101 Confessions of Obedience to God

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Do you love God with all your heart, but you still find yourself disobeying Him sometimes? If so, you’re going to love these 101 confessions of obedience to God!

When you’re trying to draw closer to God and change your behavior to honor Him, it’s crucial to speak God’s Word out loud over yourself.

Isaiah 55:10-11 tells us that God’s Word always does what He sent it to do. This passage says this:

“For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven, and do not return there, but water the earth, and make it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater,

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:10-11 NKJV).

When you speak the Word out loud over yourself, its creative power goes to work in you. And even if the things you are speaking out loud aren’t things you see in manifestation yet, you will see them if you keep on believing and speaking what God says.

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    Why? Because God’s Word is creative. And when you speak it out loud, it takes root in you and creates the thing you are speaking that is His will for your life!

    And there’s nothing more important to contend for than a heart of obedience to God.

    God has drawn us to Himself and given us the power, through Jesus Christ, to live for Him. By His grace, we can now live pure and holy lives. We may not all be there yet–I daresay that probably none of us are there yet!–but God is working in us every day to obey Him more and more.

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    Everything you see was created by the spoken word.

    So if you have nothing except the ability to speak, you can still create anything you want. You can be like God and speak those things that are not as if they already were (Romans 4:17)!

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    To help you (and myself!) in this area, I studied out many Bible verses about obeying God. Then, I wrote the 101 confessions of obedience to God that you can find below, so that all of us can speak them out loud over ourselves.

    Please be sure to use this massive tool of 101 confessions of obedience to God!

    Putting this together was a mammoth effort, but I got more and more excited as I studied and gathered the verses upon which these confessions are based. Each verse about obeying God is so rich, and the Lord promises us incredible blessings when we obey Him! As I read about each of these blessings, I found myself more and more in awe of our Savior.

    As you speak these confessions over yourself, I pray that you would sense Holy Spirit rising up in you to build your faith as you see the tremendous grace of God in our lives.

    (And remember, these are all based on Scripture verses and are cited with chapter and verse for the reference. But they are not necessarily direct quotes, as I have taken the pronouns and wording in the Scripture verses and turned them into first-person confessions in the “I” form.)

    Without further ado, here are 101 confessions of obedience to God:

