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Prayer #5: If You Feel Forgotten, Pray For Influence

Prayer 5 of 7 Life-Changing Prayers For People Who Feel Forgotten: Pray For Influence | Jamie Rohrbaugh |

One of the things that can make a person feel forgotten is having nobody that cares what you say. If that describes you, I can identify. I’m going to share with you today my story about how God brought me influence, and how He wants to give you influence too.

It has taken me a long time to grow as a Christian. I first made Jesus the Boss of my life in 2001. I had a whole truckload of garbage in my heart and soul and spirit, and it took me quite awhile to get rid of it. (And I know God is still working on me, getting rid of unholy things and filling me with holy things by His Spirit every day.)

But even while I was still going through my soulish stuff, I began to serve in my local church in an area I love. And after I fell in love with our people, I wanted to help; for God to somehow use me. I wanted to help us become all that God’s Word said we could become.

But in order to effect change, you need influence.

And I had none.

So I began to pray. I asked God for influence, and I almost didn’t even notice Him answering me. But He did. He gave me influence, and looking back, I can see exactly how He did it. [Read more…]

Prayer #4: If You Feel Forgotten, Ask God For Favor

Prayer #4: Ask God For Favor

Could you use more favor in your life?

In case you hesitated when you answered that question, let me assure you: the correct answer is YES. :) Carrying a mantle of favor is essential for all of us if we want God’s best for our lives.

What is favor?

According to, “favor” is “something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice or for remuneration; a kind act … friendly or well-disposed regard; goodwill … the state of being approved or held in regard … excessive kindness or unfair partiality; preferential treatment…” (emphasis mine).

And in the Bible, favor brings all of the above, but God’s favor is even better than men’s favor. The Hebrew word we translate “favor” is from the Hebrew “chesed,” which means covenant love, unmerited lovingkindness from God, and tangible mercy.

When you have favor, people do things for you out of goodwill–not just as a reward for what you do. Favor brings you into approval rather than rejection or being forgotten. When God pours out His favor on you, it’s like He’s kissing you, His child–and His kiss remains on you for all to see.

Favor is the visible, evident kiss of God on your life, and it brings marvelous results.

Favor is something God drapes over you like a mantle, and it will change your life. When I started praying for favor, freaky things happened: [Read more…]

Prayer #3: Believe (And Remind God) That Promotion Comes From Him Alone

Prayer-3-of-7-Life-Changing-Prayers-For-People-Who-Feel-Forgotten Promotion Comes From God Alone

I’m going to share with you today one Scriptural truth that changed my life forever when I got hold of it.

It’s one of the most liberating, chain-breaking, joy-filled revelations I’ve ever gotten.

This revelation set me free from expectations of other people.

It set me free from despairing that I would ever reach my destiny. It set me free from disappointment. It set me free from worrying that I had missed my opportunity.

Let’s talk first about the Scriptural truth, and then I’ll share my ugly story below. ;)

The Scriptural truth God showed me that changed my life is this:

Promotion comes from God alone.

Now, I realize that saying “promotion comes from God alone” might sound trite at first. But let’s look at it more closely, because it’s not trite at all. And if you will get this in your spirit today, it’s going to set you free like it did me.

Check out this passage from Psalm 75:

Start-quoteFor exaltation comes neither from the east
Nor from the west nor from the south.
But God is the Judge:
He puts down one,
And exalts another” (Psalm 75:6-7).

Sometimes we Christians fall into a trap of thinking that other people should be helping us toward our destiny. We think people should see our gifts and open doors for us. We think people should see the call of God on our lives as clearly as we do. [Read more…]

Prayer #2: Ask God To Perform the Duties of a Father For You

Prayer #2 of 7 Life-Changing Prayers For People Who Feel Forgotten: Ask God To Perform the Duties of a Father For You by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Did you know that you have certain legal rights as God’s child?

It’s true, and this truth will change your life if you will grab onto it today. Let me explain your legal rights first (this will fire you up); and then I’ll share my personal story at the end of this post.

Here’s what I mean by “legal rights as God’s child”:

Children, by default, are legally entitled to certain things. Every child has these rights simply because of who they are. It’s not because the child is or isn’t smart, well-behaved, pretty, handsome, or gifted. Every child has rights simply because he or she belongs to his parents.

And you have certain legal rights with God–certain things you can expect Him to do for you–simply because YOU are His child.

What are your legal rights as God’s child?

Well, even though I’m not going to go into all of your rights as God’s child today (because that’s what part of my book is about–watch a 2-minute video of me talking about my book here), I will tell you this key point:

You have a legal right for God to grow, develop, and promote you into your destiny–just because He is your Father. [Read more…]