An Invitation to Fast

Dear Presence-seeking family,

I have been praying about an extended fast, and I felt today like the Lord wanted me to invite you to pray about a fast–and consider fasting–with me, together as a group.

I don’t know about you, but I love fasting. That is to say, I love the spiritual benefits of fasting. I love the feeling of drawing close to the Lord. I can feel it the moment I commit to the fast and begin to pray over my prayer list!

I also love the results of fasting.

Fasting shakes things in the heavenlies. It pries open doors that were previously closed. It brings down blessings you never imagined before. As the late Franklin Hall wrote, fasting gives your prayers atomic power with God.

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When I have fasted–truly fasted with a right heart, not just grouchily abstained from a meal or two out of a misguided sense of guilt, duty, or condemnation–God has moved.

He’s moved on time, quickly, every time.

I will admit that I don’t love the sacrifice of fasting.

I don’t always fast from all food. As Dr. Elmer Towns says, don’t make rules where God made none.

Daniel and his friends fasted from sweets and meats. Others in the Bible fasted from both food and water–but that was a supernatural miracle that we should not try to replicate unless God carries you up to Mount Sinai like He called Moses.

But no matter what I’m giving up whenever I fast, it’s has to be a sacrifice. It would do me no good to give up something meaningless.

For example, I’m a vegetarian. If I were to fast from meat, that would have no meaning to me or God. It would do me no good, because I don’t eat meat anyway. I have been a vegetarian my whole life.

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But I do love ice cream. I love pie.

And I love cheese, Mexican food, pasta, breads, juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and other sweet and cheesy foods of every kind. Giving up any of those things is a HUGE sacrifice. Giving them all up would be a miracle.

Nevertheless, God will give us a supernatural grace for glorious fasting if we ask Him.

Fasting is supposed to be a sacrifice. It’s about offering up a love offering to the Lord, sacrificing something so we can simply stare at Him awhile. So we can adore Him. So we can remove all blockages and hindrances that would prevent us from ministering directly to His heart.

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And one of the things that helps us fast gloriously is praying before the fast for the fast.

So I have been praying. At first, I told the Lord that I know I need to fast, but I don’t want to. I asked Him to help me want to if He really wants me to fast right now. After all, the apostle Paul wrote:

for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” (Philippians 2:13).

So I submitted my will to the Lord and asked Him to change my heart. I’ve continued to pray that for several days, as I sensed the Lord was probably drawing me into a season of fasting. Probably.

But I wasn’t altogether sure.

Just before I wrote this, however, I became sure.

The confirmation came when I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me to start the fast this Wednesday, February 14–and to invite any of you who desire to do so to fast with me.

When I hear the Lord mention a date like that, or a date range (He told me to fast 40 days), I usually look and see what spiritual holidays or Jewish holidays fall on the dates He has shown me.

So I looked it up. I’ve been a little out of the loop recently, so I wasn’t sure what holidays were happening this month (other than Valentine’s Day in the USA). And when I looked it up …

… this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. It’s the beginning of Lent. And 40 days from Wednesday is Palm Sunday.

So, I get it. Okay, Jesus. You’ll have to help us, but I’ll do it … and I’m inviting any among you to join me if you want to.

Do you want to join me?

You can fast from whatever you work out with God. I’m breastfeeding a baby, so I can’t fast from food. But, I can cut out certain things that the Lord has asked me to offer to Him as a sacrifice through fasting. I will miss those things, and I will need Papa’s grace to get through. But, my baby won’t suffer.

Likewise, you can fast from anything the Lord leads you to fast.

Don’t let anyone else’s leadings determine your own. Just ask the Lord what you should give up and how you should fast, and He will show you.

Also, please read the articles about fasting in the links above. They will help you practically, inspire you, and encourage you.

So, that’s it. I felt led to invite you to fast with me if you want to. The fast begins on Wednesday, February 14, and ends on Sunday, March 25. I’d love to have you join me!

