Prophetic Word: Things Are Coming Full-Circle

I heard the Father say that things are coming full-circle. I asked Him for more details on that, and this is what He said for you and me and all of His children today:

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

“This is the season in which I am completing dreams I dreamed in you before you were born.

When you were born, and before you were born, I placed things in you by My Spirit that it took you time to become aware of. But as you learned, you began to yearn for the things My Spirit was showing you.

Many miles have passed since you began yearning. Seasons have come and gone. But I would have you know that I never begin a thing unless I complete it.

I am He who is faithful to complete every good work. And since I am the only One who is good, good works can only come from Me. If it is a good work, you can be guaranteed that it came from Me. I am the only possible Source of anything good.

Your timing has been off, and you didn’t even know it.

You thought the desires of your heart were to be birthed when you began sensing the desire, but actually you began sensing those desires at that time because I was awakening you to My Spirit. And when you get to know My Spirit, you suddenly see and sense all that is in His heart (and My heart) for you.

I want you to know that I am bringing things full-circle.

This will be a long season; My work in this area is not a quick work. There will be unusual manifestations, but they will not all come at one time. Nevertheless, things that were stolen from you are being returned, starting with the oldest things first.

My patience has a limit when it comes to how long it takes Me to restore.

I am always doing what is best for you in that moment, but you need to understand that, though I bear long with you, eventually there comes a moment when I cannot stand it anymore and I must avenge you speedily. Pray about that and seek My heart on the matter, for I can only disclose a true understanding of this by My Spirit. Read Luke 18–the whole chapter–for more revelation about this.

Things you thought were stolen are coming back in this season.

Some of the things you thought you understood were actually being kept for you for this time. Things are coming full-circle for you, and you will see it and rejoice.


Your Abba Father.”

Friend, does this word confirm what you are seeing God do in your life today? Is He bringing things full-circle for you? Do you take this word for yourself? If so, leave a comment below!

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  1. Sibuyile Sibanda says:

    Just as we step into a new month and enter into the 2nd half of the year,God uses you to speak and release a prophetic word in season.Thank you for your faithfulness and sensitivity,Jamie.May He continue to enlarge and increase your capacity as you walk in what He has called you.

    1. Kathy Buck says:

      I’m not sure if He’s coming full circle for me, but I heard a lot of things in Luke 18 that I can relate to, or are making me think on some things I need to do. I’ve been saved 51 years, and I fell backwards for a short time, but I am coming to realize, it’s not hard to know what he says I can do but it’s still hard to hear God. I do hear him at times but not always. I need to wait on Him and that’s the hard part. Plus, finding a place to be quiet with no noise. I truly love the LORD with my whole heart. I have, even in my fallen state of mind. BB ut I realized this week, getting back into reading the Word, I can hear Him more. I read Luke 18 all the way through. It has a lot to chew on and I’m going to study and wait on the LORD. Thank you for this Word from Abba Father. I’m praying for a turn around in my life.
      In Christ, Kathy

      1. UPDATE ON MY PREVIOUS POST-I’m coming back to where Abba Father wants me to be. It’s coming slowly, but it’s coming. The church I’m going to now, is where Abba wants me. He’s changing me slowly. Thank you Jamie for this reminder in the emails. And thank you Abba Father for your mercy and you grace.
        Love, your daughter, Kathy Buck

    2. Dorah Mashiteng says:

      Thank you Jamie I receive
      I actually dreamed of a building that was in a circle before I read the prophetic word you send me. One part of rhe building was complete with the a toilet inside.tje other parts I was told I have to build and put toilets so they can be used.I thank God for you Jamie may the good Lord bless you.

    3. Irene Sentanda says:

      Since we serve a Higher Spiritual Father. We and me too have to keep on praying and fixing our eyes on him. Please pray with me for GODS provision . Favor and protection. Please pray that GOD can heal my kidneys. In Jesus name. Amen.

    4. Patricia Shelton says:

      The prophetic word that you sent me it’s confirmation that God had already started the work. First he brought back my children. I have not spoke to my kids for about 3years. And I received a Really small check the hospital owed me. it was a big surprise to me. God is not through with me yet. Thank you

    5. Thank You Jamie, Thank You Lord!
      I do believe we all have seasons & times, & right now in one of my seasons … the Lord has opened up my eyes & ears to His encouraging prophetic Word, coming thru you!

  2. Thank you Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. Sherri Anderson says:

    This is an on-time Word for me and my family. I feel like I am at the place through dreams, visions, Words spoken over us by ministers etc. that has been saying this for this hour in our lives.

  4. Gladys Mutungu says:

    Thank you for this timely word of encouragement. I key into it. I am expectant because it is for me.
    God bless you Jamie. I pray the Lord’s favor and multiplied grace for your family and ministry. I am grateful and blessed by your ministry prayers and timelywords of prophecy.

    Love and blessings!

