Prayer: Lord, Check Me Into Your Hospital

Prayer: Lord, Check Me Into Your Hospital | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHas your life been ravaged recently? If so, I felt led to write a prayer for you to use to ask the Lord to help you, heal you, protect you, and restore your life. The prayer is this: “Lord, check me into Your hospital!”

Before we begin, let me make it clear that we are not praying to actually be checked into a literal, physical hospital. Instead, we are using the analogy and imagery of a hospital to ask the Lord for His help. 🙂

If this sentiment appeals to you write now, pray this:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

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    Father, thank You that Your Word says that Your ears are open to the righteous, and You are always attuned to their cry. Thank You for saving me and giving me life in Christ Jesus. I need You right now, Father, and I thank You for being my ever-present Help in trouble.

    Father God, I confess I don’t know what to pray for as I ought to, nor how to offer it worthily as I ought. But, I claim Your promise from Romans 8 that says Holy Spirit will intercede for me with moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered.

    I ask in Jesus’ name that Your sweet, precious Holy Spirit would pray through me, pray for me, and intercede for me right now. And I thank You that You who search the hearts know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for me according to Your will.

    Abba Father, I can think of no words to say today except that I need You. Lord, please check me into Your hospital right now.

    First, Father, I am tired. The cares of this world have been nonstop; they have overcome me. But Your Word says that if I come to You when I am weary and heavy laden, You will give me rest. Please give me rest right now in Your hospital.

    I pray that You would give me extreme rest by Your Spirit, Father. Give me the kind of rest that sleep and drugs could never give. Give me soul-rest, Father, and spirit-rest as well; and physical rest even more. I need rest in every way, Lord, and only You can provide it.

    Father, I also ask for protection and healing from stress right now.

    Just as a physical hospital is supposed to provide walls, a door, and a bed to keep the public out and allow space and time for healing, I need You to be my walls and door right now. I need You to give me space, place, and time for healing.

    Father, the stresses of life have overwhelmed me lately. I have no protection from it unless You protect me. But Your Word says “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it, and they are safe”; so I call on Your name right now. 

    Father, You are Healer, Protector, and Deliverer. I am running into Your name right now.

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    Be my strong tower; be my refuge to save me. Help me:

    • Stand between me and stress.
    • Stand between me and responsibility.
    • Stand between me and my family duties.
    • Stand between me and work duties.
    • Stand between me and church trouble.
    • Stand between me and marriage trouble.
    • Stand between me and grief and loss.

    Oh Holy Father, I ask right now that You would shut me up in Your strong tower.

    Be to me my walls and door; be my Shepherd who keeps out the wolves and false shepherds from the sheepfold. Protect me and hedge me in behind and before; lay Your hand upon me, and enforce my space and time to rest according to Your will.

    Father God, I also ask that You would personally nurse me back to health.

    Hold me close in Your arms right now, Daddy God, and let me feel Your presence and ministry; for I cannot survive without You. I know that Your watchcare is over me day and night, but I’m asking You for even more than that.

    I ask right now, Father, in Jesus’ name, that You would literally hold me tight in Your arms and cradle me close to You–and let me feel You doing so. Pick me up as the Shepherd does the little lamb with the broken leg.

    I cannot “do” for myself, Father.

    I cannot fend for myself, feed myself, walk on my own, or anything right now. So I ask that You would pick me up and cradle me tight to Your bosom, and that You would personally feed me, touch me, hold me, and heal me.

    I don’t even ask that You would delegate me to the care of Your angels, Abba; You are my Refuge and Fortress, and if I am going to live and heal and survive and thrive again, it’s going to have to be You.

    However, Father, I do ask that You would release angels into my life to do Your bidding and help me in whatever way You desire.

    Your Word says that Your ministering spirits serve those who have inherited salvation. That’s me, Father; I have inherited Your salvation, and I thank You for it. So even though I ask You personally to care for me and keep me in Your arms, I do ask that You would dispatch and release Your huge and mighty angels to help me in whatever ways You know are best.

    I ask also that You would release Your “hospital angels” into my life and into the lives of my family.

