When God Honors You, Don’t Throw It Away

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When-God-Honors-You-Don't-Throw-It-Away-pinWhen God honors you, do you have a hard time receiving the blessing?

To put it another way, have you ever noticed God blessing you–and you feel like you have to delegate the blessing? Or, maybe God gives you an opportunity. He puts you in the spotlight–and you feel like you need to use that spotlight to put others in the spotlight?

There is always a good reason to serve others. There’s always a good reason to raise other people up–and there’s always a reason to give other people opportunity. That’s the Kingdom.

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    BUT … Sometimes God is trying to honor you, and He just wants you to sit back and receive the honor.

    Sometimes He’s trying to bless YOU, and He wants you to accept the blessing. And when God honors you, you have to know the difference. You have to recognize it when you’re meant to just be blessed by the honor.

    It’s kind of like how He gives both “seed to the sower” AND “bread for food” (2 Corinthians 9:10). Yes, that Scripture is talking about money, which is not what we’re talking about today. HOWEVER, bear with me as we look at the illustration.

    God gives seed to the sower.

    This means He gives people things that they are supposed to give away. Usually, the seed is money; but He gives other things too. When He gives you something and He intends it to be seed, He’s asking you to give it away so He can give you more. Remember that, as we give, it comes back to us–good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over (Luke 6:38).

    But God also gives bread for food. That means:

    • He gives you money to pay the electric bill with.
    • He gives you money to buy groceries with.
    • He gives you rent money or money to pay the mortgage.

    And when He does that, He expects you to use that money to meet your need. It’s BREAD; you’re supposed to eat it! You’re supposed to pay the power bill; buy the groceries; and pay the rent. It’s bread for food, NOT SEED. 

    There’s a legalistic fallacy in the Church today that says you’re supposed to give everything away.

    The problem with that is, um, you’re not. God gives both seed to the sower AND bread for food. Even sowers have to eat. And if you give everything away, sometimes you defeat God’s purpose–because He is trying to get things TO you as well as THROUGH you.

    Don’t forget that blessing you matters to God just as much as blessing His other kids matters to Him. 🙂

    Now back to this honor thing:

    Awhile back, I started praying this radical prayer, asking God to honor me. I almost felt uncomfortable praying it, because it seemed like a weird thing to pray. It seemed nearly idolatrous; like I was taking something from God.

    But He said in Psalm 91:15 that He wants to honor me, so I asked Him to go ahead and do it. And the weirdest, freakiest things started happening: God began to honor me.

    And you know how I reacted?

    Two ways:

    • I tried to give the honor away–to delegate and share the opportunity to others who also needed opportunity; and
    • Feeling like it was the “spiritual” and “right” thing to do, I told the Lord: “Thank You for honoring me. But God, I give it back to You.”

    The funny thing was, delegating the honor didn’t seem anointed.

    I thought it was the right thing to do for that situation, but things always went better when I stuck with the opportunity myself instead of trying to give it to others. Also, when I told the Lord said that, for some reason I felt like it grieved the Holy Spirit… but I didn’t know why. On top of that, it seemed like the pipeline of honor that had opened up for me suddenly stopped.

    Well, I finally figured out why.

    The Lord had been giving me honor–ME–as “bread for food.” It was honor and opportunity He intended for me. Not for others; but for me, in this particular case. That doesn’t mean that other honors or opportunities weren’t meant to be shared; but these particular ones weren’t. They were bread for food–meant for me to eat and enjoy–not meant to be sown and passed on.

    I felt Father’s heart on this when I tried to honor someone who refused the honor.

    A bit later, I tried to honor someone I know. I was absolutely sure that this person was the one I should bless. I had prayed about it, dreamed about it (actual dreams at night), and had the go-ahead from my leader.

    So I talked to the person. And you know what? The person wouldn’t receive the honor.

    Then I finally understood what I had been doing to the Holy Spirit.

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    Out of ignorance and not knowing how to handle it when God honored me, I threw that honor away. Think of it this way:

    When the prodigal son came back to his father, his father put his own best robe on the son. What an honor that was! It was the equivalent of a royal robe; the garb only worn by the head of the household. It screamed to everyone else how valued, treasured, and precious this son was.

