Pray This: “Lord, Don’t Leave Me Out!”

Do you regularly intercede for others, but you need personal miracles yourself? Do you love helping with other people’s dreams, but you feel left out when it comes to your own dreams? If so, pray this today: “Lord, don’t leave me out!”

Of course, God would never actually leave you or me out of His blessings, as long as we obey Him.

God’s promises are conditional and His blessings are conditional. We have to obey Him in order to receive His blessings.

But, even if you are obeying Him with all your heart, sometimes it can feel like He is making things happen for everyone around you–even using you to do it!–but that nothing much is happening for you.

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    In those times, it’s important to retain our gratitude.

    We should always have a grateful and thankful heart toward the Lord. He has done so much for each of us, even in saving us from sin, that we would still have no right to complain if He never did another thing for us our whole lives! After all, Jesus shed His blood for you and for me!

    But it’s also important to talk to the Lord about what we are feeling.

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    I believe that these times, when you feel left out and greatly desire the Lord’s intervention, are actually times the Lord has allowed so that we will contend for our own selves–not just for others. I feel that these are times when the pressure and the longing of God’s dreams for us come together in a mighty release of prayer …

    … which is exactly what God wants to use to meet our own dreams and fulfill the great blessings and destinies He has for each of us.

    So, if you feel left out, it’s of vital importance that you pour out your heart to Father God about it.

    Don’t get down into self-pity while you pray. Don’t whine or complain. Above all, do not ever be ungrateful or fail to recognize (and thank God for!) what He has already done, both for you, in you, through you, and for others.

    But, while you keep your attitude right, you can still pour out your heart to the Lord:

    Remember the words of the Lord when He told us that His grace is sufficient for us, and that His strength is made perfect in weakness:

    “And He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me” (2 Corinthians 12:9 NKJV).

    Friend, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got plenty of weakness. But you know what? My weakness is the exact fodder God needs to manifest His strength on my behalf.

    It’s the same for you.

    Are you ready to pray? If so, pray this sample prayer:

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    “Father God, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Father, I confess that I don’t know what to pray as I ought, or how to offer it worthily as I ought.

    But, Your Word says that Your Holy Spirit makes intercession for me with moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered, and that You who know the hearts know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for me according to the will of God. Therefore, I pray today in Jesus’ name that Holy Spirit would pray through me and for me right now.

    Abba Father, in Jesus’ name, I want to thank You for taking care of me. I am so weak, but You are so strong. I praise You for that, Lord, and I thank You for always being here for me–and for being the Rock on whom I can depend.

    Father, I also praise You for Your mercies, which are new every day. I praise You for Your lovingkindness toward me. All I have is You, Abba; and You and You alone are the One who sustains me daily. Thank You.

    Abba Father, I need You today and every day. And right now, I need to pour my heart out to You.

    I don’t want to get down into self-pity or ungratefulness, Lord. But I just need to talk with You about something.

    Abba, You use me every day to make other people’s dreams come true. I thank You for that. It’s a privilege, and I don’t EVER want You to stop. Thank You SO MUCH for the opportunity to be a blessing to others.

    But Father, I have dreams too. And I often feel like You help me make everyone else’s dreams come true, but that You ignore my own needs and desires when it comes to things that are just for me.

    I know it isn’t true that You ignore me, Father. But the fact remains that many of my needs, wants, and desires are going unmet while other people’s dreams are fulfilled around me.

    But Father, I need You too. Please don’t leave me out of Your miracle blessings.

    I thank You for all that You do for me and the others for whom I intercede. Thank You for that. But I earnestly desire You to look upon Your servant and have mercy on me, too. Please, Father:


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    Insert whatever you need here. For example:

    (The above are just examples. Pour your heart out to God about what You want Him to do for you personally in this season, with whatever specific things you dream of.)

    Abba, I can’t work hard enough to make these things happen.