    Send Your angels to minister intense help and restoration into all of our lives. While You are holding me and caring for me, Father, I call on You as the Lord of hosts. Please, Father, in Jesus’ name, dispatch Your hosts from Heaven and even Your hosts from earth to minister restoration into my life, and into the lives of all those I love.

    Father, I need physical healing in Your hospital. Please heal me.

    Your Word says that by the stripes of Jesus, I AM healed. Your Word says also that I was already healed when Jesus died on the cross.

    So Father, please help me to walk in my healing–in the healing that Jesus already provided to me by His blood.

    I’m in so much pain all the time, Father. Please help me. Heal me. Show me also how to make wise and healthy choices that will contribute to my healing, Father.

    In Jesus’ name, Abba, I ask that You would fill me and my life with Your fruit of the Spirit of self-control. Help me to choose and enjoy healthy food and drink, and to refuse and reject unhealthy food and drink. Help me to choose and enjoy healthy exercise, and to refuse an reject laziness and apathy. 

    Father, please take away the pain from my body. Please heal me and my bodily organs from malfunction, sickness, and disease. Please fill my body with Your healing virtue, and let Your peace settle over me and flow through my body like a river.

    Abba Father, I need mental healing in Your hospital too.

    Father, the fruit of Your Spirit includes love, peace, joy, patience, and more. I desire for all of these things to be plainly exhibited in my life every single day. I want my thoughts, attitude, and mindset to be filled with You, for I have the mind of Christ. 

    But Father, I need Your help for this, for it is You who works in me both to will and to do Your good pleasure. 

    So Father, in Jesus’ name, I ask:

    Take away the stress from my life and heart, Father; from my body, soul, and spirit. Give me true and adequate and overwhelming rest, Lord, so that I can move forward brand new.

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    Father, Your Word says that You make all things new.

    In Jesus’ name, I ask that You would make all things new in my life right now:

    • Make my body new, and help me to cooperate with You in every way.
    • Make my mindset new, and fill me with love, joy, peace, and power.
    • Give me wisdom, guidance, direction, and strategy from Heaven that only You can give.
    • Fill me with Your fresh wind, fresh vision, fresh anointing, and fresh fire.
    • Give me inspiration, motivation, and desire again. I don’t currently want to do anything, and I barely care at all. Please help me and fill me up with Your unction and anointing.
    • I ask in Jesus’ name that You would fill me also with Your prophetic flow. Fill me with Your Spirit of prophecy, and help me to operate in all the gifts You have given me.

    Abba Father, I need You. But I thank You that You are here for me right now, and You are helping me.

    Thank You for checking me into Your hospital, Lord. Thank you that Your grace is sufficient for me, for Your strength is made perfect in weakness. I’ve got plenty of weakness for You to make Your strength perfect in, Father, so I claim Your promise and I receive You and everything You are in me again today.

    Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer, Lord. Thank You for touching me. Please make all things new in my life, and help me to go forward whenever You say–and not until then.

    Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Heavenly Father. And thank You, precious Holy Spirit. I love You, and I give You all the praise. In Jesus’ mighty, holy, and precious name I pray, amen and amen.”

    Beloved, did this prayer sum up what’s in your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below so I can pray for you too!


    1. Norma Olvera says:

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart Jamie! This amazing prayer touched me in so many ways. I pray for you and your family as well and ask the Lord to bless you and your ministry in this coming new year, according to His will, favor and blessings!

      1. I receive Glory Hallelujah! Amen

      2. Yes jamie this is exactly what we r going thru right now and we are now at the end of the rope pls pray for us thk you

        1. Thanks Jamie, be revelation you got into the heart of God to the feelings that is running through me. I praise the lord for this word that he speaks through you

      3. This prayer definitely touched and described my heart today. I have been spiritual dry, not living a life if purpose, failing every fast attempted, drained fighting obesity and self control. I need this Jesus hospital right now mire than ever and protection from the world.

      4. Sandy Goldmintz says:

        Jamie ,
        This was straight from my
        Travailing cries this morning.!
        Like arrows precise and deep.
        Jamie , I thank God for your life and your precious ministry!
        Many blessings and much love ,
        Sandy Goldmintz

        GOD BLESS YOU!