Do I have any takers? If so, please leave a comment below!

Love in Christ,


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  1. I will fast and pray with you Jamie. Thank you for the invitation . God bless !

    1. Yogendra sharma says:

      Good Morning. I will fast from tomorrow. I leave in Fiji. I will give up drinks and meat and will have fish. This is first fasting for me and thank you for convincing me through your prayers Jamie. Encouraging words
      Yogendra Sharma

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Yes… I’m starting an extended fast tomorrow. I’m nervous about how hard it will be because my job is so physical. But I’ve so much in your life that needs God’s direction over! Yes… I’m in total agreement with this!

  3. Shamekah Shaw says:

    I will join the fast. I will seek God as to what to fast from. And pray for grace.

  4. I would love to fast with you guys! Lou Engle is also calling believers to a fast around this same time… I believe his starts on the 19th. (I think he’s believing to see an outpouring like Acts 2) ?
    So I’m super excited to join both calls to fasting & can’t wait to hear clearly & see what’s going to shift, happen, or move. ??

  5. I’m in! Thank you for inviting me.

  6. Hi Jamie, I’d like to join you to fast. I haven’t tried the absolute fasting of 40 days yet. Please help me how to do it, I am willing to sacrifice. Praying for God’s grace!

  7. Hi Jamie, yes I would really like to try fasting with you. As I am a food addict, I don’t feel giving up my trigger foods for Lent is appropriate. I love the idea of giving up something besides food. I will pray about it and see where God leads me. Count me in!

  8. I will accept your invitation to fast for this time Jamie. God bless

  9. Kristi Fritch says:

    Hey Friend! I will be fasting with you. Not sure yet what I will fast that will mean something.

  10. Leticia Martinez says:

    Hello, Jamie . Yes, I accept the challenge. God is soo Good!! This is soo exciting?

  11. Hello, Jamie . Yes, I accept the challenge. God is soo Good!! This is soo exciting?

  12. Georgina Barboutis says:

    Hi Jaime, I also would like to join you to fast and pray and will ask God what type of fast from now.

  13. Georgina Barboutis says:

    Hi Jaime, I am in with the fast and am excited to be in a group to do this with.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I’m in. Thanks for the invitation!!!

  15. Penelope ware says:

    I want in too please☺️

  16. Pauline Borgan says:

    I have been hearing it is time to fast. Thank you for the encouragement to do so.

  17. Hi Jamie,
    I like to join you on the fast. Although I have never went on a fast. I’ve tried in the past but was successful. So I’ll try again.

  18. Hi Jamie I like to try doing the fast with you.

  19. Pauline Borgan says:

    I have been hearing that I needed to fast. Thank you for the encouragement to do so.
    Blessings to all!

  20. Yes, I will participate in this fast and will seek the Lord on the type of fast. I am anticipating great things and pray for grace for all of us. ❤

  21. Penelope Ware says:

    Me too please+

  22. Barb Brando~Lachowsky says:

    Dear Achoti Jamie,
    I will fast with You starting tomorrow!
    God Bkess You & Your Precious Family❣️

  23. I will join you on the fast. From worry fear and anxiety and negative chatter and thinking. To pray more.

  24. I would love to fast with you too. Will seek God for directions.

  25. Yes I am in , I will start on Feb 14 with the Daniels fasting! I have done it before and received deliverance and got closer to God!
    God bless you and your family I am happy with your baby outcome!

  26. Yes definately will pray for guidance. I heard it is right also to fast by doing Good deeds, changing negative attitudes, etc so let the Holyspirit Lead us.

  27. Georgina Barboutis says:

    Jaime, yes I want to do this fast with the group.