    1. All my obedience belongs to Jesus, for He is the King and the scepter is in His hand. (See Genesis 49:10.)
    2. The Lord has borne me on eagle’s wings and brought me to Himself. Now therefore, I obey His voice and keep His covenant, and I am a special treasure to Him above all people, for I am grafted into the seed of Abraham through Jesus. I am a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation to the Lord. (See Exodus 19:3-6.)
    3. I obey God’s voice and do all that He speaks, and He makes Himself an enemy to my enemies, an adversary to my adversaries, and He Himself goes before me. (See Exodus 23:22-23.)
    4. I serve the Lord my God, and He blesses my bread and my water. And He takes sickness away from the midst of me and my family. No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in my land; He will fulfill the number of my days. (See Exodus 23:25-26.)
    5. Because I obey the Lord, the Lord sends His fear before me. He causes confusion among all my enemies. He makes all my enemies turn their backs to me. And the Lord drives my enemies out from their land little by little, giving their land to me as I increase and inherit the land. (See Exodus 23:27-30.)
    6. I listen to the statutes and judgments which the Lord teaches me to observe, that I may live, and that I may go in and possess the land which the Lord God of my fathers is giving me. (See Deuteronomy 4:1.)
    7. I do not add to the word which God commands me, and I do not take from it, that I may keep the commandments of the Lord my God which He commands me this day. (See Deuteronomy 4:2.)
    8. I know and consider in my heart “that the Lord Himself is God in Heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other.” So I keep His commandments, and it goes well with me and with my children after me, and that I may prolong my days in the land which the Lord my God is giving me for all time. (See Deuteronomy 4:39-40.)
    9. I walk in all the ways the Lord my God has commanded me, that I may live and that it may be well with me, and that I may prolong my days in the land which the Lord gives me to possess. (See Deuteronomy 5:33.)
    10. Because I listen to God’s commands, and I obey Him, the Lord God keeps His covenant with me, and He gives me the same mercies which He swore to my fathers. (See Deuteronomy 7:12.)
    11. Because I heed the Lord’s voice and obey Him, the Lord loves me and blesses me and multiplies me. He blesses the fruit of my womb (my children and the dreams I am birthing), the fruit of my land, my grain and new wine and oil. He blesses all the seed I have sown; He blesses me financially; He fulfills and satisfies my soul and spirit. He fills me with His power. He blesses all my assets and investments: the increase of my cattle and the offspring of my flock–and He does all this in the land of which He swore to my fathers to give me. (See Deuteronomy 7:13.)
    12. I love the Lord my God, and I keep His charge, His statutes, His commandments, and His judgments always. (See Deuteronomy 11:1.)
    13. The Lord has set before me the choice to be either blessed or cursed. And I have chosen blessing, for I obey the commandments of the Lord my God which He commands me this day. I do not turn aside from His ways, and I do not go after other gods to serve them. (See Deuteronomy 11:26-28.)
    14. I diligently obey the voice of the Lord my God, to observe carefully all His commandments which He commands me today. And the Lord my God sets me high above all the nations of the earth. (See Deuteronomy 28:1.)
    15. All of God’s promised blessings come upon me and overtake me because I obey the voice of the Lord my God. (See Deuteronomy 28:2.)
    16. I am strong and very courageous, that I may observe to do according to all the Lord my God has commanded me. I do not turn away from God’s Word to the right hand or to the left, and because I obey God I prosper wherever I go. (See Joshua 1:7.)
    17. God’s Word does not depart from my mouth, but I “meditate in it day and night,” that I “may observe to do according to all that is written in it.” For then I will make my way prosperous, and then I will have good success. (See Joshua 1:9.)
    18. I obey God, as He has asked me to do, instead of trying to appease Him with sacrifices He doesn’t want. For to obey God is better than sacrifice, and to harken to Him is better than the fat of rams. (See 1 Samuel 15:22.)
    19. I hold fast to the Lord. I do not depart from following Him, but I keep His commandments in all things. (See 2 Kings 18:6.)
    20. My delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law I meditate day and night. And the Lord makes me like a tree planted by rivers of water. I bring forth my fruit in my season. My leaf does not wither, and whatever I do shall prosper. (See Psalm 1:2-3.)
    21. Because I love the Lord and know His name, the Lord delivers me and sets me on high. (See Psalm 91:14.)
    22. Today, I hear God’s voice, for we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand. I listen to God and obey Him in all things. I do not harden my heart against Him, as the Israelites did in their rebellion in the wilderness. (See Psalm 95:7-8.)
    23. I am blessed, for I fear the Lord and delight greatly in His commandments. (See Psalm 112:1.)
    24. I do no iniquity, for I walk in the Lord’s ways. (See Psalm 119:3.)
    25. I cleanse my way by taking heed according to God’s Word. (See Psalm 119:9.)
    26. I have hidden God’s Word in my heart, that I might not sin against Him. (See Psalm 119:11.)
    27. I delight myself in God’s statutes; I do not forget His Word. (See Psalm 119:16.)
    28. God’s testimonies are my delight and my counselors. (See Psalm 119:24.)
    29. I have chosen God’s way of truth, and I have laid His judgments before me. (See Psalm 119:30.)
    30. I cling to God’s testimonies, and the Lord does not let me be put to shame. (See Psalm 119:31.)
    31. I will run the course of God’s commandments, for He enlarges my heart. (See Psalm 119:32.)
    32. I keep God’s law continually, forever and ever. (See Psalm 119:44.)
    33. I delight myself in God’s commandments, which I love. (See Psalm 119:47.)
    34. I lift up my hands to God’s commandments and worship Him, and I meditate on His statutes. (See Psalm 119:48.)
    35. Even when the proud mock me, I do not turn aside from God’s law. (See Psalm 119:51.)
    36. God is my Portion, so I keep His words. (See Psalm 119:57.)
    37. I make haste and do not delay to keep all God’s commandments. (See Psalm 119:60.)
    38. God’s tender mercies come to me, that I may live, for His law is my delight. (See Psalm 119:77.)
    39. I will never forget God’s precepts, for by them God has given me life. (See Psalm 119:93.)
    40. I love God’s Word so much! It is my meditation day and night. (See Psalm 119:97.)
    41. “I understand more than the ancients, because I keep [God’s] precepts” (Psalm 119:100.)
    42. I restrain my feet from every evil way, that I may keep God’s Word. (See Psalm 119:101).
    43. I do not depart from obeying God, because God Himself has taught me. (See Psalm 119:102).
    44. “I have inclined my heart to perform [God’s] statutes forever, to the very end” (Psalm 119:112).
    45. All the evildoers depart from me, for I keep the commandments of the Lord my God. (See Psalm 119:115.)
    46. I consider all of God’s precepts concerning all things to be right. I hate every false way. (See Psalm 119:120.)
    47. God’s “testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them” (Psalm 119:129).
    48. God orders my steps in His Word and by His Word, and He does not let iniquity have any part in me. (See Psalm 119:133.)
