Prayer for a Hurting Warrior Princess

Prayer for a Hurting Warrior Princess | Prayer for Hurting Women | Pray this prayer for women in your life | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |
Do you know a hurting woman who needs prayer? If so, I wanted to provide you with a sample prayer you can pray today for the hurting warrior princess in your life: the woman who has been through it all and needs the Lord’s help to hold it together right now–and to bring her out of her situation alive and strong.

Before you pray, remember that God has an eternal purpose for every person’s life.

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Male or female, it doesn’t matter. God created every person in His image; with His calling on their lives; and for His companionship. No matter what happens in our lives–whether we thrive or whether our circumstances take a deep, dark dive–His purpose remains the same:

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    He always wants to redeem us to glory.


    The Bible says that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s GLORY (Romans 3:23). But JESUS came to earth, lived a perfect life, died, and ROSE AGAIN so that He could redeem us to God–and unto God’s glory. It is ALWAYS God’s will for you to carry His glory again.

    So we have to pray for those who are hurting. And when we pray:

    • We have to pray the glory down–because it IS the purpose of God to place glory in their lives again.
    • We have to pray with fire and love, believing that, even when we cannot see the way out or the way forward, GOD CAN.
    • We have to pray with conviction that He can and will move and move powerfully in the situation.
    • And we have to hold up the hands of our brothers and sisters who do not have the strength to pray–or to truly pray effectively–for themselves.

    If you want to pray for a hurting brother, I wrote a prayer here for men. It’s called Prayer for a Hurting Warrior Prince. But if you want to pray for a sister, I have provided a sample prayer below that you can pray specifically over a woman.

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    If your daughter, mother, sister, friend, or sister in Christ is hurting, please pray this Biblical prayer for a warrior princess over her today:

    “Abba Father God, I come to You today in Jesus’ name.

    Father God, Your Word says that we do not know how to pray as we ought, or how to offer it worthily as we ought. But Your Holy Spirit makes intercession for us with moaning and groaning that cannot be uttered, and You who search the heart know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

    Lord, right now, in Jesus’ name, I invite Your Spirit to make intercession through me and for me. I pray right now that You would pour out Your Spirit of grace and supplication on me. Teach me how to pray; pray through me; and use me to intercede for my sister right now according to Your holy will.

    Father God, I lift up ___________ (insert name of the woman you’re praying for) to You right now.

    Father, I don’t know where she is right now, but You do. You see her; You see her pain; You see her suffering and her sorrow. And Father God, You are the only One who can do anything about it.

    So Abba Father, right now in Jesus’ name I ask that You would manifest Yourself to ______ (insert name) wherever she is. Overshadow her with the manifest presence of Your Holy Spirit right now. Let her feel Your presence and affection. Let her know that You are with her; You’re for her; and You are on her side.

    Father, wrap Your arms of love around _____ right now in a tangible way.

    She needs You to break through the turmoil and torment, Lord. She needs You to break through the anguish and worry. So Father God, wherever my sister is, I ask that You would unveil Your love in her vision in a way that she has never seen before.

    Open up her heart and emotions to receive from You, and minister to her in a way that only You can. Give her peace and rest right now, in Jesus’ name. Put her in a place of calm–mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    Father God, my sister is hurting. But she is Your child, Lord, and You have made her a warrior princess. She is noble and altogether lovely; and You have a plan to heal, restore, and elevate her and her circumstances. You have a plan in place to work all things out for her good.

    So Father God, I ask right now that Your Kingdom would come and Your will would be done on earth, and in my sister’s life, as it is in Heaven.

    Give her this day her daily bread, Father. Specifically:

    • Give her comfort. Put Your healing hand on her heart right now and take away her pain.
    • Give her hope. Wrap Your healing arms around her and speak to her about her situation, showing her how You plan to redeem it.
    • Provide for her practical and physical needs. Let her cabinets be filled, her bills paid, and her every need supplied according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
    • Give her joy, even in the midst of sorrow. Give her the kind of joy that doesn’t make sense; the kind that’s unexplainable; the kind that puts a smile back on her face, hope back into her heart, and strength back into her resolve. Restore unto my sister the joy of her salvation, and uphold her with Your generous Holy Spirit. 