    2. I am blessed with the prayers as Abba Father is healing me in His hospital from all sicknesses; spiritual, physical, emotional.
      Bless you Jamie and your family.

      1. Patti Hunter says:

        Thank you Jamie. This “hit the spot” exactly this morning. Exactly. Bless you dear sister. 💞

      2. I needed all of this prayer

        1. I needed this prayer going through a relationship break up and lost my beloved uncle. Haven’t felt like doing anything all week just laying in bed. Thank You so much for this Prayer 🙏🏾 May God bless you abundantly.

      3. Beauty Phele says:

        Thank you for the prayers that you wrote for us, recently I have been having constant pains within my body (bones I don’t know)I don’t sleep at all due to the pain. I believe that our God and Father will forever remember to restore back my health according to His Word and will that says that, He will not inflicts us with horrible diseases that he inflicted the enemies of His nation with. By His stripes also I have been healed for surely He has born my sickness and carried my pains. Thank you Jamie again, may the Lord God continually bless you 🙏

    3. Erica Rose says:

      Thank you this prayer is what I want to say but didn’t know how. Please continue to pray for me

    4. Dear Pastor Jamie: the reality is I’m very ill, please keep praying for me, Peter

    5. Bantshang says:

      Thank you Jesus taking me into you spiritual hospital. Thank you healing me in all areas of my life. Thank you for hiding me and my family and loved ones in your strong name from all evil.

      1. Dianne Dover says:

        I have been really struggling lately.. this prayer was so lifting for me today.. not sure when you did it, but it was awesome to have it today 2-3-22

    6. I soooo needed and welcome your prayer for healing this morning. Perfect timing! I woke up around 7:20 a.m. this morning. I have a cold so I was coughing and brought up what I thought would be mucus. It was, but it also was mixed with blood. So I checked to see what color my cough drops were and they were the honey lemon kind. I brushed my teeth and gargled and I didn’t see it anymore. Scared doesn’t even come close to what I felt. So I checked my email and saw this prayer for healing. Needless to say, I got right into it! Thank you soooooo much Jaime! This is exactly what I needed at the precise time perfectly! Thank you that you have our Father’s own heart! God bless you, your family, your ministry and all whom you love and hold dear. May everything that you do prosper and whatever you put your hands on and touch bring every perfect result you are expecting far and beyond what you have ever dreamed! Amen 🙏🏾

    7. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Thank You Ps Jamie for perfect revelation of our current afflictions. Thank you for this prayer for my husband our offspring, our siblings and myself. We receive the best healing anointing from the Hospital in Christ blessed assurance of abundant life as God Deliver us of all Evil. harm and danger as HIs Holy Spirit navigate us through New Year 2022 in His divine plan in a renewed covenant of peace, health and redemption, as we humble ouselves under the mighty hand of Gods Grace and love. God bless you and your family and ministry. Thank you Beloved.

      1. Father, I receive FULL restoration and recompense with an overflow in EVERY area of my mind, body, spirit to be a resource of hope and healing for countless others, I bless Your Name.

    8. Renee Ziegler says:

      Thank you, this was needed.
      Bless you, your family & ministry in 2022, this new year of double double ♥

    9. WOW! Exactly what I need to pray! Thank you Holy Spirit for praying through Jamie for me.

      God bless you and refresh you, Jamie

    10. Thank you 🙌 Father God you are the Great Physician and I desire to receive healing in all areas of my life and that of those I dearly love. I receive today healing through the Holy Spirit in Jesus” name.
      Blessings to you Jamie.

    11. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Thank you Jamie. Yes this is for me. I have been feeling flat. Some minor ailment this week. But His Grace is sufficient for me, for each one of us.
      Yes let’s humble ourselves before His mighty hand. He is faithful and gracious.

      Blessings and rest and peace to you and your family. May He provide for all the ministry needs.


