Personal, Ministry, and Baby Update

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

Hey beloveds,
It’s been a long time since I’ve provided updates on the ministry, me, and my little baby, so here goes.

First, let me say that I really appreciate the fact that you are reading this update.

So, thank you in advance for doing so. It means a lot to me when people care about the ministry and team who makes this ministry happen, in addition to just caring about what the newest prophetic word the Lord has given us is, etc.

Many people only read if there’s something in it for them, and I’m not mad at them for that. But, the fact that you care enough to read about what’s going on and how we’re doing says that you care about us, too; and that means a TON to me. Thank you.

Secondly, I want to thank you for everything you are doing to support this ministry.

You in this community help us every day in so many ways, including but not limited to:

  • You pray for us;
  • You donate and partner with us financially;
  • You share posts on social media;
  • You send in testimonies.

You all do so much, and I really appreciate you. THANK YOU.

Next, I want you to know that what you do MATTERS.

All of the things I will share below are fruit that YOU are helping to bring in for the Kingdom. Lives are being changed every single day because of what YOU do. Without your help, I may have had to give up this work years ago. It was too much for me to try doing it alone and working my corporate job. It was destroying my health and I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t sustain it anymore.

But then, Jesus intervened … and He did it through you.

YOU all came alongside us and made it possible for me to do the work of this ministry full-time, and together we are getting results. All praise to the King of Kings, but I want to give honor where honor is due and thank you too, because you are being His hands and feet.

Here are the results that brighten YOUR crown, just from the last two months:

  • In August, this site alone had 192,016 pageviews.
  • In September, this site alone had 182,005 pageviews.
  • In August, 85,112 individual people visited this site for spiritual help.
  • In September, 81,629 individual people visited this site for spiritual help.
  • In September, we traveled to Kingsport, Tennessee to preach at the STRAWS “Put On Your Crown” conference.
  • In September, we had about 60 people attending the Rosh Hashanah Inner Healing and Vision-Getting Retreat. Nearly every person told me they were absolutely transformed as a result of the retreat.
  • At that retreat, I taught through the formal inner healing process. We prayed corporate prayers of deliverance together for every different area of inner healing. It was powerful!
  • Every attendee at that retreat had a personal prophetic ministry appointment with our prophetic teams. The testimonies that came from those sessions were amazing! I didn’t get to sit in on any sessions myself, but I saw people coming out of them with tears in their eyes and huge smiles on their faces. Praise God!
  • One salvation: one precious person gave her life to Jesus for the very first time at the retreat. Praise God!
  • We baptized 34 people in water at the inner healing retreat. Glory be to God!
  • The retreat cost many thousands of dollars more than the registration fees, so that means you all funded the retreat through partnerships, product purchases, webinar attendance, and donations. This makes me want to cry. It was a Daniel 11:32 great exploit for this community to come together like it did and fund such a huge work. THANK YOU.
  • We blessed some ministers in September who needed time and space alone with the Lord.
  • We were able to pay local musicians for leading worship at the retreat, some of which are full-time worship-leader missionaries, so we were able to help sow into their worship and evangelism ministries by doing so.
  • In August and September, we walked dozens of people through various aspects of the deliverance/inner healing process through the Healing from Mother Wounds webinar and through the Breaking Soul Ties, Word Curses, and Inner Vows webinar.
  • In September, we taught 28 people plus the 60 from the retreat about how God wants us to do business in order to prosper (through the Entrepreneurship Mandate webinar).
  • In August, we reached over 300,000 people worldwide with this prophetic word newly posted to The Elijah List.
  • We released our first ever print books in the last couple of months:
    • Prayers and Prophecies for Financial Increase;
    • The Presence Seeker’s Guide to Inner Healing;
    • E.M. Bounds’ Power through Prayer;
    • Ruth: A Study of Favor, Redemption, and Restoration; and
    • The Ministry of the Pioneer.
  • We released the free Presence Seeker’s Inner Healing Checklist, so people can purposefully walk through the formal deliverance process that every Christian should walk through.
  • In September, I also began teaching a small group on Sunday nights for my local church. We are studying Mark Batterson’s book The Grave Robber, and it’s fantastic. This group will last about three months.
  • In September, I also taught through the spiritual gifts one Sunday morning at my local church (to a class of new members).
  • I wrote an original spiritual gifts inventory test in preparation for that class, and I will be releasing the inventory to all blog readers soon. 🙂 It’s a questionnaire you can take to learn what your spiritual gifts are! I believe it will be a blessing to you.

