Prophetic Word: Your Answers Are Steaming Toward You

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Father say:

“I am coming through for you in ways you never even knew I could.”

Obviously, I asked Him to elaborate. 🙂 And He said, for you and me and all of His children:

“Your faith is only beginning to touch the very edge of what I would like to do for you. I had to wait until your faith rose up to grab Me in these areas, but the hem of My garment is still My garment! Even if you’re only touching the very edge of My garment, you are still drawing on Me with your faith!

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    I am bringing levels of breakthrough that exceed your wildest imaginations.

    In this season, you will see the plowman overtake the reaper in a whole new way! Surely I do nothing without revealing it first to My servants the prophets, so I am telling you this today so you can expect!

    Expect the unbelievable in this season. Anticipate the impossible. Believe that I can and will do for you what you have only heard about My doing for others–and believe for more than that! Why could I not come in one night and transform everything? I can, and I will!

    I am whispering your name in the ears of people you never dreamed you’d meet. I am telling people and angels about you. You are being discussed in Heaven, and it’s GOOD!

    My Son Jesus has told me that you have been faithful.

    I already knew it, but My Son Jesus told me that because He is interceding for you. He is standing in the gap before me on your behalf, demonstrating with His blood that you have met the conditions for blessing! His blood is speaking that better word into My ears on your behalf right now!

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    The blood of Jesus is marking you, and it is a magnet for My blessing. Your answers are steaming ’round the bend! Your blessings and answers are coming toward you in a whole new way.

    Think not that I have abandoned you.

    Far be it from Me to do that, literally! I cannot abandon you or leave you without support; it is not in My nature. So I am here supporting you, helping you, cheering you on. I am upholding you with My righteous right hand!

    The answers I am sending are going to wow you.

    The answers I am sending will be more than enough. Indeed, the vast measure of the things for which you have asked Me is all at your disposal. I really meant it when I said that I will do anything you ask, for you only ask for those things which please Me!

    I Am All-Sufficient to meet your needs, and your needs are being met by Me right now in spades. Remember that time is your friend; not everything must be done at once. However, you will be astounded at the speed with which I answer you. I say again: you will be astounded!


    Your Abba Father.”

    WOW! Thank You, Abba Father! We receive Your words in Jesus’ name!

    Friend, is the Lord speaking to you through this word today? If so, leave a comment below–and consider sowing a seed offering into this word to tell the Lord a big “THANK YOU” for His goodness to you!

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    1. WOW, this is powerful, I have seen some of the moves of God already but i’m excited for what he will do next, all praise to the Father in Jesus name


      1. Thank you there are no words thank goodness you know my heart and you know my problem with words thannnnkkkkkk yyyyyooooouuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
        The future is unknown but strangly exciting , I feel silly but confident looking high and low waiting for my surprises expecting them to drop out of the sky at any moment , you told me to expect and live like it’s happening any second ,makes me smile can’t really explain the feeling it’s new and you also asked me to remind you of the things I asked for when you said I could have anything so don’t forget the 3 doors opening and 2 shutting and don’t forget getting 7 fold back from devil in any way you want you know better what I need my sister Jenn heal her soul sprit and body and mind the devil trying hard to get her she is yours and she needs you help me to know better how to talk to help to be her little sister in the way she needs help me not to be so sensitive and to humble myself and not be selfish to love her like jeuseand please don’t forget my dogs and my sisters and my boys Sagan Jace and NY mom and dad and older sister God please work through me to help the people I love as well as ones I don’t last thing a job doing something that you made me good at dint have to make a lot but enough for my basic needs and dogs and my boys and little extra to help people in need
        I got way off track thank you father Jesus name amen
        Jamie thank you you will never know what you have done for me and my family and my relationship with GOD!!!!
        It’s funny because if your name had not been jamie I would never found your website it’s funny how GOD works its beautiful and strange and unpredictable and prefect h my name is jamie and I don’t have real high opinions of most sits apps ect.. that are like yours I am very lucky he is a clever loving always leading teaching even when I am Un aware

    2. Thank You My heavenly Father,thank You Jesus Christ My High Priest I believe In Jesus Christ Name this prophecy is for Me and it is manifesting in my life In Jesus Mighty Name

    3. So needed this word! Thank You Father!

    4. Raul Torres says:

      Raul Torres says:
      Father, I believe it and I receive it in my spirit, I’ve learned to trust you and wait patiently for my breakthrough. Thank you Father that you watch over your Word and for your prophets who you allow to give us this precious word in Jesus Name.

    5. Rita Jacob says:

      Thanks Jamie for this word of encouragement,I believe and I receive this word in Jesus name. I’m expecting God to wow me with His Glory.

    6. Father I love u so much..thank you daddy I feel it n I have faith to receive it today

    7. Such a needed word from our Father. Just what I needed today. Thank you Abba and Yeshua and the Ruach Hakodesh. And always thank you Jamie for your willingness to share the Father’s heart toward us.

    8. Aliesana Sandoval says:

      I have been praying about where to testify, and here God said do it here! I see now because it’s a manifestation of His word and I pray it brings faith to those who read it.