    Do you think the son immediately said:

    “Thanks for the robe, Dad. But here you go; you can have it back. I prefer my stinky, dirty, piggy clothes.”

    Ummm, NO! I’ll bet that boy wore that robe all night. I’ll bet he wore it to eat in, to dance in, and to talk to all his father’s friends in. Did it fit? Who knows. Was it his? No, it was his father’s. But it was the father’s good pleasure to put his robe on his boy to show everyone how much he loved that boy.

    Honor is like that. It is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.

    When Papa God drapes us with honor, it’s because He wants us to wear that honor well. He doesn’t want us to refuse it, despise it, or give it back. He knows it’s His, and we should know it’s His… but we shouldn’t refuse it.

    I’ve been praying about this awhile because I felt like I had grieved the Holy Spirit when I rejected the honor He draped me with. And as I prayed, I felt like this prayer was a better one than I had prayed before:

    “Father, thank You for honoring me. Please teach me how to wear Your honor well.”

    So how do you apply this? How do you show proper respect to the honor God gives you? Here’s how:

    When God honors you, don’t throw it away.

    When you start praying for honor and the Lord starts answering your prayer, it could look like any number of things:

    • You get picked for specific opportunities that you never imagined would come your way.
    • You suddenly have favor, and people who can impact your destiny start talking about you—in a good way. Winking smile
    • Your work starts getting recognized, when nobody ever recognized your work before.

    All of these are examples of honor. Honor is something we all want, even if we don’t know what to call it. It’s what happens when the Father chooses to brag on you and promote you.

    But how we receive that honor is crucial.

    When our Father drapes His cloak of honor over us, it’s a gift. More than that, it’s a sign of how much He loves and values us.

    So when Father honors you, here’s what to do:

    • Thank Him for it, knowing that it belongs to Him, and ask Him to help you wear it well.
    • Be worthy of the honor you’ve been given.
    • Ask the Father to continue to honor you.

    Will you ask God to honor you today – and then be sure to receive and carry it well?

    Image courtesy of Kim Faires on Flickr.


    1. Laurna Tallman says:

      Hi, Jamie,
      Your teaching is very important. Many Christians have the mistaken idea that part of meekness, modesty, and submissiveness entails crushing their God-given abilities. A lot of attention has been given to these problems as they apply to women, but they extend to men and they start in childhood. “Who am I to do amazing things?” they say to themselves. “Besides, I would be outshining Mr. A and Mrs. B and Miss C who will be jealous and the community will be upset.” The result of this false modesty is that secular learning has moved ahead of the churches along most dimensions you can think of. We have surrendered expertise to people who actually are no more capable than we are of making tremendous discoveries. Jesus said the those who came after Him would do GREATER things than He had done. Who are we NOT to fulfill His prophetic words? I appreciate your directions for how to pray because I have come into some such amazing discoveries but have not yet found much honour for them except in a very small circle. If they are to reach the people who need healing, I need that honour and I need to know how to carry it.

      1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing, Laurna! Yes, I have a post here about how that Christianese thing we say, “He must increase, but I must decrease,” is taken totally out of context. We use it to say that we should be less than God made us to be. (Another related post: You Are God’s Dream, here.)

        According to Daniel 11:32b, God’s people were made to be strong and do great exploits! Those exploits originated from God and are performed by God, but we get to enjoy letting Him flow through us to accomplish them on the earth.
        Carry on, and carry that holy honor well!
        Blessings to you! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    2. Laurna Tallman says:

      Hi, Jamie, I checked out both your other posts and they are right on the button! I think worldly jealousy makes us feel we have to be self-effacing while we are actually social-climbing. The sort of false modesty that, at least when I was growing up, was interlaced with most social chatter was a smoke screen for what one secretly wanted to have or hoped to become. You couldn’t let others know about those big dreams (as you have written about God’s plans for our lives) because you might appear conceited. But by playing that game, you weaken your chances of throwing yourself whole-heartedly into what you should be doing because you do have those God-given abilities. And by playing along with the lies, you end up confused; you lose track of who you really are.

      Thanks for your Holy Enthusiasm!

