16 Characteristics of the New Breed Arising!

16 Characteristics of the New Breed Arising by Jamie Rohrbaugh #RevivalThere’s a new breed arising. It’s a generation of people separated not by their age or stage, but by their faith in the words of the King.

How is this new generation defined? Here are 16 characteristics of this new breed of revivalists:

1. This new breed believes that God says what He means and means what He says. They take God at His Word – not watered-down, not diluted, but believing exactly what God says to believe.

2. There’s a new breed arising that is not afraid to love fiercely and deeply against all odds.

3. There’s a new breed arising that believes it’s the goodness of God that brings men to repentance; that God’s goodness should be shown to all men.

4. There’s a new breed arising that believes God meant it when He said He would pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh—even those who don’t desire it. [Read more...]

Are You a Running Stream or a Stagnant Pool?

Are You a Running Stream or a Stagnant Pool? by Jamie Rohrbaugh, FromHisPresence BlogFrom the archives: God has been speaking to me lately about how to stay invigorated spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It’s so easy sometimes to let ourselves become dull… and just as the saying goes about cooking knives, “Sharp is safe; dull is dangerous” in every area of life. Here’s a post from the archives that I thought would bless you as it is challenging me. Let’s get (and stay) refreshed in every area of life, shall we? :)

I read the book Teaching to Change Lives: Seven Proven Ways to Make Your Teaching Come Alive, by Howard Hendricks, recently. In that book, Dr. Hendricks shares the quote: “I would rather have my students drink from a running stream than a stagnant pool.”

This analogy really struck me. It made me ask myself: “Am I a running stream or a stagnant pool?”

A running stream is beautiful, invigorating, and refreshing. It fosters life wherever it goes.

A stagnant pool is a breeding ground for infection and death. It’s the opposite of a running stream in every way.

Stagnation is definitely out. I want to be a running stream and I’m sure you do too. So how can we accomplish this?

How can we have new, interesting things to talk about? How can we keep the flow of new ideas going?

Here are three things I thought of that will keep us “flowing”: [Read more...]

Why the Church Needs Teamwork, Not Independent Cowboys

Why the Church Needs Teamwork, Not Independent Cowboys by Jamie Rohrbaugh, FromHisPresence.comThe church is no place for independent cowboys.

What’s an independent cowboy? 

An independent cowboy is someone who likes (or tries) to operate on their own, without help, without covering, without using other people’s gifts.

A cowboy, in a negative sense, is someone who pays no attention to protocol or to raising up other people. A cowboy likes to make the show all about himself or herself. A cowboy thrives in the spotlight, and wants to keep it on himself as much as possible.

An independent cowboy treats the church like his or her own personal thrill ride, trying to do whatever they like without accountability.

Related: Why You Definitely Want a Spiritual Father (Reason #1: Covering)

The church is no place for independent cowboys. The church is the place for teamwork. (#SorryNotSorry)

Last time I checked, [Read more...]

Field Notes From My Fasting Failures

Field Notes From My Fasting Failures - How Not to Fast for Spiritual GrowthI think I’m the only person alive who can gain weight while fasting.

It’s true… milkshakes are a liquid.

(If that went right over someone’s head, it’s okay… you’ll get it in a minute. And if not, I’m over here telling myself, ‘If no laughter, move on quickly.’) ;)

I used to fast an awful lot. I did it for two reasons:

  • Obligation. I read books by spiritual giants about how essential fasting is to real Christianity. These books basically felt like they were guilt-tripping me into fasting.
  • Legalism. Example: I actually heard a teacher once say that if you want God to move, you’d better get yourself on a 40-day fast. Ummm… NOT.
  • Manipulating God. I fasted to try to get God to move, because I didn’t like the way He was handling things.

[Read more...]

When God Honors You, Don’t Throw It Away

When-God-Honors-You-Don't-Throw-It-Away-pinA few months ago, I started praying this radical prayer, asking God to honor me. I almost felt uncomfortable praying it, because it seemed like a weird thing to pray. It seemed nearly idolatrous; like I was taking something from God.

But He said in Psalm 91:15 that He wants to honor me, so I asked Him to go ahead and do it. And the weirdest, freakiest things started happening.

And you know how I reacted?

Feeling like this was the “spiritual” and “right” thing to do, I told the Lord:

“Thank You for honoring me. But God, I give it back to You.”

When I said that, for some reason I felt like it grieved the Holy Spirit… but I didn’t know why. On top of that, it seemed like the pipeline of honor that had opened up for me suddenly stopped.

Well, I just found out why recently. [Read more...]

8 Reasons You Should Avoid Your Local Church

8 Reasons You Should Avoid Your Local Church by Jamie RohrbaughAhh, the local church. It’s one of my favorite places, but it may not be yours. In fact, you may not want to attend or get involved in a local church at all. You might not even know why, but something about attending or getting involved in your local church just puts you off.

If that’s you, I thought you might enjoy my top 8 reasons you should definitely avoid your local church:

1. You hate deep relationships and you don’t want  real friends.

You prefer to live life alone, by yourself, as lonely as possible. You don’t want to talk to [Read more...]

When I Failed As a Writer (But Won As a Wife)

When I Failed As a Writer But Won As a WifeI just returned home from a 4.5-day trip to Colorado that was supposed to be a writing retreat. I had planned to finish all the edits on my book, plus write more blog posts.

But you know what? I miserably failed as a writer. I didn’t even open my laptop until the plane ride home. All that time in Colorado, I wrote not … one … word.

