Dimensions of Destiny: Divine Alignment with the Right People

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Dimensions of Destiny: Divine Alignment with the Right People by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comIf you’re hungry to reach the next dimension of your destiny, it’s time to get in divine alignment with the right people.

There are two categories of people with whom you’ll need to get in divine alignment: the people you follow and the people you take with you.

We’ll talk about each category of people below, but let me first mention how to identify these folks. 🙂

Here’s how to identify who might be your “right people”:

1. They’ll be kindred spirits.

The “right people” for you are the godly friends with whom you just click. You have the same heart, the same values, and the same spirit.

You won’t always know at first that someone is a kindred spirit. Sometimes you just get thrown into a situation or conversation with them. They might be a total stranger.

But as time goes on and you get to know them, you find out this person is a sister or brother at heart. It takes time, so don’t expect it to happen right away. But be on the lookout for those kindred spirits.

2. They’ll care about you as much as you care about them.

Here are a few signs that a person does NOT care about you:

  • If someone uses you;
  • If someone only takes, takes, takes and never gives;
  • If a person talks about himself or herself all the time but never asks about you;
  • If they never bother to spend time with you or seek you out to get to know YOU better (in other words, YOU’RE doing all the work in your relationship);
  • If a person is a life-sucker, draining the spirit out of you …

… then RUN DON’T WALK away from that person or people. They are NOT your people. 🙂 #SorryNotSorry

You’re welcome.

That’s how I personally know if a person I meet has friend potential or not (not even thinking about kindred spirit potential).

If I have an entire conversation with you and I ask all about you, but you NEVER ask about me, that tells me that you are not a friend. An acquaintance, yes. Someone I’m happy to know, yes. Someone who needs ministry, possibly (and I’m happy to serve you as the Lord leads).

But not an actual friend, and definitely not a kindred spirit.

Now, there’s certainly grace for this.

I have been to lunch with friends many times who are going through things, and we’ve talked about their situation the entire lunch. But I don’t write them off for that. I understand, and there are other times when they do ask about me and show they also care about me. Just because someone needs a shoulder to cry on once in awhile doesn’t mean they’re self-absorbed.

Also, sometimes a person’s efforts in your friendship might look different from yours.

For example, I have friends that have rarely ask me to spend time with them in person, even though I have often invited them to spend time with me (so almost all of the time we spend together has been at my invitation). It would be easy to get my feelings hurt about that, but I don’t.

Why don’t I get my feelings hurt about that? Because they call me on the phone all the time–on their own, without my asking them to call. And when they call, they call to really talk. Not to use me, not just to get my advice, and not just to vent. We actually talk about serious things that matter. And that means a lot to me. It’s their way of spending time with me. So I am not about to write off their friendship just because their overtures of caring look different than mine.

Does that make sense?

Friendships look different and have different dynamics, but some people are friends and others simply aren’t.

I know this can be hard, but beloved, if you haven’t already made that distinction in YOUR relationships, with all due respect, you need to. It’s important to be real. If you get your hopes up and expect someone to be something in your life that they aren’t ready to be, you’re setting yourself up for hurt and heartbreak.

So if someone exhibits the signs of NOT being “your people,” let them go. Let them find the relationships that fit best for them, and you move on to find those that are right for you. Neeeext! Okay? 🙂

I know I’m being pretty blunt here. Are you ok? Are you still with me? Ok, good. Now back to finding the right people. 🙂

In order to reach your destiny, you have to follow someone AND take someone with you.

Every time. Without fail.

Who should you follow?

Other than Jesus, of course, Whom you should follow first and foremost in everything, you need a spiritual father.

Read my series about how to find a spiritual father here if you don’t already have a father. And heads-up: unfortunately, in this day and age, leadership does not equal fatherhood.

Yes, you need to submit to your leaders. Learn all you can from them. But if you’re looking for a spiritual father who will mentor you personally, you need to understand that being a leader or a teacher or even a pastor does not necessarily make you a father.

Unfortunately, if someone is not a father, you’re simply not going to get fathered by them. They may have the best intentions, but they’re simply not capable of fathering without the Father’s heart.

It’s because being a father is a heart thing.

A father will be protective of you, take personal interest in your life, and shepherd you personally. A father will love you enough to tell you hard truths. A father will see you with Father God’s eyes, and will believe in you–even when you don’t believe in yourself.

(“Secrets of the Father’s Heart” is the book I’m writing, sloooooowly, and am trying to finish this year. Check out my video about it here.)

And oh, yeah: women can be fathers too. #SorryNotSorryAgain

Women can function in every bit as much of Father God’s heart and actions as men can.

