Divine Alignment with the Right Things, Part 2: Finding Your Calling and Life Message

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Dimensions-of-Destiny-5-Divine-Alignment-With-the-Right-Things-Calling-and-Life-Message-webIf you’re ready to move to the next dimension of your destiny by fully pursuing God’s call on your life, it’s time to identify what exactly your calling and life message are.

Let me say first that identifying your calling is a process. You start by identifying the framework of your call, but you get more and more specific as time goes on. So there’s no pressure. There’s no requirement to figure the whole thing out perfectly the first time you start praying about it.

I do believe, however, that when you ask yourself and the Lord the right questions, you can immediately see what the bare bones of your calling will be.

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    Identifying or finding your calling, and beginning to walk in it, is a lot like building a house.

    If you begin to build a house, first you pour your foundation. Then you frame it out, dry it in, and begin on the inside. But even when you start to work on the inside, you don’t start painting right away. You have to put in the wiring, plumbing, drywall, flooring, et cetera before you’re ever ready to start with the pretty stuff. The paint comes almost last, and the decorating IS last.

    Well, moving into your calling works a lot like that:

    • First, you have to get a bare-bones idea of what your main purpose is. Sometimes you won’t know more than just the framework of your calling at first.
    • Then, as time goes on, you start to get more and more of an idea. The bits and pieces come together as you grow and mature, and the strategies you need to carry out your purpose start to become evident one by one.
    • The glitz and glam of the finished product come years after you began building your foundation.

    I know I am nowhere near anything called a “finished product,” but I began building a foundation long ago. I remember distinctly when God called me to preach. I was driving at the time, and I remember exactly where I was. I heard Him clearly out of nowhere.

    Then I remember when the Lord showed me what the framework of my calling was.

    I thought about the questions listed below, and the answers to those questions helped me determine what direction I should go. When I answered these questions, I realized that:

    • I love seeing people get empowered.
    • I hate pitiful, poor-mouthing attitudes.
    • I want to help people grow and become equipped to live powerful lives in Christ.

    There is an obvious theme there, which told me that my calling has to do with empowering and equipping God’s people. Notice that that is kind of a vague framework—it’s like the foundation of the house—but it IS a great place to start.

    Well, at that time, I was too messed-up to teach or preach anything. So I simply began to do everything I could to grow:

    • I made the decision to pursue God with all my heart.
    • I found a good church and got plugged in, and that church remains my home church today.
    • I submitted myself to godly authority.
    • I sat at the proverbial feet of people much wiser and more mature than me. I listened and learned.
    • I studied God’s Word, the Bible, on my own.
    • I attended classes on hearing God, dream interpretation, prophetic evangelism, and everything else I could.

    As time went on, the Lord continued to show me what the house of my calling would look like. (I know I still don’t know everything the future will hold, but I know more of it than I used to. 🙂

    Then, a few years ago, the Lord told me to attend seminary. When I graduated from seminary, my seminary professor told me to try to get some of the material I wrote for class published …

    … which led me to start this blog, and many more wonderful things. 🙂

    Anyway, I won’t go on about that; but my point is, over time, the Lord has pulled me into whatever measure of my calling I’m walking in now—both in knowing what I’m called to do AND in actually walking it out.

    I have soooooooo much farther to go, but I could tell you a lot more about God’s call on my life now than I used to know. And with every year, every bit of growth, every new opportunity, the Lord has pulled me more precisely into my purpose than I was before.

    Well, are you ready to get started as well? It starts with identifying the theme of your calling.

    Sit down awhile and prayerfully answer these questions:

    1. If you could spend the rest of your life doing or talking about one thing (and money were no object), what would it be?
    2. What do you love?
    3. What do you hate?
    4. What kinds of things make you really excited? When do you feel most alive?
    5. What experience in your background has uniquely prepared you to communicate a message or do a thing that meets someone’s need?

    Figuring out what you love and what you hate is an important key to identifying your calling.

