Prophetic Word: This Is Your Gethsemane Moment

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Beloved, have you been in one of the darkest times of your life these last few months? If so, today’s prophetic word is for you, for the Lord says to you today that you are in your Gethsemane moment.

The Spirit of the Lord showed me that it all started when He summoned the devil for His purposes.

When Jesus said to Judas, “What you are about to do, do quickly” (John 13:27 NIV), He did so because Father God was saying the same thing. And Father God knew that it was time for Jesus to go to the cross and complete His eternal destiny, so He–the Lord–summoned the devil to fulfill His–God’s–purposes and crucify Jesus.

In the same way, several months ago, Father has allowed you and me to be tested and examined by the devil. He did this because He knew our mettle, just as He knew Job’s mettle.

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    For the last 4.5 months, the devil has been testing God’s people and thinking he was going to be able to kill us. However, the Lord has used him to bring us to our Gethsemane moment.

    You are now in your Gethsemane moment.

    Gethsemane is a time not often talked about in the Body of Christ. Yet, it was one of the most crucial moments–perhaps THE most crucial moment–of Jesus’ ministry. In Gethsemane:

    • No one invited Jesus to minister, yet the entire fate of His ministry was decided there.
    • All of Jesus’ friends abandoned Him.
    • No one was ministering to Jesus’ heart or to His needs, despite it being His darkest hour.
    • No one but the Father and His angels cared about Jesus personally–as a person, not just a teacher, minister, or miracle-worker–in Gethsemane.
    • Jesus was overlooked, passed by, and ignored by those whom He loved the most.
    • The only people paying attention to Him were the ones who wanted to kill Him.
    • His pain was so great that natural biological processes that should have come easily (sweating) turned into the shedding of innocent blood.
    • In Gethsemane, Jesus had to say “Yes” to the Father, even though it meant continued and protracted pain.

    This is your Gethsemane moment.

    If this word is for you, then for some time now–at least the last 4.5 months as of the time of this writing (since the end of March 2022), you have been tortured by the enemy as you have never been tortured before. This means:

    • You have battled for your mind and for your very sanity.
    • You have literally felt like you were losing your mind, and have been afraid of that even though you haven’t verbalized your fear.
    • Things which should have come easily to you–and which usually do come easily–have required virtual, proverbial shedding of your own life’s blood to accomplish.
    • All hopes have been deferred and your heart has sickened like never before.
    • You have felt lifeless and joy-less. All joy seems to have fled your life and all your emotions have seemed flat.
    • You’ve been unable to shake a deep depression, even though you’re not usually a depressed person.
    • You have been unable to rest, for resting by yourself has been more depressing than continuing to work and labor. At least, around others, you have had the support of community in the Body of Christ, even though they didn’t know what you were going through.
    • You have lost hope and battled despair too many times to count.
    • The stress of your life has felt like a vise-grip on your head; you can physically feel the pressure, and it makes you feel literally insane and wanting to hide in a dark closet with your hands covering your head.
    • Your brain has been misfiring when you have normally been sharp all your life.
    • You don’t want to die, but you have no desire to live either.
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    The Father has brought you to your Gethsemane moment.

    It is in this moment that you are faced with a choice: a choice to live on and serve God, no matter what it costs, or not. But, the ironic thing is that you have come so far with God that you know you truly have no choice. And looking at the situation …

    … Even though you know that that things may never get better or improve …

    … Even if your joy never returns and you are always flat, the rest of your life …

    … Even if you feel like the stress is killing you in every moment with no relief …

    … And even when you understand that saying your “Yes” to God may very well be agreeing to a life filled with protracted pain and agony, physically, mentally, relationally, and in every other way …

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    In this Gethsemane moment, you have come to a place where you realize you have no choice.

    You realize in this place that you prayed the prayer some months ago, “Lord, not my will, but Your will be done.” And in this place the Scripture comes to mind from Philippians 3:10-11:

    “that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11).

