one can conquer Him. His victory is guaranteed, and lifting Him up is absolutely unattackable.

    Thank You, Jesus. You’re amazing. Thank You.

    So beloved, if you’re dealing with a Jezebel spirit, don’t be afraid. Jesus already won this battle on the cross. So lift Jesus up. Release the testimony of Jesus. Come in the opposite spirit. And Jesus will win every time.

    Now, there are some additional, specific things you can pray for when you see a Jezebelish situation that will help bring deliverance and healing to the situation.


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    I’m just going to list these things briefly, and you can print them off and pray into them. If I tried to explain each one, we’d be here all day; and they are pretty self-explanatory anyway. So pray these things specifically into your situation:

    1. For your leaders to have a spirit of valor;
    2. For your leaders and yourself to be immune to seduction;
    3. For healing of bitterness;
    4. For complete freedom for everyone impacted;
    5. For every person to be filled with God’s perfect love that casts out fear;
    6. For a great spirit of humility to come on every person from the Holy Spirit;
    7. For every person to operate in gentleness;
    8. For great discernment on every side and in every person impacted;
    9. That, when correction is needed, God would lay out the case with proper facts and witnesses;
    10. For every person to be filled with the purity of Jesus by the Holy Spirit;
    11. Healing for all the people the Jezebel spirit has tried to seduce;
    12. For your leaders to have wisdom to discern both time and procedure if correction is necessary;
    13. For all involved to address the situation with love;
    14. For there to be an emphasis on repentance on all sides;
    15. For godly sorrow and brokenness in the Jezebelite;
    16. For God to search your heart, close any open doors to the enemy, and remove any influence that the Jezebel spirit may have over you;
    17. For you and all people involved to be protected from suspicion, strife, and vain imaginations;
    18. For the great victory that God finished before the foundation of the earth to be manifest in this situation;
    19. That any confrontation would be godly;
    20. That the Holy Spirit will bring conviction where it is needed;
    21. Clarity and true revelation for the Jezebelite;
    22. For your leaders to be able to discern between real repentance versus feigned repentance or mere remorse/embarrassment when the Jezebelite is corrected;
    23. For godly sorrow and love on all sides;
    24. That all would have great wisdom, knowledge, and discretion from the Holy Spirit;
    25. Healing for those who have followed the person influenced by Jezebel; and
    26. For God to show you His hand continually at work in the situation.

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    Beloved, you can pray against the Jezebel spirit and win every time because Jesus Christ already won the victory.

    Stand firm. Lift up Jesus. Pray, pray, and pray some more. Worship the Risen and Exalted Christ, and trust Him to perfect all things that concern you.

    As you do, you will see the victory Jesus purchased on the cross manifest in your situation.

    Did you find this post helpful? If so, please leave a comment below with your thoughts or even your questions. I’d love to hear from you.


    1. What perfect timing indeed. This is for me because of what I’m going through at work. I felt like giving up because the battle has been going on so strong, but now I feel empowered to continue to pray with specification. Thank you in the name of Jesus.

      1. Amen! Thank You, Jesus, for encouraging my sister! Florence, don’t you worry and no matter what, don’t give up! Jesus has already won this thing! All you have to do is stick with Him! Together, you can outlast it and you can see His victory manifest in this situation. The Spirit of Jesus wins every time! Release His love and His joy and His nature over this thing and I believe you will be amazed.
        I’ll pray for you today! Have a great day!

        1. Lisa Lanfranca says:

          Please pray for me, I am under attack! We are living in a very advance stage of electronic technologies and someone is abusing me with these technologies. There are advanced technologies that are abusing people all over the world, but our media rarely speaks about it. Please pray that I make it out alive. I am a mother of 5 and grandmother of 10 (almost 10… to be born in February). If I told you the things that this technology does to me you probably wouldn’t believe me, so I’m just asking that you would please fast and pray for me to be released!!! Please, please, please, pray for me to be released!!!!