In August, we also heard the Lord call us to take a team of pastors and missionaries to Ireland. So, we are going next month. Papa has been all over this trip, getting us great deals on airfare (relatively speaking), setting our schedule, and bringing unity to our team. I’ll be sharing more about that over the next few weeks.

At the end of September, my husband and I attended a blogging conference and took four days of classes about how to reach more people using video, audio, and this blog. We learned a lot and I can’t wait to implement the strategies we learned!

Beloved, Papa God has blessed us so much by bringing us these results to lay at the feet of Jesus. I’m so thankful and grateful and overwhelmed, honestly, by it all. But I want you to know about these things because I promised you I would update you (please forgive my lateness for the August update)–and because I want you to know that we are doing our best to steward well everything you do to help us.

And now for the personal update:

Beloved, my spirit is roaring, and my mind is going a million miles an hour with ideas and plans and downloads from Father. But my body is tired. Very tired.

I was fine through the retreat, and even for about a week after the retreat. But a week or so after the retreat, I crashed. And although I have been getting better and better for the last week or so, I’m still very tired.

Would you pray for me?

Here’s what I’d love for you to join me in prayer about:

  • Please pray for my son to get good rest. He has been getting up every 1.5-3 hours throughout the night, usually about 3 wake-ups per night, wanting all the things babies want. Each time, he keeps me up anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours. (He’s not always awake the entire time; sometimes he falls asleep in my arms but then cries if I put him down again.) This is obviously exhausting for me, and I need help from the Lord. Please pray for Elijah to have perfect peace and shalom–nothing missing, nothing broken–including in his sleep schedule at night.
  • Please pray that Father would give me grace each day to learn how to handle being a mommy to an infant, plus being a wife, plus taking care of a household, plus running this ministry. Pray that He would order my steps in His Word each day.
  • Please pray for me to have the courage and anointing to cook healthy food and make healthy choices. I have been doing so much better with this, but it’s a challenge and I need prayer for physical strength and health.
  • I’ll be walking a half-marathon in December. This is my goal and I’m already signed up for it. Having this goal inspires me to walk and prepare. Please pray that I’ll have strength and courage to keep preparing and to complete the half-marathon walk. 🙂
  • Please continue to pray for my c-section to heal. The incision is healed now and I can feel the nerves coming back to life. It doesn’t hurt as much as it used to, but it does still hurt when I exert myself. I know it takes about a year to heal, but I’d still appreciate your prayers in this area.
  • Please pray for Father to send us a new vehicle. Our 2000-model Toyota Solara needs replacing pretty badly. It’s still running, though, and we’re going to keep driving it by the grace of God until we can pay cash for another vehicle. I’d like a small SUV to replace it, as I feel safer in an SUV and it’s safer for Elijah too.

And for the ministry:

  • Please pray for Father to send us to the right places at the right time.
  • Pray for our Ireland mission trip:
    • for our safety and that of our team;
    • for us to walk perfectly in God’s divine appointments every moment of every day;
    • for it to be the most fruitful ministry of our lives;
    • for us to teach and preach the Word with power;
    • for open hearts and listening ears for all those who will be attending our meetings;
    • for perfect health and strength for our team, some of which are in their senior years; and
    • for all the logistics to go perfectly.
  • Please pray that we would know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to.
  • Please pray for our finances. There is so much work to do, and most of it costs money. Please continue to pray for increase in partnerships, donations, and product sales to fund everything we do.
  • Pray for Prophetic Bible SuperCamp, that every person Father wants to attend would attend–and that they would find the best deals for transportation from wherever they are!

