Day 10: A Well-Watered Soul

Welcome to 21 Days of Hope and Healing!

This series is a very simple sequence of Bible verses and prayer points you can pray to walk through a 21-day period of rest, refreshing, detoxing from stress, and receiving spiritual replenishment.

21 Days of Hope and Healing | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Each day in this series has only two parts: one verse to read and a set of very simple, bullet-point prayer suggestions you can pray through from that verse to ask the Lord to heal and refresh you.

This series is designed to help you pray for hope and healing in your body, soul, and spirit. All three are equally important!

Here’s Day 10 of Hope and Healing:

Meditate on this Bible passage:

Isaiah 58:11: “The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.”

And pray this for a well-watered soul:

  • Confess to the Lord that your mind, will, and emotions need restoring.
  • Tell Him that He is the River of Living Water; the Water of Life; and that you are coming to Him as the only One who can help you.
  • Yield your mind, will, and emotions to the Lord verbally. Tell Him that you AND your mind, will, and emotions all belong to Him.
  • Ask the Lord to heal and restore your soul.
  • Ask the Lord to water your dry and weary soul; ask Him to let His healing rain soak into the dry, parched earth of your mind, will, and emotions, and make you well-watered again.
  • Ask Him to bubble up inside of you with His river of life; that out of your belly would flow rivers of living water.
  • Thank Him for hearing and answering all of the above. 🙂

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As a reminder, always pray in every way the Lord leads you. Holy Spirit is your intercessor (Romans 8), and He will help you pray just exactly the way HE wants you to.

So use your own words; ask Holy Spirit to help you; and simply receive from Him as He prays through you the heart of the Father!

See you tomorrow for Day 11!

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  1. This word from the Lord is so on time! This morning while reading the word of God He directed me to Isaiah 58:11 and afterwards when I saw your post and Isaiah 58:11 was the scripture reference, I knew it wasn’t coincidence; I knew God was speaking to me. I have been feeling just as you described above; weary, unmotivated, it was/is hard to pray and get into His word, but this word of encouragement and prayer points was exactly what I needed. God is ever so mindful of His children and He attends to their needs and I am thankful He attended to me this morning and confirmed His word to me through you. Thank you Father! And thank you Jamie.

  2. Thankyou this lifted my spirit, I will pray this regularly in Jesus name

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