“My Rest Is a Place of Progress,” Says the Lord

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com

I heard the Lord say:

“My rest is a place of progress.”

He continued by saying:

“You are panting and gasping for rest, but you don’t rest enough because you feel it is a place where you won’t make progress. Yet, My rest is the place of the most progress of all, for it is in My rest that you seek Me most diligently … and that is when I can add all things to you.

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    I want you to treat rest like fasting for the time being: like a way to sacrifice something in order to seek Me.

    You don’t always have to do this, but I do need you to do it for now because this method of seeking My rest will teach you. As you present your rest to Me like a fast, I will accept your sacrifice–the sacrifice of your self-perceived ability to provide for yourself–and I will move in your situation.

    Rest is a trust issue.

    As we have discussed before, you have faith–but you don’t always trust Me. The two things are not the same. But when you rest, you have to trust that I will do all the things (and do them better) than you could, even when you try your hardest.

    Worry is a trust issue too, and that is why I am purging you of worry. I desire you to trust Me no matter what, and to know that I am for you.

    I am working the trust that is in your heart so that it is visible on the outside, in your actions. I am teaching you to trust Me more every day. I am providing for you in ways you know not of, and I am moving on your behalf MORE every time you rest.

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    You need to realize that you can do nothing without Me, so you might as well just step back and rest.

    Let Me do things for you while you rest. Seek Me with all your heart for My own sake, and rest in Me while you do.

    Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. I am working on your behalf right now, even when you do not see it. And I am producing results for you that you could never imagine!

    I am with you to comfort you during this hard season.

    But, you will find this season is not as hard as you thought it was if you will just rest. Your fatigue makes things a LOT harder than they need to be.

    You were shocked when you heard recently that life should be fun and easy. And although it’s true that in this world you will have tribulations, the fact is that you can be of good cheer–for I have overcome the world. The ease of life happens when you enter My rest, even when things appear difficult on the outside.

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    It is in My rest that you receive comfort, joy, healing, revelation, and true peace–no matter what is going on around you.

    You truly have no idea the measure of blessing I can pour out on you when you rest for an extended period of time. You may not know how to rest for an extended period of time, but I will teach you if you are willing to be taught.

    Be blessed, My child. Be blessed in your rest today. For I will most assuredly bless you and give you peace,” says the Lord to His children.

    Thank You, Lord Jesus!

    Friend, is this word for you today? If so, leave a comment below–and stop and thank the Lord for His mighty promises, and for His rest!


    1. thankyou most gracious heavenly Father for allowing me to rest in you, and not take on the problems of this word, this is a very timely word because resting has become a issue for me, but now I will do what my heavenly Father says in Jesus name Amen

      1. Thank You Jesus for always being hear even when I do not notice. You know me and you know my situation, who then better should I rest in except for You.

        God bless you Jamie for listening and sharing

      2. Thank you Lord Jesus for Your Word of rest!
        I receive it!!
        Lord I need You!
        I can’t do it by myself!
        Too much obligations and responsibilities!
        But with You Lord , I know You are with me and helping me!! To succeed always so You receive the Glory for every good thing in my life!!

    2. Tonia Akatobi says:

      Thank you God , for the peace that you give to us . I thank you for being so generous, caring for me without you am nothing. Thank you for rest that gives me peace and joy when I lay in your arms God. Please keep me in you prayers every one . Thanks Amen

    3. Cindy🌹 says:

      Hebrews 3:18,19
      And to whom did he swear that they would not enter his rest, but to those who were disobedient? So we see that they were unable to enter because of unbelief.

      Holy FATHER, Please teach Me/all the Saints how to enter YOUR rest Completely… Please have the gentle Holy Spirit teach progressively how to:
      TRUST YOU💯

      I/We hunger/thirst/yearn to abide with YOU, thriving within YOUR perfect rest!!!
      ~In Sweet Jesus’ name, Amen🙌

      1. Deborah Irene Foo says:

        Dear Lord, thank you for this rest that you have bestowed unto me. Help me to rest in You and have peace, knowing You will work everything out good for me. Thank you Lord for this much needed rest. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

    4. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Thank You Lord Jesus. Help me to rest in Your Faithfulness and trustworthiness and to be at peace as I rest in You Lord.