          1. I believe you. Its being used very much by evil forces right to harm and try to take down the good. I see it every where and im also being attacked hard by 3 cousins who all have this spirit. Praying has helped ne discern almost immediatley whose against me now, and i prayed for these people to reveal themselves so i wouldnt seem just paranoid and nuts, and within a week they went nuts instead and told on theirselves. So thats my testimony. Pray for specifics. Ask and it shall be given. ❤️🫶

      2. margaret baru says:

        thank you for the notes, it will really help me in my battle when praying against the spirit of jezebel, now a days some Christians are blinded and cannot discern the spirit of jezebel dwelling amongst their families, churches

        1. This is very informative and I was unaware of how these spirits invade and harm.

          1. I have been in battle for over 7 years with this in my family. I watch, and at times weep, because a child is involved.
            This spirit has made its way up the ranks in the church.

      3. Kaz Tricia Meyer says:

        Am needing a Divine Reversal in a very unjust situation am living in, and Only Yahuah can bring this stronghold of Jezebel down, THAT is operating in a woman who believes she has a right to control people , their love lives, their finances, our vision and ministry , and my mum and brother, and the man that God has brought my way for marriage & destiny, WE NEED Holy Spirit INVASION that will REVERSE THIS CURSE, HEX, VEX AND SPELL once and for and send it back to hell , where it CAME from originally…thanks in Advance Kaz Tricia Meyer

      4. Doreen Reed says:

        Pls pray for the Kotzebue Friends Church and it’s surrounding villages of northwest Alaska USA.
        Plus the North Slope. They use rape for control with mind reading a prays to God afterwards. Even the superintendent and pastors..
        This is very real. Pls God have mercy on us all, For God is Love.❤️

        1. Annie Lee says:

          My heart goes out to you Donna and for those who have been abused. Praying for you, the church and your region.

      5. I gone through the same at work. My personal life is also a mess.
        But I will pray more.
        In the name of Jesus.
        Mt savior

        1. Jamie thanks so much for this it has helped me so much may God continue to bless you always,

    2. Rebecca Jones says:

      I am praying this today because I know that there have been attacks against my family since my mother has taken custody of two great grand- children. I have prayed against every spirit I could think of, except this one. Thank you for sharing this.

      1. Releasing the testimony of Jesus will always help, Rebecca. I hope things improve in your situation quickly. Thanks so much for sharing.

    3. My husband left me two years ago for another women. He wants a divorce and I do not. Every time he tries to move forward with it something terrible happens to him or to his family. I need prayer.
      God Bless

      1. I will pray for you today, Brenda. I’m so very sorry you’re going through that. May our Daddy God lead you and guide you, heal your heart, restore you, and let you feel His arms wrapped around you, keeping you safe, during this time.

    4. I praise God for this writing! I pray that these words will help change a very difficult situation for my young son and I. Amen. I have prayed so hard and I see God in some changes. I struggle to see God’s purpose in other changes. I am worried for my son and I know he is suffering. Your writing describes someone in the situation perfectly. Please pray for us and for God’s loving outcome soon. We have had enough. Thankyou.

    5. God Bless you Jamie! Passing the link on Pinterest, i felt (and I mostly ALWAYS have some sort of feelings about things- Thanks Holy Spirit!) upon skimming the title of your article, i thought “Hmmm. Maybe I should read this.. for future reference.” So, I’m sure this helped someone- as Gods word always does, but I read both articles concerning this. And, Im glad I did. Thank you, considering myself equipped!!!

      Pinning this, and referencing when the time arises, if such!


      Thank you for your guide on the jezebel spirit and how to be delivered from such spirits operating at work, home, .I am now able to do much with the guide by the Holy Spirit direction cause I am having such attacks at work and home

    7. Janet Garcia says:

      Thank you, thank you … I’m praying because of a Jezabel Spirit of whom wants to break up my marriage. And the other has rob me and her brother of our inheritance.
      Thank you God bless you sister. ?

      1. I came across this posting..I really believe that is what I am dealing with in my marriage. A Jezabel spirit, I pray all the time. It seems like it goes away then comes back. This article and posts help. Thank u God Bless ??

        1. M. Faulkner says:

          I am dealing with this in my marriage as well. My husband is under attack. He has been delivered but did not protect his deliverance and kept pushing the boundaries and ended up in another “situation”. Please pray Gods will over my marriage and my husband’s life. He is so tortured

    8. Thank you so much for this teaching. I’ve been studying Jezebel for a very long time because some people that I love are bound by her. I knew all about Jezebel spirit but not about how to get a person to want to give her up. This teaching has given me many points to pray about that will cause Jezebel to bow to Christ Jesus. This is the missing piece that I needed and I am eternally grateful! God bless you for making this teaching available!

