5 Reasons to Escape a Spirit of Control

5 Reasons to Escape a Spirit of Control | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, are you currently trapped in a situation under someone who is operating in a spirit of control? If so, I felt like the Lord wanted me to share several things today to encourage you to escape that spirit of control.

Note: Invariably, when I discuss this topic, people ask questions about what to do if the person who is controlling you is your spouse.

This article isn’t about controlling spouses; it’s about controlling church situations, job situations, and friendships. If the person controlling you is your spouse, I recommend that you both preserve the sanctity of your marriage AND muzzle the spirit of control at the same time. Click here to read how to muzzle the Jezebel spirit/spirit of control by releasing the Spirit of Christ.

Without further ado, here are five things that tend to happen when you get out from under a spirit of control.

I’m focusing on the positive here, so these are all GREAT reasons to escape a spirit of control so you can be more blessed. 🙂 There are lots of other reasons than these five, though. 🙂

In no particular order …

1. You begin to breathe deeply again–or for the first time.

When you escape a spirit of control, you will find physical symptoms of control going away–symptoms you might not have known you were even experiencing in the first place.

Years ago, I was in a place where the leadership was pervaded with a spirit of control. When I finally left that place–the very INSTANT I severed the tie–I began to feel a strange sensation:

I felt like I had been DROWNING for years, and that suddenly I was coming up above water and breathing in for the first time. I literally felt in my spirit, soul, and body like I was taking big gasps of air with my head above water after having been drowning in an ocean of control.

When that happened, I suddenly realized how deeply depraved “control” is.

I had never realized that being submitted to controlling leadership had that effect on me–and I hadn’t realized that I had not been able to breathe for all the years before.

Nevertheless, when I escaped, the feeling of having been physically and spiritually drowning–and then the feeling of being able to breathe for the first time–was real.

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2. You begin to prosper more than you have ever prospered before.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”eti69lw0ljxwutwmhczi” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/v1612376880/durwnx5bdbikfkxwxirq.jpg” title=”The Jezebel Spirit Wants to Kill You (How to Stay Safe)” volume=”70″]


When you’re under a spirit of control, your opportunities, creativity, and even receiving-pipeline-from-God are limited.

It’s like the enemy puts this lid over you; and no matter how hot-on-fire for God you are, letting yourself align with that demon hinders a lot of the blessings God wants to send you.

I know that may sound harsh to say “letting yourself align with that demon.” However, if you’re aligned with a spirit of control, it’s unfortunately true.

Control is never from the Lord, and it’s our responsibility as believers to discern the holy from the profane. When we see something that doesn’t line up with the Word, we are duty-bound to flee from it if we claim the name of Christ.

As it says in Isaiah 8:20:

“To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isaiah 8:20).

I know that many of us don’t necessarily flee from things that don’t line up with the Word; it’s definitely a hard thing to do sometimes. Nevertheless, it’s the truth that we are duty-bound to do so if we want to obey God.

It’s worth the effort, though. When we abandon that controlling place and align ourselves wholly with the Lord, blessings and prosperity begin to flow.

3. You find yourself; you find out who you were meant to be.

When you subject yourself to a spirit of control, it’s very hard to find yourself. It’s very difficult to grow, expand, and look at Heavenly horizons–because that spirit of control doesn’t want anything to happen in your life that they don’t have control over.

That automatically excludes miracles, many opportunities, adventurous ventures, many personal ministries, and more.

However, when you escape the spirit of control, you are able to look fully at the Lord, and thus fully at yourself–for you were created in His image.

Only then are you truly able to see God’s plans for you. Why is this true? Because:

And you can’t see those things, dream those things, pray those things, or even imagine those things with a demonic lid of control over your life.

4. Your prayer life and faith life explode, because you have no more limitations and barriers.

When you escape that spirit of control, you can suddenly begin to see beyond the walls of that controlling workplace, church, or relationship. Not only that, but you also begin to BELIEVE that you HAVE NO MORE LIMITATIONS!

Why? Because it took spine for you to escape that spirit of control! You had to study the Word about it, discern the truth about your situation, and decide to stand up and do what’s right and Biblical–even if people hate you for it!

When you make a big decision like that–something that takes GUTS and a real backbone–you open up your own horizons.

You had to get a revelation about freedom in order to even break out of control. So then, after you leave that controlling environment, that revelation doesn’t leave you. Instead, that revelation catapults you forward into:

  • bigger dreams;
  • bigger prayers;
  • bigger faith;
  • bigger accomplishments;
  • bigger blessings; and
  • bigger favor than you ever had before!

5. You receive deep, abiding joy.

The Bible tells us that “in the presence of God is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11 says:

“You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11).

But you really can’t experience the fullness of God’s presence when you also entertain demons, beloved. Even if you don’t mean to entertain demons, submitting yourself to things that are not in line with the Word IS submitting yourself to evil.

However, when you take yourself away from a controlling environment, submitting yourself PURELY to the Lord, then you can experience the fullness of His joy!

When there’s nothing in your life that stands in agreement with devils, then the enhanced purity on your life makes you capable of carrying increased levels of God’s glory and manifest presence …

… which manifest as greater JOY in your life.

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Beloved, aligning yourself with a spirit of control is NOT God’s will for you.

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If you’re married to the controlling person, I don’t recommend divorce. Instead, I recommend counseling from a qualified Christian counselor, even if you have to attend counseling alone.