    What you hate is usually a thing you’re called to fix. What you love is usually the positive result of the thing you’re called to do.

    Notice I said WHAT you love and hate, not WHO you love and hate. Your calling will be about solving somebody’s problem or filling in a gap somewhere—NOT a personal vendetta against a person or people group.

    When you get these 5 questions answered, look at your answers as a whole.

    What are the themes? What similarities and contrasts do you see?

    In my personal example above, I LOVE seeing people walk in power. I HATE pitiful, poor-mouthing attitudes. The pitiful, poor-mouthing attitude is the opposite of a powerful life. So I’m called to do something about the one thing (the poor mindset) by helping people replace that poor mindset with the power of God’s Word. I also feel more alive when I’m preaching and ministering to people than when I do pretty much anything else. So you can see how the themes come together to form one life direction.

    Your calling may look much different than mine, and that’s ok.

    You are unique. God made you unique because He needs you to occupy your unique spot in His Kingdom and in His Body. He gave you a unique calling and gifting. You, and only you, can fulfill the purpose and destiny that Father placed on your life.

    So maybe you’re called:

    • to be a mother or father;
    • to create art;
    • to sing beautiful songs;
    • to cook delicious food; or
    • to heal people through the medical arts.

    Maybe you get absolutely fired up over starting a new business or helping people find jobs. Maybe you’re called to shine the light of Jesus in a Broadway play. Maybe you are called to make the world a better place by being a good, honest car mechanic or keep people safe by becoming a pilot.

    No matter what your calling looks like, you definitely HAVE a calling, and it’s going to be something you’re passionate about. So ask Father God to show you His call on your life clearly, and He will. 🙂 (Trust me: He wants you to know what His call is even more than you want to know!)

    After you figure out what the framework of your calling is, pray into it and start exploring.

    If you start digging into something and you find that you hate it, and there’s no flow, you might want to go back to the drawing board. Ask the Lord if you simply need to persevere, or if you might have taken a wrong turn at some point.

    On the other hand, if you start learning about something and growing in the practice of it, and you love it and see the Holy Spirit clearly at work in it, keep pursuing it as you feel led. Watch for fruit–especially the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Where the Holy Spirit is, there will be fruit.

    Don’t put pressure on yourself to get everything right the first time. Let the Holy Spirit walk you through this process.

    He is your personal Teacher, and He can do a better job guiding you than anyone else can. 🙂 You can trust Him, and you don’t have to worry about missing your call if you’re seeking Him first.

    Remember the words of Jesus:

    Start-quoteBut seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).

    As you explore the framework of your calling, the bells and whistles will come over time.

    I am still identifying my life message. The framework of my call was about empowering people, as I described above. The next, more specific layer of my call–the drywall and plumbing of my house–is that I am called to preach, to write, and to minister prophetically.

    But my life message–the paint that sits on top of the drywall–is something about which I am continually getting clarity:

    • I know that my life message has to do with the message of Abba Father; that in Christ, we are beloved sons and daughters, not orphans. The first time I prayed for people to receive the love of Abba Father in a prayer line, the Holy Spirit wrecked me as much as He did them. I would give anything to see people receive God’s love.
    • I also know that my life message has to do with the need for every Christian to become a spiritual father or mother, for that is the only effective way to make disciples. I’m passionate about mentoring and getting life-on-life with people like Jesus did.
    • I know it has to do with prayer. God has forever wrecked me for prayer, and I believe that Jesus and prayer are the two missing ingredients in the Church that are keeping us from seeing true revival.
    • And I know it has to do with “on earth as it is in Heaven.” This, after all, is the essence of God’s Kingdom.

    But I am still getting clarity, day after day, year after year, on all of the above. 🙂 And that’s okay. I know as much as I need to know for where God has me right now. And as He moves me forward, He will show me everything I need to know for the next place.

    It will work the same way with you. You’ll learn more about yourself and about what God has called you to do as you grow.