    And you know that you will follow Him and keep showing up to be faithful to Him every day, even if you never feel joy again and life never gets better from the pain you’re currently experiencing. Like Jesus, you are saying to the Lord while staring at the cross: “Nevertheless, not my will, but Your will be done.”

    You have experienced His power, but the Lord is allowing you to experience His death in a new way in this season.

    In this hour, the Father is bringing you into a level of companionship with Jesus that you could not have had any other way. And in this place of contempt, in which all the people you relied on seem to have abandoned you and all the troubles of the world seem to have overcome you, you are being conformed to the death of Christ.

    But there’s a resurrection coming.

    You see no hope now, but a resurrection is coming. You have been in one of the darkest times of your life, but hope dawns on the third day.

    You have willingly and faithfully submitted to your Lord, and the morning is going to come in which He says, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

    Resurrection always follows crucifixion for those who are in Christ.

    It is not your life being lived through you, but Christ’s. Not your flesh, but His alone is sure and certain. He goes before you, behind you, and burns as a fire within you, and only He can be relied upon.

    Now that you have been through a greater measure of His death, He can entrust you with more as well.

    The resurrection coming will be bright and beautiful.

    For all the years and even the months and days in which the enemy has robbed you of your joy, the Lord is going to restore sevenfold to you. Jesus Christ, the Sheriff in town, is right now going before you to prepare a way for His beloved–YOU!–to manifest His victory on the earth.

    You thought everything had been stolen and you had nothing to live for, but the Lord restored Job and He is going to restore you too. He has allowed the devil to test you and examine you, but only because He knew all along that the resurrection power of Christ would be manifest in you afterward more than ever before.

    Lift up your eyes and see, for your redemption draws near.

    A brighter third day is dawning. This has been your Gethsemane moment, but hope is not lost. You have made the choice to follow the Son of God even if it costs your life or a life of pain, and although you cannot see the light yet, Father says to you today that resurrection is your portion.

    It won’t be long now.

    Disappointments, disillusionment, and despair won’t last always. Hope is coming. A brighter day is dawning. Remember the words of God the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul:

    This is a faithful saying:

    For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him.
    If we endure, we shall also reign with Him.
    If we deny Him, He also will deny us.
    If we are faithless, He remains faithful;
    He cannot deny Himself
    ” (2 Timothy 2:11-13 NKJV).

    Trust in Christ, and remember that He is the Resurrection AND the Life. He will not withhold His life from you, and He will never forget to visit you with His resurrection, for He cannot deny Himself.

    Is this word meant for you today? If so, leave a comment below! Also, be sure to sow a resurrection seed in the ground of this word, for the seed links your faith to the word and marks the ground of when the resurrection begins in your soul!


    1. Powerful! Our torment began in mid-November last year, when I came home to write and homeschool my boys, then intensified in March. My husband has had multiple job losses (some sudden and unexpected), car accidents, you name it. It’s been insane!

      But God has been so good and been with us every step of the way. I just praise Him in the storm. It’s certainly drawn me closer to Him, in fact, we just went back to church in April and today one of my sons was baptized. Lots of silver linings along with rocky road!

      1. I forgot to add: everything has been breaking this year too. Bills have been messed up. We even lost a cat in the vents of our hundred-year-old farmhouse, and were prepared to tear out the walls to get to him. Thankfully, God sent his angels to lead our cat out and he was returned safely to us. Yes, God answers kitty prayers!

        He also sent wonderful weather right after our A/C broke a few weeks ago, toward the end of that awful heat wave. It has been gorgeous here in the Midwest in August, with a wonderful breeze out here in the countryside. Truly a blessing!

    2. Demetrius Saulsberry says:

      Thank you, Woman of God! That was a sure in season Word!

