So Much Blood: A Bystander’s Tale

Note: I have never written fiction before, but the Lord downloaded this short story while I was meditating on the flogging of Christ the other day. I pray it will bless you on this Good Friday. – Jamie

Crown of Thorns attributed to Michelangelo Merisi, Caravaggio (1602)

I stand in the courtyard as an angry mob mills all around me. I’ve found a post to lean on the outskirts of the crowd, and I think I’m safe here. The cobblestone pavement is gray and cold. The sun has just come up on this spring morning. But the chill in the air pales in comparison to the chill in my spirit.

They’re angry at this man, this prisoner. They’re angry and they want to kill him, and nothing seems to get in their way. Not truth, not right, not justice, not the law. They’ve abandoned all sense—common and uncommon—and are shouting murderous threats. I ought to leave, but I can’t… this is too big, too sensational, not to see how it turns out.

My thoughts interrupted by a new wave of noise, I look up and stand on my tiptoes so I can see. A soldier is coming—wait, he’s coming right toward me. He’s pulling the prisoner, but the prisoner isn’t fighting him at all. Huh; strange prisoner. Most folks would be fighting to get away, or at least fighting for fair treatment, but not this one.

The soldier approaches me and the crowd parts. Oh, wait – it’s not me he wants. It’s the post I’m leaning on. I’m not sure what they want with the post, but I move to the side. Don’t want to get in the way of the Romans; it’s better to just move when I’m told.

I can only move a few steps away. The crowd is too thick for me to get away. As I reposition myself to the side, I catch the prisoner’s eyes by accident. I’m shocked by what I see there. [Read more...]

You Have the Right To Talk About Your Pastor

Gossip talk about your pastorDid you know that you have the right to talk about your pastor?

Some people are shocked by reading that, but it’s true. You do. For example:

  • You have the right to meet with the hallway committee right after church and tell everybody what you think.
  • You have the right to talk about how much you loved or hated the sermon.
  • You have the right to tell people how you can’t believe what the pastor (or the pastor’s spouse) was wearing.
  • You have the right to complain about how he or she runs the church.
  • You have the right to talk about his or her family, personal life (fact or fiction), choice in cars, and more.
  • You can roast the pastor in front of him, behind his back, on Facebook, or any other way.

You know why you have that right? [Read more...]

What I Got For Being Transparent

friends being transparentAbout ten years ago, I learned a valuable lesson: I learned what you get for being transparent.

I was still single and hadn’t even met my husband yet, but there was a guy I was interested in. He seemed like a very nice, godly guy, and he seemed to pay attention to me in an “interested” way. I was lonely at the time and I knew God had promised me a husband. I thought about this guy a lot and wondered if he was The One.

However, time passed. This guy still seemed to treat me like he was interested in me, but nothing happened. He didn’t ask me out. We didn’t have any deep conversations. No progress was being made in this friendship.

I didn’t know what was going on, and I was very frustrated. For months, I prayed and stewed about it (and not necessarily in that order). I got pretty discouraged, and finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I called a girlfriend that I had recently met at my church, who knew this guy as well, and I confided in her.

You know what she told me?

The guy was married. He was basically leading a double life. [Read more...]

How To Prove That Jesus Is Fully Human

Bible boot camp theologyHave you ever heard someone try to tell you that Jesus wasn’t a real man, so we can’t really expect ourselves to be like Him?

If so, it’s a lie. Jesus Christ was–and still is–fully human. Today’s Bible Boot Camp lesson will give you the ammo you need to prove it.

Why should we care that Jesus is fully human?

In order to qualify to take the punishment for your sins and mine, Jesus Christ had to be both fully God and fully human:

  • He had to be fully God because we humans are incapable of perfection, and only a perfect sacrifice for sin was acceptable to God. (For more info on that, check out this post about how to prove that Jesus is fully God.)
  • He had to be fully human because only a human can take the punishment for the sins of the human race.

So how can we prove to the skeptic that Christ is fully God and fully human?  [Read more...]

Radical Prayer #2: Jesus Became Poor That You Might Become Rich

Coins in handI’ve been praying radical prayers lately, and I’m seeing God answer in radical ways. The radical prayer I want to talk about with you today is about how Jesus became poor that you might become rich.

Some of the religious people, who prefer to be poor, might have gotten upset when they read that first sentence. If you just got upset by that sentence, I challenge you to read the rest of this post, study into it, and pray about it. You’re not having that much fun being poor anyway, so you might as well try something new.

Second Corinthians 8:9 contains this gem:

Start-quoteFor you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.”

Let’s talk about what this means.

Does this verse talk about spiritual riches?

No, it’s talking about material wealth. If you read the entire chapter, Paul is telling the believers in Corinth to gather an offering of money. The entire passage is about money and material provision.