      1. Hi, Nancy. Thank you for reading and sharing. I would also encourage you to read “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” by John Paul Jackson if you haven’t already done so. It contains many stories about how people who have been under this spirit’s influence have been confronted in love, delivered, healed, and restored. Very helpful book.

    9. I sense this in my church and I mentioned it to the pastors of my church. I spoke to the women in my church of a spirit of discouragement. Has i finished talking one of the women, say the same thing as well. Two days later sis Jamie you send me a email about jezebel spirit. Is God talking to me. I have seen this signs all time. I may open my Bible God saying something and someone send me a texted messages.

    10. Alma Harrison says:

      My step daughter has a jezebel spirit every time she comes to visit my husband her father whole attitude changes towards me she wants to be the wife

      1. Alma, hi. Thanks for reading. I hate that you’re dealing with that. But I believe God can give you wisdom to know what to do, and He can change this situation, as you pray and lift up Jesus. I prayed for you just now.

    11. Antoinette says:

      Id like 2 be a member

    12. What a treasure to stumble upon. I bookmarked this page so I can come back to it, but will tweak how I pray for sure. Please pray for my (now former) wife taken over by this spirit. It’s like she changed overnight and my daughter and I don’t know who she is anymore. This battle has gone on over 5 years now. And while I have asked God to release me, I have never felt that peace. In fact I know there is a reason for this.

      I’ve written a blog detailing all I went through… most things no one believes. But I know there are others that can connect to my story. Please join me in prayer in defeating this wicked spirit and let God have the glory in this victory.

    13. Great post! I searched it out at a time of dissension and division in our church and wow!
      Totally feel more peace now about praying against this – some sites have over-Magnified this spirit. But we go in the name of Jesus and plead the blood!
      God wins

      God bless you and thank you for your wisdom.

    14. christopher says:

      hi,i wanted to say that YES there is nothing greater than Jesus..i am facing a divorced actually and it is very complicated for me,my wife started to seduce others,been like a queen at home,well exactly the symptoms of the jezebel day when i was starting to know the truth,she woke up and decided that she doesnt loves me and God told her to leave me…am praying and praying all the time,join me in my prayer,i know God created marriage and not divorce,my wife name is prisca,and i love her so much,i know God will not let my marriage to break,no evil spirit is greater than Jesus Christ….

    15. Thank you for this teaching & reminder that Jesus is SO much greater!! This thing has been dividing & causing chaos in my marriage the entire time. I’ve repeatedly felt defeated & discouraged to stand against it. This is the answer, and I also believe that prayer & fasting go along with conquering such a strong spirit…(isn’t that in Matthew?). I feel a renewed sense of hope after reading this! Thankful for the “weapons” I’ve been equipped with because He is Amazing!!

    16. Andrea Cole says:

      You have been a key answer to my prayers!!! Our Father is so wonderful and mighty in all His ways!!! Praise and glory and honor to the One who Is was and IS TO COME!!!
      Thank you and bless you for freely giving what He has freely given you!! May His blessings pour out over you to overflowing that you would be freed up to continue what you do to help usher in His mighty Kingdom. ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!! Hallelujah!! Bless you and Thank you for your information❤️????

    17. Thank you for inspiration, i too have a challenge not sure if am fault or something wants to cause division in our marriage but the Lord will restore. I will continue to seek God to resstore our marriage in the Name of Jesus it is restored.

    18. I had this happen to me. I prayed and the Lord told me the problem and gave me direction. He said HER SIN IS AGAINST ME. STOP PRAYING. And what do I want to do? It is a struggle. To speak Jesus is great advise. Thank you!