    49. God considers my affliction and delivers me, for I do not forget His law. (See Psalm 119:153.)
    50. I love God’s law, and I have great peace, and nothing causes me to stumble or offends me. (See Psalm 119:165.)
    51. My soul keeps God’s Word, and I love it exceedingly. (See Psalm 119:167.)
    52. I keep God’s precepts and His testimonies, for all my ways are before Him. (See Psalm 119:168.)
    53. God’s hand has become my help, for I have chosen His precepts. (See Psalm 119:173.)
    54. I do not forget God’s commandments; for the Helper, the Holy Spirit, teaches me all things and brings to my remembrance all things Jesus has taught me. (See Psalm 119:176; John 14:26.)
    55. The Lord teaches me to do His will, for He is my God. His good Spirit leads me in the land of uprightness. (See Psalm 143:10.)
    56. All of my ways please the Lord, so the Lord makes even my enemies to be at peace with me. (See Proverbs 16:7.)
    57. I keep God’s commandments, and by doing so I keep my soul (my mind, will, and emotions). (See Proverbs 19:16.)
    58. In all things God asks of me, I am willing and obedient, so I shall eat the good of the land. (See Isaiah 1:19.)
    59. I obey God’s voice, and He is my God, and I am His child. I walk in all the ways that He has commanded me, that it may be well with me. (See Jeremiah 7:23.)
    60. I obey the voice of the Lord my God, and I fear the presence of the Lord in a holy way. (See Haggai 1:12.)
    61. I obey the words of the prophets that the Lord my God has sent me, even though I test all things from the prophets against God’s Word first, to make sure God has really sent them. (See Haggai 1:12.)
    62. I enter the Kingdom of Heaven, for I do the will of my Father in Heaven. (See Matthew 7:21.)
    63. As soon as Jesus speaks to me, I follow Him. (See Matthew 9:9.)
    64. I hear God’s Word with the noble and good heart that God has given me, and I keep His Word and bear fruit with patience. (See Luke 8:15.)
    65. I am blessed, for I “hear the word of God and keep it!” (Luke 11:28).
    66. Just like Jesus, I do not seek my own will, but the will of the Father who sent me. (See John 5:30.)
    67. I abide in Jesus’ word, and I am His disciple indeed. And I shall know the truth, and the truth shall make me free. (See John 8:31-32.)
    68. I keep Jesus’ word, and I shall never see death. (See John 8:51.)
    69. I love Jesus, so I keep His commandments. (See John 14:15.)
    70. I have Jesus’ commandments, and I keep them, so I am one who loves Jesus. And since I love Jesus, I am loved by Father God, and Jesus also loves me and will manifest Himself to me. (See John 14:21.)
    71. I love Jesus, so I keep His Word. And Jesus’ Father, who is also my Heavenly Father, loves me; and Jesus and our Father come to me and make Their home with me. (See John 14:23.)
    72. He who does not love Jesus does not keep His words, but I do love Jesus so I do keep His words. For the Word that I hear from Jesus is not Jesus’ alone, but is the Father’s who sent Him to me. (See John 14:24.)
    73. I obey everything the Father tells me, so that the world may know that I love the Father. (See John 14:31.)
    74. Jesus is the Vine, and I am a branch in Him. I abide in Jesus, and Jesus abides in me, and I bear much fruit. Without Jesus, I can do nothing. (See John 15:5.)
    75. I abide in Jesus, and Jesus’ words abide in me. Therefore, I ask God for what I desire, and it shall be done for me. (See John 15:7.)
    76. My Heavenly Father is glorified in me because I bear much fruit and I am Jesus’ disciple. (See John 15:8.)
    77. I abide in Jesus’ love as He commands me to do. (See John 15:9.)
    78. I keep Jesus’ commandments, and I abide in His love, just as Jesus keeps the Father’s commandments and abides in the Father’s love. (See John 15:10.)
    79. I love other people as Jesus loves me, for Jesus has commanded me to do so. (See John 15:12.)
    80. I am Jesus’ personal friend, for I do whatever He commands me. (See John 15:14.)
    81. I always obey God, even if people tell me to do things that are in disobedience to Him. I obey God and not men. (See Acts 5:29.)
    82. God has given me His Holy Spirit because I obeyed Him and submitted my life to Jesus, making Jesus the Lord and Savior of my life. (See Acts 5:32; Ephesians 1:13-14.)
    83. Through Jesus, I have received grace and commissioning to demonstrate my obedience to the faith among all nations for His name, and to teach those nations how to obey Him too. (See Romans 1:5; Matthew 28:18-20.)
    84. When Adam sinned, all of mankind fell into sin. But because Jesus obeyed, many shall be made righteous. I am becoming like Jesus, so my witness of obedience to the Lord shall also bring many into the Kingdom of God and obedience to Jesus! (See Romans 5:19.)
    85. I am no longer a slave of sin, for I died with Christ and I also now live with Christ. I am a slave only to righteousness. (See Romans 6:7-11.)
    86. I am alive from the dead, and I present all my body parts to God as instruments of righteousness. (See Romans 6:13.)
    87. I am a slave of obedience to God, which leads to righteousness. (See Romans 6:16.)
    88. I am steadfast and immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that my labor is not in vain in the Lord. (See 1 Corinthians 15:58.)
    89. I use God’s weapons of spiritual warfare, which are mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds. I use these weapons to “cast down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God,” and to bring “every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.” (See 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.)
    90. I have the same mind in me which was also in Christ Jesus. I humble myself before God as Jesus did, and I am obedient to Him in all things. (See Philippians 2:5-11.)
    91. I work out my own salvation from the inside to the outside with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in me “both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” (See Philippians 2:12-13.)
    92. “Having been perfected,” Jesus has become “the Author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him”–including me. (See Hebrews 5:9.)
    93. I lay aside all filthiness and all wickedness, and I receive with meekness God’s implanted word, which is able to save my soul. (See James 1:21.)
    94. I am a doer of God’s Word, and not a hearer only. I do not deceive myself by disobeying God’s Word at any time. (See James 1:22.)
    95. I submit to God. I resist the devil, and he flees from me. I draw near to God, and God draws near to me. (See James 4:7-8.)
    96. I humble myself in the sight of the Lord, and He lifts me up. (See James 4:10.)
    97. I gird up the loins of my mind. I am sober, and I rest my hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to me at the revelation of Jesus Christ. I am an obedient child of God. I do not conform myself to the former lusts, as I did when I was ignorant of God and of His ways. Instead, as He who called me is holy, I also am holy in all my conduct; for “it is written, ‘Be holy, for I am holy'” (see 1 Peter 1:13-16).
    98. I do the will of God, so I abide forever. (1 John 2:17.)
    99. Whatever I ask, I receive from God, because I keep His commandments and do those things which are pleasing to Him. (See 1 John 3:22.)
    100. I keep God’s commandments, and I abide in God, and God abides in me. I know that God abides in me because He has given me His Spirit. (See 1 John 3:24.)
    101. God considers it love for me to walk according to His commandment, so I do. (See 2 John 1:6.)