But if you’re in ANY other environment that’s controlling, I strongly encourage you to seek the Lord for yourself about your situation:

  • Search the Scriptures for the truth about your situation, for Jesus said that you would know the truth–and the TRUTH will set you free. 
  • Believe what you read in the Scriptures.
  • Trust your discernment, as long as it lines up with the Scriptures and is based on actual fact that you have verified for yourself (not suspicion or a mere sensation of “I feel a check in my spirit”).
  • Don’t give in to culture when culture tells you to remain under the controlling spirit. (E.g. In a church situation where people always say, “Submit to authority and don’t lift up your voice against the man of God,” but the man of God is clearly doing things counter to the Scriptures.) 

And finally, I will leave you with one more cautionary note:

Some people say, “But I’m called to pray for that ungodly leader.”

And they use that as an excuse not to rock the boat; an excuse not to leave the ungodly situation.

It’s fine to be called to pray for a person, even an ungodly leader. Thank God for intercessors; your prayers might be able to turn the situation around!


And this is a big “however” …

Being called to pray for a controlling leader does NOT mean you have to stay under their authority.

An intercessory assignment doesn’t require aligning yourself with anyone who practices evil. There is no distance in the Kingdom; prayers work the same way whether you’re praying from afar or whether you’re standing right next to a person.

Therefore, if you’re called to pray for someone, then pray.

However, don’t equate that to remaining submitted to ungodly leadership that operates in a demonic spirit of control. Pray from afar and get thee hence away from the demons. 🙂 

Beloved, FREEDOM is God’s will for your life.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. And if you’re under:

  • a controlling boss,
  • a controlling pastor,
  • a controlling friend,
  • or any other ungodly situation resulting from a spirit of control …

Then I pray you’ll make the decision today to earnestly examine these things in light of the Scriptures. Your future spiritual health, relationship with God, blessings, prosperity, opportunities, joy, and more all depend on it.

Did this word speak to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!


  1. Thank You Lord, and God bless Jamie for this. This has been the story of my life the past few years and I and my babies were finally set free as the shackles were broken, and we were put into His light. All that you is so true and what I am experiencing. Freedom, clariity, peace, love, abundance, grace, spiritual uplifting, best quiet time with my Father and Grace upon us. Thank You Lord. It is why Grace and I honestly don’t remember prayer but He is loving and merciful. I am living a life for Him alone and I just want to share my testimony with others also.

    1. I just experienced this on this week. A single pastor said to me that he and I were never in a relationship and that he’s getting married next year but still wants me to be in his ministry as his assistant. In fact, his words make it seem as if I’m guilty but your writings have exposed the truth. Thank you Jamie.

    2. Mpumelelo says:

      Thank you Woman of God. I personally needed to hear this. God bless you. I was always confused about this as sometimes when you refuse to submit, you are perceived as the rebelious child in the house. I will continue to put God first though it is hard sometimes especially when it comes to our families.Thank you.

  2. Rebecca Jones says:

    The things we don’t see can hurt us alright. I amazed at who is trying to have control. I have to let God be. ( I love that plane picture, would love to have a copy or did you buy it? )

  3. Thanks Jamie such a prophetic word and always on time. Thank you for all your emails and articles their helping immensely in what steps to take , be it a new job, a 1st time house etc; I pray God gives me the spine to remove myself from controlling relationship and job thank you for opening my eyes. I can’t wait to experience More of the Lords presence and all that he has for my family and myself. God bless you and your ministry much love for you In Jesus Christ amen.

  4. It took me years to realize my former employer was dominating and manipulative, the signs of control. Once I quit the job, I felt free. He was especially manipulating in the area of salary. I left the job, leaving behind salary arrears that equate to eight months of not paid. I’m glad for the confirmation of your message.

  5. Lilliana Markovic says:

    Everything you shared is spot on! I’ve experienced these attacks first hand . Thank you so much for affirming my decisions.

  6. Wow, thank you so much for this post…💜

  7. Vernell Gore says:

    This post was really helpful. I needed to read this. Been in a situation where I experienced this.

  8. Melinda Davis says:

    Jamie, Thank you for this word of Confirmation. It is so important that we have the right type of relationships that will lead us to our destiny. I pray God will continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry in Jesus Name, Amen

  9. Geraldine Chavez says:

    Sister Jamie,
    I am so grateful to you for sharing this on time prophetic word and i am going through this today,
    • I either have a spirit of control
    • my husband has a spirit of control
    • I have to make decisions that break my heart for my grandson who i have been raising since my eldest daughter passed away, now my husband is controlling this situation all because my husband doesnt wamt the responsibility in helping me as his wife to raise him because he has been through traumatic situations and is now teenager rebellious but he is a sweet young boy to me. Please pray that my grandson comes back to me please

  10. Thank you Jaime for the truth anout control. It’s opened my eyes to what I need to do & make decisions about a relationship & environment I’m in for 4 yrs. Humbly ask for your prayers to break free from ungodly controlling relationships.

  11. Thank you Jamie for your timely word! I look forward to your emails because I can sense our Heavenly father speaking through you; they always give me hope and courage. And bring truth. Praying to break free from a controlling environment both at work and a relationship , as soon as possible. So I can step into what God has for me and my Children. ♥️🙏🏽

  12. powerful, thanks Jamie, its opened my eyes AMEN AND AMEN

  13. Irma Nortje says:


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