Prophetic Message of Massive HOPE

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Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Something wild is happening to me this week as I’m sending out prophetic words from last week’s virtual book signing. I have felt like I have been sitting under a fire hose, with the Lord speaking in a massive flood of words of hope.

The individual words I heard from the Lord seemed to build upon one another, which is unusual for how the Lord speaks to me.

So, for the first time ever, I decided to share ALL of the words I have written down so far, in order, publicly. (This isn’t all the words from the book signing, since I still have a few to go. But it’s all the ones I have finished so far.)

What you will read below is a word of massive hope.

I’m not going to differentiate below between what portion of the compilation word I received for one person versus another. Instead, I’m going to string them all together so you can hopefully catch the feel of the “fire hose” I sensed while listening to the Lord for these words.

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    Here we go! Are you ready? 🙂

    The Lord said:

    “I am really proud of you for the way you have persevered.

    I know it has been hard, but you are unbelievably strong even though you don’t always feel that way. It is good to be dependent on Me, for without Me you can do nothing. But I want you to know that My work in you is great and beautiful, and I am making you beautiful unto Me on the inside and out.

    I have not forgotten your petitions; I am giving you vision so that you can petition Me more clearly. But the time will come for all things to be fulfilled. In patience you possess your soul; hang in there and draw closer to Me than ever right now, so that the “hanging in” won’t hurt.

    The closer you come to Me, the easier it will be to wait on Me. I know things are hard, but I am right here with you to comfort you. Remember that in Me you live and move and have your being. I am so proud of you, and I am holding your hand even in the difficulty!” says the Father who loves you.

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    “I am straightening out things that have been concerning you, and I am going before you to prepare the way for things you thought were impossible.

    Do not be afraid of the faces of your problems, for I am bigger than your biggest problem could ever be. I am with you even in this most intimidating situation, and I am going to keep you from being put to shame.

    Those who WAIT on Me shall NOT be put to shame, and you have done your share of waiting for sure. Hang in there, for My salvation is coming,” says the Lord!

    “You are like a beautiful flower that is having to work very hard to push itself through the hard earth in order to bloom. But you have made it above the surface; your beauty is evident, even on days when you get frustrated with the journey.

    For you are My [child]; I have chosen you and made you, and I have ordained your days and am seeing you through the pain all the way to the other side. For weeping is not forever as long as you keep your eyes on Me,” says the Lord; “your storm, though it be years long, will pass, and you will have joy if you can just believe!

    Keep your eyes on Me today, and let Me help you in all your weakness! For I am strong through you, My beloved, and it’s okay to rest in Me. I want you to rest while I do the heavy lifting, for I love you and am protecting you right now, even if you do not see it,” says the Father who loves you.

    “The train of My blessing is chugging ’round the bend toward you, even though it gets obscured sometimes by the smoke that accompanies the engine.

    But where there’s smoke there’s fire, in a good way; where there is warfare surrounding your circumstances, something BIG is about to break through! And I see the ways you felt like you have not gotten any traction, but I am pushing you up and over into a season of rest from your burdens, and from turmoil,” says the Lord!

    “You are an explorer of far territories in the Spirit: places in Me that many people never bother to mine or delve into. But I have taken notice of your attention to detail, and I tell you that the treasures you are reaping as you dig into My Word are going to be heaped upon your own head.

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    For with revelation comes manifestation, if you will just believe Me,” says the Lord. “Keep on digging, for I am showing you things angels long to look into, just because you are bought with My blood and you care so much about knowing Me in every aspect of life! Well done, good and faithful servant!” says the Lord.

    “I have great and mighty things for you as you seek Me during this season.

    I do not ignore your sacrifice, but I have a lot to show you about how very large harvests take time to grow. I know it is frustrating for you sometimes when I take a long time to avenge you, but you are seeing mercy drops right now and I am coming quickly with the full avenging! For your heart has been pure before Me, and I reward My faithful ones.

    You have built a faithful attitude despite adversity, and I assure you today that I the Lord will be faithful to you! Trust in Me and My timing, for I am not going to give your grain as food for your adversaries any longer,” says the Father who loves you and keeps you!

    “Your generosity is heaping rewards on your head, for you love others with a generous spirit just like I do.

    And I am with you to make all your dreams come true as you carry My heart of love for those around you. Do not think that I have overlooked you; I tell you that I am with you always and have seen every tear you have cried–including those you only cried in your heart, or wished you could cry, for you are so strong that you cannot cry anymore the way you used to be able to! But do not worry; even when you are soldiering on, I am with you to comfort you.

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    You can let yourself take refuge in Me, and trust Me with your weakness; for I do not condemn you. I know it is hard to live outside of Heaven, but it is not too hard; for I give you grace.

    This world is fleeting, My lovely child, and you are doing a good job living in it even though you belong to Me and are a citizen of Heaven. I am delighted in you, and I want you to know that today!” says the Lord.

    “I see your desperation for breakthrough, and I tell you that you are on the right track.

    I am with you to keep you from erring or going off track to one side or another. I am God who heals you, strengthens you, and gives you creative ideas.

