Prophetic Word: Your Thankfulness Is Opening Doors for You

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Prophetic Word: Your Thankfulness Is Opening Doors for You | Encouraging word scribed by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, has your heart been overflowing with thankfulness even this morning? If you have been giving thanks to the Lord, He has a marvelous word of encouragement for you today!

This morning, the Lord told me He wanted to speak to His children. He urged me to write this down for you now! I believe Father is going to touch your heart with this word!

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    I heard the Lord say:

    “Your thankfulness is opening doors for you!”

    I asked Him to elaborate on this, and He said this:

    “I love your heart of thanksgiving. This very morning, you are so overwhelmed with thankfulness that you can hardly do anything but give thanks! And rightly so–for I am moving mightily on your behalf!

    Your thankfulness is the grease that makes the process of breakthrough speed up for you.

    Your thankfulness is helping win the battle with the enemy over your breakthrough. Your thankfulness obligates Me to do even more for you, even though You did not intend to trap Me by giving thanks; I know you are sincerely grateful! 

    But beloved, you need to know that your thankfulness makes me rise up in anointing and joy and power and MOVE MIGHTILY on your behalf!

    Your thankfulness touches Me in the deepest part of My heart. Your thankfulness warms My heart; it moves Me and shakes Me and makes Me want to throw aside the heavens and the earth to do business on your behalf and do things for you that you can’t even imagine! 

    Your thankfulness is initiating a long process of blessing that I have dreamed about for you from before the foundation of the world! Your thankfulness rouses Me to overcome all obstacles that have been loosed against you. Indeed, they were already under My feet, but your thankfulness helps Me to place them under YOUR feet as well!

    Giving thanks is a solution that not a lot of people understand.

    To him who has, more will be given; and giving thanks shows Me that you consider yourself to be in the category of “having”! Giving thanks shows Me your faith; it demonstrates your heart of honor to Me! And when you demonstrate honor to Me, I can honor you!

    Call unto Me right now, and I will answer you! Indeed I will show you GREAT and MIGHTY things that you do not know! I am eager to move on your behalf; keep on going with all the thanksgivings you are offering to Me! 

    Your love and thankfulness is incense in My nostrils that few have ever smelled.

    Ask Me to let you smell the fragrance of thanksgiving. I will let you smell it; it will change your life and you will be wrecked for giving thanks indeed! 

    My heart is so focused on you. You have no idea how much I dwell on you.

    O My child, I love you so much. You have no idea of the depth of My love! You have seen only the surface; you have gotten to know My love a little bit, but there is so much more of My love for you to know! It is yours already; all My love is being showered on you; I desire you to know that.

    I appreciate your thankfulness so much, for it shows that you are beginning to receive from Me. I desire to do so much more for you, and to help you know Me so much more than you already do.

    I desire you to know Me in greater ways–and beloved, you have to learn that thankfulness is the gateway to My manifest presence! You truly ARE to enter into My gates with thanksgiving; thanksgiving is the key!

    So this season, My beloved, won’t you overflow with thankfulness?

    Won’t you focus on being thankful; on thanking Me for everything I do and everything I am to you, so you can see Me so much more?

    I tell you that if you will do it and give thanks to Me like you never have before, but like you have been doing even this very morning, your life will change forever. The new river you are looking for and praying for can be found inside the gates of thanksgiving, for I have done much for you and I desire to do even more.

    There is much to be thankful for, and the lifting up of your thank offering to Me is the key to receiving even more in your life.

    My beloved, I love you with My everlasting love. My heart is fixed on you. I dwell in you and on you and with you, and I desire to talk to you face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. I will do that; you will see. I will visit you and manifest Myself to you.

    Thank you for extending the invitation to Me, beloved, through your thanksgiving. I am here, and I am coming to move on your behalf in greater ways than you have ever seen.

    Love, your Heavenly Daddy.”

    Beloved, is this word resonating in your heart today? If so, this word is for you! Take it to heart! Leave a comment below if you receive this word from our Heavenly Father today!

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    1. linda harrison says:

      I receive it, Praise the Lord, thanks always to the Wonderful Heavenly Father……..thanks Jamie

      1. Diamond Hall says:

        God is truly amazing!

      2. Thank you daddy, if all the hairs on my head are strings of tongues, it will not be enough to praise you for all you have done for me.