  28. I’m accepting this invitation as well. It fits in very well with the 40 day fast began at the beginning of this year and with the 40 day fast for the Latter Rain. It is exciting what happens when we corporately enter into what can only happen through prayer and fasting.
    Praying for you all

  29. Georgina Barboutis says:

    I would like to do this fast with the group

  30. All glory to God!, on all accounts! I’ve been hearing this as well, I will join in on the fast, and very interested in the retreat. I’m praising the Lord for the answer to Prayer for your precious baby boy! Heaven is pouring out bountiful blessings…thank you Glorious Lord!

  31. Hi Jamie I will join fast. To seek God perfect will. Gods purpose. God direction for ministry purpose and yo walk in the activating power of the Holy Spirit in all areas of my life. Also for wisdom and revelation knowledge.

  32. All glory to God!, on all accounts! I’ve been hearing this as well, I will join in on the fast, and very interested in the retreat. Yes, I would love to sign up for the webinar, thank you Jamie. I’m praising the Lord for the answer to Prayer for your precious baby boy! Heaven is pouring out bountiful blessings…thank you Glorious Lord!

  33. I would love to enter a fast with you all. It fits in very well with the first of this year’s 40 day fast and the Latter Rain 40 day fast. Looking forward to what happens as a result of only through prayer and fasting.

    Praying for you all.

  34. I will be in prayer and fasting along with you. The Lord has been calling me toward a fast but as I’ve never been called to a40 day fast He has been teaching me in preparation. I have difficulty remembering to eat. it’s as if I’ve been in a 7 year fast and food isn’t necessary, until I remember I haven’t eaten then I’m ravenous. I feel led to ask the Lord to show me what I should remove as I rarely eat neat, not a sweets fan ( even though I own a cake business) the only constant thing I enjoy is coffee and without it I develop migraines. I do not take synthetic medications to stop migraines or for any ailments. He has healed me of thyroid cancer, stomach cancer and other ailments so I’m not going to jump into a fast without deep deep prayer but I do recognize this call too fast in my Spirit. Please pray for me as I go to Papa for instruction in my fasting.

  35. Yes, I’m in the fast for 40 days.

  36. Anna Poupart says:

    I will Thank You for including me.. and I am so Thrilled about your son… PRAISE HIS AWESOME AND WONDERFUL AND EXCELLENT NAME..

  37. Yes count me in please

  38. Joelle Erdmann says:

    I’m in!!! Thank you Jamie for listening to God and encouraging us in our walk with Him. I will pray about what to fast, but I’m pretty sure it’s sugar and maybe coffee too.
    For Christ,

  39. Ricky Rabi says:

    Yes, I will join the fast, ask Father God for Grace.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I will join you as well, Jamie. Thank you for making us part of this blessing.

  41. LInny O'Hara says:

    I’m in prayer asking our LORD what He wants my fast to be, but I wanted to say that I will be fasting with you. Thank you for the invitation and inspiration. GOD bless, protect, and prosper you.

  42. Patrick Murray says:

    Hi Jamie, Im fasting with you, and feasting on His word. Thank you for blog spot on every time.God bless your mission. Pat

    1. My church did a week fast. It was the first time I actually had done one over a day. It was amazing!! Yes I join with you in this fast.

  43. Praise God! Im glad to hear about your baby. I prayed for your family. Glory to God. Yes I will join you and others on this 40 day fast. Actually its a confirmation . I am expecting great things to occur in all of lives and families who partake in this fast. Be blessed and know we are praying for you.

  44. Thanks Jamie for the invite. I will gladly fast with u. Let me start praying about how to fast during these 40 days.

  45. Jamie, thabk you for inviting me to join you and others in this fast. I have been fasting since last November but recently have been thinking I need to do something different. I will be seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit on how to do this 40 day fast .

  46. CHRISTINA M ODell says:

    I’ve kn lil wn I’ve needed to fast, 40 days is what I’ve known, so with God help, i will too.

  47. CHRISTINA M ODell says:

    Im in. Ive been getting the same message for myself.

