How the Blessing of Abraham Can Transform YOUR Life

LIVE webinar: How to Speak In Tongues | June 26, 2024

Free vlog: How the Blessing of Abraham Can Transform YOUR Life | By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comYou would not believe the warfare I had over getting this post up today. The enemy simply does not want you to be blessed, or to receive your inheritance in Christ.

But you know what? GOD DOES want you to be blessed, and HE has already won this thing. When God says you’re blessed in Christ Jesus …

You’re blessed in Christ Jesus. Period. End of story.

You just have to learn about WHY and HOW you’re blessed, and how to appropriate it for yourself. And when you do, radical transformation occurs … because Jesus died to RADICALLY transform your life. 🙂 In every good way imaginable.

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    So today’s vlog continues our Keys to Supernatural Favor series. It’s about how the blessing of Abraham can transform your life.

    The blessing of Abraham was not just for Abraham. Scripture tells us that the blessing Abraham received from God is for you too.

    So in today’s vlog, I teach about how God sovereignly chose to lift a man up out of obscurity, kiss his life with an eight-fold promise, and ultimately bring the same blessing to you through Christ Jesus.

    Ready to watch? Check out the YouTube video below! And after you watch the vlog, would you please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts?

    Does this help you see how the blessing of Abraham belongs to you as well? Does it bring other questions up in your mind? Please leave your thoughts and questions below if so!

    By the way … I happened to hear Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers’ song, The Blessing Of Abraham, recently, and I fell in love. Have you heard it? If not, you should check it out! This song builds my faith, and it will build yours too. You can watch it on YouTube below.

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    1. thank you
      you are a true child of God

    2. Wendi Mckenzie says:

      ???? another amazing blog. It truly blessed me and I can’t wait for the next ??!!!!!

      1. Thank you, Wendi! So glad our Daddy encouraged you! And you don’t have to wait… today’s new vlog is up! 🙂 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

    3. Rebecca Jones says:

      Hi Jaime, I saw your second vlog. I like the idea of God putting a coat on you and dress up. Reminds me of those Anne Geddes photos.

      1. Hey Rebecca, I love that mental picture too. It makes me feel protected and loved. In our deepest hearts, I think we are all just little babies who want to be with our Daddy! <3

    4. Hi Jaime, I just wanted to say that I am loving this series so much! I love how you break it all down so that I can understand it, and put it to use in my life. Sometimes I hear teaching, and it all sounds amazing….and then I think how can I apply this to my own life, and I’m stumped. Your teaching carries me through and I can apply and use it! You are so encouraging and I just thank Abba Father for helping me to find you!! 🙂

      1. Patti, THANK YOU so much. I have had so much warfare over this series, and when I got your comment, honestly I was feeling a bit discouraged and wondering if I was doing the right thing! LOL. So thank you. Thank you for listening, and thank you for your encouraging words. I’m so glad the Holy Spirit is ministering to you and helping you apply His beautiful truths from our beautiful Jesus in your life. Thank You, Daddy! He’s so good, isn’t He?
        Have a wonderful day and a very merry Christmas!

    5. Manuel Martinez says:

      Thank you Jamie!! I enjoy reading your vlogs both on Pinterest and Facebook. I enjoy all of series and your teaching. God bless you.

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