If You’re Discouraged and Considering Fasting

If you’re discouraged right now and really feeling the need to press into God, I wanted to encourage you today.

First, of course, I don’t mean that we don’t always need to press into God. We should always be hot on His trail, seeking Him with everything we’ve got!

But sometimes there are seasons in which we are tired, or lonely, or discouraged, or … (insert whatever here), and you can just FEEL in the Spirit realm that you’ve got to CONTEND and press into God aggressively for breakthrough.

In those times, breakthrough is often just around the corner … but a battle away.

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And the battle comes in the form of pressing into God and INSISTING that He do what you need Him to do.

See, Psalm 115:16 says, “The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s; but the earth He has given to the children of men.” This is one of the huge reasons prayer is so necessary! God has given dominion over the earth to US. Therefore, in order to move on the earth, He must co-labor with US. And that co-laboring means we must give Him permission through prayer to work in our lives.

Cool, huh? In Luke 18, that kind of contending, insistent prayer is actually how Jesus defined faith! Jesus actually taught that Father God WANTS us to get in His face and drive Him crazy with our continual requests until we see the breakthrough we desire!

So how do we contend in prayer like that?

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Here’s how:

  • You set aside extra time for prayer.
  • You pray through your list of requests, on purpose and specifically.
  • You claim God’s promises in prayer.
  • You might even consider fasting.

And if you’re considering fasting, here are a few tips that will help you fast victoriously:

1) If you want to fast, pray about the fast first. Ask God to confirm to you whether you should or shouldn’t fast.

2) Pay attention to whether you feel grace to fast, or only pressure. If God’s telling you to fast, His grace will be on it. You won’t be grouchy about it, and you’ll offer the fast to Him willingly–not begrudgingly.

3) Remember not to make rules where God made none. Ask Papa to show you how to fast, and He will. Don’t ask other people how you should fast. That’s between you and God, and every fast will look different. YOU do you. 🙂

4) Sometimes you can fast time. I have not been able to fast from all food recently due to (first) pregnancy and (now) breastfeeding, but I have entered into various special times of consecration anyway.

When you fast, you have to do what’s possible. Better to give what you can give than get frustrated trying to give what you can’t. 🙂 A period of consecration can be a powerful offering to the Lord, just like fasting, even if you’re not actually fasting from all food. Just keep that in mind, ok?

Beloved, if you’re feeling the urge to contend in the Spirit realm until your breakthrough comes, THAT’S GOD.

Do it. Push through, push in, and harass your Papa with your prayers.

If you’d like additional fasting encouragement, check out my FREE 5 Days to Victorious Fasting Bible Plan on YouVersion. It will encourage you!

And, if you are struggling and just need a little comfort today, these 5 prophetic words of comfort may be just for you.

Are you feeling down and needing to press into God? Are you considering fasting? If so, leave a comment below!

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  1. Ahhh….so that’s whatthat urging is and has been. Thank you for this post today! Just on time.

  2. This is so good. It gave me a better picture of how to contend in prayer. Just this morning I was cleaning out a box , and then found this verse I had jotted down on a scrap of paper years ago , and then I opened up your email! Job 38:11 -12 When I said, This far you may come, but no farther. And here your proud waves must stop!’ Have you commanded the morning since your days began , And caused. the dawn to know its place.

  3. Amen Jamie! God WILL give us what we seek….his timing is perfect. He will maximize the impact of the answer as only he can. Keep contending….it will come to pass.

    1. Samuel Bariki says:

      It’s a challenge because recently been battling to contend in fasting and need more grace to over come

  4. This is so wonderful , feeling so discouraged today , Thank you so much , this so spoke to my grieving heart .

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