    3. scott macdowell says:

      I received a Word, I gave in Church last Sunday, which I was compelled to give. Phil 3:10 “that I May know Him in the depth of His resurrection power and in the fellowship that comes with His suffering, that I might attain unto the resurrection from the dead”!! I reflected on Jesus in the garden, He said, Father, not my will, but thine be done. It was then all the sin of mankind was on Him and the Father could not look upon sin, Isaiah 53:11 He was numbered with the transgressors. For He bore the sin of many. I equated that with myself personally, when I open the door to the enemy, I could not sense the presence of the Lord, because He could not look on sin, that’s how terrible sin is, do I want to risk not experiencing or not sensing His presence. Maybe I don’t Hate sin enough. This compels me to live in Holiness, and to live in His presence continually. Thank you for this wonderful Word from Jesus!

    4. Jamie this applies to me. I cannot speak of what I have been through that continues unabated, and your words help to sustain me through the injustices I continue to suffer. Thank you.

    5. Francie Robertson says:

      Yes Lord thank you again for our tenacious, audacious, never letting up even through bucket loads of blinding hot tears, our faithful warrior guide and mentor JAMIE ROHRBAUGH! Lord, her bottle has been in OVERFLOW like the JORDAN river, like the MOLTEN SEA of Old…That big ol thing has become a SEA OF GLASS for us to march upon as we sing our last and greatest song…THE SONG OF MOSES and THE LAMB! We are on our way to the CORONATION OF KINGS and PRIESTS to GOD so we can lay our New Crowns at His Feet for HE IS WORTHY! HE IS WORTHY!!!
      Be assured that every tear shed in JESUS NAME has become THE JEWELS IN HIS CROWN!
      “They shall be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts, “On the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them As a man spares his own son who serves him.
      Then you shall again discern Between the righteous and the wicked, Between one who serves God And one who does not serve Him.
      MALACHI 3: 17-18

    6. Teresa Blanchett says:

      Glory to God, my life has been turned upside down since March! People have more questions than I have answers, and who made me the official question answerer?
      In the last 2 months my family has moved away and left me. (It feels like). I have lived 5 miles from my moma for 61 years. And she and my dad moved to Louisiana and my only child moved to Colorado 2 days before they left.
      I have been so depressed and really not caring if I go on to another day. But God waked me up every day.
      I praise God for allowing me to be tested and I knew it had to be a test. I though so much about Job.
      I know that was for me and I praise Him for using you to keep me on my toes.
      I know you have millions of fans, but I feel a special love for you. An agape love, so proud to receive messages from God thru you. I pray for you also, and if nobody else says it, God is using you to stomp my toes

    7. Gwynne Nation says:

      I have been contending for healing in my body for 16 years. I’ve gone through some inner healing, many have prayed over me and I have yet to be completely healed. Then I started back at a job I had gotten fired from for not getting the vaccine. It has been a very challenging time with my co-worker who’s not saved and is a micromanager. I have been walking in love despite the difficult working situation. It’s like God has had me in the wine press refining me thru this job.

    8. linda harrison says:

      All Praise & Glory be to God

    9. Amen thank you Father God for this prophetic word which truly speaks to my spirit. Father thank you not forsaking and forgetting me in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jamie and God bless you 🙌🏾🙏🏾.

    10. LaShaunda says:

      Jamie, thank you!
      Yes to everything you’ve said and the months were on point look like a never ending. ..but it makes sense ..the enemy tried and the test was hard…but God kept me and I’m here to tell you that I believe in this word…
      Thank you…

      1. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

        I receive this words in Jesus name.Amen I asked the to strengthen me and fortify in Gethsemane moment.Carry my burdens and persecution where I it feel unbearable and elevate me to throne of christ where he sitting at the right of the lord.Give me your grace and protect me from the enemy naturally and supernaturally. Grant me your favor and the power of your blood to conquer and destroy thus mountain and darkness in my life .Forgive my sins.Deliver me from the snare of the enemy. Because you are more than able to do more than that I know I am able because you are God the provider the supplier the comforter the deliverer the alpha and omega the only God who heal and the God of second chance. I pray with great humility that you shower me with your blessings. In Jesus name.Amen

        1. Elizabeth Govender says:

          Thank you ABBA for speaking right through my heart using you humble servant Jamie Rohrbaugh..This Word resonates within me..I have endured something for 22 years and am still waiting for my breakthrough . Amen.. God bless you abundantly.