    You are seeking Me on My terms, and I will not fail to reward you. Ask diligently for the reward that comes with believing that I exist, and that I am a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Me! And I will reward you in way you could never have dreamed, and could not have conceived yourself. The things I have in store for you are great and mighty, even though they come slowly. Fear not; I will bring it to pass!” says the Lord.

    “The road ahead of you is an exciting one, full of beautiful scenery, even though some times will feel dry.

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    But never fear; I am the One who gives springs in the desert. And I am with you at this time to shepherd you personally through the desert that surrounds you. By this time next year, if you will follow Me, you will have come so far that you will not even recognize any desert around you at all!

    For the desert will blossom like a rose,” says the Lord, “and you will carry the scent of My fragrance to all those around you. You have been with Me, and you smell like Heaven, and I will make everyone around you to know it!” says the Father who loves you.

    “The fruit of this season is going to be exciting for you, for you have paid a tremendous price to get here.

    And now you are walking into the storehouse of My blessing. For I am raining down upon you living water that feeds your spirit and reminds you of who you are–who I have created you to be, notwithstanding the hatred of others who are jealous of who you are.

    I am helping you stand tall and firm, even when you do not feel like standing at all. For I the Lord God am strong through you, and I will display My might through you in this season,” says the Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and earth! 

    “I have made you a strong leader who knows the importance of roots and love. I have crafted you and caused you to bloom in your season, for your roots are planted firmly where I have placed you. You are now like a tree planted by rivers of water (Psalm 1), and I will make whatever you do to prosper. For I the Lord have sent you; I have chosen you and have not cast you away!” says the Lord!

    “The rivers of rest are flowing in your veins, and I am using you to not only receive from Me what I want to give the world, but also to teach people the rhythms of rest.

    For people will take shade under your branches; your fruit is that lovely and your shade is that verdant. It is your faith that shades others, and I will make you a refuge where people can come and be pointed to Me again when they have lost their way.

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    For I the Lord have strengthened you for this day and this fight, and you are giving rest to many weary soldiers. Well done, good and faithful servant! The joy of the Lord will surround you in this season; fear not!” says the Father who loves you.

    “I am bringing you into encounters with My Spirit in a whole new way.

    For you have been gasping and panting to encounter My love and My presence in a manifest, tangible way again, and more than ever before; and I hear the cry of your heart. I am putting you in places where you will suddenly sense My presence and affection, which are always with you; but I am bringing you awareness and inviting you to notice that I have come to visit you, and that I am there personally with you.

    For My love is with you and My heart is for you, even in times of adversity. You are stronger than you think, for you know Me and you have My joy, even on days you do not feel like it!” says the Lord of hosts.

    “I am stitching  and mending you back together, and making you better than ever before.

    For this is the time when I make all things new for you, even though it will take time. There is always a process, during which I heal you progressively and supernaturally at the same time.

    Your life is not over; it is just beginning, for I am giving you a new start and a child’s heart to receive like you used to–but better. You have so much hope, and I am restoring your hope and making you aware of it even now. I am comforting you with My love and peace, and helping you remember what I have done for you in the past. And I tell you that what I have done for you in the past pales in comparison to what I will do for you as you seek Me in the future.

    Your dreams are from Me, and I have not forgotten you OR your dreams. I will perfect all things that concern you as you seek Me first!” says the Lord.

    “Do not let your leaf wither while you wait for Me, and do not faint!

    Strengthen yourself for the battle, for I promise you that I will not forget you and that I have never forgotten you! I know waiting can be hard, but I have good things for you that you cannot imagine: yes, you! You are My beloved child; My peaceful one.

    You are My companion and My friend, for you do the things that I command you. I affirm you today, My [child]; you are My beloved one, in whom I am well pleased! Thank you for hearing Me the way you do, and for caring about what I say. For I see your obedience and it pleases Me; be encouraged!” says the Father who loves you.

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    “Your compassion on those less fortunate rises as a memorial to Me.

    Your heart to love the least of these is a fragrance in My nostrils. I know you cry out for more, but I will lead you into it slowly. It will not happen fast, but it is best that way; for the people you are serving cannot always handle the fast things. But I am with you to extend My hands and feet on the earth.

    Ask Me to take away any unholy pain that comes with loving people so much, and I will teach you how to carry this burden of My heart on the earth while still maintaining your emotional stability. You are My beloved one, in whom I am well pleased. Thank you for caring about the things and people that I care about!” says the Father who loves you.

    “Your life is like music and a symphony before Me.

    And I am establishing the rhythms and fragrances of Heaven in all that concerns you. For you cannot do it yourself, but you are good at depending on Me. I have brought you into that; I have helped you know how dependent you are on Me! And now we can get down to the real work, since you now know that it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit!

    As you faint for Me, and will move in power for you. Seek Me with all your heart, and you will be shocked at the results!” says the Lord God Almighty whose heart moves the earth for you.

    “Your soul is thirsting for Me, and I am meeting you where you are.

    For I see your hunger and thirst, and I am personally lifting your head and pouring My living water into your body, soul, and spirit. For you are right in that I have healed you; you have only to realize it and walk free, for My freedom and healing and rest are upon you, swirling around you, and My power is going forth from you to release Heaven on this earth. Do not be afraid, My beloved one; it is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!” says the Father who loves you.