Although it’s certainly true that Christ died to give us spiritual riches, like forgiveness of sins, eternal life, wisdom, and communion with God, that’s not what this chapter is talking about.

But it seems too far-fetched, you say.

We have to understand that [Read more...]

Book Review: “A Sensible Arrangement” by Tracie Peterson

Need a mental break? I don’t know about you, but I love to read fiction when I just need to chill out and have some downtime. I just finished reading “A Sensible Arrangement” by Tracie Peterson, and it was perfect for a little rest and renewal!

“A Sensible Arrangement” is about a young, Texas widow named Marty who decides to move to Colorado and enter into an arranged marriage–a marriage for the sake of convenience.

Marty’s new husband, Jake, is a godly banker who dreams of ranching one day. In the meantime, however, Jake needs Marty to help him “play the game” by being a society wife. Then the other society wives show their true colors, the economy tanks and… hmmm, what happens next? You’ll have to get the book!

I did not know it, but this is Tracie Peterson’s 100th novel! (Can you imagine? 100 books!) I loved it. If you’re a critic, I can say that I would have enjoyed a little more interaction between Marty and Jake, but there was still good interaction. There were very interesting twists and turns in the plot that could be setting it up for a sequel. I’d definitely read the sequel if Ms. Peterson comes out with one. 

In summary, I had a ball reading this book! I’m not a professional book reviewer, but I am a professional I-need-to-chill-out-er, and this book was perfect for that. I read it over a couple of evenings as a way to de-stress after a long day’s work, and it was a winner. Need some R&R like me? Head on over to Amazon and pick it up in paperback or on Kindle!

Note: The links above are my Amazon links. If you purchase the book using these links, Amazon will pay me a small commission, at no additional cost to you of course. Also, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for posting a review. However, the free copy didn’t influence my opinion of the book. :)

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3 Things to Do When You Feel Dry and Stale

Dry desert cracked mudFrom the archives: This is a post I wrote last summer that I thought might bless you today. I’ve been feeling pretty tired lately, and I needed to remind myself of these things as well. I thought I might not be the only one. If you’re feeling dry and stale, there’s hope… we just have to decide to make changes. May you begin to get some rest and renewal today. – Jamie

Do you ever feel dry and stale? Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even physically stale? Almost like you’re numb to the world?

I know I do. I have felt that way several times recently. I’ve been pretty tired and way too busy, and that dryness has crept up on me several different days lately.

I don’t like to feel dry. I like to be vibrant and well-watered! So over the last few days, I’ve been going to the Lord about this and asking Him to help me. I feel like He has given me several things to do to fix it. I thought I’d share them with you, and I’d love to hear what helps you when you’re feeling like this, too.

Here’s what I feel like the Lord is telling me to do: [Read more...]

Listen To the First 6 Keys of David Tracks, Especially #6!

Hey everybody,

I’ve been working hard to upload preview tracks of “Keys of David,” so you can listen for yourself. It’s time-consuming and I’ve only gotten the first 6 done so far, but here they are in case you want to listen. Just click on the Soundcloud player at the bottom of this post. Or, if for some reason the player isn’t showing up in your browser or on your phone, you can:

click here to listen on Soundcloud.

And while we’re talking, can I just share from my heart?

Here goes: It’s hard to promote your own product.

The only reason I can do it is because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this album is going to take you to higher places in your worship and prayer. It’s going to help you experience the Third Heaven, which is where we all live (whether we know it or not).

I’m not gonna lie. I have this feeling that people think I’m just after their money, and that freaks me out. People are used to getting free content on this blog, and I want it that way. I want to be generous. But honestly, I’m not going to apologize for offering this product for sale, either. And I don’t have the gift of beat-around-the-bush, so I’m just going to say this:

You need to invest in your relationship with the Lord. Don’t expect to receive the costliest of blessings when you offer worship that costs you nothing.

This album will benefit your worship time. It will draw you in to focusing on the Lord in prayer. It will release peace in your house. It will make you aware of the atmosphere of Heaven.

I didn’t record it for my health. I recorded it because I wanted to impart whatever measure of the glory of God He has given me into your life. The same reason I offer free content on this blog week in and week out. It’s because you matter, and your relationship with God matters, and releasing His Kingdom on the earth matters.

So listen to the tracks. Purchase it on Gumroad, and invest in your own worship experience.

Keys of David by Jamie Rohrbaugh

You’ll be glad you did.

And about #6…

Check out what Danielle said about track #6:

Start-quoteI am listening to your new soaking CD… amazing! I am a piano lover, and I absolutely feel God’s presence as I’m listening to Him through your fingers. Glory, glory, glory! … I’m loving it. I just have it on in the background as I’m doing my homework and it’s so peaceful. I love “Quiet”… but I love a lot of them actually. … “Quiet” was the one that just stopped me and I soaked through the whole thing.  I literally stopped typing and got on the floor and laid in His presence. Good stuff!” – Danielle

Keys of David by Jamie Rohrbaugh

Listening With Our Hearts: My Article In The Christian Journal This Month!

