I Made Some People Mad When I Wrote This (But I’d Write It Again)

Want To Be a Prophet? Learn To Shut UpI made some people mad yesterday when I wrote my blog post entitled “Want To Be a Prophet? Learn To Shut Up!”  But you know what? I’d write it again, exactly the same way.

I must say I got more positive feedback than negative. The negative feedback, however, generally went along the lines of saying that prophetic people are supposed to be like the Old Testament prophets or John the Baptist, that we should speak up and not be quiet. Here’s why I disagree with that perspective: [Read more...]

Want To Be A Prophet? Learn To Shut Up!

Want To Be a Prophet? Learn To Shut UpSometimes I get the impression that people think serving in prophetic ministry means you talk a lot. The opposite is actually true. If you want to be reliable in prophetic ministry, I believe the #2 thing you can do (right after learning to hear God) is learning to shut up.

Here’s why you should learn to shut up if you want to be a prophet:

1. God will tell you people’s secrets.

If you operate in prophetic ministry–which requires a deep, strong prayer life–God will call you to pray for people and He will tell you why.

That means you’ll know things about other people: [Read more...]

Longing For More In Life? Put Your Toes In!

Longing for more in life? Put your toes in!So you’re longing for more in your life. You have a dream that you’re desperate for, but you’re not sure how to pursue it. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re hungry for, but you just know you want more.

If that describes you, I have a short word of encouragement for you today: Put your toes in!

Ephesians 5:8-10 tells us that we are to walk as children of the light, “finding out what is acceptable to the Lord.” The words “finding out” mean literally to test or prove. 

That means you may not always know what God’s perfect path is for you; you might have to test it out!

If you’re longing for more in life, here’s how to test and prove what God’s will is: [Read more...]

3 Divine Strategies For Getting What You Want

3 Divine Strategies For Getting What You Want by Jamie RohrbaughDo you have a dream in your heart that you really want to happen NOW?

I do. I’ve been dreaming of doing one particular thing for many years. It’s THE DREAM. Then I have other goals that are part of my list of life goals, and I want those pretty badly too.

For many years, I’ve been preparing for my dreams. I’ve done everything I could, and I’ve waited patiently because promotion comes from God.

Related: Read here about my major thankfulness #fail in this very area. ;)

But eventually there comes a time when we stop waiting and we actually see God move. THAT can be an interesting time. We get so used to just preparing that sometimes it’s surprising when things actually start to happen. When God starts to open doors for us, sometimes we don’t know how to handle it, or what to do… or we’re a bit hesitant to take action, even when He nudges us to do so!

I was studying the book of Matthew a few days ago when the Holy Spirit struck me with some practical advice about this very subject. I was reading Matthew 7:7-8, and He showed me three things I need to do to see my dream happen. [Read more...]

11 Ways To Totally Miss God When You Make a Decision

11 Ways To Totally Miss God When You Make a Decision

Some people like to hear God when they make a decision. Other people, not so much. I don’t know about you, but I have totally missed God when I made a decision on at least one occasion. (At least one, but who’s counting?) ;)

If you’re in the “not so much” crowd and you prefer to miss God when you make a decision, I thought I’d offer a few pointers today–from my own personal experience–about how you can get better at missing God.

So without further ado, here are 10 ways to really shine at missing God’s will when you make a decision: [Read more...]

3 Ways To Receive Anointings From Past Generations


I just finished watching an incredible message for women on GodTV (watch it free on demand here) from Roberts Liardon.

In this message, Liardon basically just told stories about three powerful Kingdom women of generations past: Mother Etter, Aimee Semple McPherson, and Kathryn Kuhlman. He told about their humanness, their frailty, and their failings; but above all, he told about how they chased the vision God had given them and how God used them mightily.

You know what the funny thing is? While he was preaching, I began to notice–especially toward the end–that he actually preached a lot like Kathryn Kuhlman! (Dr. Liardon actually met Ms. Kuhlman as a child and she prophesied over him, according to his website here.) Many of his mannerisms were similar. His message was similar. I could feel the power of God on him much like I’ve felt it on Kathryn Kuhlman whenever I’ve watched her videos. (She died in 1976, but watching her on YouTube is awesome.)

Which made me think… [Read more...]

God Rewards Humility!

God Rewards HumilityAre you going through something right now that is requiring you to humble yourself? If so, my article in The Christian Journal this month is for you.

