Prophetic Word: “Mega In Abundance Is My Goal,” Says the Lord

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Prophetic word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Father say to you today:

“Mega in abundance is My goal for you!”

I asked Him to please tell me more, and He said:

“I am conditioning you to where you will be able to receive from My glory ALL that I have offered you in My Word.

Anytime there is a shortage, the problem is not with Me nor with My Word, but rather with your understanding and execution of the things I prescribe in My Word. However, I do not fault you for this, as you are growing at a steady pace and I am teaching you every day.

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    Even the disciples, who walked with Jesus, had things they could not understand or bear up to in any given moment. But that is one of the many reasons why My Holy Spirit indwells you: to teach and train you from glory to glory and faith to faith, so that you daily increase in your ability to be like Me–which includes carrying My wealth!

    Mega in abundance is in you!

    Remember when My Son Jesus told you that My Kingdom is within you (Luke 17:21)? My Kingdom is the manifestation of everything I am and everything I have. And since My Holy Spirit is within you, then of course everything I have and am is within you too!

    This means that ‘mega in abundance’ is in you, too.

    To access it is a simple matter of drawing it out. You think this is a difficult thing, but actually it is really easy. All you have to do is trust that what I have put in you is worth something.

    You have been denying the worth of My endowment in you for too long.

    But your ‘mega in abundance’ is already within you, for it is contained with and in My Spirit who is in you, and in the gifts He has given to you to use on the earth. I have placed greatness in you that will manifest more abundance than you could ever dream, but you have to stop denying it and start accessing it.

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    So if you have nothing except the ability to speak, you can still create anything you want. You can be like God and speak those things that are not as if they already were (Romans 4:17)!

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    Begin studying in My Word about HOW to exercise your gifts.

    This is how you access your ‘mega in abundance.’ Exercise your gifts unto godliness, and use them to serve the world. You will find great treasure within yourself, for I have deposited it in you by My Spirit, and I will not be denied My inheritance in you.

    Love, your Abba Father.”

    Friend, is this word about ‘mega in abundance’ speaking to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!

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    1. I claim my abundance in Jesus name Amen

    2. I claim my blessings!! Thank you Jesus!!!

    3. I receive this Word! Thank you Lord🙌.

    4. Wow!!! This is a word of confirmation for me. My Pastor spoke a prophetic word to me back in April that my family and I will be living in ‘MEGA’ in 2024. This word is received in Jesus Name!!!

    5. Jennifer Alvarez says:

      Lord, I claim my ” Mega in abundance “!!

    6. I claim my mega in the mighty name of Jesus

    7. Maribeth Bieber says:

      Thank you Lord for Mega Abundance. I claim it!
      Thank you,
      Thank you!

    8. Amen Hallelujah,I believe in Jesus Mighty Name


    10. I claim my blessings in Jesus Name Amen. Thank you.

    11. WOW! I claim my MEGA abundance NOW in Jesus’s name!!! Just what I have needed for decades!

    12. Irma Nortje says:

      Amen I claim my mega abundance now in Jesus Mighty Name Thank you Lord thanku Ps Jamie

    13. Justin Chetty says:

      Good morning, Jamie I’m all the way in South Africa , and truly this is the Word of the Father, spoken over my life , thank you Abba Father for sending your Rhema word through Faithful servant Jamie , Love and Blessing to you . God Bless you.

    14. Kim A.Hill says:

      Kim says: I receive this word in the name of Jesus.This word spoke to me so clearly when you stated about the gifts that’s in me.And to exercise your gifts to the world.

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