    12. I am blessed and being healed in God’s Great Hospital. I thank Him for His wonderful blessings and protection over 2021 and i look forward to greater and better blessings in 2022. I am blessed and have the favor of God and no weapon formed against me will prosper, as jesus has taken care of them ALL!!


    13. Katherine says:

      I thank the Lord for the word that you bring across to me and my family. This is exactly what we needed. May God’s blessings be on you and your ministry throughout the coming years ahead.

    14. Jamie, I was up praying…well trying to pray, and just couldn’t get to the words. Your prayer is exactly what my heart is saying! Thank you so much! I prayed this prayer and felt God’s presence finally! I am so thankful for you! Thank you for continuing to be real and be salt and light. Bless you! Shalom.

    15. This prayer has truly blessed my spirit in so many ways. My family has been attacked in our health in different ways and we are all in need of prayers right now. Although it’s not covid it’s still very harsh attacks in our physical bodies. I know God is the greatest physician and will see us through all of the attacks. God bless you for this prayer.

    16. Pitch perfect for 2022, beloved sis in Christ – thank you!

      I’m just studying the epistle of Hebrews and …beyond words ….I stand in holy awe before the seat of grace: In Christ we have „the better and the very best, we have THE SON – Praise YHVH!

      Num 6:23-27: YHVH ree-cha, Andonai ve ish m’recha. Yah-ayir Adonai panahv ay’lecha ve yichu-neh-cha. Yi-sa Adonai panahv ay’lecha ve yah shem lekah shalom.

    17. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

      Good morning and happy new year, thank you Jemmie for the healing prayers as they found me recovering from shoulder surgery done on the 2nd December 2021, i feel blessed to have you in my Spiritual life, I’m feeling the physical healing already in Jesus’s name Amen

    18. Amen.
      He restores, He redeems, He resurrects

    19. Yes I did recite with my whole heart voice this prayer that resonates with me. I’ve had numerous surgeries and I cannot repeat no processes that cause me pain & suffering. I’m about to receive an offer for my new position. I am also going to publish my book. Or at least find a publisher to promote me. I’m ready send your angels to cover me with your armor of protection. Thank you hasheem! My Father my King!

    20. I most definitely needed this it really blessed me thank you Jamie I appreciate all the emails you send me and they are always right on time!

    21. Amen I receive it all. Thank you

    22. Thelma Curry says:

      Thank you for sharing this!. This is exactly how I have been feeling lately. I recently had COVID. I’m on the other side and I’m negative now, just trying to gain strength back. Thank you again for sharing this. I knew how I was feeling but I didn’t know the words to pray. I prayed this prayer and I plan to pray it again.



    23. Tajané Crane says:

      I am needing this prayer right now through emotional, spiritual and mental pain. Only You can do it God, nothing else can do it like you… Thank you so much for this prayer. I agree in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

    24. Once again these words of truth resonates in my heart mind and spirit. Every word applies to me. I’m checked in! In the morning it will be as clear as the day without fog. He/she my God Holy Spirit will fix it for me.

    25. Melinda Davis says:

      Thank you for this wonderful prayer and it is on time for me. Please continue to pray for me and my family. I pray a blessing on you and your family in Jesus Name, Amen

    26. This is probably more accurate a prayer than anything I’ve seen for my life right now. Thank you and appreciate your prayers, Jamie!

    27. Dana Crist says:

      Thank you Jamie. Perfect timing for me personally for this prayer. You are such an encouragement and blessing to the Body of Christ. ♥️

    28. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer.

    29. Thank you for this 🙏 it was well needed. Please pray for me that God would heal my body from the inside out.

    30. Patricia McNeil says:

      Jamie this prayer was well needed. Thank you so much. Please pray that God heal me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. I deal with heavy warfare in my home. God bless you, your family and ministry.

    31. Linda Vanhook says:

      I’m trying to get over a relationship that left me with an evil soul tie. I have prayed to break the soul tie. My mind is still invaded by thoughts of him. I recently had some scammers that I have broken off with. I do not think of them. The man I have the soul tie with does not talk to me since January. I repent of feeling like I need this man. I don’t need him. The Lord has told me to get rid of all his pictures. It’s going to hurt but I’m going to do it.

