Prophetic Word: “I Go Before You to Prepare a Way,” Says the Lord

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Has the spiritual warfare intensified in your life lately? If so, the Lord wants you to know that He is going before you right now to prepare a way and work miracles on your behalf!

The Father says to you today:

“You have been worried about many things, but My promise is still true.

I promised you in My Word that, if you will seek My Kingdom and My righteousness first, all these things will be added to you. I said that everything you need will be added to you and nothing shall be lacking when You seek Me first, and My promise is still true.

I know things have been difficult for you lately, but the blackest hour is just before dawn.

You have fought the good fight and been faithful to Me, even when the devil has taken swipes at you that were mean and cruel and vindictive, as the devil always is. But the swipes he has taken at you have been unusually harsh, and these things have not escaped My notice.

Indeed, I have been fighting for you, fending the devil away from your life and making sure you were protected. I have not allowed the enemy to harm one hair on your head. Everything I did allow was worked for your good, and was allowed only to bring promotion to you.

You need to know that I go before you to prepare a way.

Going before you is not something that I only do sometimes or occasionally; I am, in fact, always going before you. It is who I am; do not forget that I am God who inhabits eternity. I am already existent in what is the future to you, and I am already working there. You will catch up to My work soon.

If I had allowed the way to come into manifestation sooner, you would not have been ready. Never forget that My sense of timing and times is perfect; only I know the exact moment when everything should happen for maximum impact.

Now I am bringing My way for you into manifestation.

Long you have waited and long you have prayed. Long you have believed on Me and waited for Me, and My Word says that You will not be put to shame.

Even though you waited, am I not doing it? Even though it took time, am I not faithful? I tell you, I Am; and you shall soon see more that I Am.

You need to understand that I am currently going before you to prepare a way for things you have not even faced yet.


There is never a time when you need to fear or dread. I know circumstances seem against you; results seem slow in coming; and appearances give you much to fear. Nevertheless, reject the spirit of fear which the enemy sends against you. Fear is not from Me; I Am perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear.

Things always look darkest before the dawn. Things always seem worst and scariest before My miracles manifest. But if you will look at Me and use My face as your barometer, you will never be rocked by the waves, for I do not change. 

It is high time to awake out of sleep and expect a miracle every day.

You have allowed yourself to fall into a slumber spiritually, but wake yourself up from it! Reject slumber; reject passivity; go after everything I have promised you with the big, big faith you have built up over the years!

I desire to work miracles for you every day, and I wish for you to pray this every day:

Father, do Your will when it comes to miracles for me today. Show me the miracles you wish to perform, and manifest Your perfect, miraculous will as I agree with you in faith.”

Does not My Word says that My Spirit has revealed to you those things which eye has not seen nor ear heard, which have not entered into the heart of man–the things I have in store for you? It does! So as My Spirit reveals to you what I desire to do on your behalf every day, believe that what you see is from God–and you will see it!

I want you to believe Me for the miraculous on a daily basis.

Your faith has gotten too small. I need you to be an example of BIG faith and BIG hope. How can you demonstrate My hope, joy, and love without big faith? I want you to set yourself to contend daily for the great and mighty things I have promised you when you call upon Me!

Let this word be a word of warning to you: I have placed the miraculous in your DNA.

No longer can you be content with the little things. Never again will you be able to rest on your laurels without making Kingdom progress. You will rest, yes; but I have programmed your DNA to expect Me to do the outrageous, the incredible, and the supernatural on your behalf.

How did this happen that I programmed your DNA like this? It is because you know Me now, and you know Me well.

As you have been staring at Me, you have gotten to know Me in such a way that forever changed you. As you have looked to Me, what you have seen of My face has wrecked everything small in you. You have become like Me in that way.

I have forever ruined your taste for the mundane,” says the Lord.


He continued: “It was an inevitable consequence of spending time with Me, for My Word shows Me to be the God of wonders. My works are marvelous and enduring; they are to be celebrated. Now that you know this about Me, you will not be able to go backward.

That’s all right, though,” the Lord said. “There is nothing for you when you look back; all My works for you are in front of you.

Remember Me and celebrate Me and My mighty works, but look straight ahead. Like Lot’s wife misunderstood–and like My apostle Paul did understand–I urge you to press on to My high call, forgetting those things which are behind and pressing on toward those things which are ahead.

I go before you to prepare a way.

You don’t have to understand everything, but do ask Me to help you understand. You don’t have to know everything, but pray for revelation anyway. Ask Me daily for wisdom, for wisdom is the principal thing. 

I am with you to keep you. I make a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters. Your enemies will lie down together and be quenched like a wick. I, the Lord, have spoken it.

Love, your Abba Father.”

Was this word for you today? If so, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thanks Jamie for this accurate prophetic word for me. This truly is my word. I have been spirually low and going through warfare, a season of discouragement. I believe that the Lord will not put me to shame. He goes before me to prepare a way. Glory be to God Almighty!

    1. Yes, Amen! God is behind the scenes making no way into a better way for those of us who seem Him and His kingdom. Praise the Lord for his wonderful plans!

    2. Jennifer Bittner says:

      I felt like the holy spirit was talking directly to me. I read it a couple times just to digest the profetic word . I plan on reading it over and over. Glory to God in the highest 🙏🙌. Thank you Jamie for being the hands and feet of Jesus. And by the way you have a video and it looks like an eagle is sitting on your shoulder.

  2. Melinda Davis says:

    Jamie, this word was for me in Jesus Name, Amen

  3. I receive this word today as it truly spoke to my heart and my spirit. I will continue to meditate on it in the days to come so that I can digest all it is speaking to me and my situations. May God bless you for your faithfulness to serve Him!