Humbling ourselves is never that fun. It requires a decision on our part–the decision that we will follow Jesus in everything, even when it costs us something. But you know what?

God rewards humility!

God is in the business of blessing us when we obey Him. If you have obeyed Him and humbled yourself, you have a reward coming your way. It’s guaranteed.

Click here to read my article, “He Won’t Forget Our Humble Hearts,” on page 6 of August edition of The Christian Journal!

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Radical Prayer #5: An Angel With a Flaming Sword

Radical Prayer #5: Ask God For An Angel With a Flaming Sword

Would you like to have an angel with a flaming sword to protect you?

Yes? I thought you might! Did you know that you can have such an angel assigned to protect you? It’s true!

Here’s why you can have an angel with a flaming sword to protect you:

  • God did it for two people in the Bible that He wanted to protect.
  • God is no respecter of persons. What He did for someone else, He will do for you if you ask.

Easy enough, right?

Here’s the amazing backstory about the angel with the flaming sword:

[Read more...]

Book Reviews: Reckless Devotion by Heidi Baker and A Match of Wits by Jen Turano

This month, I am reviewing two books: Reckless Devotion by Heidi and Rolland Baker (a 365-day devotional) and A Match of Wits (a fabulous novel) by Jen Turano.

Reckless Devotion by Heidi Baker and Rolland Baker:

This book is awesome. It’s a 365-day devotional. Each devotion is short – 1/2 to 3/4 of a page – and on its own page.

The book is full of stories about the Bakers’ ministry in Africa. The stories alone are worth the price of the book, even if you didn’t read any of the devotional thoughts that accompany them! When Heidi and Rolland talk about what they have seen Jesus do, it inspires you.

I haven’t read all 365 pages yet, but the ones I have read have been tremendous. I definitely recommend getting this book. I really believe you receive an impartation from the author when you “sit at the feet of the prophets” and read their material… and Heidi and Rolland Baker are definitely two people that any Christian should want an impartation from!
A Match of Wits by Jen Turano

A Match of Wits by Jen Turano

If you’ve been following my book reviews for any length of time, you all know I have a real thing for historical fiction. Particularly fiction set in the Old West. :) A Match of Wits is one of those, but it’s not like every other piece of Old Western fiction because…

This book is hilarious.

I don’t mean just a little funny here and there, either. I mean rollicking, side-holding, trying-to-breathe laughing funny. I was actually really surprised by that. Since when is Western fiction funny? But this one is, and I needed the laughs, and I loved it.

In addition to the humor, the book had a GREAT plot. The story line was compelling. The characters are well-developed; the heroine is powerful and witty; the historical research appears to be well-done.

I would definitely recommend getting this book for a fabulous Friday night read. You won’t be able to put it down.

I received a free copy of both of these books in exchange for an honest review. The free copies didn’t influence my opinion. I would have gladly paid for both books. Also, the links above are my Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase the books from Amazon using these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission at no additional cost to you. 

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12 Ways To Read the Bible and Get Nothing From It

12 Ways To Read the Bible and Get Nothing from It - #Bible study - Christian - Understanding the Bible

Some folks love to read the Bible and really encounter God in its pages. Others look at the results of Spirit-led Bible study–like radical understanding, drawing close to Jesus, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and God’s on-time word for your situation–and want no part of it.

If you’re in the last group, you probably prefer to be left to your own devices when you study the Bible. You probably prefer to just do your reading and get nothing out of it. If that describes you, I wanted to help you today. If you really want to read the Bible and get nothing from it, there are specific things you can do to avoid encountering God in the pages of Scripture.

So, in no particular order, here are 12 awesome ways to read the Bible and get nothing from it: ;) [Read more...]

When Life Is a Zoo, the Lord Is Your Keeper


Do you ever feel like your life is a zoo? Are your circumstances spinning out of control? Do you feel attacked on every side?

If so, the Lord gave me an encouraging word for you today [Read more...]

3 Reasons To Demystify the Gift of Prophecy

3 Reasons To Demystify the Gift of Prophecy by Jamie Rohrbaugh at FromHisPresence.comHave you ever heard somebody use the word “prophetic” and thought it was weird? Or, have you ever referred to anything “prophetic” and had someone else look at you funny?