    Father God, the enemy is trying to put shame on my sister, but shame is not from You.

    So Abba Father, I ask right now that You would go to where she is and show Yourself to her as her Glory, and as the Lifter of her head. Manifest Yourself to her as the Restorer of her place of authority.

    I come against the shame the enemy is trying to put on my sister in Jesus’ name.

    And in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, I BREAK the shame off her. I place on my sister Your cloak of HONOR, Lord, where that was; and I call upon You to fulfill Your promise in Psalm 91:15 that You will deliver my sister AND HONOR HER, right now.

    Father, I ask right now that You would rebuke the devourer for my sister’s sake:

    • Rebuke the enemy who roams about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
    • Rebuke the devourer off my sister’s peace.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her reputation.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her marriage and children.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her prosperity.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her ministry.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her relationships.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her ministry and effectiveness in the Kingdom.
    • Rebuke the devourer off of her thought life.
    • Rebuke the devourer off her standing in her family, in the church, and in the community.

    Father, I ask that You would give my sister Your eyes to see and Your ears to hear right now.

    She needs to hear from You and see things the way You see them more right now than at any other time in her life. So Abba Father, help her:

    Let her think the thoughts of God.

    Your Word says that she has the mind of Christ, so let her set her mind and keep it set where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Download into her Your very thoughts from Heaven, and let Your thoughts be the only thoughts that have any place in her being.

    Let her hear Your voice, even when You are speaking in still and small ways.

    I pray that You and she would both silence every other noise around her except the sound of Your voice. I thank You that Your Word says that Your sheep know Your voice and hear You, and that they will not follow another. I claim that for my sister right now: She hears You and will not follow any other voice.

    Let my sister, Your warrior princess, do the deeds of God:

    • Give her wisdom, wisdom, and more WISDOM from on high: wisdom that is first pure, then peaceable, willing to yield (but only to righteousness), and wisdom that is full of mercy and good fruit.
    • Help her to walk like Jesus walked.
    • Help her to see what You are doing and do only that; to hear what You are saying and say only that.
    • Help her to forgive the people who have hurt her like Jesus forgave the ones who nailed Him to the cross–with total and complete forgiveness from her heart.

    Give my sister an anointing of total trust in You right now.

    Help her to choose to trust You in every way. Help her to throw herself on You believing–KNOWING that You WILL work all things out for her good, for she loves You and is called according to Your purpose.

    Abba Father, I ask that You would remind my sister of the great cloud of witnesses that surround her.

    I pray:

    • that she would remember Your faithfulness to Abraham and Sarah;
    • that she would remember Your faithfulness to Noah;
    • that she would remember Your faithfulness to Moses;
    • that she would remember Your faithfulness to Joseph in the pit;
    • that she would remember Your faithfulness to David, Samuel, Gideon, Jacob, and so many others who have held fast their confession of faith in You; 
    • and that she would remember every time You have been faithful to her and her family in the past, and would know that You cannot deny Yourself. You will be faithful to her again, with even greater miracles to overcome and vanquish every fiery dart of the wicked one.

    Father, I ask that You would remind my sister right now that Your mercy triumphs over judgment.

    I pray that You would:

    • Show her Your mercy at work in her situation.
    • Show her Your mercy defending her, protecting her, and coming to her rescue.
    • Let her lift up her eyes to the hills and see that her help comes not from the earth, but directly from You.
    • Help her to know that You are PERSONALLY seeing to her rescue, for You have rent the Heavens and have shown up on the scene to help her (Psalm 18).

    I pray right now that You would remind my sister that “if God is for her, who can be against her?” (Romans 8:31). Let faith rise up in her right now, in Jesus’ name. Let COURAGE rise up. Let HOPE rise up again in her heart, carrying with it the dawning of light from Your very throne.

    Father, throughout all the trials that have beset Your royal daughter, I pray that You would help her to walk worthy of the divine calling to which she is called.

    I pray that she would have clean hands and a pure heart; that she would not lift her soul to others or swear deceitfully. I pray that she would dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and that You would keep her STABLE and FIXED under the shadow of the Almighty.

