Prophetic Word: Fight for Your Rest

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHey beloveds,

The Lord showed me today that many of you, His children, have been trying to rest–but the enemy has been trying his hardest to destroy your season of rest. If that’s been happening to you, the Lord says to you today:

“My beloved child, fight for your rest.

You don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. You feel this warfare, whether you have identified it or not.

The constant pressure you feel pushing against you and stressing you out is witchcraft that has been levied against you. This witchcraft against you and your life and ministry is coming from multiple sources. Some of it is from the rebellious people the enemy has surrounded you with. Some of it is from ancient history: things and people that you thought were long in the past, but in reality the devil has stirred them up.

Now that you know, do not allow ancient history to have any access to you.

Your protection is My blood. Your protection is by eating My body and drinking My blood through the Last Supper communion ritual I instituted and ordained for you. Your protection is in wearing ALL the armor of God at all times.

Prayer and Declaration for After You Take Communion | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

You must fight for your rest today and every day going forward.

You have been through a time of healing, which is not over yet. When you get to the end of the minimum time I prescribed, you will likely need still more healing. At that time, however, whether you feel like it or not, you will have healed enough to be able to make the choice for yourself to continue resting.

If you will heed Me, resting will now become a lifelong thing.

Do not fear the lack of productivity, for I am your Shepherd and you will not lack any good thing. Resting will not hamper or hinder your productivity. Indeed, rest will enhance your productivity.

I have changed you, and you have not known I was doing it. You used to think stress was normal, but now you know it’s not. You have entered more deeply into My Kingdom, where you indeed found righteousness, PEACE, and joy.

Now that you know that peace–My peace–you will never be satisfied with anything else. Stress will always feel foreign to you from now on, for you have tasted and seen that I am good–and that I am your God of PEACE and shalom–nothing missing, nothing broken.

Stress is a sign that your rest is broken, and stress is not from Me.

You need to make changes in your life, and I have brought you far enough that you can make them now. You are healing, even if you haven’t known it. Although the enemy is attempting to steal your rest, I have rested you anyway. I have led you beside green pastures and watered you beside still waters. I am restoring your soul.

But the process of healing and rest is not finished yet.

I need you to keep resting on purpose. You need Me and this rest more than you can possibly imagine, and in the place of rest is where you will find Me.

So fight for your rest. Maintain your peace. Put up boundaries to protect your time as you need to; as you know is wise. Seek Me and My wisdom, and allow Me to comfort you. Receive My body and blood daily through your communion glass, and trust Me.

I am healing you. I am restoring the years the locust has eaten.

You may not see it yet, but your faith in Me is strong and I will reward your faith. Have I not said that “He who comes to God must believe that He exists, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him”? I did say it because I do reward you, and I will reward you. Hold fast to Me. Hang on to your faith in Me. Do not waver or let go, for I am with you,” says the Lord God.

“I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. I see the pain you are in, and I know it, for I Myself have borne it–along with the pains of all the world. Do you not think that hurt? Indeed, it hurt very much, but it was not in vain. And since I have taken your pain upon My own body, you do not have to carry it anymore.

Your healing is here, for your healing is in Me, and I am here. I am your help in times of need. I am where your help comes from. Look to Me, and I will give you rest,” says the Lord.

Do you receive this word today? If this word was for you, take a minute and thank the Lord for everything He said. Receive His promise and believe Him! Then, leave a comment below!

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  1. Lisa Sharpe says:

    OMG!!! My rest has indeed been disturbed to the point that I am being pressured by someone in mylife to abandon rest. I felt that this was motivated by a controlling spirit and began to bind spirits of control and witchcraft just this morning. I felt the Lord breathing on those prayers. Thus word is a total confirmation!

    1. This is exactly I am about to experienced. Wow! Thank you Lord for this rest and restore I need you to keep resting on purpose. You need Me and this rest more than you can possibly imagine, and in the place of rest is where you will find Me.

