Prayer for When You’re Going Through a Divorce

Prayer for When You're Going Through a Divorce |

Dear friend, are you going through a divorce right now? If you’re experiencing the pain of divorce, today’s prayer for when you’re going through a divorce will help you receive comfort and help from the Lord, even if you can’t find the words to pray by yourself.

We receive so many prayer requests from people who are going through a divorce.

And if that’s your situation, my heart goes out to you. I have not been through divorce myself, so I can’t say that I have experienced that pain; I haven’t. However, I am praying for those of you who are going through divorce right now; for I know that, for many, divorce produces some of the very worst pain.

When you’re in the worst pain, sometimes it can be hard to find words to pray and even ask God for help.

Therefore, I felt led to write this prayer for you–a prayer for when you’re going through a divorce. I pray that, as you lift this prayer for your divorce situation up to the Father, Holy Spirit Himself will minister to you and comfort you in your time of need.

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    Before we pray, I want to share a word of comfort that I believe is God’s heart for you today.

    Psalm 34:15-18 says this:

    “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. The face of the Lord is against those who do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

    The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit” (Psalm 34:15-18).

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    Beloved, when you’re going through the pain of divorce, God still sees you.

    He is near to those who have a broken heart. If you have given your life and heart to Jesus, You are His child, and He will never abandon you. He sees your pain and He feels it too! He loves you so much, and He is right with you to take care of you during this time.

    Does God like divorce? 

    No; Malachi 2:16 says He hates it: 

    “For the Lord God of Israel says that He hates divorce, for it covers one’s garment with violence,” says the Lord of hosts. “Therefore take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously” (Malachi 2:16).

    But that doesn’t mean that divorce doesn’t happen.

    The Scriptures are very specific that divorce is not God’s original plan; His original plan is for husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church–loving their wives so much that they are willing to give their lives for their wives. And the Bible also says that wives are to love and respect their husbands as they do Jesus.

    If both husbands and wives kept those commandments, divorce would never happen–and that is God’s original plan: for man and woman to leave their parents and cleave to one another in Him, living a life of selfless love and service to the other.

    But the Bible also says that, when the covenant of marriage is broken, the other spouse is not bound to remain in the marriage.

    God never wants any person to be abused, cheated on, or anything else bad. He never wanted your covenant of marriage to be broken.

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    However, we live in a sinful, fallen world, and people make choices. And when a spouse allows sin into his or her heart and thereby breaks the covenant of marriage (through abuse of any kind, infidelity, etc.), the other spouse is not bound and divorce is permissible. It’s not God’s first and best plan, but neither was infidelity/abuse/breaking the marriage covenant.

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    All that to say: Just because God hates divorce doesn’t mean God hates you if you are going through a divorce.

    God hates sin of any kind, and He hates all the results of sin. But if you have given your life to Jesus Christ, you are the righteousness of God in Christ. It’s who you are. God loves you wildly, and He has never stopped loving you wildly.

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    And beloved, if you have Biblical grounds for divorce, you are not disobeying God by divorcing. It’s still sad and painful and God hates the violence (even emotional violence) that accompanies the process. But He will see you through and restore your life.

    Please hear this today: God can and will restore your life after divorce.

    When He restores, He always makes things better than they were before. That does not always mean He will put your former marriage back together; in other words, restoration isn’t a guarantee that He will restore your prior spouse to you.

    (Although He can do that; read this testimony here, called “How God Restored My Marriage After I Had an Affair, to build your faith. It’s the testimony of a couple friends of mine who went through divorce; the wife married another man; but that marriage fell apart, the husband got saved for real, and God put their original marriage back together!)

    But, God’s Word does promise that He will heal and restore your life, making you and your life, as a whole, better than you were before–if you will just cling to Him. And while you are going through the pain of divorce, know this:

    God is near to you. He is close to you at all times, and even closer right now.

    He is near to all who are brokenhearted, and He will help you.

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    Pray this prayer for when you’re going through a divorce today, and receive comfort from our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and His precious Holy Spirit:

    “Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in Jesus’ name.

    Father God, thank You that Your Word says Holy Spirit will intercede for me and through me right now. I don’t know how to pray as I ought to, but I ask that Holy Spirit would pray through me and for me, and that You would know what His mind is, for His prayers for me will be perfect.