    I ask that You would put up a hedge of protection around her and her family right now, in Jesus’ name; and that no weapon formed against her OR her family would be able to prosper, but that every tongue that rises against them in judgement she would show to be in the wrong.

    Father, walk beside my sister as her Father, Husband, and Friend who sticks closer than a brother. 

    • Sing over her during the night seasons, and let her actually hear You singing.
    • Show her the answers to her prayers on every side. Let her actually see You moving on her behalf.
    • Speak to her in dreams and visions, and let her know the dreams are from You and know the correct interpretations thereof.
    • Send her surprise encouragement on every side and from every corner.
    • Send my sister checks in the mail, encouraging notes and cards, and signs and wonders that only You can work on her behalf.
    • Send her the right friends, the right counselors, the right advisors, and the right supporters–and deliver her from every wrong person, in Jesus’ name.

    Most of all, Father God, I pray that my sister would cling to You during this season.

    Draw her closer to You than she has ever been. Let her feel Your presence and love more than she has ever felt it or You. Let her hear You more clearly than she has ever heard. Help her to hide Your Word in her heart, and let Your rhema words jump off the pages of her Bible as she reads. 

    Father, we call upon You and ask You to answer us and show us great and mighty things that we have not seen on my sister’s behalf.

    Do as only You can do. Hold her together with the glue of Your Holy Spirit and by the precious blood of Your Son Jesus.

    We plead the blood of Jesus over my sister’s body, mind, soul, and spirit, Lord; and we thank You that Your government AND Your peace are increasing in her and her situation right now. Your Kingdom is coming and Your will is being done right this moment.

    So give my sister rest, Lord. Help her to rest in You; to cast all her cares upon You; and to be anxious for nothing–but in everything, with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, to make her requests known to You. And we know and believe that Your peace, which passes all understanding, will guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

    Thank You, Abba Father.

    Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, precious Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ mighty and precious name we pray and thank You, for we have received what we have asked for. To You be all the glory and honor forever and ever. 


    Did you pray this prayer over a warrior princess that you know–a woman who is hurting and needs the Lord to sustain her? Maybe you even prayed it over yourself! Either way, if you prayed this prayer of faith, leave a comment below and BOLDLY confess your faith to the Lord that He is hearing and answering RIGHT NOW! 


    1. Veronica Davis says:

      This is a Powerful Powerful Powerful Prayer. I was literally moved to tears by the presence of the Holy Spirit as I prayed for my Sister 😭🙏🙏🙏

      1. LYSTRA JAMES says:

        Blessings to you. This is indeed a powerful prayer and I have prayed this prayer over my life and my daughter’s life,

        I thank God for a revelation soon

        1. This is a very very Powerful Prayer and I have prayed it over me and my daughter! THank You for sharing this prayer.

      2. Thank you for this prayer🙏A princess wanted to take her life, as I will attend a funeral for another princess who did take her life. This prayer is powerful and I claim the victory.

      3. Cecilia Reuben says:

        I have prayed this prayer in faith over myself and a friend. I know God is faithful to do His will and answer my prayer. I have never prayed such a powerful prayer. I thank the Lord for I know He is answering my prayer.

    2. Thank-you, Jamie I prayed this over our daughter ,Amen

    3. Thank you Jamie I prayed this over myself as I’ve been hurting.

    4. Lisa Borum says:

      Amen I believe it is done

      1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

        Thank you Jamie.I pray this over my mother

      2. Joyce Smith says:

        Thank you so much!! Praying for Lydia Leah McKayla and myself. Praise the Lord

    5. I prayed this prayer and I believe with all my heart. Amen!

    6. Jillian Leaver says:

      Thank you so, so, so , much Jamie,
      I prayed this prayer over my daughter. Our God is AMAZING! This is the exact prayer I needed for my girl, daughter of Our Father. When I didn’t know how /what to pray Jamie, there was your prayer I have and will continue to pray. This prayer has helped me as a mother also. Thank you and Bless you 💖

    7. Lisa Sharpe says:

      Thanks, Jamie! So many sweet sisters that need a touch today. I prayed it over the ones that I thought needed it most. 🙂

      1. April Tillman says:

        THANKYOU. I prayed this PRAYER. And in JESUS name it SHALL BE DONE. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

        1. I prayed, thank you. I was hurting many times.

    8. I prayed this prayer over a few of my hurting sisters in the faith and over myself. Thank you so much for this prayer, it covers a lot of ground and is full of the word of God. Thank you. I believe God is going to do great things for his glory!

