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Yes, America, There Is Still Hope For You

Yes, America, There Is Still Hope For You: A letter of hope to these United States even in her darkest hour. By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDear America,

I write to you, my country, because I love you. Long have you been in my heart.

Your heritage is unparalleled. Never before on the face of the earth has there been such a country as you. You were ordained by God, planned by God, built by God. Your founding fathers were inspired by God and your founding documents were based upon His Word.

Your history is beautiful.

Oh, there are ugly moments too:

  • Moments in which innocent people gave their lives for a cause greater than themselves.
  • Your sons and daughters have fought and died on your fields, your shores, and those of enemy and ally alike.
  • Much precious and innocent blood has been spilled even without cause.

Together we mourn the loss of these your children, America.

But America, because of all these things, some would say that you have no hope.

No hope for the future. No hope for change. No hope for justice and right, for mercy and truth; no hope for the blood of the innocent to be saved. No hope for a resurrection of the values and liberty that birthed you.

Those people would be wrong, America.

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Introspection Is Like a Daily Haircut

Introspection cuts off God's purposes for your life. Click here to learn why, and find out what to do instead! By Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Have you ever spent any time trying to figure out what’s wrong with you? Yeah. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. :)

Before I got saved, I was really messed up, and I spent a lot of time dwelling on that fact. Introspection was my favorite activity.

“Introspection” just means looking at yourself and trying to figure yourself out.

In my case, I spent a lot of time asking questions (of myself and others!) like:

  • “What’s wrong with me in this area?”
  • “Why am I like this?”
  • “How do I need to change _____ in order to be… (accepted, pretty, popular, find Mr. Right, etc)?”

Just thinking about it now makes me cringe. Ugh… I was in a sorry state, and I made it even worse by looking at myself all the time! But I didn’t know any better then. I thought that examining all my problems as closely as I could was the way to solve those problems.

However, after I got saved, joined my church, and began to grow in the Lord, my pastor told me not to get into introspection. He called it “navel-gazing,” and said I should look at Jesus instead of myself. That was news to me!

I started trying to get in the habit of looking at Jesus. It took time, but eventually it worked. I began to look at the Lord more than I looked at myself, and it’s funny. Looking at myself had never done any good. But when I began to look at the Lord, I actually began to change. I started becoming like the One I was gazing upon.

I was reflecting on this lately, and this analogy occurred to me:

Introspection is like a daily haircut.

Just like a haircut, you think introspection is fun at first. You sit in the chair, look in the mirror, and hope to get all prettied up. But every time you focus your attention on yourself instead of on Jesus, you cut off the purpose God had for you in that moment. [Read more…]

The Ekballo Project: She Thought Her Labor Didn’t Matter

Do-you-feel-like-your-work-in-the-Kingdom-is-insignificant-guest-post-by-Kate-JamesHave you ever felt like your work for God is insignificant? If so, you’re not alone.

Today’s blog post is an essay about this very subject from my friend Kate JamesKate has been in ministry with Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) for 26 years, but she hasn’t always felt like she was doing much for the Kingdom. You can check out her awesome bio below, but first, see if you can identify with her when she tells her story below.

And remember: you matter. Every worker is essential in God’s harvest field. No matter how insignificant you think you are, you have unique gifts and you can reach people for Jesus that no one else can reach, in ways no one else can reach them. YOU are irreplaceable in the Kingdom. – Jamie

“Laborers” by Kate James:

I know a man who came to Christ because a tract got stuck to his shoe. [Read more…]

How To Get Promoted Really Quickly

How To Get Promoted Really Quickly: by following God's plan for promotion and reward! By Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comSome of you reading this have a dream in your heart, but you’re not seeing your dream happen. Instead, you’re going through the valley of the shadow of proverbial death, and you don’t understand what God is doing in your life. If that’s you, I have an encouraging word for you today.

First, let me be clear that most things we call suffering do NOT originate from God.

Sickness, abuse, and poverty are NOT from God.

  • He doesn’t have sickness and He doesn’t give it.
  • He never abuses; He is a kind, loving Father.
  • And all of the heavens and earth belong to Him, and He has promised to provide our every need.

Sickness, abuse, and poverty are the effects of sin in this world. They are not from God; they are not His will, and we should never act like they are.

God is your Healer, your Deliverer, and your Provider. If you’re going through any situations that require healing, deliverance, or provision, you should press into God and seek His help. Never accept the effects of sin as your lot in life. Never.

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But I want to talk to you about a different kind of valley you might be going through … a valley in which God is asking YOU to die.

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