    32. My heart pounds and i felt really so sick spiritually and emotionally. I cried a lot that means i was so really sick. Thank you Pastor Jamie for this prayer and continue to pray for me as i was so seriously ill. Thank you so much may God will continue give you the strenth and all the provision needed by your loving ministry.

    33. All my scans are free from cancer.

    34. Amazing, timely’s just where I’m at presently.. needing His ministrations to my spirit.
      Thank you again Jamie & FHP. Heaps of love, joy and peace to you.

    35. Thank you so much for this Prayer I needed it today it covered everything I am going through at this present time Physically, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually God bless 🙌 you Precious Jamie.

    36. AMEN Praise be to God our Father

    37. Mahlon Garridigan says:

      Lord check me in to your luxury hotel☺️

    38. Sheila Ann Smith says:

      Yes! Thank you, Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit!!!
      Lord, Check Me in Your Hospital!!!!
      I know you have room ready and waiting for me!!
      I come into agreement with this word.

    39. Glenn B Fontaine says:

      Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and His work.

    40. jamie tucker says:

      Thank you, Jamie, as I really needed this right now and from the very depths of my heart, I appreciate you very much my Sister in Christ. Can you please Pray for my mind as the enemy has been trying to get me sick with another chemical imbalance? Thank you very much and may god bless you and your family.

    41. Reshma Van Wyk says:

      Greetings Jamie..
      This is exactly how I felt today. I was so flat, God has been so faithful, revealing so much to me. And today I felt so overwhelmed, I could barely pray. This prayer sums it up for me. I am receiving Godly hospital care nowin Jesus name. Good night…

    42. Thank you God for this beautiful prayer and thank you Jamie. This prayer touched my spirit so much for these are the prayers that I’ve been recently been praying to God. Thank you God 🙏🏾🙌🏾😭.

    43. Thank you God for this beautiful prayer and thank you Jamie. This prayer touched my spirit so much for these are the prayers that I’ve been recently been praying to God. Thank you God 🙏🏾🙌🏾😭.

    44. what a powerful and beautiful prayer. I will be praying this prayer everyday.

    45. Amen, amen, amen!
      Let Jesus be our strong tower!! Let Jesus be our greatest healer!
      He will do intensive care with grace and glory. Love Him so much!

    46. Thanks Jamie, be revelation you got into the heart of God to the feelings that is running through me. I praise the lord for this word that he speaks through you

    47. I believe it and I receive it!! Thank you!!!

    48. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Thank you precious Holy spirit Lord Jesus Christ and Abba Father. I pray for supernatural protection from my enemy that you render me invisible to the their demonic plot aiming to hurt me.Please make them forget me that I am no longer the principal centre of their attention. Make me invisible. Subdue their demonic thoughts toward me.Send confusion into their camp.I pray for healing of my physical body mind and spirit man.In Jesus name I pray .Amen

    49. Hello:
      The prayer Lord, check me into Your hospital, was very helpful. Please keep me in your prayers.
      Thank You

    50. Chondra Babb says:

      The timing of this could not have been better! I am in such financial need that the anxiety has been awful! I am a single mom with a special needs daughter living in a hotel. I owe the hotel, my car payment is overdue 2 mos I have no monies to even purchase gifts for my children & granddaughter. I was feeling such overwhelm until this prayer! It really blessed me & brought some needed peace in the moment. Thank you for your prayers; for touching and agreement with me for the very needed financial victory I have been believing for!

    51. Angie Saenz says:

      Thank you jaime for this prayer. Im going through some tough time with my two children and my daughter ‘s husband. My son and my son in law are not in good terms please pray for my family.🙏🙏 Thank you.