      I was laid off my job 2 months ago and later found out they were illegally laying people off. Thank God for saving me! Continuing, I applied and applied and applied some more for jobs I think fit my experience. Nothing. Barely any interviews. Stone dry was this season of job searching. I never had such a hard time finding a job. After 2 months of my own efforts I finally “gave up” and said “God, I’ve tried everything. It’s not working. I’m giving it to you.” I felt led to start a 3 day fast from media, so I did and I sought God hard and deep. I fought every temptation taking me away from Him.

      After the fast was up, I received an email that morning asking for an interview for a job I never applied for. A Recruiter (I bet God sent it on my behalf) sent them my resume. Needless to say, I was hired on the spot. I got the offer letter same day. And that’s not all, not only did God give me a job I NEVER applied for… but He also answered my year long prayer for gigantic financial breakthrough. I’ve never made more than ~$12,000 at a job in a year. I’m making ~$43,000 a year to start along with bonuses and PTO and BENEFITS!! God is good! He can do big things you’ve never thought possible including giving you two answers to your prayers in one day, but in an ASTOUNDING WOW-ing WAY!!

      1. Aliesana, I rejoice with you,and I pray that Abba blows your mind and give you double that amount so you can do more exploits for Him, in Jesus’ name! Amen!

    9. Amen!! Thank you, Abba, Father! I receive this word in faith believing your WORD is always true. Thank you Jamie for this word.

    10. Amen thank you God for what your doing for me suddenly in the mighty name of Jesus 🙏🏾 🙌🏾😭❤️

    11. Denise Moore says:

      Jesus I Thank You for intercessors for me and my family and also my grandson, Prince that’s fighting for freedom of injustice and unrighteous, I thank you for the good news, that we Are staying patiently for you Father, I thank you for We expect it Now in Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST NAME AMEN 🔥👑👣

    12. What can I say? ABBA Father is so good and gracious to His children. I have witnessed and received from papa already and still counting. Thank Lord for loving us, thank u Jesus for mentioning us always to papa… we love u Lord. ❤️

    13. Thank you Abba Father! All glory to you!🙏✝️🙌💕

    14. I am declaring YES and AMEN. Be it unto me according to your WORD … ABBA FATHER!!!

    15. Marianela says:

      Amen! Thank you Father, you have been so good to me! Thank you for your mercy and grace 🙏🏽 ❤️

    16. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      I needed this Word Today!
      Thank You Jamie for your obedience.

    17. This is a GOOD WORD – Believers need lots of this type these days!

    18. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      I love you Father God, Lord Jesus & Holy Spirit!
      Thank You Sister Jamie for releasing this much needed Word! 🥰❤🙏🏽

    19. I have been going through for over 6 years physically. I’ve lost almost everything trying to take care of my body and health. I can’t work waiting on disability. Thank you Abba for this word! I receive it with all of my heart.

    20. Jamie,
      I LOVE this Word! Thank you❣️ I am getting excited to see what God will do 🙌🙂.

      1. Stephanie says:

        I am so excited as well to see what God is going to do through this word.
        I am praying God answers ALL of your questions and even the ones you didn’t know you had yet.
        In Jesus name. Amen

    21. Jamie please intercede with me in Prayer. Thank you Lord for this word that you have given your Prophet Jamie. All the Glory and Adoration belong to you Lord. Father you know that I needed this word. Father you know my needs and wants even before I ask so Father I need your divine intervention tonight in releasing my friend Derrick from prison just the same way you released Paul and Silus in Jesus name amen. Abba Father Please release him from the Prison Bars in Jesus name I pray amen.

    22. Paul Israel says:

      I’m passing through fire. However, this message has encouraged me. I m expecting my answers 24 hours a day.

    23. Tshifhiwa says:

      Yes! The Lord is speaking to me through this word as I am waiting for the outcome of my job interview. I receive this prophetic word in Jesus’ mighty name.

    24. Precious Onyekachukwu says:

      Amen and Amen!! My heart is filled with so much Joy knowing that the Almighty Father have me in mind and reassures me that I’m not forgotten. I’m thankful.

    25. Thank you for sharing this word. Very timely for me. I appreciate that God is sending me answers right now in the name of Jesus.

    26. Thank you, Abba Father! I am in expectation of all the wonderful things you are doing. You are indeed a rewarder of those who seek you. Glory, Honor and Praise are Yours!!

    27. Thank you! Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    28. Thank you very much, I give all the Glory to our King and Lord , Christ Jesus.
      May He blesse you abundantly, thank you for praying for us. The word (all) are very uplifting, “building blocks” for my daily walk with Christ. Thank you for your time and effort you put in on n daily basis, to bring the word to my table. Thank you for your faithfulness to ABBA FATHER, to bring His voice to us, with encouraging profetic word.
      I can sincerely say, that you have helped me so much, not just spiritually, but also my emotionally. I want to testify, the prayer about ” suddenly ” yes a God did open a door ” suddenly ” in August already. I am in awe! Glory Hallelujah.

    29. Thank You Lord for Your goodness to me. I sought the Lord and He heard and He answered.

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