    Some things He has called you to do might not even be possible yet. Many opportunities He has for you aren’t even prepared yet.

    For example, when God called me to equip His people, blogging didn’t even exist. So if He had told me to blog at that time, I would have glanced heavenward and said, “Huh?” But the important thing was that, at every step along the way, He showed me what I needed for that place.

    God will do the same for you. He will show you what you need for each step along your journey.

    As you pursue Him and do what He tells you to do at each step along the way, He’ll personally bring you into the fullness of your calling. He’ll show you what your life message is, and help you narrow your focus as needed.

    Papa God has a very vested interest in you fulfilling His call on your life. You can trust Him. But that doesn’t mean you do nothing; if you’re reading this article, I believe it’s because the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about buckling down and walking intentionally into your purpose.

    So will you get alone with the Lord today and begin to flesh out the answers to the questions above? There’s no rush, but I know the Lord is ready to start talking to you about the next step.

    Does this message help you see a little better how finding your calling works? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. Geraldine McClendon says:

      Your comment, “the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about buckling down and walking intentionally into your purpose.” , hit me like a sledge hammer and I was directed straight to me. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit speak through you to me.

      1. Amen. I pray He’d give you loads of wisdom for how to make whatever changes He needs you to make in this season! And may you find those changes incredibly fulfilling! 🙂
        Thanks so much for sharing!

      2. Thank you Jamie I have asking myself for many times what is truly my calling are, because I just became confused with everything in my life, sometimes its painful when you see something in you but you can’t even do anything because of knot knowing if it’s what God wants you to do and I prayed asked God about his guidance and direction of what He really wants me to do and connect me with the right people who can hp to make my dreams come true, I know that I love praying, I love talking to my father JESUS CHRIST I wish I can pray and people got healed
        and delivered even breakthrough while listening to my PRAYERS. and I realised that God help me to cancel people who are going through life challenges because of my experienced In life and I
        Love singing for my holy father God , I wish I can record my music to play for the world that when they listen to it they will touched by connecting to the holy spirit,they will be healed and even be delivered by the grace of God, I love taking about Father God when I speak 5o people I always involved God but I am scared to become a preacher I don’t even think I am called for it because I am not a good talker I am shy person but everything is possible with God maybe one day I will see myself preaching by Gods grace.

        Thank you Jamie and God bless you all.
        Bongi Dindi
        South Africa

      3. This line also spoke to me. It’s been years since I should have started writing? Thanks for this urging.

    2. Dana Clark says:

      Jamie, this was exactly what I needed to hear today. God has been dealing with me on this very thing, to get back into place and do what He has called me to do, which is minister to others. So thanks for this!!!

      1. Yay! That’s awesome, Dana! Sounds like He has some divine appointments in mind for you. I know you will be just as blessed as the people you minister to will be, as you align yourself with Papa’s plan for you. 🙂

    3. Laurna Tallman says:

      Hi, Jamie,
      Definitely, some people are called into a specific ministry that can be categorized early in life. But I was led through situations that forced me to keep shifting my vocational focus. I held responsible jobs with titles, but nothing that I would equate with a “mission.” The emphasis placed by some preachers on other easily defined ministries made me feel isolated and diminished, even while I grew in knowledge and spirituality. Each job I held was God-guided and blessed.

      I was 66 years old before the pieces of a definable central mission came together. Only then could I see how every aspect of all those years of experience were leading to stunning discoveries about the origins of human behavior in the ear and how to heal learning problems and all forms of mental illness with music. No way could I have dreamed during those early years of following the leading of the Holy Spirit where my blind obedience would end up!

      Readers who are being led to “unsearchable” knowledge (Jer. 33:3) need to know that they might not be able to discover their “life work” immediately. However, every little decision made under the Lord’s direction is part of a much larger picture that also is under His control. You can trust Him to take care of His purposes for you, even if you don’t have a label to apply to your present calling, as long as you discern His will in each decision you face.

