Prophetic Word: You Are Worth Defending

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Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

Beloved, are you tired of being beaten down? If so, the Lord gave me this word to encourage you today:

“My beloved, you are worth defending.”

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    And then I heard Him continue by saying:

    “You think you have to let people walk all over you, but you don’t. There is a difference between “turning the other cheek” versus thinking so lowly and little of yourself that you give yourself no value.

    When you “turn the other cheek,” your self-esteem doesn’t suffer.

    By turning the other cheek, you are honoring Me–but the correct position from which to do this is the position of knowing how valuable you are to Me, and that of knowing that your decision to turn the other cheek doesn’t reduce or diminish your value one iota.

    But, My beloved, too often you have simply let people walk all over you–and your self-esteem has suffered every time. You need to know, however, that you are worth defending.

    It’s okay to have boundaries. It is, in fact, good.

    You should know how much I love you. You should be free to refuse to put up with people and situations in which you are abused, for you are My child and you can stand up against injustice when any of My children are abused–even when that child is yourself.

    Don’t you remember how many times I came to My children’s rescue in the Scriptures?

    Think of:

    • David, when My enemies burned Ziklag. I told him to go after his wives, children, and people–and that he would surely recover all.
    • Hagar, how I provided for her in the desert.
    • Think of My people Israel and all the times I showed up and fought for them when their enemies encamped round about them to destroy them.

    You are worth defending, My love, My delight.

    I love you with an everlasting love. I formed you for such a time as this. Your life is divinely ordained. You have value to Me and on the earth. You are precious and priceless.

    And you are worth defending.

    Don’t think that I have abandoned you to suffer. I have not, I have not, I have not and will NEVER abandon you–and I did not cause your suffering.

    I want to help you.

    I am with you to keep you. I am God who protects you; that is My name; I have attached your protection to My very name, which is My own depiction of Myself.

    You are precious and valuable. You are worth defending, and you are worth standing up for.

    It’s okay to refuse to tolerate abuse and injustice.

    I say it again: you are worth defending. Ask Me to help you. Use wisdom and follow My principles to stand against unrighteousness. I have given you wisdom; use it and ask Me for more!

    Ask Me also for courage, hope, understanding, and discernment. My wisdom, understanding, and discernment will keep you if you use them. My angels are here with you to help you. Use wisdom and act as I walk with you through this maze.

    My beloved, you must love yourself in order to love Me properly.

    I made you; so, when you hate yourself, you are holding a bad picture of Me in your head, your Creator. Your hatred for yourself reveals your inner perception of Me, for you are made in My image.

    I made you; you are beautiful in My sight! But you cannot know Me or love Me when you think I made you poorly, for your thoughts about yourself reveal your thoughts about Me.

    You are My workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works; My design; My delight. I wish you knew this.

    Beloved, you cannot transform your thinking without repentance.

    If you truly want to move on and change your thoughts about yourself, you must acknowledge that your thoughts about yourself and Me have not lined up with My Word. You must confess this as sin, for it is sin. And you must decide to think differently about yourself.

    You can transform your thoughts about yourself by studying My Word and learning what I have to say about you. As you read:

    • Capture every thought I tell you I have about you and make those thoughts your own.
    • Chew and meditate on each thing I say about you, in the context in which I wrote it.
    • Teach yourself who you are based on the Owner’s Manual and instructions for your life: My Word.
    • Remember that I am He who fashioned you; I am your Manufacturer and Creator; and I am the ultimate and only authority about who and what you are.

    I love you, My child. I cherish you.

    You have immeasurable value and worth, both to Me and to those around you. Your life has indescribable value and worth here on the earth. 

    You have to choose to believe it, though. You have to choose to acknowledge any area of life in which you have not thought about yourself the way I do, and change that area of your thinking by My grace.

    You can do it, and I will help you. What will you choose today? Please, choose life; for I will never leave you nor forsake you, and we can do this together.


    Your loving Papa God.”

    Thank You for that comforting word, Heavenly Father.

    May we all love You enough to submit to Your gracious and loving thoughts about ourselves. Help us to receive and accept Your love, and let it transform our hearts and lives, in Jesus’ holy name.

    My friend, is the Lord speaking to your heart through this word? If so, please leave a comment below and let me know how He touched you. I love to hear your thoughts!

    Note: If you are in a situation where you are being abused, I want to encourage you today to get out of that situation immediately and get to a safe place.

    Work on healing your self-esteem, your heart, and your life with the help of a godly, Christian, Bible-based professional counselor if you need to–but heal from a safe place where you are no longer being abused.

    If you are being abused, here are some resources that may help you:

    I pray these resources will help you.

    Love, Jamie.


