Prophetic Words for 2023, Part 1

Prophetic Words for 2023 | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

This is the first in a five-part series of prophetic words for 2023 that the Lord gave Jamie for the Body of Christ. We are sharing these words in a series of several articles because we feel they are so weighty and healing that each one deserves a good amount of meditating upon before we move on to the next part of the word. Be sure to check out Part 2Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of this series of prophetic words for 2023 as well.

Beloved, are you excited to see the Lord work wonders for you in 2023? Or, are you so run-down from the trauma you went through in 2022 that you are having a hard time believing for anything good to happen?

Either way, I believe these prophetic words for 2023 that the Lord spoke to me are going to be healing and deliverance for you.

I heard the Father say:

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    “Get ready to see the mighty works of God!”

    He went on to say that we should get ready to see His mighty works in six areas:

    1. Wellness
    2. Wholeness
    3. Dreams fulfilled
    4. Reward
    5. Captivating presence and glory of God
    6. Relationships.

    I asked Him to elaborate, and He spoke the following:

    Regarding wellness:

    “You have let your mental health go while you focused on things you thought were more important. However, this year I am bringing you back to wellness. I am forcing you to slow down so that I can bring you back into wellness.

    You are important to My Kingdom, My heart, and My plan. I love you very much, and it hurts Me to see you suffering. I am putting My foot down and dealing with you strongly as your Protector right now. It may not appear to be so, but I am separating you from things that make you sick and unwell.

    My heart of love is healing your heart of pain even right now, as we speak. Look for Me to show you what your ideal life could look like, and do not be afraid to step into it even though you do not know how it will all work out.

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    I am with you always, and I am taking care of you right now. I am not mad at you; I have not forsaken you. Other people have forsaken you, but I never have and never will. Allow the truth of My love and goodness to heal your heart right now, for I am fighting for you. I am on your side.

    You have been around people who have been jealous of you, and their jealousy has been toxic to you.

    These people’s jealousy has caused you to think things about Me that are not true. You have believed that I have abandoned you and that I do not want you to prosper.

    In reality, the people who were jealous of you abandoned you and did not want you to prosper. But it wasn’t Me thinking those things.

    Do not confuse Me with anyone else.

    Their actions, if not aligned with My Word, had nothing to do with Me. Indeed, I will make things better for you than they ever were before—because I am working it out for your good.

    Go forth and prosper in your wellness again, for now you will be able to. I am with you to prosper you, and it is still My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. My Kingdom is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace, and JOY in My Holy Spirit. And one of the things that brings you joy is to receive that for which you ask.

    Remember My Word in John 16:24: “Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”

    I invite you again to ask. I invite you again to believe that I want to blow you away with My goodness. I want to give you both seed and bread, and part of your wellness is to operate as the sower I made you to be. Believe Me for bread again, and believe Me for seed. You will find I am well able to give you both in abundance.

    I am proud of you, My love. You did well to persevere while others had a chance to accept or reject My plan. They rejected it, but you remained hidden in Me, and I protected you. You will prosper now as you walk in the wellness and healing that is yours in My name.”

    Regarding wholeness:

    “You have had a lid on you and have not been permitted to be healthy and whole. Wholeness requires more than just physical health or mental health. Wholeness means that every part of you is operating the way it should, including your spirit. Wholeness includes spiritual health and community, and I am providing these things for you.

    You have never seen what wholeness looks like in any other person other than Myself.

    You have never been permitted to be whole before. You tried, and you did the best you could under the circumstances. But, you were never in your life permitted to be everything I have ordained you to be.

    I am weary of seeing My masterpiece thrown in a closet.

    You are My masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus for good works which I prepared beforehand from the foundation of the world. You are not to be in a closet!

    Even now, I am wreaking vengeance against the powers of darkness that accosted you. They are losing territory, and I am crediting your account for the victory as I throw the nations at My Son’s feet, for He deserves to receive them!

    You are not to listen to the lies of the enemy anymore, saying there is something wrong with you. If something in you needs to be fixed, I the Holy Spirit of the Living God will fix you! You are under My discipleship plan and program, and although you are to respect appropriate spheres of authority, you are Mine; and it is before Me, your Master, that you stand or fall—and you will stand!

    You will be whole this year.

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    It will look different from anything you have ever seen, for you have never seen total wholeness. However, spiritually, physically, financially, and relationally, I am making you well and whole right now.

    There will be no lid on you in this new season.

    Expect miracles to chase you down in the street. Expect to be the recipient of things and blessings that you have only heard about so far—and about which you have not ever even heard!”

    These are the words the Lord spoke about wellness and wholeness in 2023. Read the next article in the series here, in which I will share what He is saying about dreams fulfilled!

