Day 17: Grain and New Wine and Oil

Are you desperate for the Lord to provide the provision, fulfillment, and power for ministry that He has promised you? If so, you have GOT to pray through today’s breakthrough prayer points for grain and new wine and oil! You are going to be bowled over by God’s Word from today’s passage!

21 More Days of Breakthrough Prayer | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, if you need breakthrough in any area right now, then this whole series, 21 More Days of Breakthrough Prayer, and the original related series, 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer, are for you. I encourage you to pray through both series and believe God to move in a major way in your life.

The Lord has led me to write 21 More Days of Breakthrough Prayer because the first 21 days were so powerful, but the Lord told me He isn’t done working miracles!

So, we are continuing to pray through various breakthrough Scriptures for 21 more days!

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    In this simple prayer series, I am sharing one Scripture verse or passage each day. I will also add bullet-point prayer directives you can use to pray through that Scripture. I won’t be writing out actual prayers, though; I feel the Lord wants you to exercise your prayer muscles by talking to Him right out of your heart!

    Today, Day 17, we are receiving grain and new wine and oil from the Lord.

    Joel 2:18-19 says:

    “Then the Lord will be zealous for His land, and pity His people.

    The Lord will answer and say to His people, ‘Behold, I will send you grain and new wine and oil, and you will be satisfied by them; I will no longer make you a reproach among the nations'” (Joel 2:18-19).

    This is a passage that describes what the Lord will do when we set ourselves to fast and pray.

    He gripped me with this passage recently–so much so that it took my breath away. And when I began praying into these verses, I saw immediate, miraculous results. Praise God; His Word always works!

    Let’s look at what this passage means:

    First, He said He would “be zealous for His land and pity His people.”

    This means He has noticed that you’re struggling. He knows you need Him to take pity on you and move on your behalf. And He is saying RIGHT NOW that He is going to come in like a flood and avenge you, moving on your behalf with His power, for He has heard your cry!

    Then, He said He will answer your prayer.

    Beloved, God hears you and sees you. All things are exposed and visible. He has not forgotten you, and He will not pass you by!

    Then He tells us:

    The Lord will send you grain and new wine and oil.

    What is grain?

    It’s physical and financial provision. Grain is what you eat. It represents everything you need physically to sustain your life. So grain is MONEY plus every other thing you need the Lord to provide. Hallelujah; the Lord will provide all the money you need to be satisfied!

    What is new wine?

    The new wine that God is sending represents the infilling of Holy Spirit. New wine is what you get when Holy Spirit fills you up again with His power, moving in your heart. It’s Him bringing comfort, refreshing and restoring your soul, and filling you with the fullness of joy that can only come from His presence (Psalm 16).

    Basically, “new wine” represents God giving you everything you need for emotional, mental, and physical fulfillment, satisfaction, and healing. It’s the full satisfaction of your heart–and the full satisfaction of ALL the desires of your heart.

    What is the oil?

    Oil represents Holy Spirit resting on you to empower you to minister to others. It’s basically His person and power moving on you, in you, and through you with boldness, fire, and miracle-working power to minister to those who are outside.

    In other words, the new wine is for you–for your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical self. But the OIL is on you for others. It’s for you to reach out with; it’s for you to function in the world with God’s dumanis power and mighty anointing.

    And you know what? This Scripture says “You will be satisfied by them.”

    Think about that–because that’s the part that bowls me over the most.

    I don’t know about you, but it’s going to take an awful lot to make me satisfied.

    Seriously. Apply this concept to yourself. How much is it going to take to satisfy YOU?

    For example:

    • How much money (grain) is it going to take to satisfy your needs and desires–to give you the housing you desire, the lifestyle you have prayed for, and the safety and stability for which you yearn?
    • How much money (grain) is it going to take to get you totally out of debt?
    • How much money (grain) do you need to fully fund your retirement/reFIREment?
    • How much money (grain) is it going to take for you to start that ministry, invest in someone else’s ministry, or do the other Kingdom work that you long to do?
    • How much money (grain) is it going to take for you to become a giver like you dream of becoming?

    When you think of all those things, God is going to do even more than that … because He said, “Behold, I will send you grain and new wine and oil, and you will be satisfied by them ….”

    And beloved, He isn’t talking about removing Your Kingdom desires so that you don’t need much to be satisfied. NO; those desires are from HIM! He is saying He will fulfill every one of your desires with His provision, His personal ministry to your heart, and His power moving through you!