    52. Elizabeth says:

      This spoke my thoughts and what I have been feeling and going through for so so long. It was so bottled as I put on a happy face each day and just try and make it through the day. THANK YOU LORD!! I know You heard my prayer and that I can trust in You!! I will stand firm and see Your deliverance Lord that you will bring me!! I know that You will. I love you Lord!! Thank you Papa! I trust in You..I believe Lord, help me in my unbelief. In Jesus Name Amen

    53. Thank you Jamie, and thank You Abba for hearing our prayers!

    54. Thank you jamie. That beautiful prayer is exactly what’s in my heart! God bless you & yr ministry for all the years to come. ❤️🙏

    55. Tonda Nelson says:

      Blessings Jamie! Yes! Hallelujah! I just told the LORD this. Amen and Amen!

    56. Jamie, I’m depleted before the week begins. Please pray for balance over my life to care for my kids, work and school. IAM. Single mother with two teenagers. I need to be immersed into ABBA‘s love! I decree and declare psalms 23 over me! The Lord is my shepherd I shall want. Love finds me.

    57. This is the true content of my heart. The Lord knows our hearts. Yes. I feel empty now that my heart is poured out in this prayer. Thank you Fayher
      Thank you Jaime.

    58. Thank you for this prayer, I will pray this as much as possible and have faith that my father is working turning things around for my good.

    59. Evelyn Delgado says:

      Thank you, I feel isolated from family for something I had no idea has been interpreted as offensive. I lost my joy and became very depressed and could not find the words to pray.

    60. 💜🙌💜…Amen&Amen….

    61. Elizabeth Wanjiru says:

      Lord, please check me into your Hospital. Thank you for this prayer. God bless you. 🙏

    62. Yes this prayer was much needed thank you for this prayer & thank you Lord for hearing & answering my prayers. Praise God🙏🙌✝️💕

    63. Oh Jamie, thank you for this powerful prayer…. Yes, this is exactly where I am. I am in desperate need of His touch in every area of my life.

      I prayed this prayer, and I stand in agreement with every other prayer that others have submitted for themselves, as well. Abba Father, we need You so very much, please hear and respond to our prayer. In Jesus’ Name, according to Your will and for Your Glory, Amen 🙏🏻

    64. I just made this powerful prayer in the name of Jesus Thanks Jamie

    65. Amen! I prayed this prayer and thank you for writing out such a beautiful prayer. I was diagnosed last week with radiation induced esophageal cancer caused by treatment I had 22 years ago when I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma.

      I had a pet scan Monday and will receive the results today. Please pray for my total healing, for a good report and especially for my husband and 3 teenage boys. Blessings.

    66. Sally Ormond says:

      Just what I needed at this moment. Your prayers must be working mightily as I received two emails yesterday regarding old bills that are past due and for which I do not have currently the funds to pay. I need God’s wisdom and guidance to know what to do.

    67. Donia Schultz says:

      Wow, when I’ve been seeking The Lord, knowing He knows exactly what I need more than anyone or thing, trusting The LORD, putting ALL my confidence in Him….HE IS FAITHFUL to bring understanding. Declaring cleansing, healing, strengthening and leading not only for me, my family and more. I believe when we walk in such a high level of dependence upon CHRIST that His Presence is with us, in and around, the others can’t help but be touched by Christ.

    68. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN My testimony God’s provision and restoration in every area of my life and my family. Thank U Prayers and praises to God, we are blessed to be a blessing.

    69. Comelia Crumbie says:

      Wow! I needed this. Thank you dear friend.

    70. Elizabeth Govender says:

      Dearest Jamie…You are indeed a vessel unto honor..This prayer came straight from the Father’s heart to you ..This prayer sums it all..been there done that and wore the Tee shirt…I prayed this prayer with so much conviction and I know Our ABBA Father has heard my prayer felt the pain from my innermost…God bless you Jamie for always nailing it when it comes to issues that hurt deep…Love Elizabeth ❤❤❤❤

    71. Irma Nortje says:


    72. Denise Moore says:

      YES LORD, I Thank you Jesus, for Word to Word, I Pray in Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST NAME, Thank you Jamie, I’m going to pray this every chance I get… Thank you Jesus

    73. Yes! Yes! Yes!
      Fire of the Holy Ghost, intercede for me, in the name of Jesus! Thank You, God, for Your Woman servant. Pour back into her all You’ve poured out for me and meet her needs, in the name of Jesus. I pray. Amen!!!

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