And now for the baby update:

Y’all, Elijah is doing so well. Despite the frequent waking up at night, he is doing awesome. We did find out what was causing his bouts of sickness (he was hospitalized twice in recent months), and it’s something we should be able to take care of to prevent further issues.

He is growing like a weed. He’s tall; he’s 9.5 months old and he wears 18-month-size clothing. 🙂 He can pull up by himself, roll all over the place, and he is starting to crawl. (He can already walk if you hold his hands or ribcage, but we aren’t encouraging that because he needs to crawl first.) He LOVES to stand up and walk, actually. 🙂

Elijah has a lot to say, and he doesn’t hesitate to say it. He says words like “mama” and “dada” and “nana,” but the rest of his words so far are “bababababababababa” and things like that. But he does say a lot! It’s very cute.

He is also learning how to play independently with blocks or other toys. That just happened about one week ago! And what a blessing it is! It’s a big relief to me that he is happy to sit down for a few minutes at a time and play. That lets me cook food, pick up some things in the room where we are, or work for a few minutes here and there without stress, before he wants mama again. I’m SO grateful for this progress!

And may I say, he is CUTE. He’s the cutest thing ever. I’m trying to keep photos of him off public spaces, so I’m not sharing photos at this time, but all of you who attended the retreat saw my boy. And I may be biased when I say this, but I still think he’s the cutest baby on the planet. 🙂 I tell him this often, and give him plenty of hugs and kisses. 🙂

Well, that’s it for our update. Thank you for all you do to help support this ministry.

We couldn’t do any of this without you. You are the hands and feet of Jesus, making His praise known on the earth using media as our communication method. It’s all Him, but He uses all of us. It truly takes a village.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Love in Christ,



  1. Praying for you and your family. Praying for the ministry

  2. Linda Janssen says:

    Hey Jamie! I know how exhausting it is to have a baby that wakes up 3 times/ night. What I found really helped was to get a reclining rocker & when he would get up & have a bottle, I could spend minimal time getting it heated, then sit in the rocker feeding/cuddling/dosing with him……. then just stay in the chair, sleeping with him, bottle there to plug in again if necessary. I found that both of us got more sleep this way. A recliner that is big enough for both of you & reclines nicely with slight body movements worked best. It must be comfortable! God blessyou both!

  3. What an awesome wonderful update. How great and how wonderful God is in all He has done in answer to prayer and is doing to progress you in ministry and all those that have been so blessed because of your obedience. I confess and am sorry that I have failed to pray for some time now as a matter of fact for almost a month with my husband’s fall and hospitalization, and rehab center time. I even missed out on your daily emails and your teachings I know what it is like to be so tired and yet so much to do and keep up with. We are home now and I am thankful for your prayer request update so I can pray as often as I can. Still a lot of my time is taken with taking care of him. May the Lord bless you with some suddenly answers to your prayers and you and yours. Amen. Holding you in high esteem.

    1. Thank you for your prayers! I am glad your husband is doing better. So sorry you all have been going through this.


    APRIL H.

  5. Dear Jamie, your baby boy sounds like he is super smart! Those nightly wake ups are very challenging, I went through that with my 2 boys, every 2 to 3 hours throughout their babyhood. there werent many mothers around me who understood what I was going through and I felt alone so I thought I’d let you know that you and your son are in my thoughts and prayers. That is the hardest part, not getting a full nights sleep and it is amazing that you are doing all that you are doing. You are very important. Your daily emails light up my day.
    This is something that helped me keep up my energy – take a good multi vitamin every day, if you are not taking one already. I started them and they keep my energy up, otherwise I’m dragging around like I’m 85 years old. I take Alive by Natures Way, it takes a few weeks to get into your system but once it does the energy flow stays with you and helps you accomplish all you need to. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all that you do, you are so very important to so many people. Thanking God for you. Take care.

  6. Praise God!! I’m sooooo glad Elijah is doing good!! I’ll be praying for y’all and the ministry and everything else!! I know God has the perfect vehicle lined up for y’all and I’ll be praying. We always would buy cash cars but this past year when our car broke, we were refusing to get payments but God lined it up to where we were able to put half of the value of the car as a down payment (about $4,000) and the payments were super low and since it was from a dealership, we were able to get a warranty. I know that was God and I know (like you do ☺️) He has the perfect car for your family ♥️ God bless you!! And thank you for being so obedient to the HolySpirit!!!