    Father, Your Word says I should enter into Your gates with thanksgiving, and into Your courts with praise. And even though I don’t feel like praising right now, I always want to obey You. 

    So Abba Father, I choose to thank You right now:

    And Father God, I praise You right now also:

    • For Your faithfulness and mercy to me;
    • For Your watchcare over me;
    • For singing over me in the night seasons;
    • For restoring my hope when I had no hope;
    • For tuning Your ear to my cry and being my ever-present Help in trouble.

    O God, only You see what’s going on inside me. Only You know.

    The pain of my life and marriage has been unspeakable, and now I’m in this divorce. Father, for every part of this situation that was my fault, I repent.

    Lord, please forgive me for ________. Wash me clean with the blood of Jesus and fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I’m so sorry, Father God. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit where these things were, and change my heart.

    And Father, for every part of this divorce that is my spouse’s/ex’s fault, I forgive them.

    I choose to forgive my spouse/ex for ______________ (list everything you can think of that they did). Father, I choose right now in Jesus’ name to leave these things, let them go, and give up all resentment. I choose to hand them to You right now. I literally place them in Your hands, and I take my hands off them.

    Father God, having placed these things in Your hands, I look up to You. Father, Your Word says that You always give me something better when I surrender something to You that You have asked for. So Father, since I have surrendered these things to You now, what do You have for me?

    (Pause a moment and listen to the Lord here. Listen for His still, small voice in your spirit. His voice will usually be the first thing you hear, but make sure that what you hear lines up with God’s Word before you decide that it’s God.)

    Father God, thank You. Thank You for giving me these good things in the place of all the pain I just handed You.

    Lord, Your Word says I should pray for those who hate me and who spitefully use me.

    So Father God, I pray for my spouse/ex right now. Father, in Jesus’ name:

    • I ask that You would manifest Yourself to them wherever they are.
    • Shower them with Your goodness, which leads people to repentance.
    • Show Yourself to them; reveal Jesus, the Man in white, to them.
    • Let them bow their knees to Jesus, repent for their sins, and give their lives fully to You–even in the area of our marriage and of their relationship with me.

    And Father, I pray for myself today:

    • Search me, O God, and know my heart. Try me and know my thoughts. See if there be any wicked way in me; and if there is, get it out. Lead me in Your way everlasting.
    • Help me to walk before You in righteousness in every way, both through this divorce and in every other area of my life.
    • Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and wisdom.
    • Make me like You. 
    • Help me to receive Your great and undying love for me right now. 
    • Help me to love myself in a good and holy way with Your own love.
    • Help me to love You back with the same love with which You love me.
    • Give me Your heart for others; help me to love those around me with Your own love.
    • Please comfort me right now in my time of need.
    • Heal and restore my life. Somehow, put things together for me in every area of my life so that they become BETTER than they ever were before.

    Father God, I ask that You would give me ears to hear You and eyes to see You:

    • Help me to hear You speak words of comfort to me right now, and help me receive Your words into my spirit.
    • Instruct me and teach me in the way I should go, and guide me with Your eye upon me. Help me to follow Your instructions and go wherever You lead.
    • Help me to see how You are moving in every aspect of my life, even through this divorce.
    • Help me to hear You singing over me in the night seasons.
    • Help me to hear Your whispers of love in the daytime.

    Father, I renounce my relationship with my ex as my spouse, and I receive JESUS as my spouse right now.

    Your Word says that I am the Bride (this even applies to men) and that Jesus is my Bridegroom. I need a spouse, Father; I don’t want to be alone. So right now, I bind myself to JESUS, my Bridegroom. 

    Father, it is a husband’s job to provide, protect, love, serve, and comfort. So right now, I call on You based on the rights associated with my covenant with You through Jesus Christ.

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    And because it is my right to receive these things from my Bridegroom, I ask right now in Jesus’ name:

    • That You would provide for me better than I have ever been provided for in the past.
    • That You would protect me and everything that concerns me. Rise up aggressively to protect me and defend my honor, Lord.
    • Help me to feel Your love and affection. Fill my heart with so much of Your love that I never feel lonely another day in my life, I ask, in Jesus’ name.
    • Take care of me, Father. As my Bridegroom, Jesus, take care of me. You can and will do this better than an earthly spouse ever could.
    • Lead me and guide me.
    • Cover me; I need Your covering and the knowledge that I am not facing the world unprotected. You are facing it first for me, and I am hidden in the secret place with You. I am covered under Your wings. Please manifest Your covering to me right now; I need to feel it.
    • Comfort me. Your Word says that Holy Spirit is my Comforter, and that He lives inside me. So I ask right now in Jesus’ name that Your comfort would roar through my body, soul, and spirit, releasing all the stress and heartache and washing me clean with Your ever-flowing stream of mercy, grace, love, help, and comfort.