In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female (Galatians 3:28). And when the Father said He would take away our stony heart and give us a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26), He didn’t say He had one large, Father’s heart for men and another smaller, inferior one for women. No; He has one heart, and He gives it freely to all who will ask and receive it.

We are all called to conform to the image of Christ (Romans 8:29), who is the express Image of the Father (Hebrews 1:3; Colossians 1:15); so we are all called to become like Father God too.

And becoming like Father God requires us to have His heart–His heart to father people. Therefore, the math says that both women and men are called to the business of fathering and can father equally. It’s called “making disciples.”

(I realize that what I just said may not fit with your understanding or experience about men’s roles versus women’s roles in the Kingdom, but it is what the Word of God says, so let’s conform our faith to the Word instead of limiting our faith to our experience, ok?) 🙂

So. Fatherhood is too big of a subject for this one blog post, but know this: you will recognize the difference between a mere leader and a father. When you feel like you’re being fathered when you’re around that person, it’s probably because you are.

Lining up with the right father makes all the difference in the world, so find someone to father you who is a real father, who has a father’s heart toward you and others.

And who should you take with you?

You have to take people with you, and the Lord will lead you to them. He has led me in the past to groups of people AND individuals, just depending on when and where. Some were for a moment; some for a season; and some, hopefully, will be for a lifetime.

Father God will put the people you’re supposed to take with you in your path, so be on the lookout. I will tell you this about people that you take with you:

1. Sometimes they will simply be your friends, but you find out later that there’s something you have that they need, or something they have that you need–hence the divine connection. Iron sharpens iron.

2. Sometimes they will be people in need of fathering, and God calls you to father them. Go for it if so; it will be the most rewarding experience of your life, other than knowing Jesus.

3. Sometimes they will outrank you in some area.

If someone outranks you in some area, that’s okay; don’t be intimidated. If God has given you something that they need, share it anyway. I don’t mean share your revelation. If they outrank you, they probably don’t need your revelation unless they ask, or unless they give you permission to speak into their lives as a friend. But:

  • Maybe they need you to watch their back in the spirit realm, and they don’t even know it.
  • Maybe Father wants you to sow into them and bless them because nobody else does.
  • Maybe there’s an opportunity in your hand that Father wants you to share.
  • Maybe somebody’s so busy serving everybody else’s dreams that they have given up on their own–but Father sent you to help keep those dreams alive.

Don’t be afraid. If Papa puts you into divine connection with someone that outranks you and somehow gives you a burden to bless them, go for it. You’ll feel God smiling on you, and you may be the only one who’s sowing into that person’s life. You never know!

No matter who God leads you to, you will need to take people with you in order to reach the next dimension of your destiny.

Destiny is simply a Kingdom thing. It’s meant to be done together. LIFE is meant to be done together, and taking other people with you benefits you as much as it does them.

  • Fathering draws YOU closer to our Heavenly Father.
  • Making disciples helps YOU grow.
  • Fathering someone enlarges YOUR heart and teaches YOU as much or more than it teaches your son/daughter.
  • Sowing into someone else’s life enriches YOU as well as them.

And sharing your opportunity with someone else, so they can have their dream at the same time you receive yours, protects you from becoming selfish and seeking your own glory.

So no matter where you are, find someone you can bless. Find someone you can raise up. Ask Papa for the Father’s heart, and go sow into other people. Take them with you as Father raises you up. Make like Jesus and make disciples. 🙂

Divine alignment with the right people can change everything.

In summary: when you get into divine alignment with the right people:

  • You grow.
  • They grow.
  • You get opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.
  • Doors open for you that would have otherwise remained shut.
  • You see the fruit of your labor in other people’s lives, which is SOOOOO rewarding.
  • You obey the Word and build the Kingdom.
  • You lift up the downcast and serve the servants.
  • You form a circle of honor and giving that paves the way for Father to dump blessing into your life.

It’s all about divine alignment. Will you get into divine alignment with the right people today?

What is God saying to you about this subject? What do you need to do to get into divine alignment with the right people in your life? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with our community!

Dimensions of Destiny: A Study of Divine Alignment:


  1. Brooke Brandel says:

    A very on time word!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Indeed, a very timely word. Only our loving Father, could or would have known that. Thank you ever so much. Please pray for me as I journey for both; find a spiritual father and be one.

    1. Thanks for reading, Elma. I’ll be happy to pray for you. May Papa lead you to a wonderful spiritual father who will love you, disciple you and believe in you.