  4. Jessica F. says:

    Tears of JOY. I have been asking and telling God that I desperately need to hear from him & here HE is. I love how you love Jesus Jamie. Thank you sweet Jesus.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    This was just what I needed to read today.

  6. Yes! Timely and accurate sister 🙏🏼 Praise be to God- hallelujah 😁👑 Especially in this moment when I can’t see, I encourage myself in knowing His nature and faithfulness- that He loves me and His purposes for me are for good. Thank you for the engagement Jamie, a gentle reminder and confirmation to surrender all and trust Him more and more. ♥️gov bless you mightily and keep you sister – shalom, shalom 🙏🏼

  7. Sibuyile Sibanda says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I’m so in awe of how God continues to speak directly to my spirit through you.This is indeed a word in season for me Jamie,a true and specific response to the deepest yearnings of my heart.It has been an intense season of prostrating myself before the Lord,pushing and pressing towards Him for strength and comfort,and finally He has sent you to bring me light at the end of the tunnel.Thank you so much for your faithful obedience,may God Almighty comfort you and your family and may He fortify you as you continue to stand on His promises for healing and deliverance.

  8. Grace Bristol says:

    This truly was a word for ME. I do not think it was for everyone. And I desperately needed it. It is terrible here. We are ruining the house to make more and more rooms for the husband…How sad as the house is so unbelievably small now. Husband is off hospice but it very ill and no idea what the bone cancer is doing. But ridding the house of our things so he can have most of the rooms and also take my apace and I am so not well..See a new doctor next week who may prescribe the meds I so very much need. Our nurse [practitioner retired and left us without anyone but a heart doc. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and yesterday I went marketing of necessity as we were very much out of everything. All the family is focused on husband and I have been nursing him for several years now..It is ALL about him. I bought myself three roses for valentines day yesterday. I often do this with the money my mother left to me, probably long gone but she would buy me flowers as I did for her always and cards. I did not buy me a card. Nieither did anyone else. My children know I took 5 years of floral design and love to work with flowers but not a one of them would consider sending me a pretty and fresh bouquet. One son’s girlfriend sent flowers once. I wondered how did she know. I never misses my parents special days. My parents and my husbands mother were not short on gifts of florals ever. Their beautiful vases they left for the granddaughter who is quite masculine in nature and all things valuable and the new wife also had first and all pickings. It is okay in that I have too many things. I am a lover of beauty. So now I am constantly downsizing. Cannot go smaller than this house but the children’s room when they come is now the second or third room of my sick husband. I am very very very worn. I would love a rest cure. But I must care for the husband at all times. So very very tired.

  9. Thank you for this word. I believe it’s for me and I love the encouragement straight from the Father. It has been a difficult season and knowing He is working it out because He sent this word to you right now means so much!

  10. Raul Torres says:

    Wow! Amazing Jamie, He goes before me to prepare a way. I needed to hear this.
    I’ve got my combat boots on and I am ready as never before

  11. Mayenhyira says:

    LORD, you are your word. Thank you for being ahead of me everyday. God bless you Jamie.

    1. Thank you Father God for this word which is truly needed for me now. Thank Father for all that your doing for me and for going ahead of me. Please God for guide me to your will for my life all glory to you Father God. Thank you Jamie for all that you do for us all God bless you 🙌🏾🙏🏾🤗.

  12. Thank you Abba, for your word.

  13. Thank you Jamie. This word id 100% my word. Timely message for me. Thank you God for working on my behalf even when i do not know or understand. Thank You for your Miraculous DNA in me. I pray for your supernatural doing. Release your compelling force from your holy habitation and shower with your me with your Astronomical blessings( Your Wisdom). I love you God. Give me a heart like yours. In Jesus name.Amen

  14. Thank you Jamie for this word! The struggle has been intense, but the Lord also spoke to me about it being the darkest before the dawn!

  15. Thank you heavenly Father for your word. God blrss you Jamie dear.

  16. Bantshang says:

    Thank you Jesus for going before me to prepare the way.

  17. IRMA NORTJE says:


  18. Thank you for sharing this word
    I have been waiting for the Lord to deliver what He has promised .

  19. Gladys Mutungu says:

    AMEN! Great word that speaks to me so much. I am most grateful and baby this word.
    God bless you Jamie for your selflessness in sharing. May He reward you and grant you Divine surprises.

  20. Very timely word for me personally

  21. Lynette Reddy says:

    Hi Jamie
    This prophetic Word is most assuredly for me. Thank you so much.
    I have been going through so many challenges from last year. I have prayed and even fasted some days too. I forgave, understood, made allowances and even became a peacemaker. But it just seemed like nothing was happening. My challenges just got worse and i started to dwindle in my faith. My prayers got less and less until they stopped and I actually convinced myself that just maybe I dont deserve all the promises of God.
    Deep in my spirit I knew that wasn’t true but I allowed my circumstances to dictate my faith.
    Now I have aaked Almighty Father to forgive my complacency and to renew my spirit.
    Thank you so much
    Lynette Reddy
    South Africa

  22. Lori Shieler says:

    Hi Jamie,

    This prophetic word was right on time for me. I got covid 3 weeks ago and am still feeling its effects. I have been church hurt from the pastoral level at my church and struggling with that embarrassment has been awful. I have been crying out to the Lord and not gotten a lot back in these areas. He used your obedience to share his prophetic word to speak straight to my heart this morning. Thank you🙏✝️😊

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