    Father, if it is Your will to put my marriage back together, please do it.

    If it is Your will to put this marriage back together, then please move as only You can. Speak Your Word to me about it, and build my faith. Help me to stand on Your Word and believe what You have promised me regarding this marriage.

    But, Father, I ask for great discernment in this area. If it is not Your will to put this marriage back together, then please help me to know that. Help me to let go of this marriage and of my ex, if it is Your plan to heal and restore my life another way.

    Father, if it is Your will to heal and restore my life without my ex in it, then I give You permission to do so.

    Father, if it is Your will that I should move on with my life, then please help me to know that. Help me to release my ex and let go of them. Help me to keep my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith, as well as my Bridegroom. And give me courage and bravery to move on into the great unknown, knowing that my life and future (including future relationships) are not unknown to You.

    Father, I do not know what to do, but my eyes are on You.

    Only You can heal and sustain me now. Only You can lead me and guide me through the treacherous, murky waters of divorce. Please help me. Help me to follow You and only You.

    Lord, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit anew and afresh. Help me feel Your presence and Your affection. Comfort my family and my children; show Yourself to them as a Father and as their ever-present Help in trouble as well.

    I plead the blood of Jesus over my family, Abba Father.

    I ask right now in Jesus’ name that every victory that Jesus purchased for me with His life, death, and resurrection–every victory which my Bridegroom purchased for me with His blood–would manifest in my life right now, today. Manifest those victories in my children’s lives too, Father. And because salvation and holiness are Your will, then I ask that You would manifest those same victories in my ex-spouse’s life as well.

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    Lord, I need You. Thank you for being my ever-present Help in trouble.

    Thank You that Your ears are open to my cry. Thank You for being near to the brokenhearted. That’s me, Father, but I ask You to heal my heart. Heal my family and my children; heal us and deliver us so deeply and thoroughly that there will not even be a scar. Put our lives back together as only You can, Father–and restore us BETTER than we ever were before. 

    Thank You, Abba Father. In Jesus’ holy and precious name I pray, amen and amen.”

    Dear friend, did this prayer for when you’re going through a divorce help you today?

    I pray it did. But, please know that it is only a beginning; Holy Spirit will help you continue to pray if you will pour Your heart out to the Lord and let Him help you. He will give you words. He will comfort you in your time of need, and He will manifest Himself to you.

    By the way: If you prayed this prayer, the next step is to break all ungodly soul ties with your ex-spouse.

    Click here to read about what soul ties are and how to break them. Breaking soul ties is easy; it’s a simple prayer you can pray right now, and you will feel a difference afterward.

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    Friend, if you are going through a divorce right now, I am praying for you. Please leave a comment below and let me know if you need specific prayer. I am not able to respond to every comment, but I will see your comment and pray.


    1. not going thru divorce but i am grieving the loss of my husband of 30 years and so i prayed the way i could for my situation to be healed and restored because honestly Jamie since he passed in September i havent been able to see a future for myself or even anyway i could ever feel happy or loved again. thank you for all you do to help others and help us have the words to pray when we dont know how to may God bless you abundantly above anything you could ever ask or think in Jesus name Amen

    2. Yumna Cowley says:

      Hey Jamie

      So needed this. Been almost a year since my ex abandoned me and our kids. He’s a drug addict, cheated on me alot and abused me.

      Been so despondent, because I have been struggling to get our divorce started. But I keep reminding myself that my time and God’s time is not the same.

      Please pray for me and my two boys

      Thank you for being such a blessing and God bless you and you family abundantly. In Jesus name, Amen

    3. This really spoke to my heart today, I know the Lord knew how much I needed to hear it. My husband and I separated last November, after I found out how much he lied. Behind my back, he stopped paying the mortgage and allowed our home go into foreclosure. I walked away from who I thought was my best friend, husband forever, and my home. I never wanted this, but I know God didn’t either. I’ve had to move out of state and am staying with family until I can get on my feet. I’m incredibly grateful to and for them, however, I am also brokenhearted. All of a sudden, my life as I knew it is gone, and I have no idea how it will all come together. My heart is just devastated. Thank you for your timely prayer, I look forward to praying it often. God bless you and yours.