    That’s huge.

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    Then, let’s think about the new wine:

    • How much of the Lord’s work in your heart is it going to take to completely deliver you from worry?
    • How much of His comfort will it take to heal all your grief and pain?
    • How much of His manifest presence will it take so that you feel completely fulfilled in your emotions, soul, and spirit?
    • How much joy could you use today?
    • Can you imagine what it would be like to bounce around from day to day with a huge grin on your face, a spring in your step, dance in your feet, and joy in your heart because you are so emotionally and spiritually fulfilled?

    That would be amazing! And that’s exactly what He has promised!

    And then, there’s His oil.

    The Lord promised to pour out His oil on you until you are satisfied. The oil is the anointing of Holy Spirit. And the “anointing” is when Holy Spirit sits on you to do a thing. It’s power to do everything you need to do.

    How much oil do you need today? For example:

    • Do you need the oil of Holy Spirit to be a decent parent–or a better parent?
    • Do you need the oil of Holy Spirit to deal with your spouse and marriage? (Even if you have the best spouse in the world, I think we all need the Lord’s anointing to dwell in unity with our spouse and family!)
    • Don’t you need the anointing of the Lord to do your job and manage your family–handling everything excellently without going crazy or succumbing to stress? (I know I do!) 🙂
    • How much oil do you need to go out and heal every sick person you encounter today, including yourself?
    • How much oil do you need to raise every dead person at the cemetery?
    • Wouldn’t you like to have enough anointing (oil) to preach the Word with boldness, like Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, or Kathryn Kuhlman?
    I have an entire podcast about how the Lord will give you the desires of your heart. You can listen to that very encouraging word here:

    Beloved, we need the Lord’s grain and new wine and oil. If you’re ready, pray through the prayer points below and ask Him to give you exactly that:

    • Tell the Father that you come before Him in Jesus’ name.
    • Thank Him for hearing the cry of your fast.
    • Thank Him that His ears are tuned to hear the cry of the righteous, which includes you–for you are the righteousness of God in Christ.
    • Praise Him for His goodness and faithfulness toward you!
    • Remind Him of His promise in Joel 2:18-19.
    • Thank Him that His Word promises that, when you go to fasting and praying, He will be zealous for you and pity you.
    • Ask Him to demonstrate His zeal for you and His pity for you by moving mightily on your behalf TODAY.
    • Thank Him for answering the prayers that you are praying for miracles right now.
    • Tell Him that you claim His promise of Joel 2:18-19 for yourself.
    • Ask Him to send you grain today–all the grain you need.
    • Pray specifically for the exact financial things you need Him to do for you today, and for the exact amounts of money you want Him to send!
    • Pray also for the new wine of Holy Spirit that you need. 
    • Lift up all your emotional needs to the Lord right now. Ask Him for comfort, fulfillment, HOPE, and joy.
    • Plead the blood of Jesus over your emotions! Ask the Lord to give you the peace and emotional stability that Jesus died on the cross for you to receive.
    • Ask the Lord to lead you into healing and heal you of all your emotional hurts and wounds. 
    • Confess to the Lord that you need His anointing–the oil of His Holy Spirit.
    • Ask Him to fill you up with fresh anointing!
    • Ask Him to fill you with power and boldness.
    • Pray that He would use you powerfully to minister to others today.
    • Ask Him to help you preach and teach His Word like another person from another planet!
    • Pray that He would give you the tongue of the learned, that you would speak a word in due season to those who are weary.
    • Ask Him to waken your ear morning by morning to hear as a disciple.
    • Ask Him to set a watch on your mouth, that you would not speak out anything that is not from Him. Ask Him to let your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth if you are even tempted to say anything that is not from Him.
    • Pray that He would help you to speak as the oracles of God.
    • Ask Him to help you heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons, and freely give to all.
    • Pray that He would work with you, confirming His Word with signs and wonders; and that signs, wonders, and miracles would follow you everywhere you go.
    • Ask Him to totally wreck every person you minister to with His Spirit; that He would move in power in their hearts and lives, bringing total transformation. Confess your inadequacy without Him, but your total adequacy WITH Him, for it is He who moves through you to do the work!
    • Remind the Lord that He promised in Joel 2:18-19 that He would give you so much grain, new wine, and oil that you will be SATISFIED by them.
    • Tell Him that it’s going to take a lot of grain, new wine, and oil to satisfy you–but confess your faith that He will do it beginning today! Thank Him for it!
    • Thank Him that He will no longer make you a reproach among the nations.
    • If your life or ministry carry reproach at all, talk to the Lord about that and ask Him specifically to remove things that cause reproach to you among the nations.
    • Thank Him for hearing and answering your prayer, and give Him all the praise!
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    Dear friend, when you go to fasting and praying, God begins to work miracles on your behalf.