I failed as a writer. No doubt about it.

But you know what? I won as a wife.

See, my husband was with me. He had planned several things for us to see: [Read more...]

Happy Long Labor Day Weekend!

flagIt’s Labor Day! Yay! In the spirit of resting from my labor along with gazillions of other Americans on this national holiday weekend, I am going to take a break from blogging today through Wednesday, September 3.

I’ll be back on Thursday, September 4, rested and refreshed. :)

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some inspiration for getting closer to God, why not check out some of the posts in my 21 Days to the Manifest Presence of God series, here? These posts contain practical tips for how to become so aware of God that you’re always walking in His glory. Nothing is better than that.

Enjoy your fantastic, long weekend, and I hope you get some rest also! :)

I’m In the Mood To Pick Up a Stripper

I'm in the mood to pick up a stripper! (and show her the love of Jesus. - FromHisPresence blog by Jamie RohrbaughI’m in the mood to pick up a stripper.

Who are you to judge? Did you just get mad about what I said? You have no reason to be mad. By the time you get done reading this post, you’re going to want to pick up a stripper too!

See, I’ve been reading a book by Todd and Erin Stevens called How To Pick Up a Stripper and Other Acts of Kindness: Serving People Just as They Are (affiliate link). Todd and Erin Stevens pastor Friendship Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

A few years ago, God spoke to Erin during a fast and told her to demonstrate God’s love to people who are as far from the Kingdom as they can get. He told her to start taking food to strippers. [Read more...]

2 Awesome Prophetic Words About People Leaving

2 Awesome Prophetic Words About People LeavingAre you upset or concerned right now about people leaving you or your church? If so, here are two awesome, encouraging, prophetic words that will absolutely delight you.

The first is from T.D. Jakes. It’s about 3.5 minutes, and it will tickle you to no end (including tickling your funny bone):

The second is today’s word from Bill and Marsha Burns (August 25, 2014). Check it out here!

Not all relationships are productive. If the relationship you’re concerned about hasn’t been productive, let it go! Like T.D. Jakes said, I’ve developed the gift of goodbye. :) Will you?

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I Made Some People Mad When I Wrote This (But I’d Write It Again)

Want To Be a Prophet? Learn To Shut UpI made some people mad yesterday when I wrote my blog post entitled “Want To Be a Prophet? Learn To Shut Up!”  But you know what? I’d write it again, exactly the same way.

I must say I got more positive feedback than negative. The negative feedback, however, generally went along the lines of saying that prophetic people are supposed to be like the Old Testament prophets or John the Baptist, that we should speak up and not be quiet. Here’s why I disagree with that perspective: [Read more...]

Want To Be A Prophet? Learn To Shut Up!

Want To Be a Prophet? Learn To Shut UpSometimes I get the impression that people think serving in prophetic ministry means you talk a lot. The opposite is actually true. If you want to be reliable in prophetic ministry, I believe the #2 thing you can do (right after learning to hear God) is learning to shut up.

(By the way, if you like this post, you may also enjoy reading why I made some people mad when I wrote it, here.) :)

Here’s why you should learn to shut up if you want to be a prophet:

1. God will tell you people’s secrets.

If you operate in prophetic ministry–which requires a deep, strong prayer life–God will call you to pray for people and He will tell you why.

That means you’ll know things about other people: [Read more...]

Longing For More In Life? Put Your Toes In!

Longing for more in life? Put your toes in!So you’re longing for more in your life. You have a dream that you’re desperate for, but you’re not sure how to pursue it. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re hungry for, but you just know you want more.

If that describes you, I have a short word of encouragement for you today: Put your toes in!

Ephesians 5:8-10 tells us that we are to walk as children of the light, “finding out what is acceptable to the Lord.” The words “finding out” mean literally to test or prove. 

That means you may not always know what God’s perfect path is for you; you might have to test it out!

If you’re longing for more in life, here’s how to test and prove what God’s will is: [Read more...]

3 Divine Strategies For Getting What You Want

3 Divine Strategies For Getting What You Want by Jamie RohrbaughDo you have a dream in your heart that you really want to happen NOW?

I do. I’ve been dreaming of doing one particular thing for many years. It’s THE DREAM. Then I have other goals that are part of my list of life goals, and I want those pretty badly too.

For many years, I’ve been preparing for my dreams. I’ve done everything I could, and I’ve waited patiently because promotion comes from God.

Related: Read here about my major thankfulness #fail in this very area. ;)

But eventually there comes a time when we stop waiting and we actually see God move. THAT can be an interesting time. We get so used to just preparing that sometimes it’s surprising when things actually start to happen. When God starts to open doors for us, sometimes we don’t know how to handle it, or what to do… or we’re a bit hesitant to take action, even when He nudges us to do so!

I was studying the book of Matthew a few days ago when the Holy Spirit struck me with some practical advice about this very subject. I was reading Matthew 7:7-8, and He showed me three things I need to do to see my dream happen. [Read more...]

11 Ways To Totally Miss God When You Make a Decision

11 Ways To Totally Miss God When You Make a Decision

Some people like to hear God when they make a decision. Other people, not so much. I don’t know about you, but I have totally missed God when I made a decision on at least one occasion. (At least one, but who’s counting?) ;)

If you’re in the “not so much” crowd and you prefer to miss God when you make a decision, I thought I’d offer a few pointers today–from my own personal experience–about how you can get better at missing God.

So without further ado, here are 11 ways to really shine at missing God’s will when you make a decision: [Read more...]