      1. I am praying for you, Sara. I’m so sorry that you are going through these things.

    4. Thank you for this Jamie, being separated in the church is very isolating. People always telling you you just need to be a better, more sacrificing wife. But having endured a 20 year marriage to a narsissistic man who charmed fellow church goers in public and emotionally abused me in private I became a shell of my former self.
      God sent me two people with prophetic messages and two very powerful dreams over the span of my marriage even though I continued to fight for my marriage and gave my husband 5 chances after splitting up multiple times, he never changed.
      It took me making a frittata meal one night as I cracked open an egg, a double yolker, and I clearly heard the Lord tell me ” I will provide for you”, each time I opened another egg it was another double yolker and each time God repeated to me
      ” I will provide for you”. This happened 6 or 7 times, all double yolkers He also told me
      ” I will fight for you” (as narsissists love to destroy your reputation with others)
      So I tild my ex to leave permanently, God gave me the scripture ” The righteous shall remain in the land and the wicked shall be cast out” and God immediately began to supply my needs financially. I was a stay at home mum for all four of children, supporting my husband’s many career changes, I had no savings of my own even after 23 years together, he liked to drink and spend, we were always in debt. My government benefit was not enough but I felt to tithe on it, the enemy spoke to me
      ” You’re not going to tithe on that are you?”
      So of course I tithed it and the following week I was back paid $5600.00 from the tax department for an under paid rebate!!
      God is amazing, faithful, compassionate and He validated the pain caused by my ex who constantly gas-lighted me, and emotionally punished me by withholding affection or refusing to speak to me or even acknowledging my presence at times.
      I have forgiven him and continue to pray for the emotional healing he needs from his childhood issues, issues he felt me and the children needed to pay the price for, pain caused to him by an abusive father.
      All this to say few people who go through divorce within the church really get asked to share their stories, they’re usually just put in a stereotypical box, ” You must have not tried hard enough, prayed long enough” etc..
      Yet they over looked the most important part of a marriage…LOVE.
      When you love each other you can work things out together, but when you marry someone and it turns out they are incapable of loving themselves, and they have no ability to love you back, it is very difficult to work together with them to repair a marriage built on pretend agreements.

    5. My husband asked for a divorce. I don’t want it but I don’t want the infidelity and coldness anymore. I have done all I could please pray with me for peace
      I am broken and scared. The trauma is too much. I want peace .

    6. Stephanie says:

      Going through a divorce. I need prayer. I didn’t choose this path, but I am powerless to make him stay. I need financial provision and wisdom and healing for my heart and for my young daughter. Losing time with her in shared custody is so hard. It’s the most painful road I have ever walked.

    7. Thank you Jamie for this prayer. I am going through a nasty divorce for about 3 years now. I am separated for about 5 years. My business marriage family has literally been shattered, there is household witchcraft happening too. Your prayer has been a life saver for me .I thank God for this message and prayer coming through you. I felt like I was doing something wrong in divorcing because I know God do not like it, but today I now understand and I am grateful to pray your prayer to receive God’s grace and mercy. It has been a very hard struggle for me. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jamie

    8. Ruth Little says:

      This reading has uplifted me. I am going through a divorce with my spouse, a divorce that I thought would be easy since for years my husband would call me all kinds of horrible names and tell me to get out of his house so the new woman could move in. Well I finally became financial able and was able to move out of his house in September 2021; My husband is so bitter and trying to make it hard for me not to survive and it appears he is winning, he has already won maintainence where the judge has ordered me to pay him $400.00 per months for the next 9 years, my husband is also asking for me to pay half of his attorney fees and half of his bills; the judge on this case seems to have given death ear to my attorney requests; I so far has paid my attorney $9,000 and don’t believe I will have money to last during this divorce process. Please pray for me as I have biblilcal reasons as why I should divorce this man. For years his adult daughters every time we would argue they would threaten to fight me and my husband allowed this disrespect. Please pray that God will bless me financially to get free from this abusive marriage and live the rest of my life in peace and the same for my spouse, his adult daughters. In Jesus Name I Pray.


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