    9. Thank you Lord. I pray this prayer over myself because every word in it applies to me. I boldly confess that I have been delivered and a Warrior Princess. Thanks Jamie

    10. Delia Gonzales says:

      Jamie thank you I have 6 princess and myself we are 7 that’s God’s perfect number I know this was God using you to confirm his word especially when he gives it to me then we are two warriors praying its just so awesome I am also praying for debt free so I may give more to those in need God has been answering prayers thank you again I do have both books

    11. Amen! Thank You Jesus.I have said this prayer for my mommy and I know that things have shifted and these declarations have started manifesting in her life. God bless you Jamie.

    12. Ma Cristina says:

      Thank you Jamie! I prayed this over myself for i am in hurt right now. This prayer enhanced my faith that would heal me as soon as possible. Thank you. God bless us all.

    13. I prayed this prayer over my daughter a true warrior princess. Who cares for my mom with dementia. I pray this and blessing on her. I believe and declare this blessing for my beautiful girl

    14. Thank you Jamie, I confess that God has heard me and is answering me right now.

    15. Hi Jamie, I prayed this prayer over myself, my family, and my friends. We are all drained and tired. Thank you for this prayer.

    16. I prayed this over my daughter and a sister in Christ.

    17. Sharon Cole says:

      I prayed this over my self, my daughters I have not seen in years. My mom, sisters, nieces, women at church and unsaved women around me. Mostly for my years of pain from not having my daughters its a pain that at times when wept dry tears.
      God bless you Jamie!

    18. This is so wonderful. God be praised. I really needed this and prayed it over myself, my mom, and my sister. I love the term “princess warrior”. It’s what caught my eye and us so uplifting. God be magnified in our lives, Amen.

    19. Thank you Father because you have heard and are bringing to pass my requests over my sister

    20. I prayed this for a woman that I believe is coming into her own realization that get identity is love.

      Thank you, Jamie

      1. I Love GOD who has ear to ear I Ask HIM to give me words because I was out of words praying HE gives me your prayers, No other ONE like JESUS Tkank YOU JESUS You have EAR to ear.

    21. Crystal hill says:

      Jamie I want to thank you and the Lord for these message and I receive it in the name of Jesus Lord I ask you to clear my mind clear my soul bring me close to you give me peace And Lord I ask you to destroy that devil in the name of Jesus we rebuke him out of my life for good. And don’t return in Jesus precious name amen

    22. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

      Dear Jamie, thank you for this prayer for a hurting warrior princess. I am praying for my sister Sharon, and believing God to bless her with children. She’s been married for 5 years now with no child yet. This situation s deeply hurting her. I believe that God has heard and answered my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

    23. Annie Lee says:

      Dear Jamie,
      Thank you for posting this prayer it describe all the help Karel needs only God can provide, she have not worked in two years,the jobs she got she couldn’t keep them, every thing in her life is up side down.I prayed this prayer over her life,Jamie will you also stand in the gap for Karel and Intercede on her behalf .IN JESUS NAME
      THANK YOU!

    24. Amanda Nieders says:

      This prayer is so beautifully said! It couldn’t be more perfect for the woman I am praying for today and I feel so blessed to be able to pray this prayer over her today! Praise the Lord! He is so precious and Holy and so worthy of praise all day every day! What a pleasure to pray for people and know that God hears and will honor it! I am so grateful!

    25. I prayed this over my dear friend Maria, whose mother is dying and she had been her Mum’s carer for the last 2 years, this is going to be really hard on Maria. I also prayed it over myself as the Lord has broken strongholds in my life, which is great, but I have to learn new ways of thinking and my flesh wants to go back to the bad old ways.

    26. Jillian Leaver says:

      Thank You so much Jamie for this prayer!! God Bless you, Jamie 💗

    27. Natalie Morrison says:

      I saw this posted on Facebook today and felt the need to read this. I actually prayed this prayer over myself and I cried through the whole thing then prayed in tongues and cried some more. I feel like i take breathe again and like a weight has been lifted. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to this prayer at the right time! To God be all the glory!

