My Top 10 Favorite Songs For Intercession

My Top 10 Favorite Songs for Intercession by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comI love to pray to music. It’s easy and fun, and anybody can do it. It’s especially fun when the song is MADE for intercession. And if you need some suggestions for fun, musical intercession, I’ve got ‘em.

Here are my top 10 favorite songs for intercession, in no particular order:

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I Want To Be Obsessed With the Pearl of Great Price

I Want to Be Obsessed with the Pearl of Great Price by Jamie Rohrbaugh | blogYesterday, I had the best time with God… and then I messed it up.

I was spending some time alone with Papa at lunch. It was wonderful. The Holy Spirit drew me into this amazing time of travailing prayer. I felt so close to the Father; it was like I had been absorbed into the Father’s heart. Time stopped, and I was totally lost in eternity.

It was sheer bliss. Nothing could be more beautiful, more fulfilling, more comforting, more pleasurable than that.

But right after I was done–before I even got up to go back to work–I messed it up. I had my phone with me, and someone sent me an ordinary question by text, and I responded rudely. [Read more...]

The Waves You’ve Been Under Will Lift You Higher

The Waves You've Been Under Will Lift You Higher by Jamie Rohrbaugh | BlogHave you been under some waves lately? Do you feel those waves crashing over your head even now? Do you feel like you’re going to drown?

I felt that way recently. Something happened from which I felt like I wouldn’t recover. Even after the initial incident, it kept getting worse. I was like, “Is this for real? Are you serious?” because some of the things that were happening were THAT ridiculous.

As I was walking through this situation–feeling like it had killed me and not having a clue how or when God would pull me out of it–God did something cool and intervened.

How God intervened:

I was at my church on a Wednesday night, and my pastor had an altar call for something like “broken hearts” after he preached. I went down to the altar because I was hurting so badly.

My pastor was going to each person at the altar and praying for them. When he got to me, he took one look at me and said:

Start-quoteYou’ve been under some waves, but those waves are going to lift you higher.”

I have no idea if he knew what was going on with me or not. He might have; he might not have. Either way, it was definitely a prophetic word. It hit my spirit like a ton of bricks. [Read more...]

How To Make An Altar In Your Home

How To Make An Altar In Your Home by Jamie Rohrbaugh | BlogDo you have an altar in your home? A place where you always go to spend time with the Lord? A place in which the atmosphere is pregnant with the glory of God so that all you have to do is sit there in order to feel His presence?

Making an altar in my home is one of the best things I’ve ever done to help myself increase in intimacy with God.

My altar happens to be in a spare bedroom. I call it my office. I’ve been sitting in the same spot–on the floor, behind the door, next to my piano/keyboard–for years to study, pray, cry, laugh, whine, and do everything else that people do when they are communing with God. ;)

Why has this been such a big deal to me?

1. Because God will open a portal to Heaven in a place that’s dedicated to Him.

God cares about land. He cares about places. When a place is dedicated to Him, you can feel the difference. He will actually open a gateway to and from Heaven over that place, and you’ll have supernatural encounters with Him there. [Read more...]