    1. This is really helping me its like God is speaking to me through you

    2. Thank you! Have a blessed Christmas!

      1. Hello praise God, am really happy at least I can breath from your courage ,I have issues of a loan I paid and now they’re saying I haven’t paid and have been dragged to courts of law please pray for me, thanks Yasin cheptai philip

    3. Hi Jamie, thank you for sharing this. I do however remain with a question in mind, who am I in God’s eyes? I know He loves me and I am special to Him. I’m having a hard time though being able to see myself through His eyes. I feel that after so many years of going through abuse, I struggle with finding my own identity.

      1. Hi Krystal, I need to put together a resource on this to help folks! It’s a great question! Best way I can currently answer it is to tell you to read the book of Isaiah from about chapter 38 to the end, and apply all the good stuff to yourself. 🙂 Those chapters contain God’s opinions about His people. Also, the apostle Paul talks a lot about who you are in Christ in all his letters, like Romans and Corinthians. But start in Isaiah–that’s where God healed my heart!

    4. Hi Jamie
      Thank you for the inspiring message.
      May God continue blessing you to enhance His Kingdom 🙏

      May you and your family have a Very Jesus filled Christmas.


    5. Thanks for sharing dear.

    6. Hi Jaime, yes the Lord is speaking to me the abuse is coming from my neighbors above me nobody believes me to the managers I’m crazy they don’t believe me of what’s going on or they know and just don’t care I’ve asked them to move me but they said they don’t do transfers so because I know I’m being watched and attacked daily from my neighbors who is a wizard I recently found out.

      1. Dear Sandra, how horrible for you, can I suggest that you start really warring in the spirit. Psalm 35 is a good one. Pray it out over and over if you have to, fast if you can, cry out to God, He will send His angels to help you. Remember you have been given ALL Authority. Also binding, loosing and taking Communion regularly. God will move. The demonic go nuts when there’s a Christian around, don’t be deceived- you’re the one, because of what Jesus did, who calls the shots. God bless you and Merry Christmas.

    7. Sarah Mahlangu says:

      Hi Jamie. God is speaking to me
      People are abusing my loyalty and my kindness. I like helping people but people take advantage of my kindness. I end up blaming myself when they left me hurting. I couldn’t make boundaries because I thought letting people abuse your kindness you are showing christianity.
      Thank you very much for sharing the message.
      Yours in Christ

    8. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Thank You 😊..

    9. Prophet Robinson says:

      My prayer is that God continue to bless your ministry. Thank you for the word.

    10. Thank-you, Jamie, we have a bad neighbor that has been a neighbor from h-ll for 5 years they do criminal things an have destroyed many things tax payers have to fix that family has no morals ,they think they rule, they need to move.

    11. Eunice Mendes says:

      Yes and amen. Thank you Jamie. God bless you and your awesome ministry!

      1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

        Thank you, Woman of God, for this message. Everything you write seems to resonate with my past life. I am in transition and yes, sometimes it has been as hard to forgive myself as others. I believe our Lord is taking me somewhere to a ministry that I don’t know what it is yet. The possibilities are there for the best yet to come.
        MERRY CHRISTMAS, SISTER IN CHRIST, JAMIE! May God continue to bless your heartfelt, compassionate ministry which is so needed today!
        I love you and appreciate you so much!

    12. Thank you, Jamie, I find it hard to establish boundaries with others. And I see now that that is sin for I am valueable in the eyes of the Lord! So, here I am- willing to learn how to protect my boundaries. And the Lord our God is not only with me but with us all and helps us, as we ask Him.
      Love Jenny

    13. I greet you Woman of God in JESUS NAME.
      First of all, I just want to thank you to squeeze my hurting wound so much till it becomes open. I thought is Godly to allow people playing on me like a play ground, talking to me like a two year old while I’m 49 years old. My ex-husband swearing at me everytime through my daughter anyhow. I thought that’s how the Christian should live. My situation allows me to live like that for now, because I don’t have anything of my own. My ex-husband divorced me two years ago secretly and he took everything that we have together. Now, what he want to do now, he wants to take my daughter from me by talking bad things about me to my daughter, and I can see that my daughter is starting to believe him. I’m unemployed, depending to my sister with everything. I have a construction company which I registered it in 2012 , but I can’t find a job. I’m a hustler Jamie, I’m not lazy at all. All that I’m asking is to be prayed for the people not to take advantage about my life and my company to start getting contract so that I can start taking care of my kids and have a place of my own

    14. Beautiful word from the Lord thankyou

    15. IRMA NORTJE says:

      AMEN Thanku Ps Jamie for all the timely words of great value.

    16. Wil Kincade says:

      I was so touched by this message from Papa. I believe it in my heart. I sent this as a text to the other 11 group members in my Tuesday night ministry class. God bless you, Jamie.

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