Listening With Our Hearts The Christian Journal April 2014 smallHas anyone ever attacked you verbally for no good reason? I thought so! Unjust accusations and attacks have probably happened to most of us.

Well, for today’s dose of encouragement and inspiration on that very subject, please check out my article that was just published yesterday in the April edition of The Christian Journal!

The article is called “Listening With Our Hearts,” and it’s about what happened when someone I love lambasted me recently for no good reason. When she did, my sense of justice roared to life and I wanted to defend myself! But the Holy Spirit wanted me to follow another plan. What happened? Read it and see!

Click here to read “Listening With Our Hearts” in The Christian Journal!

The article is on page 5, on the far right.

Have a great day, and let’s listen to the people around us with our hearts today!

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Do I Worship A Schedule?

will I worship my scheduleSometimes I wonder if I worship a schedule or if I worship God.

I lead a writers’ guild at my church. Last night was our monthly meeting. I had a full agenda of things we needed to go over:

  • I wanted to share a devotional word;
  • then do some strategic planning;
  • then discuss such all-important things as Facebook algorithms, SEO, and organizing a writing retreat;
  • then discuss accountability goals for the next meeting, and much more.

I had a PLAN! I had put a lot of time and effort into making that plan, too. I knew all my subjects were important things that needed to happen LAST NIGHT.

Then God showed up.

In the middle of the devotional word, one of our visitors began asking how to reach people and encourage them to be on fire for the Lord. Then one of our members began talking about how she no longer has time to worship the Lord and abandon herself to Him like she used to. She broke down and wept.

For a minute, we got into a problem-solving discussion. But I could feel the Holy Spirit drawing us. I could hear Him asking me if we would be willing to go with Him and let Him draw us into prayer.

It shouldn’t have been a hard decision. After all, I prayed at the top of the meeting and told the Holy Spirit that we were turning the meeting, the room, and our hearts over to Him so He could lead us. I should have been glad He showed up, right?

It was a hard decision anyway.

[Read more...]

How To Prove That Jesus Is Fully God

Bible boot camp theologyHave you ever wondered how to defend your belief that Jesus is Lord? If so, this post will show you how to prove that Jesus is fully God.

In order to determine if Jesus Christ is really God, we examine Christ’s own claims. Jesus Christ claimed to be God. If His claim is true, then half of this theological battle is won. [1] If His claim is not true, then we lose the battle… and a whole lot more.

In his book More Than a Carpenter, Josh McDowell points out that there are only three possibilities to explain Jesus’ statements about Himself. Jesus Christ was either a liar, a lunatic, or He is truly the Lord. [2] James Montgomery Boice adds a fourth possibility by pointing out that many people state that Christ was merely a “good man.” [3]

Liar, lunatic, Lord, or “good man”?

Let’s examine the fourth possibility first. Was Jesus just a “good man”?

Uh, no. A “good man” does not lie or mislead people. Jesus claimed to actually be God, and He would have been lying if He was only a “good man.”

Furthermore, Jesus directed people to believe in Him–and in Him only–for access to God. [4] If He was a “good man,” He would not have stood in the way of the people’s access to God in this manner. If Christ had been only a “good man,” we would more properly have to call Him a “con man.” [Read more...]

Incredible News! “Keys of David” Releases Today!

I have news! My solo piano album, “Keys of David,” is out today! You can play a bunch of preview clips using the player above, or by visiting this link at Soundcloud.

Keys of David by Jamie Rohrbaugh

The album is $12, and WORTH IT. This album contains 52 minutes (12 songs) of solo piano music for soaking and prayer. It’s going to bless your socks off!

“Keys of David” is a tribute to David, the ancient king of Israel and a man after God’s own heart. David interpreted the Word of God on his harp. His example as a musician and worshiper changed the face of worship forever. Likewise, in this album, my goal was to portray my own experience beholding God on my piano.

I worshiped God and saw His glory through these songs, and I believe He will bring you into the same experience as you soak and pray with this album.