      1. Magnify and exalt Jesus above that thing, and it will fall for sure! Thanks for reading!

    19. Emmi Micheal says:

      Nice and Encouraging . I pray God will widen my understanding and gentleness for a great spirit of humility to come on from the Holy Spirit

    20. This was so on time and totally confirmation what the Lord told be yesterday…He said, “You’re battle is with Jezebel.” … I have a prophetic mantle and work has been very difficult lately due to 2 specific individuals who are moving in a Jezebel spirit and are working together to control a group of about 20 ppl… my flesh has been super irritated lately and I even thought about leaving but I am going on a FAST and will pray in the spirit and will refer to your list… This was SO HELPFUL and literally CONFIRMATION to what the LORD told me literally yesterday. God bless you!

      1. Yes! Fasting and praying always helps! If you haven’t already read them, please be sure to read my articles about how to defeat the Jezebel spirit here and here and here, and also how to win in spiritual warfare. Some of the tips in those articles may be of great help to you!
        I prayed for you just now!

    21. This was so much needed. You can see the gentleness and love if Jesus throughout this post. You can see the character of The Savior and He is the one lifted up through it all and gets all the glory that is what makes it true! Thank you for following The Holy Spirit through this post God Bless you

    22. Excellent post. My husband has controlling spirit and I thought I can’t do anything but tolerate. After reading your post, I really got encouraged and I will keep praying until the Jezebel spirit is defeated. Thanks a lot!!!

    23. You are right on with all you said about how to handle this wicked spirit. Jezebel.. with love. That’s just not easy to do! She is trying to control my 32 yr old daughter and has for yrs. I knew she was being controlled by her which is how I got here. I’ve been struggling however, in the flesh (problem #1). I’m so amazed and hurt by all she has done. We are a christian family but she went way the other way. There is NO way I could show love if it weren’t for Jesus. Up there with the hardest thing I’ve been dealing with. She’s so full of hate, anger, resentment, drama and revenge for no reason! Your answer on “how to” is so right on it hurts. It’s also what I’ve been hearing from Holy Spirit. But to READ it has put this thing on a whole new level. Confirmation indeed. Pls pray as this is a very bad situation and putting love over it is the most difficult and SO against every fiber. But my love for her outweighs my pride occasionally. It’s needs to outweigh ALL the time. Thank you for this.

      1. Praying for breakthrough with your daughter!! My husband and I are dealing with this as well and have for the past 2 years with our almost 18 year who wants to move out as soon as she turns 18 next month. I’ve been learning a lot about ungodly soul ties and believe that we are experiencing this with her . Pastor Paula White has a wonderful teaching about this on You tube.. praying peace over you and your family. God will be victorious! Amen

    24. Mercedes Debora Reyes says:

      Great Blessing??❤

    25. Thank you so much for this. My husband and I have been dealing with this Spirit in our almost 18 year-old daughter for the past 2 years and only recently has the Holy Spirit guided me to learn about this spirit. Rebellion, pride, homosexuality, are just a few of the manifestations we have seen in her and it’s coming to a head.

    26. My son is engaged to a woman with all these attributes. Will the in just situations prayer be effective to release him, or do you know how we should pray and approach this. He is not open to any counsel from us. We used to be very close. He tends to be passive.

      1. Hi Susan. Praying will always help, but the prayer list on this page will help more than the prayer list for unjust situations. But pray for your son to have a spirit of valor and godly discernment especially; for God to deliver him from every unholy influence and from the wrong people, and to connect him with the right people.

    27. Thank you for sharing! This is such a revelation for me. Praise Jesus! 🙂

    28. Thank you so much for your prayer points. The specifics help in the midst of some of the confusion of the situation I am in. I so desire Christ to be glorified and restoration to take place in so many relationships.

    29. Hi my name is Javier, my wife left me her name is Crystal, we have 5 kids , she left and forsaken me,she doesn’t tell me she loves me anymore, she is not herself, i dont know her anymore, its like a different person, pray for my wife Crystal to come back and reconcile, restore ,our broken marriage, she like to go out at and play darts, at bar, steak n spirits, with her friends, drinks alot alcohol, she is easily pursuaded ,gossiping, she like the attention, but she is getting old, she is 35 yrs old, she is proud , pray for us in the name of jesus Christ, amen

    30. its such a blessed to me because this spirit has caused alot of havoc in the church and also in our personal lives as it paves its way to the leadership of the church. please pray for us.