    11. Hi Jamie, this so applies to me. Last year my family and I got scammed out of our home and we had our things stolen. We are now renting. My family not the same, depression and despair, especially my mum and dad, my brother seems ok and I had a brain aneurysm, even the cats have been depressed and one of the cats is a special needs kitty now. Praise the Lord it is going to get brighter, better and more joyful and the latter going to be better than the former. Glory be to God on high. Hallelujah 🥰🙏😊

    12. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Thank You Father God for this on time Word! I Trust You Lord! Let Your Will be done in my life. I love You and take all the glory Lord! Amen!

      1. Paul Gwangwa says:

        Thanks for the powerful word of God, yes io went through a lot of trials few months ago and the word than comes to my mind was what can separate me from the love of God can tribulation, hanger or dispiar separate us. The answer is No, Nothing can separate me from the love of God.
        Thank you for Word.

    13. Yes this is for me .
      What a refreshing comforting word for this hour .
      The Lord bless you abundantly Jamie

    14. This was a powerful word for me I have been treated so badly by people I thought I can trust, but I kept my faith in Christ thankyou Abba Father for always standing by me through my worst moments, thankyou Jamie God bless you in Jesus name

    15. What a word in season. Thank you Jamie. This has blessed me so much and I continue to pray that God will use you mightily as you serve Him.

    16. Renu Tupper says:

      This word is for me..I was shocked at the accuracy..especially ‘You don’t want to die but you don’t want to live either ‘ part..
      My torment was taken to a higherevel in March 2020..and it began building from all I can do is cry out Lord have mercy..
      Thanku Jamie for this encouragement

    17. Jamie, this word applies to me in a serious way! I remember being in such a horrible place I even wrote to you for prayer because everyone was gone and everything had failed. I cannot begin to tell the story as it all happened but yes even my sanity was at stake! God is so faithful with this word and I am sitting in expectation of the newness of resurrection. I am grateful it all had a meaning for I thought even God himself had deserted me. Praise God for you!!!

    18. Priscilla says:

      As I was reading it was as if my eyes could not leave the screen it felt as if someone was looking right into my life and sharing my experience through them. My life started falling apart in March 2022 then came crashing down end of April… I have been so depressed crying, stopped eating ext. Last week everything just was too much, I have been reading bible daily praying that Jesus comes and turn the situation around, and then just like that I did not want to continue this life… If it was not for my son who said to me Mom we will read bible today and we will pray, we will continue doing this until Jesus decides it is his time to step in.
      I am still not feeling myself, but I am trying my best to be a good mother to my 2 beautiful children, I am trying to cope at work… I am just so tired, tired of the devil taking things away from me, hurting me and my children…. All I want is, is my life back, my joy, my love!
      Most importantly my marriage that was broken… I am refusing to divorce as I feel in my heart that God is telling me to continue praying for my marriage and my husband…

    19. Obasi Thankgod Ucha says:

      Everything you said is for me and am believing my resurrection with Him on the third day is in this month of August.
      Thank you very much. For your words are indeed from the very present of God. Thanks and God Bless you

    20. Thank you Jamie, this is exactly what the Holy Spirit impressed in my heart. Now I know and I thank God that when I was experiencing this moment, I stayed and continued in the Lord. Now He has given me the rest in His presence that though the Gethsemane situation is still there, but the Lord continue to sustain me. Praise God! Thank you Jamie, the Lord has spoken to me always through you. I’m glad I’ve found your blog.