      So fight for your rest. Maintain your peace. Put up boundaries to protect your time as you need to; as you know is wise. Seek Me and My wisdom, and allow Me to comfort you. Receive My body and blood daily through your communion glass, and trust Me. thanks Jamie for this powerful word. Godbless

    2. Bettie Lumumba says:

      Thank you Jamie, for His word that never changes. Praise His name, above prayers/message was for me, the enemies have tried always to push me so hard so that I GIVE UP. But since God has taken my pain away I have victory and victory is mine and I have allowed God to comfort me. I need more of you Lord

    3. Bobby Majors says:

      Thank you for this powerful encouraging word I believe it and receive it. May our god bless you richly

  2. Lorna Murray says:

    Good morning Jamie!

    Thank the dear Lord for His word of encouragement! I had just finished taking communion and using the same prayer you shared with us! Everything is true and l am encouraged our Heavenly Father is with us for His word is truth!

  3. Prophet, be strong and of a good courage as God uses you to reach out to many souls with pinpoint accuracy of His Word.

    God Bless You

    1. Kathleen Corrente1957 says:

      Thank you so much! Especially for being obedient to the Lord, this word is for me exactly! God Bless you Kathy

      1. Elizabeth Govender says:


  4. Eric Pollard says:

    I need use the Hill me I’m losing faith I need Jesus now I cry out every day sometimes I feel that he doesn’t hear me anymore

  5. Christine says:

    Thank you, the timing of this word was perfect. The Lord has done healing tonight on a very deep traumatic wound, and I felt that everything is going to be okay. What encouragement and confirmation this message is for me.

  6. Sonja Campbell says:

    Received in our mighty Jesus name.

  7. M. Christian says:

    Amen def a confirmation for me! I will fight for my rest! Thank you for this Word!

  8. Courtney St. Germain says:

    Thank you. This word is for me and I receive it. I have work to do on it, on understanding and application.

    I need help with the communion part of this.

    1. I found more information through your site about doing communion at home. Thank you

  9. Thank-you Jamie this is for our friends an our family we have all been fighting a hard road ,I claim this for them an us ,Please pray ,Thank-you.

  10. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You for this right now word. Thank You Father for being with me and being my rest. Help me to stay at peace & rest through the distractions Lord. I trust You & stand on Your promises ABBA daddy.

  11. Thank You ABBA FATHER
    Yes this is exactly what is happening around me and what I needed from PAPA thank YOU LORD You are Great AMEN

  12. Kahn Johnson says:

    This is confirmation of what my pastor preached Sunday. He said the Lord is going to heal me and don’t come out bitter from what I’ve gone through, but allow the Lord to heal and deliver me. I do get angry sometimes and depressed and ask the Lord to take me , but when He doesn’t, I know He still has a Work for me to do. Most people would’ve been hospitalized for what I’ve been through. But God!!!! He keeps on keeping me and winning battles for me!!!

    Safe in His Arms,

    1. IRMA NORTJE says:

      amen, God is our faithful healer, provider.

  13. Oh, how I needed this reassurance! The calendar has been kept light, but without good sleep even that became too much! An infection has been lingering for 3 months to further drag me down. Thank you for this insight. I receive it and will move forward with daily communion and continuing rest!

  14. Frances Juanita Brooks says:

    Yes I receive this Word in Jesus Name.

  15. Linda Stanford says:

    Received and claiming in Jesus name!

  16. I receive this word with deep appreciation for your pin point accuracy. The title grabbed me at once. Thank you for sharing and your accurate listening and obedience to God.
    May you continue to be used of the Lord for many and that you will be refreshed and replenished always.
    Blessings. 🙏🏾🌹

  17. Thank you Jamie. God bless you. At times I feel that God is speaking through you to me through these prophetic words cause sometimes I would ask God questions or just think about something and then your prophetic word would come along at just the right time with clarity.

    1. IRMA NORTJE says:

      amen, same here, thank you Jamie

  18. Tammy James says:

    Thank you Father for the rest I have in only you

  19. Christine says:

    Thank you! The timing was perfect. I have received healing tonight for a deep traumatic wound and felt everything is going to be okay. Your word was of great encouragement and confirmation.