    3. Catherine says:

      Thank you Jamie for sharing. Some times I do feel guilty accepting His honor but not any more. I love how you brought out the importance of accepting His honor.

    4. What is the difference between God honoring us, and having His favor?

    5. Jamie thank you so much. I receive this word of wisdom. Thank you for your obedience.

    6. Charlotte says:

      Thank you Jamie for this post. I also prayed this after reading your post a few months ago. I received God’s honour too when He saved my husband. Then 2 weeks after he backslid. Cos i didnt believe that God would actually do it as i was afraid to minister to hubby. I felt that hubby would not accept my ministering cos he didnt really believe in Jesus. I am so sorry I did not accept that honor cos after that i felt Holy Spirit leave me. I really did not accept honor. I am so grieved my bad behaviour but repented and am back on track with God. I have truly learnt a great lesson here. Thank you for posting and blessings to you on your diligence for honoring God.

    7. Reine Barra says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I am blessed with your message. I remember the story of Joseph. And I remember what God says in Ephesians 3 & Psalms 91.
      I believe that honoring one another is so important because that’s who He is to us. Ephesians 3:17-19 (NKJV) says, v17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, v18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what [is] the width and length and depth and height- v19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

      Psalms 91:14-16 (NKJV) says, v14 “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name. v15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer hi,; I [will be] with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. v16 With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation.”

      God honors us because He loves us so much! I believe knowing who we are in Christ is so important! Many times we forgot our identity. Thank God that He keeps reminding us through those people like you!

      Thank you for your encouraging word Jamie!

      1. Unyime Aniekan Essien says:

        Hello Jaime,
        This message is great affirmation of the honor God has granted me and my ongoing approach to accept it boldly while depending TOTALLY on Him to help me handle it well. It doesn’t matter the years of mediocrity, emptiness, failures, mockeries, doubts e.t.c.I had packed into my system, Now is my time to wear the Lord’s cloak well and be a testimony to others who have my similar experience in life. This revelation came to me while I was praying and reading your message, I said, after God honors you, you then turn around to honor Him and no other way than the CROSS, THE BLOOD. We must go out there N be a blessing to others-preaching His good news, doing good, not minding who looks down on us because we have first-hand ‘honor’ and approval from God Himself. God bless your wisdom and your ministry. Amen.

    8. Gina Williams says:

      mHi Jamie. I just read the post about Honor, and it was just what I needed to hear. I have been feeling very worthless and unloved. And I find myself constantly asking God why I’m not enough. Now I’m going to start asking him for Honor in every area of my life. I thank you for each of your articles. You are a true blessing. I’m experiencing a lot of issues in my life, work, home, finances and relationship, but I’m trying to pray more and expect great things. But it is very hard, when you feel that you are worthless. Please, believe in prayer with me for a shift in every area of my life, God Bless you all

    9. Love this! Thank you Jamie for being a willing vessel for the Lord!

    10. Gail Wilson says:

      Glory to God! I was recently asked to speak on how God has honored me, and I needed to do a little research to streamline the answer. I don’t have enough words, paper or ink to describe ALL the ways in which He honors me. Your article helped me to pinpoint the answer needed for such a time as this. Thank you for allowing God to use you richly. God bless you!

    11. Sonja R Campbell says:

      It is difficult to be sure of the honor. I was conditioned strongly to not have pride. The wilderness has been rough on me with many delays( I know I am the reason for them) so even though I have had dreams visions and affirmation from the Father, I struggle to celebrate the reality of His robe( especially since it hasn’t fully materialized). This is helpful insight that I can meditate on , thank you.

    12. Henrietta says:

      This message speaks straight to my heart! I’ve been unable to even take appreciation for my work… even accepting credit for it had been tough for me many a time, this went on for years! It was as though I didn’t exist for me… It was a price I paid for living with rejection for most of my life. The Lord has been wonderful! He healed me and restored me. Now He’s helping me walk upright and He’s teaching me to take credit for my own work and get the right wages for it too… He’s going one step further teaching me to receive honor today, thanks to you Jamie! God bless you abundantly! You’re a great blessing to me!!!

      Thank You Abba Father! It is my joy to belong to You! From now I will receive all that you give me joyfully. I will receive even the honor and appreciation with a grateful heart. I’m sorry I grieved You by my wrong thinking and attitudes before. Help me Lord to make this right!