        Thank you Jamie

        He is moving mightily !!

        1. Iva Leacock says:

          Amen,thank you so much Jamie.
          God Bless you abundantly.

      4. I receive it, thank you Abba Father.

      5. Eunice Oriaku says:

        I received this word in Jesus name.

      6. Delores Reid says:

        I receive this blessing an your almighty hand moving in my life as always so being thankful for it all is my honor
        To always have thankful heart to my Heavenly Father !
        Amen 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️❤️

      7. Ratu Cokanasiga Tuivanuakula says:

        I receive it with faith in Jesus’s name!
        “Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for your love. Thank you for caring for us in our daily journeys. Thank you for guiding us in our decisions, thank you for giving us wisdom when we stumble, and thank you for leading us to support one another
        “Thank you, God, for everything in my life and my family’s lives
        In Jesus’s name.


    2. I Receive this Word from the Lord!!! Thank You Father for loving me sooo much!!! You are Worthy to be praised!!!

    3. Christopher Michael Love says:

      I receive this word from the Lord. Thank you Heavenly Father, I appreciate you and I love you.

    4. I key into this. It’s very timely, thank you Abba.

    5. Thank you Jamie. All the beautiful words from the Father is received. Love you and Papa God.

    6. Thank you too, Jamie!!

    7. Doreene L Carlisle says:

      Thank you Almighty Father. I receive it.

    8. Dawn Melendez says:

      Yes yes yes I’m so thankful for my Beloved Devine Three Abba Poppa, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Love You 😍 Soooooooooo much . You Three is all I have and all I need. 🙂

    9. Deborah Smith says:

      I believe thankfulness is the ingredient that overturns the ‘bowls of prayer’ in Rev. 5:8

    10. Thank You Father God for every single blessing!! I praise You with all my heart and pray that more and more people will experience Your love so that You can do mighty things through them and spread Your Kingdom in this broken world, in Jesus’ name, amen.

    11. Amen, I receive this dictation in Jesus’ name – hallelujah 👑❤️‍🔥 Glory to God. The Lord is so precious and nothing I desire compares! Thank you sister for encouraging us to draw even nearer to our Holy Lord and dwell richly in Him, as He abides in us. 🥰🙏🏼 Praise the Lord, bless His Holy Name 🙌🏻 Amen

    12. Mary McGaw says:

      Hallelujah praise the Lordship. Thank you Abba Father. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Holy Spirit. I receive your word of blessings, I give you all the glory and praise, from the bottom of my heart. I Love you Lord. I will rejoice for you have made me glad, I will enter your gates with thanksgiving in my heart. Hallelujah

    13. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Yes and Amen. I am overflowing with thanksgiving. I can’t thank my Papa God enough. Let everything that is within me Praise the LORD for all He is to me, for all He has given and continues to give. For His goodness and mercy and unfailing love.
      Glory to God in the highest forevermore!!!

      Thank you for sharing Jamie.
      Blessings galore to you and this ministry.

    14. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Glory to you my lovely Daddy.All thanks and praise goes you as you are a jealous God and only you deserve to be worshipped with all our heart and all our being as you are holy divine mighty power mighty glory .Amen .I give you all thanks and praise for all you have done in my life and all what you are going to do more.You give me protection give me love faith Knowledge understanding wisdom joy and and peace. In Jesus name.Amen

    15. Tabitha Sekoati says:

      Dear Jamie,
      I am truly humbled by this message from my loving father. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.
      Glory be to Him always

    16. Ernest Adu says:

      I receive this precious WORD in the mighty name of Jesus!

    17. Delia Gonzales says:

      Mrs Jamie yes I am so grateful with Abba Father tus word does reason ate I am very grateful for he is doing and I am looking forward to everything he is showing me how he is speaking to me filling me with his spirit guiding me and leading me there are words I couldn’t express I am in awe I do have in mind to sow a thankful seed I pray I could do more for him as he has done for me I receive everything from him it reminded me that there is nothing impossible for him what he wants to do through me and in me I am open to what he is planning to do thank you again and again continue praying for all of us in Christ

    18. Thank you for always being a blessing. You are truly an amazing Woman of God.
      Love you much ❤️

    19. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Praiae God!Thanksgiving quicken everything.Amen!❤❤❤🙏🙏

    20. Rebecca Jones says:

      This is absolutely me today, I have received from Him what no one else could do, and I am thankful.