    2. Melody Adams says:

      Thank you for your explanation on divine alignment with others. So on target with what the Father is doing right now. ~God bless you ~ Melody

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for this! I also wanted you to know that since I asked you for prayer on this very thing not long ago, Father not only sent one woman into my life to stand with me, but 2! Thank you so much for your prayers and your blog! You are sowing into my life and it is making a difference. God bless you and your ministry!

    1. Cindi, that’s amazing! Virtual fist bump. 🙂 I am sooooo happy for you! Go Jesus! And thank you for the encouragement. I’m so thrilled that Papa is blessing you.
      Have a great day!

  4. As always Jamie, this is a very timely word. So many people come in and out of our lives and if we’re not careful they can drain us. Thanks for the reminder and the guidelines for examining relationships.
    Multiplied blessings!

  5. Rebecca Jones says:

    Kindred spirits, (I enjoyed Anne of Green Gables), they click. And everybody doesn’t. I’ve been trying to explain gifts of the spirit and working together, same spirit different gifts, to people, I think they don’t understand because they have a different gift. The suckers are sometimes people you are trying to help, takers who never learn to give are draining, and people who think visiting their children in foster care two hours a week makes them a good father, truly don’t understand. Sinners need saving, but the Body of Christ, needs counsel as well.

    1. I loved Anne of Green Gables too. And I’m with you – I don’t understand why some folks don’t listen. But the best we can do is move on to those who will listen, and pray for those who won’t.

  6. Terri Renee Smith says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the richness of wisdom and truth our Father pours in to you!
    We ask and our Father, our Source gives. He wants to bring us into His Divine alignment. So grateful you are doing this series…it is undeniable kairos. Father, pour out even MORE on Jamie. Living water overflowing.

    1. Terri, thank you so much for your precious words of encouragement. Yes, He is such a generous, good, GOOD Father and I’m wrecked for Him, aren’t you? Thank You, Daddy. Thank You.



  8. Amazing Now Word??!!! Jesus shown me I’m in transition in relationships. In my spirit I felt a shift, He’s preparing me to move on & just pray for them. Jesus I will follow with His grace all the way?God bless you Jaime for being a light to us believers.??

    1. Yes, that sounds awesome! Sometimes we just have to move forward. Be brave and follow, and He’ll make it easier than you ever thought it could be.
      Thank you for reading and sharing!!! Have a great day!

  9. Olusayo Joseph Ogundairo says:

    Thanks God for your live you are impacting the generation more grace and anointing. Please pray for me, I need spiritual father

  10. Jerome Cowell says:

    Hello Jamie
    I Claim and Receive your teaching on Divine Alignment With The Right People. I feel like I am surrounded by leeches and taker. Always wanting help but not willing to give help or anything else as for as that matters. That also includes Family members. Pray and Stand in Agreement with me for God to Divinely Connect me with the right people. My head is confused and my twisted when it comes to choosing the right Friend. It is a hurting things when you realize people are using and taking what they can get out of you. There is no real Godly Love in the heart of people in the world Today. Most people not all. Thanks for your Work In The Kingdom Of God! You’re Awesome

  11. Your words are always on time and I know their God sent. Why? Because I was just thinking about sowing into some people lives and extending friendship with them, and then I see your email today. Thank you -again, for obeying the Lord and sending out this message. God bless you!

  12. I needed to hear this message and I know the holy spirit anointed you hands to write this message. God placed on my heart to sow into some people lives and then I see your email today. God bless you!

  13. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Abba i teaching me in this area..Praise God.It is mine.

  14. I used to waste lots of time in unprofitable stories with friends, but God changed that from the beginning of this year and I am thrilled. This article is true, wrong alignments will break and not build you. We must make God our closest friend and those that positively impact our lives in Him our companions.

    Remain blessed.

  15. Denise Sargeant-James says:

    This message dropped in my email “right on time”. I was speaking with my sister about this same subject this morning and your post puts it so together, clarified and showed exactly what I referenced so much better. I will share this with her because I know it will also bring clarity for her and what she is experiencing now. Thank you soo much Jamie for being faithful to the work that you do for Papa and for all of us !

    1. God bless you, Jamie, for this beautiful and timely message. You posted it on Nov. 23, 2022, but I just now opened it. It’s as if each time I went to open it, Abba said, ‘Not yet.’ But I just now did, December 15.
      It is so timely for me.

  16. Lynn Eplee says:

    Thank you so much Jamie. This email was just what I needed to hear. In fact I have been praying about this where a particular person is concerned and this validated just what I was feeling God was speaking to my heart. Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak into our lives. God bless!