    But, I’ve heard so many testimonies about how You just GAVE people houses. I’ve seen You GIVE people cars–beautiful ones. I’ve heard stories about how inheritances came to people out of nowhere, from relatives they didn’t even know they had.

    You do crazy things like that for others, Lord. I’ve seen You do miracles of all sorts, time and time again! And if You can do it for others, You can do it for me, too.

    Father, please: in Jesus’ name, don’t leave me out!

    Abba, I do work hard, but I can’t work hard enough to fulfill my dreams. There’s not enough time in a day, or enough years in my lifetime, to do all these things.

    But, Lord, these things are easy for You. YOU can do them with one motion of Your finger. I’m slaving away and trying to be diligent and faithful to You, according to Your Word–but all the blood, sweat, and tears I could offer would never be enough to earn that for which I am begging You.

    Abba, the fact is that the blood of Jesus paid for all the things that I desire.

    And though I could never give enough blood, sweat, or tears to earn the things for which I yearn in my life, Jesus already shed all His blood. He even sweated great drops of blood on my behalf. And His tears ran red on the cross for me.

    So Father, I ask today in Jesus’ name:

    Do for me by the blood of Jesus what I could never do by giving blood on my own.

    Do for me by His blood–the blood of Your precious Son–all the miracles that I could never pour out enough blood, sweat, and tears to earn or accomplish.

    And Father, in Jesus’ name, I also pray:

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    Do for me while I rest what I could not do while I work.

    I have worked so hard, Abba, and I’m so tired. My body is gasping for breath. I need rest, Lord; and Your Word says, ‘Come unto Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’

    I’m coming unto You, Jesus. I’m begging for rest at a whole new level.

    I know I don’t have to beg, Lord; I am Your child, and not a beggar. But, my desperation is such that pouring out my heart to you in begging is the only way I feel I can communicate the depth of my need.

    I need You, Lord. And I need You to give me rest.


    • As I walk on miracle territory for others, please You walk on miracle territory for me.
    • As I pray and contend for others, I beg You to remember the intercession of Jesus on my behalf and do for me personally even more than I do for them.
    • As You have used me to make others’ dreams come true, so You make my dreams come true, I ask, in Jesus’ name.

    Abba Father, I know that everything You use me to do is really Your work on the earth.

    And I’m thankful, Father. It’s a privilege to be Your servant and Your child. It’s an extreme privilege to co-labor with You to accomplish these things on the earth. It’s an honor to be a part in any way–to be allowed to participate–in the things that YOU are doing.

    But Father, don’t leave me out. Please, don’t leave me out.

    I need You, too. I am desperate, and I am begging for breakthrough today in EVERYTHING I mentioned above, and more.

    Do not forget Your servant, nor the child of Your handmaiden, O Lord. Unto You I lift up my soul. You are my Abba Father who loves me. Thank You for that!

    O my God, I trust in You. Let me not be ashamed, and let not my enemies triumph over me.

    Thank You, Abba Father. In Jesus’ holy and precious and wonderful name I pray, amen and amen.”

    Friend, is your heart crying out, “Lord, don’t leave me out!” today?

    I know mine is. And if yours is too, I want to encourage you: God’s Word is true, and it abides forever. His mercies are new every day. Great is His faithfulness. He is no respecter of persons; what He has done for others, He can and will do for you.

    Will you pray and believe today? Leave a comment below if you will!


    1. Xoliswa Notshati says:

      Abba, Father, You are my Father, I do believe in You and I believe You have done it for me today in Jesus Name.
      Thank You Father

    2. Amen Hallelujah,Thank You sister Jamie for these prayers,it came at the right time,its my last day on 21 days of fasting and prayer I have been using Your programs to pray ,it was like You know Im praying ,every thing you sent each day,God is growing me in the Knowledge of His presence,I have never thought I will have such a hunger of His presence in my life,I want to know Him,my life is on zero,I thank God for allowing it to go back to zero I wouldnt know Him,I wouldnt have such time to seek His face,and to understand that ITS ALL ABOUT HIS PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR HIS KINGDOM,HIS GLORY AND HIS WILL ,ITS NOT ABOUT US.PRAY FOR ME I WANT TO KNOW HIM MORE.