      1. Eddie Stallings says:

        This touched my heart because every day my heart is so THANKFUL unto the LORD for all He has done and yet what He’s doing now. I can’t help but PRAISE Him for all His goodness He has shown my wife and me. The LORD He is significantly to be PRAISE with all honor and Glory!

    21. Tammy Yvette James says:

      Yes This word speaks to my spirit I can feel the anointing as I text this comment

    22. I receive every single word of this!! Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie!

    23. Thank you for sharing what GOD has put in your heart its absolutely amazing…I was up early Sunday morning praising and thanking God and saw your E-mail for the second time, “BELOVED, YOUR THANKFULNESS IS OPENING DOORS FOR YOU, CONTINUE TO GIVE EFFUSION THANKS TO OUR GOD SND FATHER TODAY….This really blew my mind!!!

      1. I received it with gladness, thanks so much for this words .

    24. Charlotte says:

      Thank you. God is faithful. I will keep on giving thanks.

    25. Thank you.. GOD is good. Bless you JAMIE 😊

    26. Thank you 😊 ABBA FATHER I LOVE 💘 you so much. I will forever ❤ be thankful 🙏🏾 for all your blessings. GOD bless you JAMIE 😇.

    27. linda harrison says:

      Thank you Lord for all u do & what u have done & what u going to do ❤, God is good all the time. 🙏

    28. Yes I have been stirred in my spirit to worship Him more these last few days as I step into faith to receive our long awaited restoration! Praise should be our posture even in the midst of turbulent times!

    29. Shailaja Abraham says:

      Yes Lord without you I’m nothing. What I am today is because of you Lord. I thank you Lord for being with me all through my life. All through the situations I love you Abba Father. Thank you for the word given through dear beloved sister Jamie.

    30. Yes. Thank you Abba Father for everything You ve done and intend to do for me. Am very grateful Yhwh.

    31. Lisa Holloway says:

      Yes I receive this in my spirit my heart 🥰❤️ is bubbling over in so much joy to here this thank you Lord for this revelation of thankfulness to you you are such a good good good God thank you..

    32. Thankyou Father I love what you are doing to me and for me, I am so overwhelmed I cant help crying praise be to God
      Jamie God bless you

    33. David Robinson says:

      Bless you and thankyou,may the Lord shine down upon you.
      May the Kingdom of God come close to you all and fill you with Happiness,Joy,Gladness,Laughter,Love and Peace and the righteous right hand of God Protect you all in your waking hours and your going to sleep.Amen.

    34. Amen I receive it in the name of Jesus. Thank you God for everything 🙌🏾🙏🏾😭

    35. I received it, thanks be to God.

    36. Yes; resonating- deeply and profoundly. ❤️💞❤️

    37. Daisy Negron says:

      As I read this I was in tears all the way through but happy tears cause in spite of what I feel or go through good or bad I always gives thanks and grateful to my Abba Father for everything he has given me and done for me in my life and for my family. This Eord touched my heart so deeply. Thank You Pastor Jamie, Blessings to you and your family. Have a Beautiful Happy Peaceful Thanksgiving Amen 🙏 🦃🦃🦃

      Daisy N

    38. I recieve it in Jesus name. Thank you Jamie. God bless you

    39. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Thank you Lord God, a thankful heart you will never despise. we praise and Glorify your Holy Name. Thanku Ps Jamie for your faithful sharing Gods heart.

    40. THANK YOU MY FATHER! I am thankful for all you are to me. I am thankful my father that you are with me. I receive this WORD in thanksgiving! ALLELUIAH!!


    41. I receive it, Father!! Thank you 🙏🏾🙏🏾!!

    42. Thankfulness is flooding my heart. ♥️

    43. I was saying “Thank You Lord.. Thank You….” As I opened this email .. been fighting fear and attack after attack! Encouragement!! Thank You Lord! Thank you Jamie!! I need a miracle!! It’s on its way!!

    44. Thank you Jamie because that’s a rhema word for me. This morning as I was “Praying Psalm 91” I was telling God, “Thank YOU” for each thing in Psalm 91. And I felt His Presence in a very special way this morning.

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