  17. Am always blessed reading your messages, thanks Jamie for the word of understanding to become an overcomer, so many people came into my life to extort even though I meant well, but my God always stood up for me and has been faithful, that won’t make me stop given because giving to me comes with alot of blessings, but seeking for His grace for the right persons to locate me always.. thanks Jamie and God bless you

  18. Hi Jamie,
    This is an on time word. The Lord has removed relationships that weren’t right for me in order to make room for new relationships for His destiny for me. Would you please join me in praying for a Spiritual father and destiny helpers in this time of my life? Your messages bring revelation and clarity to my life! God Bless You!

  19. What a Now Word Blessing on 2222! Thank You Jamie! Overflow Harvest to you and yours in Jesus Name💖🙏🏼🔑🙌🏽🎉

  20. Amazing thank you for this blessed word, something I think about but never really fully understood

  21. IRMA NORTJE says:


  22. Short version of how God gave me that with out me trying or knowing about such a thing !! I walked up to a new young widow in our church that I only knew her name . She had returned from a trip to her pastor brothers in Florida for a rest from suddenly losing her husband . All I said was .. I’m sorry about your husbands sudden passing .
    I’d like to hear all about your trip !
    She was shocked and happy !! And said No one has wanted hear what God is doing !
    I said I love to hear what God is doing ! She was new to our church and didn’t know I was a widow . She said we will get together and do Bible study 1
    X or better 2x a week !! I was in for a triple blessing !!! We became close friends , did prayer , fast, Bible out to eat etc… a true COVENANT friend . Jamie your best friend Article is exactly what God did in a friend through her !
    she remodeled my bath and bed room all from Praying and speaking that God would do it . I later told her I’d been speaking Decreeing praying the book Jamie wrote Prophetic Dream House ! She then ordered her one ! We were only going to put floor in my small 1st area bath . But the LORD had heard my DECREES and prayers for a while and SUDDENLY showed up !! My friend
    Showed up at 8:00 am with 14 boxes of flooring . I had avoided my bedroom since my husband died . I said we can put it in my Sons room . She got quiet a min. And said , the Lord said it’s for your room ! I said, oh , 😳
    Ok! 😊
    We did Bible talk studies praising singing and prayer while we worked .
    She was way ahead overboard 100x over me spiritually !!! I’ve learned soooo much ! She anointed my home played music . Spoke what I needed to hear at times sharpened me !
    A 7 month close friendship and after the work was done he moved her to Florida where she asked me to ride in the the Uhaul on 1 of her many trips down . 10 hour drive .
    We are like Sisters and so close still 😊🙏
    to help her unload . I did for a week . Stayed with her and brother / wife pastors and family . I went to many services that week during their Pentecost week ! I had 4 different pastors / Prophets
    Basically speak the same thing over my life with out the other knowing . I was Anointed for 2 different things . And I’m already seeing 1 manifested in a big way ! The preaching was Anointed . I witnessed other people being spoke into and then crying as they heard it like I did . Because they spoke of things they had no way of knowing what we’d been through except HOLY SPIRIT revealed it 🙌 I saw many other things that some I’d only heard about in the negative sense ! Others I’d never heard .. but the Lord did it in such a way that I DO BELIEVE this is the WAY WALK YE IN IT !!!
    No one could convince me otherwise !! I had never been in such services . Good ones but NEVER SUCH ANOINTING – ON FIRE FOR JESUS -PREACHING
    And ON TIME PROPHETIC WORDS SPOKEN ! Saw LIVES changed before my eyes .
    All started when I said
    I’d love to hear what God did ON YOUR trip .
    (She had JUST returned from Florida and experienced this and had a similar but even more POWERFUL ANOINTING FOR HER .)
    I went to help her move but after I arrived , her Sister in law Pastor who had just met me . said , I believe the Lord has you here for a different reason 🙏 and oh DID HE EVER !!!!
    I’m expecting much more to come . 🙏⭐️ And the words I received all line up with Jamie’s teaching as well !!
    In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses .
    We keep in touch and she shares daily prophetic messages with me !
    ALL that to say
    GOD BROUGHT ME to the RIGHT PLACE . Then the RIGHT PEOPLE . 1step at a time . I had no idea and she had no idea !! He also moved her suddenly !
    As soon as she told the Christian realtor she was selling the house . Before he even listed it , it sold in 2 HOURS !! To another Christian family which she had prayed to do ! Lots more happened but I’d have to write a book !!
    To God be the glory . Seek him 1st ( think of others ) and All these things will be added . I think God smiled when I reached out to a hurting Widow ❤️ who was powerfully anointed but needed encouraging too ❤️
    Thank you JESUS 🙌

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