  7. Victoria Eagleson says:

    O Jamie ! Sounds like you have quite the anointing to be multi tasking with such resolve , strength and success , in do many areas , is something only from the favor and grace of the heart of Jesus ! O thank you Jesus for entrusting much to Jamie and hubby . That you for your continued grace and strength to carry her / them to and
    through in your grace , mercy and Anointed Presence . Father we cover Jamie , family and ministry assignment in your blood of love and ask for even more impartation and manifestation of your Holy Spirit within , upon , over and through each and all of them in your name Jesus , in body , soul and Spirit according to your purposes and for your kingdom furtherance and for their greatest and highest good and pinnacle of purpose and destiny according to your perfect will , blessed Jesus !!
    Father that you for your wisdom , discernment , revelation and illumination as you are exceedingly abundantly blessings and releasing your glorious Presence beyond what Jamie and family even imagined possible . In your name Jesus we call for your multiplication upon their lives and all that they’ve requested , surrendered and submitted to you for your glory , honor and praise Jesus .. we pray! Bring O Lord , that sacred rhythm that all shall be done to please her and release sturdiness and peace in healing , health and wholeness anchored and tethered to your heart Jesus . Father we praise you for baby Elijah and his healing and growth and for Jamie’s and hubby’s healing and health in your name Jesus! As they serve , Almighty God would you empower Jamie to cook healthy meals and bring to this family the desires of their heart for a new vehicle as they seek you first and your kingdom that you know snd provide thee deepest desires of their hearts , covering them completely in your blood of love and sealing them in your Presence ! For they are yours and marked with your name and a marvelous destiny that youvebordained to come forward in this hour upon the earth , for your good pleasure in your name Jesus ! Yea and amen !

  8. Praying for you today Jamie and all the needs you have so graciously entrusted to us. The most amazing thing happened as I clicked on your email and entered your blog site, there was a new car traveling at the bottom of this screen from the right of the screen headed towards the left of this screen where I read your update. I just believe the Lord is saying your new car is heading towards you. Amen. HALLELUJAH!!! My car was totaled in an accident a couple of weeks ago. I could use some prayers for a replacement vehicle. Thank you ever so much.
    Esteeming you highly,


    APRIL H.

  10. Divinefavor says:

    I pray that the Lord will lavishly pour out his Grace to you, your Baby, and all of your family in Jesus’ Name to supply MORE than what you need or even expected in Jesus’ Name, amen.

    Thank you for being such a blessing and encouragement to my life!

  11. Thank you so much for your wonderful update! It encourages us to pursue with all our work and faith through the challenges. We pray for your family specially Elijah, your health, and this ministry. And we look for wonder. God bless your efforts dear!

  12. Catherine says:

    Praying for you and your family and ministry also. I would like to recommend there are many websites online that you can find recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare and cook that are healthy. Also their are various sites that offer meals in a box, (hungry root, purple carrot-expensive, marley spoon) just to name a few. Hope this helps. Be blessed.

  13. Oh Jamie how I love to hear all about the baby’s progress. Thank God he is doing well. I also think you are doing quite well as a Mom… Dont worry, you will settle in with time. I have got four kids and I quite understand what you are going through. I still think you are a super mom.
    Will always remember you in my prayers.
    Papa God will continually grant your heart desires.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Amen

  14. Christine says:

    God bless you, Jamie. You are an inspiration and a blessing to the body of Christ. Thank you for everything that you do for His Kingdom – it is obviously costing you a lot in time, rest, etc., but I know He sees everything that you are doing and He is keeping track of every sacrifice. Greater exploits you will do for His Kingdom, more souls will be won and a greater number of lives will be impacted by your ministry. The Lord bless you and make your heart’s desires come to pass, in Jesus’ name. He WILL meet every one of your needs. Amen.

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