Prayer 7: Lord, Make Me Humble

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7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Character | Prayer 7 | Lord, Make Me Humble | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Is there an area of your life in which you do not submit to the Lord 100% of the time in absolutely everything? If so, I want to share a simple prayer with you today that will help you grow in the Lord, drawing closer in intimacy with Him. That prayer is: “Lord, make me humble!”

Today’s simple prayer encompasses the totality of Lordship + spiritual development. This prayer of “Lord, make me humble” may be only four words, but these four words can change everything in our lives.

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If we’re examining our lives truthfully, every single one of us can admit that we have room to grow in the area of Lordship.

I know that there are definitely times when I don’t obey God just perfectly. I want to obey Him perfectly at all times, of course; but sometimes the things I do don’t turn out the way my spirit intended. I think we can all probably identify.

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    The apostle Paul shared this struggle, too. He sometimes wanted to obey God in one area or another, but then ended up doing something different. He wrote:

    “O unhappy and pitiable and wretched man that I am! Who will release and deliver me from [the shackles of] this body of death?

    O thank God! [He will!] through Jesus Christ (the Anointed One) our Lord! So then indeed I, of myself with the mind and heart, serve the Law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin” (Romans 7:24-25 AMPC).

    Paul knew that who we are and what we do are sometimes two different things.

    Who you are is “the righteousness of God in Christ.” We learn this in 1 Corinthians 5:20-21, which says:

    “Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God. For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

    So “who you are”–your IDENTITY, in other words–is completely righteous. 🙂 Hallelujah! That’s great news!

    However …

    Unfortunately, “what you do,” or “what we do,” or “what I do” is, well, not always quite so righteous. 🙁

    Our righteous status, which is granted to us by God by grace as soon as we receive Jesus as our Savior, doesn’t always make itself evident in our daily choices. That’s why we work our whole lives on getting to know Jesus and letting Him change us, as we have been inviting Him to do in all the prayers in this series.

    It takes time to become like Him.

    But there is ONE thing that can really speed up the process.

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    Did you know that one thing can be so powerful? It’s true–when it’s the right thing. And there is one thing that can make all the difference in the world in your character:

    • One thing that will bring “what you do” a whole lot closer to matching the righteous person in Christ that you are;
    • One thing that will serve you well in EVERY area of life;
    • One thing that will bring God’s blessings upon you in every area.

    That one thing is humility.


    Hoooo boy. Humility.

    The characteristic of being humble …

    … Which is the opposite of being proud.

    Humility is what gives us a sold-out spirit before the Lord.

    When I say “a sold-out spirit,” I am talking about the state of being completely sold out to God. When you’re sold out to God, you do what He says–and when you don’t, you are truly repentant for sinning against the Lord, such that you go after Him to change you.

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    And this is what humility is.

    Basically, when we are humble before the Lord, we yield and submit to Him in everything. If you’re humble, you’ll read God’s Word and see what He says to do, then immediately jump to do it–and keep doing it.

    Because, after all, anything for the King.

    Psalm 139:23-24 meme Search me O God and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in Your way everlasting. |

    So when you’re humble:

    • You’ll read that Malachi 3 says to bring in all the tithes and offerings to the Lord … so you’ll tithe 10% of your income to the Lord plus give offerings immediately, and forevermore, without complaint.
    • When you’re humble, you’ll read that Philippians 2 says we should do all things without complaining or disputing; so next time your spouse or boss asks you to do something, you jump up and serve them without grousing about it.
    • When you’re humble, you watch what you put in your mouth because we don’t want to be like Esau, who sold his inheritance for one morsel of food.

    Because, you know, the Holy Spirit likes to get alllll up in our business. 🙂 And I, for one, am grateful. Aren’t you?

    We need Him to convict us, so that together we can say:

    “Help, Lord. Lord, make me humble.”

    It’s also important to know that we can be humble in one area and yet be proud in another area.

    Father, forgive me. I’m getting all convicted as I write this.

    See, I’ve been praying for humility for years, and there are many areas in which the Lord has answered my prayer, changed my character, and made me humble. BUT, there are other areas in which I haven’t let Him have full rein yet:

    • So when my husband asks me to do something, and I get irritated and whine and grouse about it …
    • When I eat eat too much of my favorite treat, or when I eat some other thing at all that Holy Spirit has told me I shouldn’t be eating …
    • When I get all discouraged and fall into self-pity, because no thank You, Lord, I don’t want to set my eyes and keep them set on Jesus today, Lord; please come back tomorrow …

    Those things are not only disobedience, but they’re also pride.

    Pride says we can disobey God if we want to, and it will be okay.

    But humility says that we bow before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and we repent before Him, confessing our sins when they occur, and choosing to turn and go after the way of righteousness instead.

    And this is just talking about humility before God. We haven’t even started talking about humility before man, but a humble spirit before man will get you everywhere too.

    We just need to plain-ol’ ditch pride and be humble, humble, humble before both God and man.

    So are you ready to pray with me?

    Four simple words, although I’ll expound on them today just to provide some sample vocabulary to help you as you pour out your heart before the Lord. 🙂 Let’s pray:

    “Abba Father, I come before You today in Jesus’ name.

    Father God, thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to die on the cross for me. Thank You also, Lord Jesus, for being willing to humble yourself, take on the form of a man, and become obedient unto death–FOR ME. I cannot fathom the love You must have had for me, and the obedient heart You have toward the Father, to be willing to do that.

    Abba Father, I love You so much and I’m so grateful for You. I’m so thankful for everything You are to me and for everything You’ve done for me. I want to honor You with my life, both in spirit and in truth–in word and in deed–because You deserve that kind of honor.

