Personal and Ministry Update for August

Notes from the Trenches by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHey everybody!

I wanted to provide you with an update today on what God did in August, as well as a few personal updates and prayer requests. 🙂

First, thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

You have all been so faithful and generous to give and support this ministry through your partnerships, product purchases, and donations. You have ALSO been so faithful to pray for me and for this whole community.

I honor you for this. I thank you for this. Words cannot express my gratefulness to you. I have no longer been able to keep up with individual emails to say thank you, but I want you to know:


I’m writing this with tears in my eyes. YOUR support, your readership, your social media shares, your everything are what GOD is using to make this global ministry possible.

Thank You, Jesus. And thank YOU, beloved Presence seekers.

As you read the ministry and personal update below, may I ask a favor?

As you read, please pray about partnering with us. I’ll explain more below, but I am asking the Lord to double the number of our monthly partners by the end of the year. Please consider enrolling as a monthly partner with our ministry.

Financial gifts to this ministry are currently love-gifts, not yet tax-deductible gifts (as we are waiting for approval for 501(c)3 status from the IRS). But it is a good gift into good ground, and we need your help. You can sign up to partner with us for any amount here.

Here are some pretty cool things that God did through this ministry in August:

Beautiful painting of a dove by a lovely woman of God!

First: On August 18, we held our first marketplace prophetic event: a night of prophetic art, prophetic ministry, and live worship!

My good friend Kristina Sanchez-Mills hosted this event at her local art studio. In one fun evening, I taught on the prophetic significance of color, as well as how to pray and hear from God using color. After that, all the attendees got to paint their own prophetic paintings using canvas and paint that Kristina supplied.

Related: You can grab my dream interpretation teaching MP3s here for more on prophetic colors, etc.

Kara Green, our worship leader extraordinaire
Half of our amazing prophetic team; how did the other half avoid the camera??? 🙂

Also, my dear friend Kara Green led worship live with her piano. People sang along and worshiped as they painted and enjoyed themselves! And finally, our amazing prophetic team (the same folks who ministered with me at our conference) gave multiple prophetic words to everyone, individually, who needed a word.

It was SO fun to see people begin making their own prophetic art.

Some people painted their emotions. Some people painted pictures or colors that reminded them of prophetic words spoken over their lives. Others painted images provided by some of Kristina’s sample artwork. Either way, it was amazing!

Painting the majesty of God!

This event was a fundraiser for Kara and Kristina. Our ministry helped sponsor the event, but we did not get paid. We were helping to raise up two other ministers instead! (I love blessing ministers and entrepreneurs!) And the fundraiser was a success! Due to space constraints, we only had 12 seats available–and all 12 sold out! I was thrilled about that!

More prophetic pictures!

Also, great news:

Because of YOUR generosity, we were able to pay all the ministers who came to give prophetic words that night! (They didn’t expect to be paid, and some of them argued about it. However, I threatened them with grave physical harm if they didn’t accept their checks.) 😉

I LOVE seeing the people of God get paid for the work they do. THAT is the Biblical pattern, friends, and don’t ever let anybody tell you differently. 🙂 And it was possible because of Y-O-U! Thank you!

By the way, if you’d like to host a night of worship art like this at your home, church, or event, let me know. We’d be happy to come and help you and your friends learn to express yourselves with prophetic colors!

More fun hanging out with Jesus together!

Here are more amazing things God did in August:

  • In the calendar month of August 2017, this blog saw 123,732 pageviews. That’s 123,732 times we encouraged people with Jesus’ love. August was our highest month of blog traffic EVER.
  • In August, we reached a total of 46,390 individual people through this blog alone. That doesn’t count social media or any of our reach from being published on, The Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, Women of Impact Ministries, etc.
  • We sent a whole bunch of equipping emails out to our free email list–emails with information that never appears on the blog. We sent you information about how to bind and loose, how to declare and decree, how to command angels to minister to you, and more! These take a lot of time to prepare, but we want to send these added bonuses to the over 7,400 people on our email list to bless you!
  • We completed two long, free Facebook Live video teachings: one about spiritual warfare and one about prophetic intercession for your finances. So many folks reported that they were blessed and encouraged by these free teachings!
  • In August, we did have another prophetic word published on The Elijah List (and their email reach is several hundred thousand people). These words on Elijah List help us reach so many more people! I’m very grateful for the Elijah List ministry.
  • We also had a couple of prophetic words published by the good folks over at Spirit Fuel (email reach over 50,000 people).
  • That’s not to mention our work published on, which has over 1.2 million likes on its Facebook page alone.
  • In August 2017, we reached people in 187 territories/countries through this blog alone. (Some of these are island territories that have their own flag for data analytics purposes, but actually are under the government of another country. That’s why the number of “countries” Google reports is 2 countries higher than the 196 actual countries in the world for political purposes.)