    “Avoid temptation by resting in Me. For the enemy has contended for your soul, but I have rebuked him off of you. And I tell you today that your soul–your mind, will, and emotions–are precious to Me, and I am keeping you stable as you hide in Me.

    For I see the difficulties you have endured, and I am with you to keep you from falling into any of the traps the enemy has set for you. I will keep you in perfect peace, even on hard days; for your mind belongs to Me and you are bought with the price of My Son’s blood.

    I am keeping you and will not let the enemy harm you; you mean that much to Me and more!” says the Father.

    “I am your stability and your rest; never fear or doubt My power in you, even when you feel weak!” says the Lord, “for when you are weak, then you are strong!”

    “The road before you appears windy and cruel, but I want you to know that I am straightening it out on both ends, pulling it taught so that it will pose no problem to you at all. And you may say, ‘How can this be?’ but I tell you that the Holy Spirit will come upon you in this season, and you will become another person who walks in so many signs, wonders, and miracles that you will not recognize yourself.

    Contend for it, and you will find that My Word is true even when it looks AND FEELS impossible. Nothing is impossible with Me; I the Lord will do it!” says the Father who loves you.

    Wow! Thank You, Father! I receive that.

    Friend, do you receive this word today? If so, what does it mean to you? Leave a comment below and share what the Lord has done for you or confirmed for you!


    1. AMEN! This is mine. All put together. I am healed, I saw that here too, and the many experiences so far. Thank you Jamie for always being in tune with God. May your spirit, soul, and body be continually preserved in the Lord, even from the evil one.

    2. Amen and Amen and Amen!

    3. Laurencia says:

      Amen. Yes, let it be so for me Abba Father. I receive this Word that comforts me. Nothing is impossible for You. I believe that! I believe in You. Thank you Father God. Thank You so much. Amen.

    4. WOW…so many confirmations in that word! THANK YOU for sharing…God has not forgotten and He is always there 🙏🏾

    5. Teresa Spencer says:

      Those words spoke to me. That’s me. Awesome word .

    6. Amen hallellujah In Jesus Christ name I believe and I receive the prophecy,It is done.

    7. Amen and Amen I receive this word it is spot on with my situation thank you Jamie

    8. Amen! I receive this word! It is truly confirmation! The Lord just told me on 3/25/24. that this is a new chapter in my life. So, much of what was spoken in this prophetic word resonates with my Spirit. Thank you for your obedience.

    9. Margarita says:

      Ahman yes, i received and confirmed these words especially when HE said that i am an explorer of far territories in the spirit and about my generosity for other people because i love them and about me not crying though i want to but i cant because HE helped me to be that strong enough after so many heartaches, trials. And yes im also thirsty and hungry for more of HIM that even sometimes i couldnt help myself but cry as if im a child.jamie oh how i lOVE HIM. Thank you jamie fir sharing these words to all of us. LOVE YOU ACHOT SHALOM.

    10. Another timely word! Right in time ! Ty Lord ! Ty Jamie! Blessings to you ❤️🔥

    11. ABBA…I receive Your word!!! Thank you Father for your endless love for your children. May we never fail you

    12. Amazing! Thank you Jamie. Thank You God.
      Beautiful timing for me.
      Blessings 🙏

    13. Powerful God is moving on his people praise the Lord

    14. Irma Nortje says:


    15. THANK YOU JAMIE!!!


    16. 😭😭😭 These answers to my personal prayers are so accurate. Thank you Father! 🤲🏾

    17. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I receive those words and take it mind into my heart and cherish it and pray that it come to pass
      In Jesus name I pray.Amen

    18. Amen !!! Father I receive the word! 🙌🏾God Bless you and your family Jamie . Thank you for your faithfulness ❤️🙏🏾

    19. Amen! Confirmation, I asked God a question yesterday and the answer is in this devotional. Lord, I thank You for Your love, mercy and grace. Lord, I thank You for Your faithfulness in hearing and answering me and all of the wonderful people on this feed. Lord, bless everyone here and fulfill long awaited promises and hearts desires that aligns with Your will. Lord, bring peace, courage and joy to all those fighting long standing battles. Father, we love You and praise You in the Mighty and Matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    20. Mama Moore says:

      In the Mighty Name of Jesus, I receive this prophetic revelatory and confirmatory word in boldness and confidence.
      Since last week, the scripture laid on my heart is Luke 1:37, and that’s the final part. That, “My Word is true even when it looks AND FEELS impossible. Nothing is impossible with Me; I the Lord will do it!” says the Father who loves you.””

      God abundantly bless you Woman of God Jamie and your team.
      Amen 🙏.

    21. Isaiah 45:1-3 Which has been prophesied over my life will come to pass as I continue to seek YAHWEH and believe in His Son YESHUA. In Jesus Christ’s name Amen.

      1. i thank the lord many of the words are speaking to me

    22. Thank you Jamie. Amen

    23. Elizabeth says:

      WOW! I could feel this strong anointing as I was reading this! I receive this message in Jesus Name Amen! 🙏🏻

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