    And this promise to send you grain and new wine and oil until you are satisfied is a HUGE promise for your miracle, breakthrough fast. Mark this passage in your Bible and pray it often! Be sure that fasting is a frequent, regular part of your life (e.g. every single week), and watch to see what God does!

    Does this Scripture encourage you today? If so, leave a comment below! 


    1. Prophet Robinson says:

      Thank you. I needed that today.

        1. Thank you Jamie for the this great revelation, the Lord bless 🙌 you abundantly

      1. Thank You I Needed This God Bless You🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    2. Karen Secrest says:

      Trump says Biden is a train wreck waiting to happen.
      As I was praying to be “wrecked by Holy Spirit” I was led to ask that the next time Biden causes a wreck it is so overwhelming by Holy Spirit that Gre a t will be the Glory to God…
      Lol poor Biden…Awe

    3. Maxie Brits says:

      Hi Jamie
      I have been receiving your emails for quite some time now. I just want to say thank you, your messages have carried me through a very dark time, and I want to tell you how great and wonderful and faithful our Father is. He carried me through, took away all my anxiety and fear and left me with unexplainable peace and joy. There is still a long way to recovery (emotional and financially), but I trust Him completely. I am taking Joel 2:19 as a promise for me today. He is giving me grain, and new wine and oil in His time, not mine!!! I trust my God completely for my provision in all of these areas until I am SATISFIED and all the Glory to HIM.
      All my love

    4. powerful awesome this touched me thankyou Lord for using Jamie this way

    5. IRMA NORTJE says:


    6. Very timely! Much, much needed! Thank you. 💞

    7. Lynette Thompson says:

      Thank you Jamie. This teaching and many of your teachings and prayers have blessed, encouraged, me and my family in so many ways. You and your ministry are a blessing to the body of Christ. Your prayers have help me to intercede for my family. Please pray for my son Marco to receive a new job that will bless him and not harm him. Kindly please pray that God will make a provision for him to get out of credit card debt. He lost his job during the pandemic and is trying to hard to get out debt. He is trying to owe no man nothing but love and to be totally debt free but the interest fees eat up every payment that he makes. Thank you and God bless you for touching and agreeing with me in this prayer request.

    8. Dianne Charles says:

      Hi Jamie , Your words and prayers are so encouraging. I am going to pray Joel 2,verses 18-19 . Presently I am fasting and definitely this word is for me.
      Thank You.

    9. Thank you!!! This was for me!! I receive it!!

    10. Whoo! Hallelujah! 🔥🔥🔥👑♥️ prophetic fire sister. Let Him use you 😁
      Thank you for blessings us by sharing that powerful revelation so clearly. What a beautiful scripture and you unpacked the explanation of what grain, new wine, and oil were so well that it made all the difference and believing and receiving the full was of what God has made available and the promise He’s spoken here.
      I prayed and am expecting for the manifestation to be nothing short of glorious! hallelujah an amen 🙏🏼♥️

    11. Thank you Father God for sending Jamie using her to help us. This came to me at the time when I needed to come out of debt to build a house debt free and have a seed to sow.
      Thank You Father for being zealous for me and having pity for me by moving mightily on my behalf today.


    12. I was so blessed by this! Thank you for including the prayer points Jamie.

    13. Denise Moore says:

      Mrs Jamie, I thank GOD for using You, in amazing way, YOU have been blessing to All, is chasing after OUR King Jesus Heart ❤️, I will always be forever grateful for You, I thank my King For being there for Me and Our Love one’s, I will continue to pray and using these in the book of JOEL, YES WINE, OIL AND GRAINS, I WANT TO BE SATISFIED IN ALL OF THEM, , NOT MINE WILL BE MY KING JESUS WILL, I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY, Thank you So much Amen ❤️👣🔥👑

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