Power Lift: Wisdom, Strength, and Favor

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Power Lift Biblical Declaration For More Favor by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com blogDo you need favor this week? If so, did you know that you can bring it upon yourself?

In the Kingdom of God, nothing happens until it is spoken. That’s why God SAID, “Let there be light.” He spoke it into existence. When we know what God’s will is for us, He has empowered us to also speak it into existence.

God’s will is for us to be like Jesus, and Jesus had favor (Luke 2:52). You and I need favor too, and we can have it!

Why is favor so awesome?

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    • Favor makes awesome, unexpected things happen to us at unexpected times. It’s what God uses to bring you the best table at the restaurant, the best seats at the show, and the unexpected discounts.
    • Favor brings opportunities and blessings our way. It’s what causes your boss to pick you for the best projects, causes people to give you gifts, and causes unexpected doors to open for you.
    • Favor brings us relationships that we never thought we could have. It’s what causes people that you never had a relationship with (or thought you could) to suddenly start talking with you.

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    Favor is awesome! So, let’s add some into our lives today by making the following declaration:

    Start-quoteI am constantly increasing in wisdom and strength, and in favor with God and man.”

    Say this out loud over yourself all day long, and all this week. Accompany it with prayer, asking God for favor.

    Then watch for the results. Rejoice over every bit of favor you receive, and it will increase.

    In what situation do you need favor from God and men this week? Leave a comment below!

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    1. Zuzita Green says:

      I need favor from God and men this week concerning a Job in our town´s Hall. I am in debt and I need a job to pay my debts. In my hometown, here in Mexico the new Mayor and all the new town Hall members are checking up all the resumés to choose the best ones. I haven´t heard anything from them yet. That is why I need favor from God and men this week.
      Thank you

    2. Elrica Sakoor says:

      I need favor with meaning permanent employment and a financial breakthrough this week. In Jesus Name. Favor with God and man.

    3. Trina Gatson says:

      I need Gods favor. For learning his word and being able to give it to others..for the enlargement of his kingdom givng him the Glory

    4. I am asking God favor to open a door this year for me to get my green card.

    5. I favor to get married this your to a loving kind spiritual man. June this year.

    6. I ask favor for consistency increase in my income. A job doing love best telling as about God. Transform others lives

    7. I ask favor to Social security, work permit get my drivers license. My older son come to visit me.

    8. Thank you for praying for me.

    9. May God hear your hearts cry and answer you with His favor. Amen.

    10. L. Anderson says:

      For my son court case he need favor from GOD and Men

    11. Fransquina says:

      Im in huge debts and debt burden. Need a financial breakthrough…

      And i promise i will testify.

      1. Lorraine Nez says:

        Favor with God and man I pray for you and I.

    12. Lorraine Nez says:

      I am currently having relationship issues with my boyfriend. I ask for prayers that our love will be renewed n refocused on each other. Second, I am in need of a job to fit my schedule. And I ask for these favors to our loving Father.
      Favor with God and man ?

    13. I need favor with God and man in regards to getting my body back in shape and honoring it by eating and making healtier choices. It will take His wisdom as well because I am older and not sure if I should take up a vegan lifestyle or vegetarian lifestyle. I need His favor and wisdom to make the BEST lifestyle changes for ME.

    14. I have to move bcause rent increase i pray for favor with housing the ppl who own the apt financial favor to b able to move withman @ God i know God can change situations hearts minds so im praying for Gods favor AND MAN IN Jesus name amen rite now

    15. Thank u pls pray for continued health with my new transplant i need God to send diabetes highblood pressure where ever he wants to go jus take it from the suffers of these diseases i jus got new lease on life but these 2 animals want to stsy not so n Jesues name my healer

    16. Nicole Fraser says:

      I need favor with God and man in regards to my nursing council examinations in May and then October month this year. I pray that the Lord will destroy all yokes in my life. Giving me a supernatural breakthrough this time. Increase of wisdom and strength as I continue to prepare for my exams.
      Thank you..

    17. Gerri Murray says:

      I need favor this week in my travel plans. And in finding the right job.

    18. Olepile Mangole says:

      I need favor of God and man concerning my daughters studies so that she can be called for an interview at the University of Botswana’s medical school

    19. I am asking favor with God and man In understanding for all my accounts payments for January as the business is very slow and all my finances

    20. Im asking God and man for favor for a paid for home in this year 2022.For a loving marriage and for the salvation of my children in Jesus name.

    21. Esther Tio says:

      I am asking God for favor with men for land inherited and to enlarge my territory with a paid for mansion build. Amen

    22. I am asking God to help me acquire my permanent residence sooner this year in SA. Amen

    23. I need financial favor this week from God and Men In Jesus Christ name amen,

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