    31. Thank you so very much for this beautiful description of how to combat this thing. The Lord has brought me much healing and deliverance in the past three years through a beautiful ministry. I began getting trained in the deliverance ministry and love seeing people set free! Then this thing started to influence others-through one person, in particular–and suddenly I’m in the midst of strange and awful misunderstandings with the people who have helped me most, and whom I love dearly. There are seeds of division and contention being sown in the ministry and in the church. It’s crazy! Another minister recognized the source, named it, and told me, “You’re going to have to fight this one savagely, alone, from a spiritual warfare point of view…”
      Some of this I knew how to do, but definitely needed help to learn more0… When I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me to resources and strategies, your article was the first one that came up. I knew right away He was/is behind this one–because of the spirit of your message and your exhortation to lift up the name of Jesus. So this is another live fire exercise for me, and Jesus is the one who trains my hands for war! Thank you!

    32. I have asking for a revelation on what was attacking our church. I had asked for the Holy Spirit to bring revelation in my dreams and someone told me that they felt that God’s Glory had left our church and that really worried me so that make me determined to find out what was attacking our church and so I goggled demonic spirits that can attack a church and I came upon your article and the Jezebel Spirit jumped right out at me and I begin to realize that this was not something new but something that had been materalizing through many of our members especially in leadership position and am praising and thanking God for the leading of the Holy Spirit that led and guided me to this article and I also recognize that I need to ask God to show me where I might have played a part in this attack but I feel armed now to do battle with this spirit I plan to study and pray JESUS!!

    33. This evil spirit has no victory of me or anyone involved. God has the power over all things
      I pray for the lord to place protection over all involved in my attack. They they would all find repentance. I pray for god’s will in all matters of my life. Father god please remove this evil from my life and the life’s of my family and friends. I come before you humbly father and ask of your forgiveness. Fight for me my God in heaven send it to the cross take its strong hold away. Let it be silenced in the name of all mighty Jesus Christ son of God Amen

    34. Maria Rendon says:

      Just read your post on the Jezebel spirit which was operating in one of my former tenants. It helped me to pray on point in this regard. Thank you for reminding me, that God is ALL powerful and He will have his way in the Court Room 8/7. Jesus is my attorney and I’m God’s vessel. God be glorified in this situation & confound the wise. Let my enemies be ashamed & sore vexed. Give everyone in the Court Room a Damascus road encounter that they will testify, once they were blind & now they see. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!

    35. Hi Jamie. My name is Johanna and I am 27 years old. I am a spirit filled Christian, and have been all my life. I just got married to the man I 100% believe the Lord brought into my life. We have now been separated for 2 months. Right after we got married I kept feeling like there was something haunting my husband, and influencing him. An evil spirit that cause him to act bipolar, controlling, angry, jealous, chronic lying, blame shifting and manipulative, calling all my family saying that I needed prayer along with a constant terror that I was always going leave him for no reason at all!! I prayed for God to reveal it and also the source of it. All of a sudden it was like all Hell broke loose. My husband started being violent, cussing and then even my father in law! He physically picked me up and slammed my head on the ground. The night my father in law hurt me, it sent me to the emergency room in fear of a concussion. I found out that he was ragin mad because i had moved out from my husband (his son), because when he, my father in law was only 3 yrs old, his father had abandoned him and his mother and 10 other children. The pastor of our church stoped our counseling sessions and said that this was beyond him and he could no longer help us. Everyone is telling me to divorce my husband and count my losses and move on. But something in me is telling to stay and watch God work, even though in the natural my husband changed the locks on the house and is not responding at all, and everything seems to be getting worse. Have you ever seen God fix a situation like that before? I am desperate. I love my husband and the Lord with all my heart and only desire restoration! Please let me know if you can give me any hope. Finding your article today made me cry because I thought maybe there is light despite all odds. Hugs, Johanna

      1. Hi, Johanna. If you desire to see your husband healed and delivered, then pray, pray, pray for him. But please do it from a place of safety, where you cannot be abused. I prayed for you just now.

      2. Johanna,

        First let me say I am so sorry you are going through this. While maybe words have little comfort, I hope having a compassionate ear to hear your story is worth something.

        What spurred me to write was your comment about something telling you to stand by and watch God work. Right now one of the hardest things for you will be to walk in wisdom. I’ve no doubt you are in the middle of an emotional rollercoaster. And when you’re in it, you look left, right, and center for direction and maybe even a “sign”. But your anguish can possibly be overwhelming, and as such, it can challenge your judgement. I know because I’ve gone through it and come out the other end.