A lot of people tend to think that the gift of prophecy is reserved for people who walk around calling themselves prophets. They think that anything with “prophecy” or “prophetic” attached to it must be some mystical, pie-in-the-sky concept reserved only for those with special abilities. However, that’s not the case.

Prophecy is a spiritual gift that is necessary in the Body of Christ. Its purpose is to build up, encourage, and minister to people–both Christians and non-Christians. Every believer needs prophetic ministry from time to time, and every believer should learn how to function in prophetic ministry themselves. Prophecy and prophetic ministry should not be great mysteries in Christian culture.

So here are 3 reasons that the gift of prophecy should be demystified:

1. It’s not about the title.

Most people who are truly prophetic will not–I repeat, NOT–walk around claiming to be prophets. God might be using them as prophets from moment to moment, or even in full-time vocational prophetic ministry. Nevertheless, most people who are well-trained in the prophetic will shy away from that title. It’s about humility, and about not drawing attention to oneself (since most people that think of “a prophet” have an over-inflated view of what being a prophet means).

Several years ago, I went to one of John Paul Jackson’s classes about how to hear God. The instructor there was talking to us about humility, and she said that even Mr. Jackson doesn’t call himself a prophet. (In case you aren’t familiar with John Paul Jackson and Streams Ministries, suffice it to say that he is definitely used as a prophet of the Lord, and he has a rock-solid, international reputation.) I have always been struck by that. If John Paul Jackson won’t call himself a prophet, I don’t know of anybody else that should either. ;) [Read more...]

5 Keys To Easy Prophetic Worship

5 Keys To Easy Prophetic Worship. Do these 5 things to help spontaneous songs flow supernaturally!

Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to start leading worship in my church’s intercessory prayer meetings and healing rooms. I didn’t know anything about leading worship at the time! However, I did know how to worship, and I had been trained in prophetic ministry. So I used the tools I had and experimented a lot. :)

Over time, the Lord showed me 5 Biblical keys to easy prophetic worship. These 5 things have helped make this style of worship accessible and fun for our team.

I wrote for WorshipMinistry.com this week about how to make prophetic worship easy. If you’re involved in church worship at all and want to venture into prophetic worship, this article will help you.

Prophetic worship doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. Do these 5 things, and the atmosphere in your worship session will be so pregnant with God’s glory that new songs will just FLOW.

Click here to read “5 Keys To Easy Prophetic Worship” on WorshipMinistry.com!

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The Real Reason You Exist (and It’s Not To Worship)

The Real Reason You Exist (and It's Not To Worship). You were made to be with God in love.There’s a Christian fallacy out there that’s really popular. That fallacy is the teaching that the reason you exist is to worship God.

There’s only one problem with that: the reason you exist is NOT to worship Him.

“Whaaaat?” (All the religious and spiritual people just gasped in shock.)

That’s right. I know people say that the reason you exist is to worship God. It sounds spiritual. It sounds Biblical. It sounds really noble, and worship is spiritual and noble and Biblical and necessary and wonderful and more. I love to worship and am not belittling worship or saying it’s not important at all; it’s one of the most important things we could ever do.

But worship is not the reason you exist, and the paradigm that it is has caused a lot of pain in the Body of Christ.

Why pain, you ask? [Read more...]

3 Things I Learned From Surviving a Mockingbird Attack

3 Things I Learned From Surviving a Mockingbird AttackHave you ever had God speak to you through a really strange event?

I had something really, really strange–freaky, in fact–happen to me a few days ago. I was out for my early morning walk/run when I was attacked by a mockingbird. (You can’t make this stuff up!) I was walking down the sidewalk in a greenway area, innocent as you please, when this thing swooped out of a tree and flew right at my head.

At first, I thought maybe it was a weird coincidence. But then it came back at me from the other direction… and again and again. It would leave a tree and fly right at my face. It got within a couple of feet each time, and I waved my arms at it to ward it off. It would swoop by me and land in another tree. Then turn around and come back at me again. This happened over and over as I was walking over a decent distance.

There was no apparent reason for the attack. I didn’t see a nest anywhere. There were no injured chicks on the ground. It just seemed to come out of nowhere.

After I got the message that this thing was attacking me, it scared me a little bit. I didn’t know if it was going to try to peck my eyes out or what, and it flew straight at my head each time. Since there was no provocation, immediately I sensed in my spirit that this was a demonic attack. [Read more...]