  48. Glory be to God in the highest. This is the confirmation I needed, as the Holy Spirit laid on my heart that I should fast for that same period of time (Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday – 40 days) also. Jaime thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to send a confirming word. I shall be joining you and taking you up on your invitation.

  49. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    hi Jamie!I’m in,I thank God for this,I was thinking about it last week to fast n i thank God for confirming it to me.Wiil pray what the Lord reveals to me to do n need His you all to my brothers n sisters as we seek God together..Amen!!!!

  50. Funny, I felt like The Lord is calling me to fast also since Friday so much so that last night I did a search on your site last night on fasting. I woke up this morning, checked my email and sure enough, you sent out this in email. Thank you. For me it’s just confirmation that He is moving and I’m ready to take this plunge to see Him work miracles and move mountains only He can move in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Again, thank you for being so open for Him to use you because through you, He’s blessed me and all these others and I am so grateful. God bless you

  51. Cean Binahl says:

    Hi Jamie, am in, drawing closer to God has never been more needed as now.
    Be blessed

  52. I’m in. Thank you for the invitation. I need a spiritual breakthrough that I know can only come through a fast. I have never done 40 days so trust that God’s grace will sustain me.

  53. Marnie and Alexsayah says:

    We’re in! Thank-you for the invite!! Blessings to you and yours.

  54. Yes I am in, and pray for you!

  55. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Jamie – would love to join you on this fast. will seek God and find out what He wants me to give up>
    Blessings to you and your family

  56. Delia Charlot says:

    Good morning Jamie, thank you for being on fire for the LORD, I am praying for you and your family..
    This is amazing, I’ve been hearing the number 40 for days now, I am in. By GOD’S GRACE.
    To have something you’ve never had before, you would have to do something you’ve never done before..
    I pray our Strenght in the LORD!

  57. Frances Juanita Brooks says:

    Yes I will join you in the Fast.
    Thank You for the invitation.

  58. I’m all in! Had been thinking of what to give up during Lent so this fits right in. Thanking God for what He’s doing with your ministry and in your personal life. Praying for divine health and growth developments for your son.

  59. I’m in, Jamie! I was thinking about starting a fast this morning and BOOM!, your post was confirmation.

  60. Thank you Jamie for all you do for the body of Christ. I plan to join the fast. Will you be sending out prayer points? Congratulations on the good news with your precious son. Also could please keep my son in your prayers. This is his last year in highschool and he is 3 credits short and needs to pass the English Starr Test to graduate by the end of May. Thank you so much and God bless.

  61. I also have been feeling pull towards fasting and wanting to start it and continue with it. I am joining your fast and will be seeking God for guidance in what I should be fasting from. Thank you so much for the invitation to fast.

  62. Yes, I’ll join you! Over this past weekend, I picked up Lou Engle’s “The Jesus Fast” which helps and encourages believers to undertake a 40-day fast for outpouring of Holy Spirit for revival. God’s timing is perfect!

  63. Thank you Jamie for the invitation. I have been felling God pushing me to a fast, but I just haven’t done it. I will be joining you. I will subit to my Lord God. I know this is nothing but confirmation from God. Thank you, and God Bless You, your baby, and your family!

  64. Priscilla says:

    Thank you for the invite Jamie, I am in. I love milk, i drink a glass or two a day and I also happen to cant be doing without my whatsapp. So i will give up these during the 40 days i will be dedicating to my Lord. So strengthen me LORD!

  65. Thank you for the invitation Jamie. I accept wholeheartedly. Looking forward to shaking things in the heavenlies, prying doors open, setting captives free, and those things that come out only through prayer and fasting, and all the blessings associated with fasting and prayer. This fits right in with the timing of 40-day fast at the first of the year and the coming 40-day fast for the Latter Rain. HALLELUJAH!!!

    Praying for you all.