    Did these prophetic words for 2023 speak directly to your spirit today? If so, please leave a comment below!


    1. Peter Lesudi says:

      All I can say is ‘Thank you Lord Jesus. ‘

      1. Yes, these precious words spoke deep to my heart! Only God knows what I have been through and still going through. Thank you Jesus!!!

        1. Amen Thank you Lord. i received it.

      2. Michelle Jones says:

        Amazingly true!! Thankyou god.., Thankyou Jesus!!🙏❤️😇👍

      3. Sandy Harper says:

        Hi Jamie this was for me. Thank you. I would love to send you a love offering. Sandy Harper

      4. God Princess Warrior says:

        All I can say is THANK YOU LORD.. this is my confirmation..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. THANKS TO MY LORD JESUS CHRIST !!! MY SAVIOR WHOM I WILL FOREVER SERVE!!!!!

    2. Yes Jamie, I believe and I receive in Jesus Name. Glory Hallelujah Lord

    3. This word has spoken to me regarding jealousy and I thank you for it. God bless you. 🙏🏾

    4. Amen I believe in Jesus Mighty Name I receive Halleluyah !!!!

    5. Yes!!! This word was for me. I thank you Father!!!

    6. Lori Shieler says:

      I receive this word. Thank you for your obedience in sharing it. This word speaks to my heart in a powerful way.

    7. Am really BLESSED BY THESE PROPHETIC WORDS. They really spoke to me.
      I receive all of them IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.

      1. Helen Williams says:

        I receive these powerful prophetic words from the Lord thank you Jesus!!!! I thank the Holy Spirit for using you Jamie I needed this for such a time in my life Amen!

    8. I stand in total agreement with the Word of God, and I say thank you Lord!

    9. Wow the power of this prophesy is loaded with all the things I need in my life right now Thankyou Father for watching over me, and remembering me blessed me the name of the Lord Jamie you are highly favoured

    10. Such an inspiring content!!!
      Thank You , God and thank you, Jamie . ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    11. In the name of Jesus I receive,declare,& proclaim it in Jesus Mighty name, Amen!

      1. Thank you Father God for this prophetic word for 2023 and I receive it in the name of Jesus 🙌🏾🙏🏾😭.

    12. Hallelujah!!! I receive it in the name and bloodline of Jesus!!!

    13. These words were hewn for me!!! Lord Jesus Christ who am I that u r mindful of me,jealous people Thot the had the final say in my life but you ABBA FATHER HAS THE FINAL SAY and I thank u for the privilege and love..I love u YHWH

    14. T. Arvind says:

      I read the WORD from south India and believe every word of it for me.
      do me a favour by praying for me and the ministry I am entrusted with, that the Lord may increase the harvest and supply all the needs.

    15. Lemme Kebaabetswe says:

      What a confirmation for me. I have been trusting God for things that have not become manifest. Thank you for this words.

    16. Jamie, I NEEDED this! It spoke to my heart and spirit about God being for me and fighting for me. I needed to know the difference between God and some people. And I needed to hear that there’s nothing wrong with me, and that if something needs fixing the Holy Spirit of God will tend to it, for He is guiding me and discipling me🙌. What a good, good Father. Thank you for sharing this Word💕

      1. Yes indeed, these prophetic words spoke directly to me and I receive them in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.


      From 2019, I just keep following and looking forward to the next prophecy. It has never failed! Hallelujah

    18. IRMA NORTJE says:

      AMEN THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT. THANK YOU Ps Jamie, I receive and Praise the Lord.

      1. IRMA NORTJE says:


    19. Amen Hallelujah ✝️ 🙏 I receive it all. Thank you sister Jamie ❤️❤️❤️

    20. Joann Vanterpool says:

      Happy new year to the persons who manage this ministry.

      This message is confirmation for me. God bless.

    21. Thanks Sis Jamie for this prophetic word on wellness and wholeness. Indeed, there has been a lid on my womb for two years, and I believe my Father God has removed the lid and opened my womb in this new season. Hallelujah, Glory be to God Almighty!

    22. Thank you Lord! I received the blessing of 2023. Amen

    23. Teresa Meadows says:

      I claim total wellness, and I truly enjoyed this reading.

    24. Yes my Lord is speaking.

    25. Ketsya Diyoka says:

      thank you so much for this prophetic message.
      I claim it for my 2023 year

    26. I believe these words are true! And they spoke out to me as well! This next year is going to be amazing and it’s God’s love being pouted out 9n me and working through me and helping me to get through the stuff I have experiences that caused me to program my mind the wrong way. I can’t wait to see this change Jesus is going to do in me! Thanks for your ministry! I am so glad it is growing and hope that you know I care deeply for you and the way that you speak to others like myself and remind us of, and encourage us of God’s love and it’s boundless power!