        One of the things I prayed for the most was wisdom. I didn’t want to take a miss-step before God. It was painful, I was asked to do things that didn’t make sense but I still did them, and there were times I had to be patient and wait. In fact there were several times where my head was so jumbled up and stressed, but I kept hearing that voice “Be still and know that I am God.” Hard to do with chaos around, but in doing so my spiritual growth grew leaps and bounds. But throughout all of it, one thing was crystal clear and that’s that God cares much much more about my relationship with Him, then my relationship with my wife.

        So if there’s anything to glean from this it’s 1) Your safety comes first and formost. Yes pray for him, but don’t put yourself in a compromising situation. 2) Pray for wisdom. Our #1 priority should be to “Seek first the kingdom of God”. And then the Word states THEN all things are added. Not the other way around. And 3 is from me) Put the blinders on and filter ALL ADVICE from people. Even those you trust. Get yourself in a place where you are hearing clearly from God. And that will come from scripture, prayer, worship, and sometimes just being still. Go read Psalms… you may relate to David and his lamenting. And if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are supposed to hang in there, do so, but likely from a distance. And as for your daughter… all I can say is truth always comes out.


    36. Heather Jonker says:

      My ex husband and his wife are controlled by a Jezebel spirit ( covert and over narcissists) they have seduced my 16 yr old daughter against me. She is filled with bitterness and anger and blames me for everything. The accusations she spews at me are clearly parroted lies from her father. Everything I say gets manipulated and turned into something evil. I have been praying for my baby girls deliverence from this evil. Thank you for this, I struggle between walking in faith and grieving. But today I walk, think and breathe by faith, today this is the choice I make.

    37. Victoria Rosanwo says:

      This is an impressive and mind blowing message so great and powerful just what i am in need of in my life right now I’ve been battling with this jezebel spirit with my blood younger sister, friends, and fellow congregants and the situations has brought me so much distress and brokenhearted because why is it that most of the time the people i care about are mostly the one’s that is turning around to be my hypocritical enemy at my presence they will be kind and good but behind my back they assassinated and condemn me to others in a brutal way most especially my younger sister up to an extent she went as far as commending a negative report about me to our mother thank God that parents know the character of their children even though they are many they can acknowledge their divers attitudes and God has always been by my side to fight my battle she’s also depriving me of some certain benefits that can come to me please Jamie pray for me and as i have been praying yet this your post has added more to my understanding on how to pray against jezebel spirit and WIN wow am very much happy thank you in Jesus mighty name AMEN

    38. I have experienced this spirit for 14 years. i have identified the person through prayer and at about 2 O’clock the morning this person appeared in my vision trying to lock me in a steel locker but when i rebuked the person in the name of Jesus the person left. minutes later this very person appeared with two other male persons again trying to kill me, i remember saying to the person are you coming for a second time. Since i now knew the person i confronted the person at church privately and the person denied the fact. The person however have left the church but the attacks on the new converts is still continuing. for the past 14 years people were told “you do not belong in this church” these are the words described to me, in the exact order. since then i have lost a good number of people, though i am not fearful i fear that the new converts will not have that boldness to approach me but rather leave the church. i am an Apostle and founder of God’s Anointed Ministries South Africa.

    39. This was so encouraging! Thank you!!

    40. Sonja Campbell says:

      Beware! This spirit wants to engage you and overpower you. It seduces us into despising, the many times unknowing participant, by alienating them or coming under bondage,but as Jamie said, the Spirit of Jesus testimony will prevail! Through prayer They will turn choose to turn from it! I know for myself personally. Hallelujah! When you are aware of an encounter, family gathering etc.- pray up, pray up!! Jamie, I am so glad for the Lord’s revelation on that and will look to turn things around more quickly with these prayer points.

    41. The Holy Spirit is working through you in a mighty way. Thank you for being a vessel. I will be sending these points to our group Women of valor as this speaks directly to our current situation within the body of Christ.