      1. amen and ameeeeeeeeen thank you Lord for an answered prayer in Jesus mighty name, i give you all the praise honor and glory Father i worship you, Hallelujah to Jesus❤❤❤

    3. Thankyou Jamie this is an amazing powerful prayer, in Jesus name Amen

    4. Thank you Abba Father. One look, one breathe, one touch by You will catalyse my turnaround days of breakthrough of love, blessings and favour to be, do and have all that you have ordained for me. I open my arms, heart and soul to receive of you Father. The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want. 🙏

    5. Thank you I need this word today.

    6. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN THANK YOU, I receive Your GRACE, Dont leave me out. Heal lead and guide me in Your perfect plan for me and my family.

    7. Loraine Bogin says:

      Thank you Jaime for your wonderful prayers to Abba Father and Jesus. I am desperate for a turnaround for my precious dog who has been suffering and needing a miracle breakthrough of healing. I pray your prayers all the time and I am so grateful for your support, friendship and wisdom in writing these prayers so that I am able to pray and ask God and Jesus for what I truly need. Thank you again. God Bless you and your work for His Kingdom and for His people who look to you for these prayers as I do. I am so thankful for your gift that God has given you to help people. God Bless you always to give you Wisdom in each prayer as you write. And God Bless you in every area of your life, in Jesus name, amen!

    8. KALEHA MERCY says:

      My Abba, My Father, Thak you for saving me and thank you for Your Great Love. Thank you for the wonderful things you have done for me in my Life. Thank you because of my Family. I Pray for my Hubby that you may Fulfil His Heart Desires. On this month and Year God may it be a Turning Point for Us as a Family. Thank you God because we are your Children and all that we ask God we Believe we have Gotten it. Thank you again for allowing us to be your Servants as through this we are co-workers with you God. May You Hear us and May yo fulfill our Heart Desires. In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray and Believe. Amen 🙌🙌🙌

    9. Irma Nortje says:


    10. Mary Holt says:

      Thank You Lord!! I know you heard my prayer and that You are a merciful God and that You are healing me and my family in Jesus Name! Amen

    11. Francie Robertson says:

      ABBA LORD!
      I pray that these and so many other PRECIOUS ONES begin to RECEIVE ALL that YOU and YOU ONLY have purposed and SET APART for US to REAP even before the foundations of creation!
      “Your eyes saw our substance, being yet unformed.
      And in Your book they all were written,
      The days fashioned for us,
      When as yet there were none of them. PSALM 139:16
      Abba Lord I see HANNAH right now whose heart was breaking through her hope of a child being deferred and seemingly put to the side while the other wife reaped abundantly 10 children right before her eyes! She only wanted ONE just ONE!
      BUT it was Hannah that was greatly loved by her husband that he said to her
      “…Am I not better to you than ten sons?”
      What came next? She brought forth one of the greatest of ISRAEL’S prophets ever. She had SAMUEL to whom the LORD GOD had purposed to be HIS PRIEST and PROPHET from that time forth…
      For…”the word of the Lord was rare in those days; there was no widespread revelation.” 1 SAMUEL 3:1
      But our GOD always had a PLAN and a PURPOSE and He would again SPEAK and MOVE POWERFULLY through Hannah’s son !
      Surely this was exceedingly abundantly more than even she could imagine…!!!
      The Word says…GOD REMEMBERED HANNAH and at just the RIGHT TIME…
      He also REMEMBERS each and everyone of us and has a PLAN and a PURPOSE for us that goes FAR BEYOND our own expectations. LET US JOIN WITH HIM and CO-LABOUR to bring forth HIS PLAN!

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