  20. Annanson John says:

    WOW! What a RELIEF and a RELEASED! Oh boy! To say I was getting frustrated would be sanctimonious! Simple. But thanks be to God! Prophetess, God, even the God of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family! Most very grateful.

  21. Lord I Thank you for the answer , Hallelujah!!! Oh God, Oh God. My God, has heard my cry and my anguish. Hallelujah 😭😭😭🙌 🙌 I’ve been saying this since Friday. I felt a tug at my spirit and my body weariness and tired some that was not normal there was wickedness attached and I had to bind it up in the name of JESUS and send it back to the sender from which it came. Ive been so concerned that I have not rested and healed the way I’m supposed to. The way God mandated me to . But I thank you Jesus for the confirmation
    To Him Be The Glory!!!! Confirmation!!!!
    Thank you Jamie for Obedience to God for this Prophetic Word being given to us.. Stay where you are in God continue to let God use you in a mighty way.
    Blessings to and your family.

  22. amen these prophesies are a great relief may God continue to reveal more

  23. Kim Miller says:

    All I can say is, right on time and right in season! A word for me NOW!

    1. YOLEINE CAPRI says:

      Thank you God and Jamie for this word in regards of my prayers this is my confirmation. All glory be to God 🙏🏾🙌🏿

  24. Rebecca Jones says:

    Beyond tired or exhaustion, I have seen what that can do, it affects body and soul. Let’s agree to cancel these assignments of the enemy in His name. Ancients spirits are no match for the Ancient of Days.

  25. Ahhhh…thank you and AMEN💜

    1. Charmaine Hanse says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you for the prophetic word. I believe and receive it in Jesus Mighty Name. This word is for me, I take and believe it. Thank You Lord, I magnify and glorify Your Precious Name

  26. Yes and amen!🙏🏻

  27. Carla Dudley says:

    Thank You Lord for Your Word and for your vessel, Jamie. I believe and I receive this Word into my life. Amen.

  28. Thank you God for being my peace. You said in your word that you will give me sweet sleep. You told me to cast all my cares upon you., so i thank you for the rest that you are giving me. Thank you Lord

  29. Adeola Odutola says:

    Thank you LORD for being Lord over every situation in my life. Amen

  30. Today I had the 1st chemo and radiation treatments. I KNOW I am healed by the word Papa showed me inBy 3 distinct and different ways.
    Your word from Papa was confirmation on what I heard him tell me, with you going into greater detail.
    Each word I read was anointed with the peace and rest I needed.
    Thank you in many many ways!!
    Blessings from a humble and grateful sister.

  31. Velile Nyathi says:

    I received it all in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, increase and prosper. Amne

  32. Lilian Chudey Pride says:

    I am thankful to God for using you to speak directly to my situation today. I am glad that God has restored my health and given me permanent healing. It’s been a battle these few months, but the Lord is on the throne doing his good pleasures. Thank you sister Jamie for speaking to me so directly. God bless you and your ministry.

  33. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    In Jesus name.Amen

  34. Thank u Lord Jesus christ, who am I that u r mindful of me n used ur daughter Jamie to send ur word to me. I Love u Lord. Water and bless Jamie Lord as I hv been watered today. Thank u ABBA.


    i believe i have gotten rest now in Christ Jesus.
    i feel relieved now

    1. Felecia van says:

      Amen I have been attacked so much fjr a whole now all I do us Fight I spirorual warefare constantly it’s been relentless thankyou Jesus for your rest amen

      1. Felecia van says:

        Oops typos but yes the enemy has sent an onslaught against me as I have been in warefare constantly Thankyou for this word god bless

  36. Janneka Rose says:

    When I read your prophetic word, I had to stop for a moment, and check to see whether or not I had contacted you about my dreadful situation.

    Thank you for being God’s messenger. I appreciate your faith, and the fact that God has made so many things clear to me.