The Lord is using us together to reach people all over the globe!

Here are a few neat testimonies that I received in August:

From R, after reading about how to win in spiritual warfare:

“Your article today was a direct answer of prayer for me. I have been battling many battles in the last two years, and have been very weary. As I have thought about these battles I realized that I have known how to fight one battle at a time, but not an intensive ongoing battle without growing weary or getting discouraged. Thus I have been praying that God would teach me heaven’s strategy in how to fight.

Yesterday I was looking on the net and asking a few friends of mine to help me with resources that talked about how to fight wisely the spiritual battles. Thus your email today came as a direct answer of prayer. I was very happy!
I practiced today the principles you shared, and I saw an immediate answer of prayer in 2 hours. I still need to learn how to practice what you shared, but I am grateful for what you shared and especially the timing.
May God richly bless you and use you so that his name be magnified!”

From Brother G, after reading one of our prophetic words on the Elijah List:

“This is one of those rare moments for me where your entire article on recalibration and the breath of God on waste places is becoming an instruction manual for the season I am suppose to be in! I’ve had to read this article over and over again.”

From Kathy, after reading that same prophetic word:

“Your  post about God breathing on me is 100% right on the mark!!!!!! Praise God!!! Thank you, Lord!!!!!!!! I’m so thankful, and happy!!!!!!!!”

From April, after reading about how to win in spiritual warfare:

“Thank you Jamie for this on-time word. I am literally crying and blowing nose and thanking God for loving me so much. I fail Him so much, but He loves me so much more than my failures. I am so moved, so overwhelmed with His greatness. I was feeling like “what’s the sense, I keep failing Him” why do I keep on trying. Your word this morning made me stop and start worshipping Him, when I didn’t feel like it. But! Wow! His love is so sweet and encouraging me to keep going. He knows me and still loves me! Thank you Jamie for loving Him so much and wanting us to feel His love also.”

All glory be to our Father and to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Now here are some personal updates and prayer requests:

First, I am, still, yes, enormously pregnant.

Baby and I are doing fine; he’s making himself known in many ways, and mama is a bit wiped out. Please pray for me to have stamina and strength, and to have the courage to take good care of myself. In particular, I need to be more mobile!

Something about the way my huge baby bump is carrying has given me a tremendous amount of lower back pain when I walk for more than about 15 minutes, sit on a hard surface, or when I stand. The pain is very bad sometimes. (I need to go to a chiropractor, but am concerned about doing so while pregnant.) Anyway, I have not been mobile enough and I need to walk every day. My doctor was, uh, exhorting me about this just this morning. Please pray for Jesus’ help and healing for my back, so I can handle going for a walk each day!

Secondly, after much prayer and an agonizing decision process, my husband and I felt the Lord calling us to a different home church.

We felt called to begin attending my mentors’ church, and sit under their ministry to support what they are doing. We discussed this with our own pastors, who were very gracious and gave their blessing. We will miss our former church family so much–I have cried buckets of tears over this transition–but we know we need to follow God in this. We would appreciate your prayers as we make this transition to a new church home and family.

Thirdly, we are still praying with our board and ministry team about next steps. 