      1. Awesome, Laurna. Sounds like one of those situations where your ultimate goal didn’t even exist back then, and He had to prepare you to pioneer it … and you did! 🙂

    4. I love coming to your blog and seeing what the Holy Spirit and Papa God has to say to us all. I love knowing that this is a good and safe path to be on. Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much for reading, Diana. I’m so glad Papa blesses you with my posts! It’s all about the Word of God. The words that Jesus speaks are spirit and life (John 6:63). 🙂


      1. Hi Fiona, thank you so much for reading. It’s great to hear from you. I pray Papa God would bless you abundantly as you read, and that you would feel His love and affection. 🙂

    6. DIANE WATKINS says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for this article of encouragement. I had to repent to the Lord for not starting to blog which was a prophetic word to me almost a year ago. Every time I make up my mind to begin, but there’s always a voice that says: where do I begin and what do I write. I know there is a resistance in this area but all I need to do is to begin. What I love is to see people healed emotionally through prophetic ministry and intercession. Please pray that the Lord will direct me in how to begin blogging.

      Thanks again for your empowering words.

    7. Joseph Lee says:

      Hi Jamie! This read was extremely insightful and filled with God’s love all over it. This content is very helpful and I feel I have a much better idea of my specific calling to eliminate any doubt that I might of had. So powerful! Thank you for your obedience to his specific calling on your life. You’re a mighty daughter!!! Treasures in Heaven for you everywhere! God bless you!

    8. I really dont know how i stumble on to this, but i read all and said a couple of payers though it. i feel i have a starting point . i know he has a calling for me, and i cant wait to see what it is. Thank you for being there and keep strong for us. we need your words. Thank you.

      1. Desmond Agbo says:

        Wow, Jamie this is really robust. Thanks a mil! I followed it word for word and I was able to relate to to my passion of “hating Oppression”. I hate oppression, intimidation and victimization and I referred them as “cardinal sin” 😄. I love fighting for the oppressed especially the poor. It kills me when I see sick children ravaged by terminal disease.
        Thanks Jamie.
        NB: please help me out where God is leading my heart to 🙏

    9. What about when in your heart of hearts you know what your calling is but time keeps rolling but you’re nowhere near where you should be? When is it time to give up and reconsider your “calling?”

    10. Hi Jamie, thank you for your post. I usually read all of your post but this the first time I am commenting. I have been trying to figure out what God’s calling is for my life. So I found this post very interesting. I am however still not sure and like you said it’s ok if we don’t know right away. I am very interesting in helping family with kids in need. Especially in countries were help is most needed. I hate seeing poverty, abuse of kids, etc I am happy when I can help in any way. I also always feel a need for praying for others. I Also have dreams that is like a vision. I had 2 this month. One was a warning of my granddaughter and that came true but in less degree as I was praying in my sleep for her safety. The other dream I got a call and that is also being materialized. Just awesome. So I guess eventually I will figure it out with God’s help. I was told by several persons that I am an Intercessor and lately someone else told me I am a scribe. So I am patiently waiting on God’s guidance.

    11. Marlene Bond says:

      HI JAMIE.
      What a blessings this post was to me. The Lord has called me an Assignment Coach. There are so many facets to this and compared to other experienced coaches I am not professionally qualified. However, the Lord has been teaching and training me in assignment living for many years now. He is constantly showing me more and more about this. I love the step by step method you provide here as, although the outworking of our calling is not that straight forward, the steps you provide here are a great way to navigate the process. So good!!

    12. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

      This really confirmed to me to start walking in my calling. When I first came to Christ I always told myself I want to set captives free like Christ set me free for his Glory. As a child I always hated the enemy and can see in the spirit realm. I always had vivid dreams. If anything that is how the lord spoke to me in my dreams and he took me out of Islam. As child and before I came to Christ I used to fight demons a lot . I always like encouraging people who are hopeless and broken through speaking to them or through my writing . I know for a fact I’m called to Deliverance ministry as I have a gift for prophetic .I also love and enjoy writing but I definietly get overwhelmed to which one it is. I will do as you said Jaime and ask Abba to confirm . Thank you as always obedient daughter of my heavenly father. Love you in Christ.