  37. Thank you for this Word from the Lord. God-Jesus has me taking the communion daily and it so happens here is the Word of God for me. I receive it and I will rest in God. I said no more devil you will not steal my peace or my joy. I will rest in you waiting on you to act in Jesus Name! Glory to God what an awesome God we serve.

  38. Helen-Naomi says:

    A word in due season. Thank You Father for granting me rest and healing me. Woman of God Jamie God bless you for being a faithful vessel. I thank God for you.

  39. Jamie, thank you for this wonderful prophetic words. It is for me and I receive it in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
    God bless you

  40. IRMA NORTJE says:

    thank you Ps Jamie, I receive this blessings for my husband and I and my family. Thank you for your faithfullness. We cast our burdens on the Lord, He will sustain us and comfort us.
    All Praise Honor and Glory be to God our Heavenly Father , Jesus Christ. thanku beloved.

  41. Latangela says:

    Thank you for this word I receive it Amen!!!

  42. Nondumiso says:

    Hi Jamie, I enjoy your emaila and live all your articles. This email was definitely for me. The enemy keeps fighting my rest buy I believe God has led me All through this way not to leave me. the enemy loosed aapirita and demons in hell and every south of mind games and hell dust. But I know I have been given authority over them. I bind the on earth as it is in heaven. And I take back all my rest from Jehovah.

  43. Mayenhyira says:

    I am in awe and heartfilled tears. I say yes and Amen. EL-ROI, thank you and help me take real rest in you. To You be all the glory.
    Amen. God bless you Jamie

  44. Amen-Amen-Amen!!! This word is for me Hallelujah!!!!

  45. Dianne Dover says:

    Hallelujah I receive this word ! I have been exhausted and drowning in the pit!! This word and encouragement is so very timely . It spoke direct to my situation, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but feel it was written just to me. Like my confirmation from the Lord! Thank you for your obedience.
    In His Grace

  46. Melinda Davis says:

    Jamie, this word is Confirmation and I will fight for my rest in Jesus Name, Amen

  47. Bantshang says:

    Thank you Jesus for your word. Strengthen me to fight for my rest.

  48. Michele Simmons says:

    WOW; this was right from Father’s heart to mine. Thank you Jamie; you are amazing. I love your heart toward Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I cried immediately ehen I started reading this. In do many ways; this word was a conformation 🤗😘

  49. Thank you for the reminder I am on the right track reclaiming my space time and healing in Jesus Christ.

    It is so obvious to me how the enemy subtly comes in to disrupt my focus. and peace provoking distraction and disruption to my continuum in my environment. So I take shelter under the shadow of the Lord’s wings.. while he sirts out a peaceful, holy spirit filled inner and outer world got me. Amen 🙏

  50. Maika kamikamica says:

    Thank you Jesus for healing and rest.
    God bless jamie

  51. Raven Tasker says:

    “God only has to say something once. And it never stops working until it accomplishes its goal!”

    Thank you for resharing this word that still works ❤️

    I receive it Holy Spirit. Amen

  52. Just yesterday I asked the Lord to not let me slip and let go of His hand. Great timing as always. I recieve Your Word, Lord. Amen.

  53. Thank you so much for this Jamie! It brought me so much comfort especially since i broke my toe last night. How It happened even my sister doesn’t understand, but we do agree that it’s spiritual warfare.
    Keeping you in prayer for you and your family and all the kind people that help. Thank you for being a blessing from the Lord in my life. I love you my sister in Christ..
    Big huge hugs,

  54. Praise God, This word is 1000% for me. It was like Father God whispered in your ear, to let me know hey Marilyn I’m listening, I LOVE YOU. and yes I want you to take communion everyday, and Yes I am healing you, It’s like the Father said I told you, I moved you across the country , away from family , so you can heal, I HAVE BIG PLANS FOR YOU..

  55. Renisha Murillo says:

    Amen and Praise GOD for your obedience Jaime ! I am encouraged today !

  56. Thank you for releasing this word today. This is the point in my walk that I am at. The confirmation of being in His will is comforting and oh so very awesome. He is so awesome and loving. I praise Him mightily.

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