I feel a tremendous burden to teach and equip right now. That’s why you saw some YouTube videos this last month–I had to get it out! My health is finally steady enough to do webinars again, so you’ll be seeing me schedule some more webinars soon. Other than that, we have several doors open and we are asking God what to pursue. See below for more details. 🙂

So here are my personal and ministry prayer requests right now:

  1. Please continue to pray for my health and the health of our baby.
  2. Pray that I would have good strength and stamina to exercise :), work, teach, and minister each day, as well as care for my health and family.
  3. My husband and I still need to replace his 18-year-old car. This is becoming more urgent all the time. Please pray for a replacement vehicle for him.
  4. My mom has been quite ill recently. She had to have a surgery, and is recovering … but she has a long way to go with her health. Please pray for her health, and also for her transition, as she may be moving here to be with me and my family.
  5. Please continue to pray that I would have wisdom about what I should do myself, and what I should hire others to do.
  6. Please pray for our whole community of readers–especially those impacted by Hurricane Harvey (in the Texas coastal area) and Hurricane Irma (in the southeastern coastal areas, especially Florida and Georgia).
  7. Please pray for our board, our ministry team, and myself to all have wisdom and guidance from the Lord as we pray about next steps for this ministry.
  8. Pray for the ministry to get approved quickly for 501(c)3 tax-exempt status in the US. We are still waiting for word on this from the IRS (the American tax agency), but it can take months.
  9. Please pray for our ministry’s finances.

And finally, I would ask you this:

We need to double our partnership base before the end of the year. We currently have 67 monthly partners, as well as many people who give one-time donations of any amount as they feel led. If you are one of these, you are SUCH a blessing. THANK YOU.

But here’s why I’m asking: I have set a goal to reach 134 partners by the end of the year.


Two reasons:

First, ministry costs money. We have large expenses coming up, such as:

  • paying for another year of webinar software;
  • renewing our website hosting; and
  • renewing parts of our email subscription service.

These are large expenses, some of which are in the hundreds of dollars per year.

Also, this ministry costs money to run because we are paying the ministers who help with events.

Some of the open doors coming up involve more marketplace prophetic–going into businesses and shopping districts, especially as seasonal retail shopping increases. Having hordes of people in shopping malls and businesses gives us an opportunity to go in and minister at booths and tables if we are able to rent space.

I also would like to begin teaching more in-person prophetic classes and equip more ministers to do the work of the ministry. That’s not to mention that we’re also praying about another conference. Things like this cost money, as we have to rent facilities. If we pursue any of these ideas, it’s going to take more people like you who are generous to help us do this work of reaching people for Jesus.

So the first reason I am praying to double our partners by the end of the year is because we have to pay to reach people.

Secondly, my husband and I are living by faith right now. I am praying for Papa to bless us with a more steady salary from the work of the ministry.

Currently, I do not receive a steady salary. I do get paid, but my pay depends on what money remains from donations and product sales after we pay our overhead expenses for the ministry–and after our tax bill, which is high because I am working for our own ministry. (The American tax agency charges people with their own businesses/ministries extra taxes.)

I want to be clear that God has always been faithful.

We have never been in want. We have never been in lack. God has always provided, and He always will. However, sometimes my entire paycheck for one week will be a single donation that comes in out of the blue. Our income is not predictable.

Because of this, especially with a baby on the way, I am praying a bold prayer. I am putting a demand on our Father in prayer and faith to increase our partnership base so that we can have all our overhead expenses and ministry costs paid, AND so that I can draw a steady wage.

He’s big enough to do that, don’t you think? <3

So the question is: if you are not already helping, would you help us by becoming a monthly financial partner?


Partnerships are automated through our Gumroad system. You can partner with us for any amount, and every amount counts. We have people who send $1 or $2 gifts, and we have people who send partnerships of over $100 per month or donations of many hundreds of dollars.

If you’d like to sign up to be a monthly partner, you can do so here:

If you’d like to make a one-time donation, click here for PayPal:

And if you’d like to make any product purchase (or a one-time donation through Gumroad), our Gumroad store is here:

Beloveds, God is blessing us and helping us reach so many people for Him. And He’s using you to help, too.

It truly does take a village. We need you to join with us, so that hand-in-hand we can continue to lift up the name of Jesus over the face of the entire globe. Every social media share, every time you read, every bit of finanical support helps. It all matters, and it all equates to people being touched with God’s love day in and day out.

Thank you.

Love in Christ,


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  1. Robin Rush says:

    I have been blessed so much since stumbling upon your ministry. I appreciate the emails and encouraging words on Facebook and this website. Praying that monthly financial commitments will increase above and beyond all that you can ask or think.

  2. Dear Jamie, I plead the blood of Jesus over your life and I declare you healed from any backache or any kind of pain in your body in the Name above every name, Jesus! ❤️

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