    Beloved, speaking these confessions of obedience to God over yourself regularly can change your life.

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    You don’t have to speak them all in one day, but even if you speak out a few of them each day, it will make all the difference in the world. God’s Word is true, and it will not return to Him void. Go ahead and get His Word in your heart, that you might not sin against Him!

    Did these confessions help you? Did you feel the power of God roaring through you as you spoke even a few of them? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Kristina M Repasch says:

      Thank you so much for equipping us as little children putting our Abba Father God’s Word in our hearts and minds. Allowing the incorruptible Word of God to have it’s way in our complete being . All to God’s will being completed in us in this Earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you

      1. Lindeni Phumelele Siphayi says:

        Thank you Jammie for blessings and breakthroughs through the teaching of the word in prayer. May his plan for all humanity come to manifestation.

    2. Thank you Jamie for one of the most important areas we Christians need daily commitment to the Lord in. Obedience is the linch pin-love, trust and obey.

    3. Thank you Jamie, God bless you for this timely confessions.



    4. Thank you so much for this. I kept feeling strength in my heart, especially in the end. I repent and obey Father, Our Lord and Savior and Holy Spirit.
      This gives my Spirit a boost especially when I’m feeling down for the neighbors persecuting me.
      This was just totally awesome because it made my faith grow even more. I just feel His love right now.

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