    5. Dorothy Williams says:

      Lord, I work 2 jobs Father at age 65! I know it is not your will for me to work like this. I had quit the part time job once and had a very hard time making ends meet, so I went back to work. Now I am fatigued all of the time and irritable because I cannot spend the time I want to spend with You Lord. Please help me to be able to leave one job and rest and trust in You Lord to provide for me! Amen.

    6. Thank you Father for this prophetic word. Father please allow to rest in your presence to be blessed with your peace, love, protection and strength. Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word 🙏🏾.

    7. millicent deenah says:

      Thank you, Lord!!!

    8. Denise Moore says:

      YES LORD I needed rest from You Jesus,res in the Mind Body, and SOUL, mentally and emotionally and physically mostly of ALL is Spiritually Rest, Jesus I Thank you, for me to rest in you, in Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST NAME AMEN

    9. Thank you Lord for your rest, peace, love and everything you’re doing in my life.❣️🙌🙏🥰✝️

    10. This is an “On Time” Word!!!

    11. Thank you a very needed word for me.
      Now to walk this Word out in my life.
      Pray for me I need healing of legs ulcers and vein insufficiency in my legs.
      Thanking God for You.
      Love, Juanita.

    12. Amen. I receive this word in Jesus name. Thank you.

    13. Thank you Abba for speaking directly to my heart this morning. I am willing to rest. I put my total trust in you.

    14. Good morning everyone,
      I just prayed along with y’all and for myself, each prayer for y’all.
      The Lord bless you , make His face shine upon each one of us, giving us peace and joy in each heart .
      Have a wonderful day resting in the arms of Jesus ❤️❤️❤️

    15. Marianela says:

      Thank you Father for this timely word. Teach me how to rest in your presence 🙏🏽

    16. Renette Dávila says:

      Yes! This Word is absolutely FOR me. Teach me HOW to rest.
      Thank you for this.

    17. Luther Mamogobo says:

      Oh that the Lord will teach us how to enter and remain in His rest! Our Father and our God, I thank you for this Word, I welcome and receive this Word for myself, but Abba Father, teach me me how to enter into your rest and to remain there. I ask for grace and mercy to enter into your rest in Jesus’s name, amen.

    18. Denise Moore says:

      FATHER, my Sovereign GOD, and MERCY endurance FOREVER, I Thank you for giving me Rest, from worried about things, with my family my grandson in jail for injustice and unrighteous fight, and Finances, also healing my hip and my fermur Bone, so jesuyim leave it in your Hand’s, your plans Are GREATER, Stronger, and Better than my plans, I will Rest in You, in Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST NAME AMEN 👑

    19. Denise Moore says:

      FATHER, my Sovereign GOD, and MERCY endurance FOREVER, I Thank you for giving me Rest, from worried about things, with my family my grandson in jail for injustice and unrighteous fight, and Finances, also healing my hip and my fermur Bone, so jesuyim leave it in your Hand’s, your plans Are GREATER, Stronger, and Better than my plans, I will Rest in You, in Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST NAME AMEN

    20. Amen Thank you Father for this timely word. Teach me how to rest in your presence

    21. Wow. It’s so
      much going on around me, I needed to read this. Help me oh Lord to depend on you daily and to enter into your rest. I shall rest in the Lord. In your powerful name Amen.

    22. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Thank you Lord.Father please teach me how to rest.

    23. Regina Block says:

      This word just confirmed what God recently impressed upon my soul!

    24. Irma Nortje says:


    25. James Tucker says:

      I receive the rest of God in The Name of Jesus Christ my King and Savior!!

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