    13. Hi Jamie

      I just recently sunscribed. I am wondering if is there any chance for you to resend part 1 as well?

      Thank you.

    14. Thank you, I read your blog each time I check my email and I feel like the Lord is really speaking to me through your messages. I know I have a calling on my life, I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks for sharing with me about asking God what my calling is. When I’m reading your blog, I can’t seem to stop reading it. You have actually prophesied over my life in one of your blogs that I have read..please continue to e-mail me. Your are helping me and showing me through the Holy Spirit what my Destiny really is. Thank you!!

    15. TABITHA SEKOATI says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I really thank God for bringing you into my life just a few months ago. The teachings/ revelations/confirmations I get from reading your blogs are so profound!
      May The Lord continue to use you for His glory. All the issues I am concerned about for my life, God uses you to address them.
      Glory to His name!

    16. Hey Jamie,
      Your statement about walking intentionally into the next step to my calling hit me like a sledge hammer AND ton of bricks. This is the third time this month that someone told be to be “intentional” about my calling. Sorry Geraldine but this blog was intended for me. Lol!
      To be as brief as I can, I am an RN by trade so my heart is to minister to sick people. Then in 2015 a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) forced me into early retirement. My prognosis was poor but I looked into my Father’s eyes throughout the grueling treatment and He healed me mind, body, spirit and soul. Four and a half years later I am cancer free. Yet I am still in the Active recovery and come into frequent contact with many cancer patients on a weekly basis. I have so many stories to tell and I tell them every time God directs me to the person that needs to hear it most. It never fails. If I listen to God’s voice, I will say the Words to that person brings them to tears. Not sad tears but the happy tears you cry when the praise and worship team sings the Holy Spirit right in to your soul.
      That is my calling but I know I need to be more intentional about the next step. I won’t be in active recovery treatment forever; so I need to be intentional in seeking the next opportunity. Thank you for your blog. I will continue to pray and look for that opportunity with intention. I appreciate you Jamie.

    17. Hey Jamie thank you for that word of God that was nothing but motivation this morning I pray and I ask God to release my calling on what he want me to do in life remove anything that distracted me guide me in the right direction he want me to go I really want my own clothing business boutique And I really believe he’s Going to bless me with it and my other callings are helping others bless them with clothing food talking about the ups and the downs how to make them feel good about they self Or like a counselor I just pray that God blesses me and show me push me out there to start my own business in Jesus name amen

    18. Johan Malherbe says:

      Hi Jamie! Thanks for this message. I am stunned by the similarity between your calling and mine – almost identical, but obviously with differences.
      Your message has brought a great deal of clarity to me, as I’ve been asking the Lord for a long time
      already about my calling.
      What I would like to know, is what you mean by ‘God wrecked me for prayer’ I don’t know the expression, but feel that it’s important for me to know what you mean!
      Looking forward to hear from you! Blessings to you!

    19. Chioma Jeremiah says:

      Woah, I feel so full. Thank you for this knowledge.

    20. Steve Haag says:

      I’ve talked with a number of people recently about God preparing a plan, unique to each Christian (Eph 2:10), and seen a lot of interest. Even among people who believe the gifts stopped functioning years ago.
      My calling is to bring the Kingdom to my neighborhood and city, and Christians who know their calling can help. Thank you for this teaching. I’ll look at incorporating it into a Sunday School class at our church.

    21. Please pray for me in this area. I just want to do the will of my Father.

    22. IRMA NORTJE says:


    23. I have been praying “what’s my calling Jesus?” or to give me a talent of any kind. Well, it’s been over 50 years now and I am still praying. I am not giving up.

    24. Hi Jamie thanks for such a blog may The Lord our God bless you and keep you for the benefit of the body of Christ , thank you.

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