Check out this feedback I’ve gotten from listeners ALREADY:

Start-quoteI am listening to your new soaking CD… amazing! I am a piano lover, and I absolutely feel God’s presence as I’m listening to Him through your fingers. Glory, glory, glory! … I’m loving it. I just have it on in the background as I’m doing my homework and it’s so peaceful. I love “Quiet”… but I love a lot of them actually. … “Quiet” was the one that just stopped me and I soaked through the whole thing.  I literally stopped typing and got on the floor and laid in His presence. Good stuff!” – Danielle

“Thanks Jamie for this taste. Now I am so looking forward to the full release. You are such an inspiration to me and to the body of Christ. I love soaking in His Presence and keys of David will be a welcome addition to my library. I love what Abba is doing in and through you. It’s simply heavenly.” – Norma (after listening to the preview tracks)

Keys of David by Jamie Rohrbaugh

More feedback…

“Jamie, you have made me into a better musician …. These tracks are beautiful and Holy Spirit led. Please let the Holy Spirit to continue to use you in this area. It is such a wonderful blessing to many people!!!” – Kim,

“These are beautiful, Jamie. Thank you so much.” – Cathy

“Beautiful, peaceful, lovely music, Jamie.” – Sheri

“I’ve had it playing at my desk all morning, Jamie. Started it right after my quiet time and it kept my feeling the presence all morning. Genuinely happy we got it.” – Sean

Want to hear another preview snippet?

This is not an outtake, because it’s the final piano theme. However, it’s not on the album because it has some vocals with it. For the first recording session, my friend Madaline McFarland was in the studio with me, and she started singing spontaneously along with my piano theme. The piano theme is called “Beholding Glory,” but we kept the track with her vocals as well and called it “My Soul Magnifies the Lord.” Listen to that track with the player below, or click here to listen on Soundcloud:

Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and prayers. Recording this album was one of my life goals, and proof that God can redeem anything. I used to be involved in music for unholy purposes - but now God has turned that experience and training for His own glory, to help bring Jesus more worship! Hallelujah! All the credit goes to God, who makes all things new!

I praise God, who teaches our hands to war and our fingers to fight.  May “Keys of David” bring Jesus the adoration He deserves!

So don’t wait! Get Keys of David today – and please let me know if it blesses you!

Keys of David by Jamie Rohrbaugh

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What God Wants To Do For Every Deaf Ear

Hey friends, I had to share this. Please watch this YouTube video. This is what my Daddy God wants to do for every person who has one or both deaf ears – HEAL THEM – even though this healing was achieved through medical science (which is awesome too).

If this doesn’t fire you up… :)

(You can read the background story here on Fox News.)

Let’s ask God to do some miracles today!

My Guest Post On (In)courage Today!


Hey everybody! Guess what? I have a guest post today over on (in), a wonderful website for women owned by Dayspring (the Christian division of Hallmark).

It’s called “When Hope Dawns In Your Heart.” If you need some hope, cheer, and breakthrough, this post is for you!

Click here to read today’s post on (in)courage!

And… to all my new friends from the (in)courage community:

Welcome! Thank you for stopping my my little piece of the blogosphere! While you’re here, you might want to pull up your armchair with a cup o’joe and enjoy:

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FREE Mp3 On My Facebook Page: “How To Get More Revelation From the Bible Than Ever Before”

How to Get More Revelation from the Bible than Ever Before300x300Hey everybody, I have a special gift for you today! For a VERY limited time, I am giving away my mp3 teaching called “How To Get More Revelation From the Bible Than Ever Before.” I usually sell this mp3 for $2.99, but it’s FREE to you right now!

The giveaway is happening over on my Facebook page. So hop on over, “Like” the page, and click on the link I provided with the photo on Facebook.

The link on Facebook is a direct play link. To save the file, just right-click anywhere on the page when it starts playing, and click “Save As.” Then you can save it to your computer.

After you listen, please let me know if this message encouraged and inspired you! Your feedback helps me know if I should keep recording things like this.

Finally, my goal is to reach 500 people with this inspiring message by 3/31/14! Would you help me by sharing the Facebook post with your friends? I can only reach 500 people with your help. So please help me and let’s magnify the Word of God together! (And I have stats on the downloads, so I promise I will keep you updated over on FB!)

Here’s what this mp3 is all about:

  • Does studying your Bible bring you into such encounter with God that you fall on your face before Him, undone?
  • When you read your Bible, do you suddenly “get it” why the angels and elders in Heaven are falling down before the Lord and crying, “Holy! Holy! Holy!”
  • When you read your Bible, do you always hear the exact Word that you need to hear to get you through today? Do words jump off the page telling you that He loves you, and that His heart beats for you?
  • When you read, are you seeing aspects of His nature that you’ve never seen before?
  • Does reading your Bible make you cry, then whisper?
  • Does God tell you His secrets in advance about what He’s about to do?

If not, then you will love this teaching. This teaching contains the most powerful things I have learned about how to experience powerful encounters with God through Bible study. It contains the things I do that bring me into such encounter with God that can do nothing else but get on my face before Him and cry… and these tips will help you do the same.

There’s nothing more important than the Word of God. God identifies His Word with Himself! His Word became flesh and became… Jesus! People throughout the ages have been willing to die for this Word… because it’s just that valuable. It’s just that radical. It’s just that life-changing.

Do you want radical encounters with Jesus? Do you want to become passionate about the Word? If so, this message is for you! Download it today and send me your testimonial about how the secrets I share touch your life!

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