  66. Norma Frizzell says:

    I will fast with you but the Lord gave me a different slant. A more positive one than a negative one. I will take up something that the Lord has been trying to encourage me to do something that I find hard to do that only his Grace can accomplish. I am going to pray and ask him what that should be. I want to love like him and find that hard. So what would the sacrifice look like. Thanks for your heart.

  67. Every time I respond to this invitation in the positive and write a good comment, it comes up fatal error!!!

    1. So sorry. I’m trying to get that fixed. Just started last night and I have no idea why! 🙁

      1. Thank you Jamie, it is fixed and I left my response.

  68. Kevynne Walker says:

    I’m in! I will start praying today about what I should fast from. I want this to be full of purpose ?

  69. Will join you and others to fast for the next 40 days starting Feb 14th. God bless all.

  70. Yes I will fast with you.

  71. Katrina Pritchett says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I’m all in! I will be fasting with you as the has been pressing upon my heart to fast 40 days and this is perfect timing! There’s strength in numbers and I believe God is going to miraculously move in everyone’s life even while doing the fast. Thank you so much for your obedience Jamie! I really appreciate you!

  72. I’m in! Thank you for the invitation.

  73. I am also in! Just started fasting one day per week this year. God is desiring to do something in all of us. I am very excited to hear the praise reports that will come in….including my own!

  74. KAREN WILLIAMS says:

    God is so awesome! Starting 40-Day “Draw the Circle” Prayer Challenge with Mark Batterson on the very same days as this fast! Was praying about Daniel fasting during this time and then received your invitation. Thank you! ? Will definitely be joining in! Love and Blessings! ❤️

  75. Thank you so much for all you do for the body of Christ Jamie. Congratulations on the good news about your son.I plan on joining the fast. Will you be providing prayer points thru out the fast? Also will you please keep my son in prayer, this is his last year in highschool and they have told him he is 3 credits short and he needs to pass the English Starr test in order to graduate by the end of May. Thank you and God bless.

  76. Maria Torrealba says:

    I also need one, thank you for the invitation` +

  77. Thank you for the invitation Jamie, I’m in. I am also looking forward to seeing the mighty hand of God upon families, the church and so much more!!

  78. Diane Leonhardt says:

    I’m in a college town and many of us started the collegiate fast on January 13th-Feb 22nd. When i saw Lou Engle post the global fast starting the 19th I was encouraged in the Lord and sensed overwhelming grace to keep going! It’s such a sweet place with the Lord and hearing His heart! Been praying for you and your baby, love your ministry and hope to come to Tennessee this fall!

  79. Thanks Jamie, for inviting us to fast and pray, I’ll join you. I believe as well that to have a right heart before the Lord is very important. Let’s shake the heaven for blessing around us, our families, friends, our church, our government, for all non-believers around us that we have spoke to, our coworkers, for YOU JAMIE, for your child and husband, for your blog to reach many in this turbulent times, wisdom, purpose, healthy parameters and for our youth today, they face opposition, trials and traps as never before, when doing the right before the Lord.

  80. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your obedience! Holy Spirit used you to confirm He is drawing me to fast, and yes for 40 days. My family will be gathering March 31 for a reunion, and we have some unsaved family members. I know this is The Lord’s way of preparing me to be salt and light during this time.
    I pray for God’s Grace to help us make the necessary sacrifices for an effective and fruitful time of fasting!

  81. Pamela Reed says:

    Yes, I will fast with you from February 14th to March 25th.

  82. Tierashia Adair says:

    I’m in, Sister! Thank you, Lord, for the unity of believers joining in with Jamie. Strengthen us all to do your will and to do it with joy!

  83. Count me in. I’ll join the fast

  84. I am in! I will be seeking the Lord for his direction on what to fast. Thank you for your encouragement.

  85. Lachanna Jackson says:

    Jamie, thank you. I’ve been sensing of the Lord to fast. I have been reading about it, but really didn’t know how to give up sweets, and my coffee. I didn’t want to go through suar and caffeine withdrawals. However, I believe that you r invitation was Divinely inspired.