  5. Gail Segars Rainey says:

    I just read Luke 18 again. When I went to my David Jeremiah Study Bible, I had written two pervious dates next to that chapter 5/4/21 and 5/17/21. I wrote today’s date 7/1/22. Yes, I absolutely believe in this Word over me today. Already in My Spirit I have felt many things in my life are coming full circle. In my Spirit I have prophesied that my Lord has been giving me revelation knowledge of “connecting the dots” regarding many broken relationships in my life. He has been healing my broken heart for a long time. It is a process. I have repented against anger and bitterness. Thank you, Sister Jamie, that God has given you much discernment and wisdom, word of knowledge, and the heart and compassion of Jesus Christ. I love you.

  6. Rita Mathola says:

    Thank you Jamie for the revelation. God bless you

  7. Carla Y Lane says:

    Thank you Jamie for the Prophetic Word on today. Most Definitely that the Lord is coming full circle in my own life. I am continuing to trust the Lord even the more. I am off to read Luke 18. Thank you Jamie. God Bless you and your Ministry and Staff.

  8. Amen I believe that this are coming full circle for me. There will be a demonstration according to Luke 1:45

  9. Wow! So timely. I was just praying about wanting back what was stolen and lamenting over the feeling of being robbed! And also praying too to have grace in the waiting and to know when God has done something! This Word! Thank you Jamie; God bless you

  10. This prophetic word is definitely for me. I have been praying to Father God about his heart desires for me and my heart desires. Thank you God for bringing things full circle complete in my life. Thank you Jamie for all that you do for the Kingdom of God. May you, your family and ministry be blessed 🙌🏾🙏🏾😊.

  11. Funso Oyelohunnu says:

    Yes. I believe that God is bringing things full-circle for me and I take this word for myself and declare that there shall be a manifestation speedily in Jesus name.

  12. Thank you so much much Jamie! I believe everything is coming full circle for our family! This truly is incredible thank you Jamie, to you and your staff! You all do such amazing and wonderful work! Thank you all!

  13. IRMA NORTJE says:

    Amen, thank you Lord, Phil 1:6 is a significant promise in my life and this amazing word testifies of how faithful our God is to remind us that He is true to His word and we honor Him in our life. Our family, we trust in Thee Lord,Jesus,deliver us lead and guide us. Thank you faithful, anointed Ps Jamie.

  14. Andrunette says:

    I truly received and believe that things are coming full circle in my life. God brought forth life so that I could live and I have been asked to share my story. Amongst other things that God has began to work. I am truly Blessed and Grateful

  15. I am believing for job and a house but I know I need to sow more into the things of God thankyou Lord for watching over me

  16. I am believing for many things and I know God will fulfil my dreams thankyou father for taking care of my needs I am blessed and highly favoured

    Thankyou Jamie for this prophetic word from the Lord

  17. Thank you Jamie. Be blessed

  18. Thank you 😊😊🙌🏾💞💕 FATHER. I receive this prophetic word in the name of JESUS AMEN 🙏🏾😊😇…

  19. This is my word. I accept full circle restoration from the Lord my God. Give me grace and favour Oh Abba Father! In Jesus Mighty name. AMEN.

  20. Hazel: says The Lord is restoring me. I pray He will Enlarge My Territory. I thank God for allowing me to find this ministry. Thank You and God Bless.

  21. Amen and Amen I receive this word..I receive restoration from all the things stolen from me in Jesus Mighty Name Amen ..Things are coming full circle for me and my family in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Amen

  22. I take this word for myself.

  23. Thank you Jamie, for your prophesies that are right on time with encouragement. Ive been holding out for the Lord to act on my behalf, through prayer quite a long time. God blesses me daily, that Im grateful for immensely. He has provided wisdom, that could never come from me alone. Sometimes i feel alone, because many people dont understand what God has revealed to me, & reject me with scoffing, or downplay, but Hes provided the confidence in me to stay steadfast, regardless. God has restored my sense of self & assurance who I am in Him so I thank Him for the work in me he has and us restoring. Thank you again Jaime for your kindness and prayers!

  24. Thank You Lord, I am waiting on the Lord. God bless jou Jamie

  25. PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽💖 That’s Word for Me Now in JESUS NAME 🙏💖 Thanks & GOD BLESS 🙏🙂❣️

  26. Diane Dodgson says:

    Wow, amazing. These words have confirmed what I’ve been seeing and asked Father God to confirm to me. Praise the Lord on high who is worthy to be praised. Have a blessed day Jamie. Amen and Amen 🙏😀

  27. I am taking this word, it bought me to tears just seeing the title I know God is working in my life I just feel it Thankyou Abba father Jamie you are blessed with an awesome gift from God, I am blessed and highly favoured

  28. Amen. Thank you Abba Father forbgiving this Word to your faithful daughter Jamie. Amen.

  29. I 💯 percent bear witness. Thank you Lord!

  30. Thank you I believe and receive INJC+

  31. Violet Taaka says:

    Blessings Jamie that’s exacly what you are to me , your obedience to papa gods messages Lifts me up and encourages me to seek and love him more Thank you papagod for blessing Jamie with .godly wisdom ,Holy discernment ,more love And obedience To you in Jesus holy name and his prescious Holy Spirit Amen 🙏 🥰

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