    28. Coretta Alves says:

      Thank you I needed this right now .

    29. Tasia Moore says:

      Amen thank you Father for making all wrongs done to me and my children right in the name of your only son Jesus amen

    30. Thank you Abba Father for speaking this powerful prayer through your daughter Jamie! I prayed this prayer over myself…

    31. Chantel Clark-Fortunat says:

      Thank you for this prayer! Right on time!! Amen Lord I claim it and receive it! Amen

    32. God is alive and amazing. My friend and I are fasting and praying. She is going through a rough time and look what Gid delivered into my inbox this morning. Thank you Papa! It is done in Jesus name!!! May He bkess you and your ministry Jamie.

    33. Masegomotso says:

      Praise God! Jamie you are a blessing in my life. Thank you, thank you. May God continue to guide you and use you as His good steward.

    34. Thank you for this wonderful prayer, Jamie!! I’ve just prayed it over myself and every female in my family and all of my female friends!! Thank you Jesus, that Yor Word never returns void, but ALWAYS accomplishes what it was sent to do!!! We believe it all, receive it all, and God WILL perform it today!!!!!!

    35. Geraldine Thompson says:

      As I began reading g this prayer on my daughter behalf, it was for the Both of us mainly myself. Not being selfish but I’m the lonely one. I lost my husband of 37 years married 22 yrs .October 14,2019
      I took care of him for 7yrs.. My body is reaping in pain from arthritis knee ,hip,and back.. I have very little help. But God give me strength. No one come to visit me I dont feel loved. .see. like my relationship with God is not as strong as it has been . I dont study like I use to. My son is in jail I’m praying that he come home soon. My grandson came home after 8 yrs. Living in Texas we have no family there wife divorced. But this other young lady is not right she tells him if he leave her she will kill herself. I have a house I’m working from my deceased uncle trying to repair it I need help and money.But I need the Lord to guide me more than anything.

    36. I prayed it over me and over a couple of friends who are mourning the loss of a loved one. I’m struggling right now, and the depression has been very intense, but i know God is with me and he will never leave me.

    37. Thank you so much for this.
      It came at the right time for me.

    38. Awesome prayer for my sister in Christ who is being healed as I type this from a brain tumor. The enemy will not use this to keep her from fulfilling Gods plan and purpose for her. Healed in Jesus name! Amen!!

    39. Such a good and timely prayer covering all the bases! Thank you so much ❣️ I prayed this for myself and several other sisters. Much needed and appreciated ❣️

      1. Melinda Davis says:

        I prayed this powerful prayer for myself and I began to cry. I know God was listening and it already done in Jesus Name, Amen

    40. Juanita Ann says:

      As I began to pray this prayer, I was reminded of a recent experience with Abba. I was preparing to pray one day and He told me to pause. Next he instructed me to pick up my cell phone and open the Google Earth app on it. Because my phone’s location is turned on, the app showed my position on the earth, giving me a view from above my residence. Then he said “pan out”. I saw my city. He kept telling me to pan out until I could see the whole earth and space beyond it. Then He said, “Now, swipe.” I did and the earth spun like a desktop globe. “Stop it.” I touched the screen and realized that I was looking at a land that is very distant from mine. Then He said, “Now pray. The prayer that you are about to pray are needed on a global basis. I have children over there who have the same concerns that you have. As you pray for yourself today, pray for them, too.

      Jamie, today’s prayer was prayed for Abba’s daughters globally. Using your prayer as a guide, I would close my eyes and speaking specific requests while picturing a sea of faces, only to open my eyes and see that you had written the exact same thing as the next prayer point. I have been feeling kind of isolated lately but this experience reminded me that I am intimately connected to a world-class posse of warrior princesses! God bless you and your ministry.