    42. Needed this, it came at a perfect time too! A really good song to lift up and exalt Jesus is “The Name of Jesus is Lifted High” by Eddie James, the live version (feat. Jarrod Pugh). It’s literally perfect for this article. He’s so good, always!

    43. Jon Morton says:

      My wife and I have been married for 20 years, every four years something major happens and we have arrived once again at that point. This time, for the first time reading this I feel empowered to not only intervene but to possibly prevent another destructive incident. While in the middle of reading this I immediately began to pray and quickly felt the victory. I am grateful for any who will join me in agreement together in this prayer for my family. To God and God alone be all the glory.

    44. Darlene Anderson says:

      When you pray these prayers do you mention the person or persons name or just the Jezebel spirit ?

    45. Jamie!
      Finding this about the Jezebelic spirit came at the precise exact timing !! I work as a youth leader and this Jezebel spirit has been hanging around too long!! As soon as I came upon your article on it, I kept saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.. to everything you posted! And the Lord spoke right to my heart as well!!
      Thank You So Much for posting what the Lord showed you! It means more than words can say!! VICTORY VICTORY VICTORY!

    46. Hi Jamie. I believe I have the Jezebel spirit. I have done a lot of bad things that hurt other people. I want to be free of it. I am tired. Every area of my life is in a bad state. I want to serve God, but I can’t. I feel guilty and can’t connect in prayer. I am tired of this bad life that I am living. Will I be delivered if I follow the steps you have given me.

      1. Hi Benjamin. Of course you can serve God if you want to. God’s Word says you can–and that it’s not too hard! But in order to stop sinning, you need to hide God’s Word in your heart. Psalm 119:11 says: “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” That means READ READ READ READ READ God’s Word and MEMORIZE it. Digest it. Think about it constantly. Meditate on it. As you do, God will change your heart.
        Also, be sure to repent of your sins. If you feel convicted about something, that’s because Holy Spirit is convicting you. He wants you to repent and confess your sins to God so you can be forgiven–then go the other way. That’s what “repent” means: that you turn around and go the other way.
        Blessings to you.

    47. Terri Socha says:

      Thank you for this article. I’m staying with my daughter who is facing total destruction against an adulterous affair where her husband has left and turned his back on the Lord. I searched for prayers on binding the Jezebel spirits and found this site and have printed out the prayers. This is our second day of praying through these prayers. My husband is in another state praying these same prayers. Already we know God is moving as she has met several attacks today from the enemy. She is remembering her lessons over the years and knows this is a time to rejoice when she meets the enemy’s attacks with more prayers of Gods promises. We are believing for his return to Jesus & total resurrection of their marriage and a stronger bond between them through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Bless you all!

    48. Love this read . Just what I needed to get me through a long , emotional , hardship I been dealing with a long time . I know God is almighty and powerful sometimes my thoughts get in the way .

    49. Sharon Heuser says:

      Thank you so much! I am in a 40 day fast from Sept 1st to October 10th. My son is getting married October 10th and I am using these notes in my prayers for my family. This is my time of Redemption and Restoration. As I bow down before Christ our Lord and Savior, I know He is fighting every attempt of the enemy for us. I will continue with my Fasting, Praise and Worship knowing my family is in love, peace, health, guidance and protection from Our Savior, Our Redeemer, Our Rescuer, Our Deliverer, and Our Chief Shepherd.

    50. Thanks for this Christian, our church, Jesus church where we pastor has always had the spirit of Jezebel, it even comes through some of the newcomers that are men. It has deflated the Music Ministry down to about 6 choir members, but Jezebel stands on the floor of God’s house and act as if she is in a nightclub. Hers family rules the choir. A man, a sinner joined the church and she and hers mother clawed hi into their web. Monies are being stolen, even large amounts from the elderly. There is a huge amount of hate always directed at me. These are older women, huge women and supposedly educators. Watching them operate, I understand why the kids are turning out the way they are. Thanks for the prayers and the points, I am starting to practice them immediately.

      1. Hi Bettye, I hate to hear that is happening to your church. I’m so sorry. But, if you are the pastor there, then I pray you would stand up with a spirit of valor and root Jezebel out of your church. You are in authority there, not them. The Lord has entrusted it to you. Protect the true sheep!