    I’m in!!

    Just an fyi, on the side-nursing mom’s need lots of calories, even while fasting. Years ago, I cut back on my calories, and it compromised the quality and quantity of my milk supply.

    I do believe that the Lord is leading you to the specific type of fast that will proovide the necessary energy and nutrients for you and your little one.


  87. Would love to join also. What kind of fast are you doing? I am also breastfeeding twins so I can’t give up food either.

  88. Thanks Jamie, count me in. Meditating on 40 promises of God from the bible. A promise a day, e.g. day 1 Hebrews 13:5
    Also giving up on some foods.

  89. Yesssss, I have been wanting to fast so I am all in!

  90. I’m in ? it’s so encouraging to read the comments and see this community joining together. Praise the Lord! May the Holy Spirit guide us and help us as we go thru these 40 days. I’m so excited ? I want to experience more of God, I have this hunger for more of Him.

    Love in Christ ❤️

  91. Lucy Gray says:

    I will join you! Need to pray about what to fast from but will do so.

  92. Thank you for the invitation. I’m in!

  93. Thank you for this invitation!
    Believing God for Grace to push through

  94. Armstrong says:

    yes i will join the fast ,i need God to come through in my life in all ramifications,i pray for grace

  95. Kelly Bleiler says:

    What a God moment! I usually fast at the beginning of every year. But this year I kept having one distraction after another, my family all became sick with the flu/cold and it lasted about a month and even after a month the fatigue still hung on. We are all just now starting to come out of the fog. I have spent a lot of time fasting out of obligation that I know God wants me to give him the first of my year. Your message about fasting has come at such a timely moment for me because I have felt the Lord leading me to start fasting on Wednesday. My family has had so many small trials going on in our lives sometimes it feels overwhelming. I can’t wait to join you in this Fasting time!

  96. Raynee' David says:

    Thank you for the invitation and excited to see what the LORD will reveal and speak to me about.
    Very blessed to have found this website. It’s been a tremendous blessing in my relationship with GOD.

  97. Count me in. I’m ready to take this journey with you. This is right on time.

  98. Helo thank you for the invite. Am in let’s do this

  99. Wow Gid is good all the time. I had been on fasting for 21 days in January. But tonight I was at the supermarket walikingbthe isle and I just hear in my spirit fasting food and when I look up I saw complet or whole wheat foods on the shelf so I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me before I read your email. I would love to join in this fasting but can I do a partial fasting Jamie as right now to be honest I don’t have enough work so the money part isn’t so strong right now to really maintain 40 days of fasting. But this is a great one I will join in but do partial. Jamie please let me know if its ok to do the partial fasting. And team and Jamie please m asking you to pray for me as right now am just feeling so down and frustrated. But I know Hod is still there I just need to look up a d give him praise. I would love to get a response back as to my question above. Thank you all and God bless.

  100. I’m in. I actually started an absolute fast for a week today, but at the end of it, i will continue maybe on a day to day Daniel fast (as the Lord leads). Thanks for all the encouragement you give.

  101. I will join the fasting

  102. Maria Rizzi says:

    Hi Jamie, I’m going to be joining you in this fast as well. I’m praying about what to fast from since physically and medically I’m not able to abstain from food at this time. I also am asking God how long to fast for. I love that we are doing this as a team, and am expecting great supernatural results.
    Blessings, Maria

  103. Hi Jamie, I would love to fast together with you so count me in. Thank you!!!

  104. Grace U.C. says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I will join the fast. I heard in my spirit yesterday about the need to focus on the journey of Jesus to the Cross as the basis for my prayer during this period. Jamie, I have never been on a retreat and I heard about a retreat yesterday in my spirit. A strange name GLORY MOUNTAIN CHURCH came to my mind as a place for my retreat and I searched and it did not align. Few hours later I saw your email calling for both a fast and a retreat. Something which I never understood opened up today. It would have left me fearful but for the realization that God has it all planned out. I am fasting along. God bless your ministry, family and you for being a blessing to all of us.