    21. My wife left me and filed for divorce about 15 months ago this word is speaks of the pain and suffering I have endured but praise God my resurrection is coming! I will remain faithful to Him!

    22. Francie Robertson says:

      Yes Lord it has been hard hitting!
      I nearly killed people at the same pedestrian crossing -twice! No one at fault. It was a demonic backlash (my vision was blacked out except for a small clear window of vision Praise God right in the middle of this big circle of darkness. It was otherwise broad daylight! Never experienced anything like it before. I was in complete self-control, no substances or tiredness, nothing! We were all kept safe by a “whisker.”
      I resigned from my job and started a new job (physically demanding in the extreme). Within a week of starting I lost my husband of 42 years to a massive heart attack. I lost so much weight during this time I was close to anorexia while the grief and current horrors becoming too much to bear. Plugging on. I finished up at the new job as all the pressures & pains beginning to take its toll. Needing to stay at home for a while to get myself sorted and at least put some weight back on (!). There’s been much more tough times to add here but loss of husband tops all.
      Eventually I lost my cool finally and didn’t care whether I lived or died…oh NO I thought afterwards, not this again! I began to see by this point, God was in this – with me, doing a needful work and I was to just TRUST His handiwork. That’s all that matters, He IS in charge of all things for my good! HALLELUIA!!!

    23. Norma Pelletier says:

      So many tears reading this word; definitely speaks to me. Ive just found new hope in my relationship with my daughter. Praise God that he never leaves us or forsakes us. It’s been a long road but the words of “not my will but yours Lord” really speaks to me. I’ve prayed and sang those words so so many times. What an incredible word Jamie! It’s so deep, it can only come from the Father!
      Bless you and your ministry.

    24. Elizabeth A Winfree says:

      Very encouraging. Thank you, Jamie. For the first time in 45 years I found myself think about and then understanding why people take their own lives. No hope. But even as the thought formed in me today, it never breathed in me as I knew my hope is HIM. Thanks for confirming that I really am where I need to be – His plan is working in my life.
      Bless you

    25. That word speaks to me, Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie.

    26. Thelma Curry says:

      This word is most definitely for me. My moment started in January of this year. My daughter and I had COVID abs were down for over a month. We then had horrible upper respiratory infections right afterwards in March and April. My car broke down 4 times depleting all my savings. My finances were flipped upside down and my bills have been all over the place. To top it off I was laid off from a job of 6 years by people I had known for 15+ years. I was extremely stressed. Thank you for this word.

    27. Tears and Praising the Lord!! This is me…every word of this Word from God!! So grateful!! Thank you Jamie..Thank You Lord!! ❤️❤️❤️

    28. Thank you for this timely word. We lost a dear member of our family earlier this month, and the grief wasn’t what was eating at me. It was the lack of honor and sensitivity by those around me – – the feeling of abandonment by those closest to me. I seriously thought something was wrong with my thinking. The very next day, this arrived in my email describing everything I felt and feel. It was like Papa’s love letter telling me I’m not crazy. What you’re walking through is real.

    29. Wow! This word, yes! I djdnt view these past months in this light so thank you for perspective Holy Spirit. To think that the lose I have been experiencing in friendships , in giving up how people see me to live completely for you God…just today you opened my eyes that the love I have to be seen and loved is only met by you and so to give you my all is the least I can do and I want to maximize every opportunity to please. Grateful for my Lord for being with me always .

    30. Taniqua Burns says:

      Thank you god! You are such an on time god and I will forever give you glory and praise lord Jesus you thank you. This word spoke to me big time especially the date since his time I have been experiencing trials and tribulations I’ve been tested so many times but god never left my side. I was just in my car breaking down crying and saying to myself this is the worst experience I’ve ever had to deal with in my life feeling stressed all day , crying morning noon and night, depressed but having to be strong for my daughter. Having to push through day to day life while battling so much deep down. God I’m ready for joy, light, peace, happiness, freedom, love and abundance of blessings from you oh lord speak to me. Thank you Jesus I love you Jesus. I worship you Jesus.