    51. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Thank you very much Jamie. This teaching makes so much sense. Very helpful. I need to go over it again and again and make notes. So liberating.
      God bless you. So grateful for your teaching and sharing so freely.
      Love and blessings to you and your family.

    52. Wonderful. Very helpful. I will use this and continue in prayer. My friend’s late ex-wife operated under a Jezebel spirit. She contracted cancel and died two years ago. However there are still devastating consequences: parental alienation of the three children towards their father, him being emasculated for 25 years, broken relationships with in-laws. A LOT of healing needs to take place. After someone has died, I’m thinking the Jezebel spirit may still be functioning in the children. Any 8nsight about this?

    53. Wonderful. Very helpful. I will use this and continue in prayer. My friend’s late ex-wife operated under a Jezebel spirit. She contracted cancer and died two years ago. However there are still devastating consequences: parental alienation of the three children towards their father, him being emasculated for 25 years, broken relationships with in-laws. A LOT of healing needs to take place. After someone has died, I’m thinking the Jezebel spirit may still be functioning in the children. Any insight about this?

      1. Joaquin Sandoval says:

        That’s correct! After so many years children have adopted the Spirit itself

    54. Dear Jammie your timing is always perfect. thank you LORD for your guidance and wisdom and for this wonderfull person called Jamie. May you be blessed always

    55. Ann Krouse says:

      Thank you for your faithfulness! Your posts have been an inspiration, coming with perfect timing.

    56. Thankyou Jamie. I am blessed with this and will use it to continue in prayer and reading God’s word. My marriage almost collapsed when Jezebel spirit took over and destroyed my husband and I. We lost an unborn child -a daughter, during the battle. The consequences still linger today as I struggle to completely forget the past, forgive my husband truly and let go of the bitterness inside me. I want to be free!

      1. Hi Jodie, I am so sorry for the loss of your child and for these other things you have been going through. I will pray for you.

    57. Thank you for this word! The timing is perfect. Thank you for being obedient to God and reaching those in need. 💜

    58. Stephen Bright says:

      thank you from the bottom of my heart…I thought it was me because of was so angry and offended at the physiological minifestations of manipulation and malice…but when I heard Jesus…the Spirit of Prophecy…I felt immediate release from the bitterness that had so quickly taken root…I felt like Isaiah running the in the desset because dam! this spirit is ugly…thank you…thank you…thank you

    59. I believe you and I pray things have gotten better now in Jesus name

    60. Hi Jamie thanks for this post very powerful, I dont know if my pastor has a jezebel spirit, I didn’t go to church Sunday and he has not contacted me, he has even delayed my messages on whatsapp, when it finally went through he did not reply, i will pray for him but I’m seeing things about him that I didn’t see before please help me pray about it I do not like to speak badly about a man of God, if I am wrong I pray that God will forgive me

    61. Savannah Sharpe says:

      Hi Jamie, I’m confused about the conflicting ideas in the modern church and even within this article that we are to focus on Jesus, and lift him up, yet even in this article it says what Jesus said ….“Don’t do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! “
      So why then would the rest of the article and modern church focus on worshiping ‘Jesus’?

    62. Anunymous says:

      Thankyou for that prayer and all those points it will take me some time to work on and look into and pray through all those 26 points in so many situations and lives, and in my life. Thankyou for your prayers and support.

    63. What a timely article, God has been revealing that spirit was lurking round, & has now revealed the host which sadly is a friend. So was asking God how to deal with it and the situation so, all Glory to God for him leading me here to this. Very helpful and so practical. This is absolutely a blessing & tool for this fight. God has won the victory & why wouldn’t it be that easy as to just worship Him in it all. Not by might nor by power but by the spirit of the Lord.
      I will worship the Lord God Almighty for He is worthy and Holy Holy Holy.

    64. My husband and I were stunned at some very irrational responses from two people in our church. It was bizarre and we were left scratching our heads. As my husband and I were praying into the situation, the verse Rev. 2:20 was illuminated to us. As I studied the chapter out, I was looking for some more insight and found your article. It hit the nail on the head. We have strategy on how to pray into this and you gave us more understanding. THANK YOU so much! God bless you and your ministry.

      1. Glad we could help! I pray God will continue to give you wisdom to handle your situation the way He wants you to. Many blessings to you!

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