    But Abba Father, I need help to honor You like that.

    Lord, I want to obey You in absolutely everything. I don’t ever want to disobey You, Father; not ever. So please, help me. 

    Father, I ask in Jesus’ name right now:

    • that You would please give me a sold-out spirit before You.
    • Make me humble, Lord.
    • Change my heart and take all the pride out of me.

    Abba Father, please help me to only do what You do and say what You say:

    • Help me to discern whatever You want me to do, every moment of every day, and obey You right away.
    • Give me a sold-out spirit, Lord, such that where You go, I will go; what You say, I will say; what You do, I will do.
    • Let me care about You and become obsessed with You more than anything else in Heaven or on earth.

    Lord God, I truly want the same level of obedience to You demonstrated in my life that You receive in Heaven. I truly want to be that sold out to You, Lord.

    So Father, I invite You to do surgery on me. Change my heart and make me like You. Help me to be humble before You, and search my heart. Convict me of any pride you find and help me to repent of it right away and embrace humility instead. 

    Make me the kind of loving, adoring, obedient child and disciple and servant that You deserve, Abba Father. And help me to glorify You with that obedience in every part of my life.

    Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Beloved, the simple prayer of “Lord, make me humble” will change everything for you. Did you pray this prayer with me today? If so, leave a comment below!

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    1. Florence Martey teiko says:

      Thank you lord ..make me humble lord ..more of you and less of me in Jesus nAme

    2. Jamie
      Thank you. More then anything for years prayed/asked for humility! With all my heart I prayed!
      Submitted all that I am to you Jesus!

      Need prayers for Gods manifest presence and healing for my marriage, my children, my soul, as yesterday was my dads memorial. We lost him in April it has rocked my world In every way…..desperate for Jesus.
      My son who loves the Lord took to dr 30lbs under weight. Lost his spiritual mentor from youth group. Needs his dad to come to the Lord. I am a mess.
      Desperate Jesus teach me humility Lord!

    3. As I prayed this prayer I felt the Holy Spirit come upon me as I began to cry out to The Lord in all sincerity of my heart. I do so much desire to be humble and obedient to God in all things. I believe my prayer was heard and God will do it for me. Thank you and God bless you. 🙏🏼

    4. Lisa Bolden says:

      Yes Ibprayed the prayer, and I’m believing God to transform and change me into who and what he has called me to be. I will obey!!! I desire to be totally sold out for God.

      1. I went outside to my little garden, and looked up into the sky…
        I imagined looking at the Father, and Him looking down at me..
        Its was my plea to Him, help me to be pleasing to You..
        And then, i went to my emails… and saw this prayer for humility..
        As i was praying this prayer, i felt the compassion of Abba Father, touching my heart..

        I slowly, and thoughtfully, prayed this prayer to Him with resolution..

        The Holy Spirit, witnessed to me, Michael, my prayer was heard and will be fulfilled.

        Thank you so much for this prayer..thank you foe your ministry, and being transparent before and His children..

        May His overwhelming grace and peace pour down on upon you continuously as you minister to Him and his Body.

    5. Francie Robertson says:

      Yes Sister!
      I dedicate this prayer onbehalf of all of us here for the duration of this new month of August 2020.

    6. Cathy Anderson says:

      Deliver me Lord from all pride in my life. Make me humble in all ways. Amen.

    7. Monica Cable says:

      Thank you Daddy God for this writing and prayer on humility! I am encouraged🥰 This is a timely word and yes JESUS, You and this changes EVERYTHING! Make me humble indeed. One of my great superpowers is humility. Teach me how to be and remain. Thank you for helping us all Holy Spirit!

    8. Deliver me Lord from all pride in my life. Make me humble in all ways. Amen.

    9. Yes, Jamie I prayed the prayer. This is a prayer I continually pray because I get convicted a lot about pride.
      One scripture I stand on mostly is Psalm36:11.
      Thank you Jamie and remain ever blessed.

    10. Marvelous Tshuma says:

      Deliver me Lord from ALL pride. I want to live a life that is pleasing to you.

    11. Nadia Slater says:

      Good day miss Jamie I am so blessed to have you in my life ❤️, I am going to pray this prayer everyday until I get the level of humbleness that God wants me to come into.thank you for your dedication and your teachings of the word of God 🙏. blessings be to you.

    12. Annanson John says:

      Lord make sure that you make me a HUMBLE FIRE OF TRUTH, HONEST, PURITY AND LOVE.
      Most very grateful Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10.

    13. Osabouhien says:

      yes I pray this prayer with you,thanks you jamie for you encouragement and prayer point,and I also want to thank you for the first prayer point you send to me via email,those prayer is for me,I want to tell I have being praying those prayer and God has rescue me from the hand of my enemy’s and he keep rescuing me from every problem the enemy’s as set against me,thank you Jesus,bless your only name

    14. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      This is one of the area i always struggling with.I thanked God for revealing my weakness as i am drawing closer to Him everyday.There is no other powerful word in the bible the same as this word- HUMBLE.To submit and humble to our Dad is a better gift i can offer in my walk with God.Praise you Dear Dad.Amen.

    15. Taniqua Burns says:

      Thank you Abba father,
      Lord please make me humble, lord please keep me here with my daughter physically and mentally please keep me free from jail and free from the enemy. I am a righteous child of god and no weapon formed against me shall proper .

      Your daughter Taniqua Burns

      In Jesus name amen 🙏🏾

    16. Thank you so much for this prayer.

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