    31. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I receive this words
      I surrender to my Gethsemane moment and let God do his pruning until the providence of his blessings and complete restoration freedom come.Amen

    32. Shailaja Abraham says:

      Yes, resurrection is my portion.

    33. Bame Moremong says:

      This is a word in season. I have been through the refiners fire. This Gethsemane moment also confirms a word spoken to me in church two weeks ago. There were moments I thought I was walking through a literal fire. And then I came across Malachi 3:3 – He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver…He is allowing us to go through this to remove our impurities and He watches through the process. We are certainly not alone.

    34. Thankyou Jamie you are a true woman of God

    35. Praise God our Father. I have been living in torment since May of this year. I started out in an extended stay hotel after my landlord put us out because he didn’t want to renew our lease. I moved in with my daughter and her family but her husband “ needed his space “ so we had to leave. Moved in with my mom, but my mom’s sister came over and put us out. I can’t get any place to live because of my background check isn’t perfect but I’m not gonna stop because I know Father God has a plan for my family. Praise Him

    36. Thanks a lot Jamie for this encouraging word, I’m seriously facing this right now but I have faith and believe in God’s resurrection, I know better days are coming in Jesus’s name. I pray for God’s comfort in this trying moment, and I know He is with me and He is going to show His power in me. Thank You Jesus, thank you Abba father, awaiting for the resurrections in Glory.

    37. You have put this word out 3 times now over this past year, everytime I read it I cry and get tears in my eyes. I know this is for me as like for many others.

    38. Today I quietly dropped my head, wondering how to help myself? I am desperately trying to claw my way out of this pit I did to myself. I know my God hears my cries, see my tears, and feels my pain. I opened my email and here was a word that caused my soul to sigh with relief! I am desperately seeking my God to deliver me from chronic disease, inflammation, grief, loss of all my money, loss of my children and the loss of my house. This year has left me empty, ashamed, deeply disappointed, afraid and utterly lonely. I’m not trying to die, but I don’t feel alive. I pray this word of encouragement will speak to my soul and His love, wisdom, and peace will fill every void and empty place. I bless God and bless God for you.

    39. Francie Robertson says:

      A Word for the BRIDE OF CHRIST!
      ”Do not settle for less,
      SEEK MY MY FACE!!!
      NOT MY BACK…
      When I said
      I MEAN’T IT!”
      GLORY BE TO GOD!!!

    40. Yes, yes, yes, my family and I have been in our Gethsemane season over the past few months, but GLORY to God we have entered our RESURRECTION season!! Thank you Jamie for this word of confirmation and thank YOU Abba Father for sending it!!! Blessings to you sis!!

    41. Thank you Jame for this wonderful word. May Abba Our Heavenly Father continue blessing you tremendously. Yes Lord my family and I and my friends Derrick, Morgan and Samuel have been in our Gethsemane season for the past 2 years. But Lord in this trials and tribulations I will Praise and Worship you and Glorify your Holy name Jesus Christ my Saviour. But Glory to you Abba My Heavenly Father I have entered my resurrection season. For Father you never come to early neither too late you always come at the right time, Your timing is not mine in Jesus name amen.

      1. Sally Koch says:

        Dearest Jamie, since March 2020 I have gone through word for word what you have shared. I have clung onto the Lord with the tips of my finger nails. Thank you. Thank you for this word. It has been torture personified this word has given me hope. I am eternally grateful to you precious woman of a great God. Love Sally

    42. Thank you for delivering this word. Wow it was very intense in the spirit. And exactly on point. Praise God for His faithfulness and that resurrection is coming quickly, in Jesus name!

    43. Denise Moore says:

      ALL The Churches says YES AND AMEN 🙏🔥👑

    44. Amen Hallelujah I believe In Jesus Christ Name this prophecy is mine Resurrection is mine now

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