  105. Thanks for the invite Jamie! Praying to the Lord of the Harvest for you and this community!

  106. Hi Jamie,
    I accept the 40-day fast invitation and I am looking forward to it with great anticipation!

  107. I am in!
    Waiting from God to decide fasting what .

    Love and God bless

  108. Burnie Branscum says:

    I’m in Jamie!!! Not sure what it will be yet, as I’m fasting a few things already but I’m excited about it! I can’t wait!!!!

  109. God bless you for all your posts they have such a blessing to my life. I really want to join you on this fast and want to know if it’s okay to give up any form of meat and become a vegetarian for the fasting period. This is because l am on high blood pressure meds. I need so much going on in my life and need heaven to intercede. I have gone on a few 3day fasts and am fully confident that if l join you in this fast. God will break the unbreakable and shake the unshakable. For nothing is impossible with God.
    May Jehovah continue to bless and empower you with more grace to so His will.

  110. Hello Jamie
    I am so honored that you asked me to join you in this fast. Yes Yes Yes God spoke to me last month about fasting. I told Him I would and it was for a 40 day fast. Wow. I am so excited for all of us and this fast because God is going to move like never before. Great miracles signs and wonders is coming. I can feel it & I hear God whispering it!. I am excited!!!
    God Bless

  111. Maureen Dunbar says:

    Hi Jamie thank you for inviting me on this fast.. I’ve been thinking about doing another fast and I have been praying about it.. I think getting your email this morning is God’s way of confirming that this is it.. I will pray about what to fast from..
    thanks again ,
    Bless you!

  112. Thanks for the invite. I am very much looking forward to drawing closer to the Lord.

  113. Yes,i will join you in a fast . Praying for Revelation, wisdom and strategy especially concerning my children who are held in demonic mind control. I have been fasting almost every for two years drinking liquids until 3pm after which time i break the fast with communionans then eat a meal. Because I have been doing this daily I will seek the Lord for a new fast for the next 40 days but I am joining with you. Please agree with me in prayer for the Salvation and deliverance of my children who has been taken against their own free will having been born into an Illuminati bloodline. We need to pray for our nation the body of Christ the protection of our president and so many other important issues where we want to see father God break through. It is an excellent Holy Spirit idea for the remnant right now. I’m definitely an agreement and on board!

  114. definitely want to do this 40 days of fasting, I just finished a 21 days Daniel fast and feel I need to do a 40 days total fast on just liquids. Have always fasted and seen great breakthroughs happening in my life and my family.
    need another breakthrough in my sons lives, they both looking for work.

  115. Yes I will fast also, Thanks.

  116. When I saw this post, my spirit resonated with the need to fast. I spoke to my husband, and he also felt called to participate, so we’re IN! We are praying to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit on what to ‘let go’. Thank you Jamie, for your honesty and humility that allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through you. Because of your openness, we reap the benefits along with you.
    So glad to hear your son is doing better. How awesome that God directs us to those who can help us. His sovereignty always overwhelms me. God bless you and your entire family.

  117. Yes I’m joining fast!

  118. Congratulations once again Jamie on your wonderful gift from God. Thanks to God he is doing ok. Yes, I would like to join the fast. Any guide as to how we will proceed?

  119. Barbara Beverly-Thomas says:

    Hi Jamie, I will join you in the fast. I have some things going on in my life and i truly believe I herd “This comes out only thru prayer and fasting.” I’m praying about the fast before the fast. Thank you for inviting me.

  120. Hi Jamie . I was asking the lord if I should fast the last week . Got your fast email so I think I am in ? Praying on it and praying on what to fast . Needing total breakthrough & victory from the lord in heaven on a situation . Thank you for this powerful word . Following you has changed my world with Christ . Every blog U write speaks exactly to my circumstance .

