Day 9: Every Promise By Faith

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21 Days to Strengthen Your Faith | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Welcome to Day 9 of 21 Days to Strengthen Your Faith! Today, we are talking about how every promise God has ever promised you comes to you BY FAITH.

God’s promises are your inheritance, and He gives them to you by your faith. Yes, there’s obedience involved too–but even your obedience is inspired by faith. Read on for an encouraging word!

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    In this series, we will examine one short Scripture passage each day.

    Then, we will pray through it with a brief series of bullet-point prayers. Each day, our goal is to strengthen our faith by gaining greater revelation about the importance of faith in our lives, and how faith WORKS.

    As you strengthen your faith each day, your confidence in God will grow–and you will also begin feeling more brave and willing to go on the great adventures God has for you!

    Click here for the series table of contents, in which you can find all the articles in 21 Days to Strengthen Your Faith.

    We have also recorded a short video devotional to go with each day’s Scripture verse. Please be sure to watch these videos for extra encouragement and inspiration in your faith journey!

    Our key Scripture today is Galatians 3:18:

    “For if the inheritance is of the law, it is no longer of promise; but God gave it to Abraham by promise” (Galatians 3:18 NKJV).

    Friend, God is no respecter of persons. What He did for Abraham, He will do for you. Remember that you are grafted into the covenant God gave Abraham!

    God gave Abraham his inheritance through His own promise. In other words, God spoke His promise to Abraham–and the responsibility was upon God to fulfill it, as long as Abraham maintained his faith and continued walking with God.


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    God did not provide Abraham’s inheritance by works.

    No, his inheritance came to him simply through God’s promise. It was through the promise which God spoke to Abraham because of their relationship–and because God chose Abraham.

    Well, God chose you too. He grafted you into the covenant He made with Abraham because of your relationship, too: because you chose to make Jesus your Lord and Savior. And therefore …

    All of your inheritance comes by promise, too.

    So what has God promised you? Read up on the thousands of promises in His Word if you aren’t sure! But no matter what it is, whether God has promised you …

    … or any other thing, He will perform His Word to you by promise. That means you receive by believing what He said. And you have to maintain your faith, which does include obedience, meaning you have to step out and act in faith when He tells you to do something.

    (Or when instructions are clearly written in His Word; obeying those demonstrate faith too, and disobeying the Word demonstrates doubt and unbelief.)

    So again, today’s key Scripture verse says:

    “For if the inheritance is of the law, it is no longer of promise; but God gave it to Abraham by promise” (Galatians 3:18 NKJV).

    So what has God promised you today?

    Let’s pray about it in faith! Pray as follows:

    • Tell the Father that you are coming before Him in Jesus’ name.
    • Thank Him for His promises that He has spoken to you.
    • Remind Him of a few specific promises He has made to you, for which you are particularly thankful!
    • Praise Him for His goodness, kindness, and generosity toward you.
    • Acknowledge to Him that your inheritance is not by Law. Tell Him you know you could never work hard enough to deserve or earn His promises.
    • Confess and repent for any ways in which you have been trying to receive or earn His promises in your flesh, through striving and the works of the Law. Ask Him to forgive you.
    • Ask Him to help you just seek His face by faith from now on, seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness–and all these things will be added to you.
    • Ask Him to help you obey Him in faith whenever He tells you to do something.
    • Pray that He would also help you notice His written commands to you in Scripture and obey them all in faith, for disobedience would be a sign of unbelief.
    • Thank Him that your inheritance comes to you by promise.
    • Ask Him to bring you all the inheritance today that He has for you today!
    • Tell Him that you choose to rest in Him and receive by faith in Him, and in His promises!
    • Ask Him to give you rest as you come to Him and abide in Him right now, and all day today.
    • Thank Him for His rest, help, and promises, and give Him all the praise!

    Beloved, your entire inheritance comes to you by God’s promise.

    And you receive every promise by faith. You receive the manifestation of every promise by faith (and that faith does include obedience to His Word). Believe it today and thank Him for His great and precious promises all day long!

    What has God promised you? Leave a comment below, and we’ll agree with you and thank Him for His promise with you!


    1. God has promised me marriage and a jo over 5 years ago…and I am still excited and expectant of the time He makes it all beautiful in their time. Sometimes I wonder of the two which one will be brought to pass 1st. Yet I shall feed on his faithfulness and delight myself in Him especially those times when I don’t see anything happening. I praise God for HD holds all of them in his hands.

    2. Hallelujah,Glory Be to You Lord,Thank You Lord for Your promises to us ,through Jesus Christ,You are the faithfull God ,In Jesus Christ name .
      Thank You Jamie for this article Im growing in this journey,thank You for sharing with us the word of God.

    3. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN Thanku 19.1.24 I stand on Gods promises for me and my entire family. Our new houses and cars to serve and worship the Lord God. to reach out to the young. Successful career and studies and Faith for my daughter and grand child, according to the will of God. Full Health for me and my spouse. To dwell in the House of the Lord all the Days of our Lives. Thank you Ps Jamie for your consistent courage and bold faith.

    4. I praise God that my family and I will all be one . That he will heal our hearts from losing my husband and a son . He gave me a beautiful poem that said he’s he’s healing our hearts .
      That no evil will befall us neither shall any plague ckme nigh our dwelling .
      Land inheritances . Restoration of all things our family our home . And much more and
      I believe him by faith 🙏❤️

    5. Yes & Amen! I believe! God has promised to provide for me, job & finances, prosperity to have more than enough to bless others, marriage, healing and deliverance for my son & his father, paid for house and car, favor with God and man all the days of my life, The Holy Spirit, wisdom, discernment, peace, my inheritance, restoration over my career, life, my son’s mind and his life, my purpose to manifest, etc..all of God’s promises that the Bible says are mine, I receive them in Jesus name, Amen! Glory Hallelujah, Thank You Lord Jesus!! Praise God 👏🏾 🙌🏾 🙏🏾

    6. Lord, there are so many of us needing You to move right now. Move on our behalf. We’ve witnessed your faithfulness in the past, do it again Lord. Amen 🙏🏾

    7. God has promised me a new renewed career. Thank you Father, Abba

    8. Catherine says:

      God promised me in his word that He would supply all of my needs and I need my rent I owe paid, I fell behind. I am also believing for a spouse and Kingdom marriage. I’m believing for restoration of car also. Theses are a fee of the promises I’m believing Papa for at this time.

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