    41. God, I know you hear my prayers and I know you have every intention of answering them in your perfect timing. I thank you for loving me and caring for me the way you do. I thank you especially for loving me and keeping me in your compassionate care, especially when I’m struggling to love or care for myself. This season of things have been such a struggle and I have wanted to give up so many times. But God, you are faithful and you see me, and you keep me grounded, hopeful, and encouraged. I praise your Might name God, and I thank you Jesus, and the gracious Holy Spirit for keeping me. I have high expectation of you God and I look forward to seeing you move in my life and in my sisters’ life. We love you, we need you, and we are nothing without you. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen 🙏

    42. Bethany Saxton says:

      Thank you, Jamie for this amazing prayer. I just prayed it over myself. Heavenly Father, I am at the end of my rope and have nothing left. I am choosing to believe and trust that You have not forgotten me and that You Are working on my behalf to bring good out of everything that I have gone through and that You are redeeming my story for Your Glory. Please lead and direct my steps. I receive Your Peace and I thank You for never leaving my side. In Jesus’ Name, I pray,


    43. Tabitha Sekoati says:

      Our God is so wonderful!!!
      This prayer came at such an opportune time for my friend who has become like a sister to me. I prayed over her and feel in my spirit that this is exactly what she needed to hear.
      May The good Lord continue to use you Jamie and meet you at the point of your every need, in Jesus’ name.
      We love and appreciate you very much.

    44. What a gorgeous prayer! I want you to know, Jamie, I am praying this prayer for YOU! That God would heal you and restore you as you rest and will bring those that will help with the needs of your ministry as it has become their ministry, also. God bless you abundantly!

      LOVE in Christ

    45. Cynthia Hamsley says:


      I was so moved as I read and prayed this prayer over three princess warriors I am fighting for. Thanks you for your heart of compassion for others. I also pray for blessings and favor in your ministry.

      Love, your sister in Christ

      1. IRMA NORTJE says:

        Amen. my face wet with salty waterfall of the power of this intercessory prayer obo our dearly beloved employer friend that earnestly requested my husband and I to pray for her and her husband that was going through a very serious personal, marital and health problem also with unforgiveness about bad business decisions in the past that caused great losses, subsequently having to work hard to survive in these challenging economic times. I feel the presence of the Lord and the grace of Gods embrace the Glory of the Lord arising to wash away all shame to sustain this precious family in forgiveness, love and to restore and heal their hurting hearts and to turn their hearts and minds to Christ our Redeemer, Provider, Healer. Thank you Ps Jamie for equipping the Body of Christ with your compassion for the lost and weary souls, with Faith and rejoicing and Gods Perfect Love for mankind. Thanku obo Beloved Prince/ss Warriors!

    46. I was asked to speak on prayer at a friend’s Bible study. This prayer was my example of praying the scripture, and was well-received. My wife thought to tell them “If this ministers to you, receive it.” One of the ladies said, “This is my life exactly.” I gave them links for the Hurting Warrior Princess and the Hurting Warrior Prince and expect they will be used a lot. Thank you, Jamie and Team.

    47. Came right when I needed it. I feel the Holy Spirit holding me very much 💗💗💗💗💗 Amen 💛

    48. This well timed prayer of intercession that just arrived in my inbox- hallelujah 🙌🏻👑 I immediately lifted up a dear sister in Christ whom I had on my heart – Amber May 💗 believing Gods glory to shine brighter than anything that is attempting to come against her and her family in Jesus’ matchless name – amen and amen 🙏🏼

    49. Carla Y Lane says:

      Thank you for this Prayer. It speaks directly to me. I am really hurting right now. There was a Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York at a Tops Market. The 18 year old targeted the area because of the color of their skin. 10 Lives Lost, 3 Injured. I grew up in this area of Buffalo as a young kid. and now almost two weeks, this Mass Shooting in Texas, 19 Children, and 2 School Teachers. I am also Disappointed in my workplace and the Department I work for. The White Coworkers and Managers were talking about this where I could hear word for word. There was no regard for my feeling at all. This Country needs much prayer. I ask for Prayer for the City of Buffalo, and Uvalde Texas. Thank you Jamie for this prayer.

    50. I prayed this over a sister name, Autumn She lost her mom two days ago to cancer. We fought hard together for nine months for her mom to make it but now Autumn needs the Lords help to keep her going to finish her course so after she has done the will of God she’ll be reunited with her mom in heaven,

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