    27. This really rang true for me. I was told, by the Holy Spirit., that I was neglected growing up. I am looking forward to what God will do for me in 2023! Thank you Jamie.

    28. Jamie, thank you for your prophetic message from the Lord of wellness and wholeness for 2023. I receive this blessing from the Lord for 2023. Blessings over your ministry.✝️🙏🏻✝️

    29. Thank You so much for this powerful Word Abba! Thank you Jamie your obedience to Him.
      This Word spoke directly to my innermost being because it was so relevant to my life. I was weeping with joy as the Lord spoke ” I am proud of you” and “not to believe the lies of the enemy anymore, saying there is something wrong with me.” A lifetime of rejection, abandonment, trauma and abuse had recently caused me to cry out to be taken home, but He has a new beginning for me and He is bringong me back to life! All Glory be to God!

    30. Rasheika Singleton says:

      I receive this Word in Jesus mighty name. Thank you Abba Father.

    31. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Yes I feel comfort courage and hope in my heart.This words spoke deeply in my heart.I am waiting on the lord for his blessings.

    32. Amen I believe in Jesus Mighty Name I receive it !!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN

    33. Glory, glory, glory!!!! Praise to my Abba! Thanks Jamie for allowing him to use you as his mouthpiece.
      The prophetic words are for me. God his speaking to me directly through you. What an awesome God we serve. It is the confirmation I needed.
      I received them and so shall it be in Jesus name.

    34. Jeffrey B says:

      In Jesus name 🙏 🙌. God is good.

    35. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN Thanku Ps Jamie for this reminder of Gods Faithful promises manifesting in our lives. All glory honor be unto God Almighty. Help us and our family heal relationships revive restore reunite our estranged family member make us whole. Be Blessed Beloved Jamie for your divine intuition.

    36. Thank you for this word. As I read this I was like wow these words are definitely my current situation. I needed to hear that there’s nothing wrong with me and that God is there with me and fighting for me always!!

    37. Ellen Ravelin says:

      Oh my, I just came out of a very abusive and dangerous situation. Blessings for your prayers and to God for my healing.

    38. Cindy🌹 says:

      AMEN ~Healing day by day toward wholeness as I receive this prophetic word.
      Thank you, Holy Father❣
      Thank you, Sweet Jesus❣
      Thank you, gentle Holy Spirit❣

    39. Amen! and Hallelujah 🙌. This is exactly what I needed to hear. It’s what I need, period. Thank you gracious Father for loving, protecting, and prospering us🙌. I feel like I can breathe again! Thank you Jamie for listening and faithfully delivering God’s word and heart to us💖.

    40. Isabella Nolucky says:

      Thank you Father God for this prophetic message for me…You are great my Father. Thank you Jamie. As I was reading this message, praying thanking God for this prophetic word, when I finished praying but still crying thanking Him and walking around my house, there came through my bathroom window a very beautiful brown and white dove. It flew for few minutes around the bathroom and it stood still at
      my window seal and stared at me I was so overjoyed. I thanked my Father for visiting me Himself whilst I was still meditating about this message. To God be the glory and praise amen

    41. Francie Robertson says:

      Praise you sister!
      You brought forth a Word Lord gave me recently to meditate on, to pray over and release it back to the Lord. It is Ephesians 2:10 which of course brings up our being His Workmanship, His Handiwork, His Masterpiece.
      Do we believe this? I BELIEVE this and I RECEIVE this TODAY ABBA LORD! Others can think otherwise BUT GOD LOOKS AT THE HEART!
      We may LOOK GOOD on the outside etc and so forth. The Word of God is living and powerful and He is a Discerner of all the real thoughts and intents of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12) PRAISE HIM FOREVER as He goes through us again and again till He is pleased with what He HAS made!

    42. This word is so appropriate for me. Not only am I concerned for my personal wellness, but I am looking for employment in the Wellness field. So seeing this word on Wellness meant a lot to me. Thank you for sharing.

    43. Irma Nortje says:


    44. Maria Soler says:

      Thank you Lord for this word!!!
      ABBA you just got me out of an 11 year abusive relationship…and a since few days ago I’ve been feeling bad about myself like I’m not worth loving. This spoke directly to my heart since I’ve been praying for restoration.

      Thank you Jamie for sharing this word!

    45. Hallelujah Thank You Jesus!! This is confirmation. GLORY to GOD

    46. Thank you God I received.
      Glory be to God .God bless you Jamie

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