  121. Yes I will join the fast!

  122. Thank you for the invitation Jamie. I’m looking forward to being a part of this 40-day and all that God is going to do as a result!!!!

    Praying for you all.

  123. I’m going to fast with everyone also! Thankful that God lead me to this!!!

  124. Jamie congratulations on the good news with your son and thank you so much for this I will be joining the fast. Will you plan on providing prayer points for the fast?

  125. annie phiri says:

    Good morning Jamie. I am in the invitation to fast. Thank you for invitatoon.

  126. Today, the Lord told me to fast. For 40 days. I looked up the dates as well. And then saw this post. Confirmation.

  127. The Lord recently put it on my mind to start a fast, so the timing of this fast is perfect. ? I am in!

  128. Joyce Ellen Pass says:

    Thank you-Yes I want to join the fast-help me LORD with discipline and focus.

  129. Nochickenhead says:

    Hi Jamie I’m in. I’ve decided to fast from sugar. I’ve seen so many spiritual attacks and I want my breakthrough.

  130. Francie Robertson says:

    Hi Jamie & Family !
    Yes Lord count me in too & thanks again for the privilege. You lead we follow!

  131. I am looking forward to joining you.
    Fasting can be uncomfortable but I love the blessing.
    God has been blessing my decision to fast(food) on a weekly basis seeking more of Him and asking for the return of our prodigal son. I am hearing more of His heart and we are seeing breakthrough for our son!
    Recently I added another day of fasting(food) as our church has called for a seven week fast also a friend asked if we could together fast for marriages(hers, my daughter’s and marriages in the church). We look forward to seeing God’s breakthrough!
    Then your request came to join you in a fast. I asked the Lord about incorporating this into what I am already doing or did He want another fast? He is asking me this time to remove an habit.
    Sooo, her we go….

  132. Veronica Puskas says:

    I will fast from sugar and bread (I love bread!). After John 4:34-35 quickened my spirit and meditating on it, and being given a word of knowledge that I will need to get out of my comfort zone, I decided to do it.

  133. Thank you Jamie, I’m in! and I join everyone in here in their intentions in prayer! God bless you all!

  134. Laura L Soly says:

    I’m joining you today and the “From His Presence” community in this 40 day fast. I have fasted before but never for 40 days. So, I’m looking forward to giving and hearing testimonies of what Abba does during this time of drawing near to Him 🙂

  135. Hi Jamie and family,

    Please count me in. I am in need of some breakthrough.

    Thank you,

  136. Saint John says:

    Yes I’m joining. From Valentine’s Day to Easter should be 40 days.

  137. I am in. Fasting from alcohol. Praying that my prodigal husband comes home and is healed of addictions and brokenness. Praying God restores our family.

  138. Yes I’m in too❤️Been wanting to do a fast to receive my breakthrough????I’m sooo tired❤️Man can’t BUT GOD CAN????????❤️

    1. Left message the other day saying I was in but kept failing to post due to error. So I did it again just in case

  139. Tomorrow I am finishing up a 40 day no sugar/coffee/junk food/ limiting social media fast God said do another 40 days so this is a blessing to be able to join with your group much easier to fast with an annoited Group with prayer covering Bless you and your baby!

  140. Pattie Searcy says:

    not working .l would like to fast l can’t get rid of l was on father wounds on laptop couldn’t find chat.????& l am doing second.u have helped me so much. thanks kisses for beautiful baby boy.??? Pattie Searcy

  141. Awesome. Happy to join in. Praise our God

  142. Jamie I accept the invitation to fast and thanks for the suggestions.
    I am concluding my fast with a day of dry fast.

  143. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Jamie for this invitation to fast. I had never fasted before and didn’t know a thing about fasting. But I jumped in on your invitation and I just have to say- God is so amazing!!! I’ve found a new discipline. And I’m so thankful. Thank you friend ❤️

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