    13. Thanks a lot for these words I always say I deserve but now I know .I Pray the Lord will continue to use you by doing His works.be bless.

    14. Hi Jamie, thank you for this wonderful insight. I was wondering how do I know if I an meant to keep the blessing or pass it on to someone else? I had been given some money this week, and had intended to give as my tithe.. But now I’m not sure what to do.. Thank you. 😊

      1. Jillian, the tithe is non-negotiable. It is always the first 10% of your gross increase. There is never a decision to be made about the tithe; it belongs to the Lord. 🙂
        Hope this helps.

    15. KAWEESA ROCHART says:

      Dear Jamie, thank You for sharing this message, I think I had never read this part of Scripture.
      It’s such empowering and eye-opening. I want to learn more about the word of God and how to accept His Honor for Me. Thank You.
      I am encouraged to continue reading and believing in His Word.

    16. Mwanamgeni says:

      Thank you so much Jamie, For this encouraging message, If god honors me with some funds to pay off my debt but before I even pay, a colleague or a friend comes and says kindly could you borrow me some funds I have an urgent problem. What I do I do? The word says in provers 3:27-28 Do not with hold goods from those who deserve, Do not say to your Neighbour come back later, i’ll give it tomorrow. When you now have it with you.

    17. John Annanson says:

      Dear Prophetess,God richly bless and HONOUR you for this! I have asked people to help pray for others and turned they went and put me down,run me down and just brought a wedge between me and people I have been counseling and praying for for years. I can’t list all here, but just to say it got into me. God bless you Jamie and I am trusting God for your ministry, what a blessing it has been to me and others I have shared your TIMELY prophetic messages and teachings with. May you know that even though I am in a very “sorry” state in my life now,I pray that God will open His Divine VAULT for you. You are a GENUINE sister in the LORD.

    18. In Biblical Counseling I was given an assignment to do the discussion questions from a chapter in the book Shame Interrupted. I came to the question – What are some of the honors God bestows? I spent some time really thinking on this question and I also came across your article. I’m not sure I’ve ever deeply thought on this from Scripture before. At first when I started reading your words I had a iron barrier starting to erect in me again – a wall I know far too well … by the time I ended I was in tears. This incomprehensible Truth just brought me to my knees. Thank you for blessing me with your words.

    19. Thankyou Jamie awesome teaching on receiving honor be blessed

    20. such a powerful and needed teaching, Jamie! Thank you. I receive this and will start praying this over my life, all of what you taught.

    21. Maribeth Bieber says:

      Hi Jamie I started to tell you a story of when the Lord spoke to me. I was crying, driving , radio loud, and was turned down from foster care, last chance to have a baby. The Lord spoke to me loud and clear?
      “I am going to give you a double blessing!”
      We adopted a child and had our own. What a blessing! Best days of my life.
      Now I ask the Lord things,
      I don’t hear anything!
      I talk to Him but don’t heart anything back. He will comfort me and give me peace when I ask him and cry out to Him. I want to do much write what He tells me to say but it’s my word not how He would say it. Then I think it’s me.
      When I sign up for convert a kit for emails for blogging to lift people up when they are down and if they need resources. I don’t need to use them for any thing else do I? I have all your videos I will follow the documents that you made for us. But I do need the name of the free website I could use. I know you said not to use it because it has to be transferred to be published. I have to though until I make some money. Please if you remember, please let me know!
      Thank you

    22. Spot on word! I had been praising Abba just the other day and marveling over the fact that He has promised to honor us in Pslam 91.
      This article is a beautifully honest look at how we can miss the Lords blessing if we are too busy trying to bless others. I appreciate this conflict – and the wisdom you’ve gleaned will help spare me as I continue to grow in the Lord. Thank you 🙏🏼 as always for your sharing and imparting. May the Lord bless and keep you and yours sister Jamie – shalom, shalom 👑🙏🏼

    23. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN, THANKU, I PRAY THE LORD HONOR UPON MY LIFE and that I know and discern what I need to share and what I need for me. God Bless you Ps Jamie for your willing heart to share divine holy treasures.

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